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gc4me11-18 11:01 AMI received a phone call (WOW!) from a sweet lady from CIS Ombudsman's office. I sent letters to his office and in the letter I mentioned my cell #. Anyway she wants a real person who got deniel. I told her that my friend got deniel (IVens are my fried). Anyway, she sent an email too after I asked her to give her info so that my friend can send her his case details. Unfortunately, the email I received shortly after the conversation, looks like general and does not have her ID. Please PM me if you like to hear more about the phone call.
Thank you for your correspondence to the Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman (CIS Ombudsman).

We greatly appreciate your comments regarding issues concerning the American Competitiveness Act in the Twenty-First Century Act of 2000 (AC21) processing at the service centers. As we have received several inquiries such as yours, we are currently discussing these issues with USCIS and reviewing their policies and procedures regarding adjudication of these petitions.

If you have evidence of a specific I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status case that you feel was erroneously denied due to USCIS not adhering to AC21 guidelines, we kindly ask that you please immediately forward us a case problem request, including a copy of your denial notice, detailed information as to the reasons for the immediate denial, and, if appropriate, evidence that you have submitted a Motion to Reopen or Reconsider.

Instructions for completing a DHS Form 7001 (case problem) can be found on our website:

Please submit your case problem and supporting documents via email to or via facsimile to 202-357-0042 with the subject AC21 Evidence of Immediate Denial.

Thank you for your cooperation.


CIS Ombudsman

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priderock07-10 10:58 AMI understand each and every part of that DOS statement.

Peace! Relax! Let's wait and watch!

I thought so too :) :). Your's was just wishful thinking.

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drirshad06-29 08:06 PMDamn this sucking life man, no social life, no career life, no nothing life. Even animals must be living a better and meaningful life. It sucks big time, did it ever happen in history that uscis revised a visa bulletin on the day it is supposed to go into effect ....

We must fill their mailbox guys, let tham know this cannot be accepted.

National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-800-375-5283 (TTY 1-800-767-1833)

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dontcareaboutGC04-05 05:48 PMI would like to think that by now DOS combined with CIS probably have a good estimate of the spillovers based on historical trends, current demand, pre-adjudicated cases, existing I-140's and porting cases. Assuming they have this data and the current availability of visas including spillover for 2011 as someone pointed out they might take the dates out towards 2008-2009 possibly since the CP cases are also coming to a close. Hence they could open a 2 year window so that the pipeline can move consistently instead of opening the pipeline by making EB2 India / China Current and flooding the system causing endless delays.
I think most of us ignore the CP cases which DOS/ CIS has to ensure has a full workload possibly explaining the NVC updates of fee requests-

I would bet that whatever they do they will work together with CIS is to ensure that workload with CIS and consulates all around the world is maintained and if anything a smooth consistent pipeline is also established for the future- this is just a guess- most of it is anyways.

We will see....


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gc_wow09-23 09:25 PMEB3 has a significant drop, Most of ROw applicants are filing in EB2 these days thus offsetting any significant advantage in filing EB2. EB3 will be faster comapred to EB2 some time between 2014-2015, EB3 still gets 40000 of quota.

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gvenkat09-23 08:08 PMAll we need is just 233,816(page 2) visas(forget about country limit, EB category etc). In that case in 2 years we will have 280,000(140,000 * 2) visas. So should we all get GC in two years with that logic.

If only USCIS can think along those lines. :confused:


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FrankZulu08-19 05:50 AMGot Greened Today.

Congratulations !

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willwin09-16 10:15 AMPLEASE CALL NOW!!!!


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brahmam09-24 11:12 PMHey Bharatpremi, taking your numbers and assuming horizontal spill over instead of vertical would make eb2 all over current. total spill over from eb1 = 53807, total eb2 quota = 40040, pending eb2 = 74932
assume eb1 demand = 5000, eb2 demand = 20000

we can easily see eb2 getting completely approved.

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kewlchap10-12 04:54 PM@ fatjoe:

"With an IO" and "Assigned to IO" is the same, according to me. You need to ask them whether the IO has actually picked up the app. They use a bar scanner to update the status in their systems. So, ask, can you tell me if my IO has physically scanned my file and picked it up from the holding area? If yes, good.

I just tried the POJ method and it does appear to be blocked. Bummer.


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l1fraud06-15 10:56 PMNo we are discussing YOUR jobs loss due to L1 misuse. You were sleeping until it hit you and now you suddenly want sympathy. BTW, I feel sorry for you that any guy from India can come and do your job. Most guys who come on L1 are freshers with not much skills. Thats what is needed for the job then.

First of all I don't need your sympathy I am here to get some info regarding how to complain about L-1B violation (hope you read thru the entire discussion), second even if you think that I was 'sleeping' ... don't worry we are awake now and we are making sure that these violators are getting their share of attention from authorities.. we have a solid case (atleast the special investigator from ICE thinks so!), rest we'll leave to the concerned agencies (ICE/USCIS) ... I don't mind whether the guy is young or old if his visa is not eligible to do the work.. he is violating the law and will end up in trouble, period.

* All the positive things you talked abt outsourcing/TCS/Wipro can be achieved without violating any laws, unfortunately these companies are greedy enof to go any extend and violate the laws for achieving their quarterly/yearly targets.

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psaxena06-08 09:15 PMSeriously I am also sick of these violations and the companies everywhere in the world take law on a ride. No harm had happened to me but still irritates me when they get the GC in 1 year and we waiting for ever.

Call USCIS and they should be able be give you the right direction. Please update us on how it goes.


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amsgc06-17 01:08 AMHi

I have a question regarding g28 , did u file this form when you did it yourself ..

can an attorney file g28 later on if there is a RFE , who else can file g28

I don't think you need to fill it yourself. But, for the second question, someone with experience in dealing with RFEs should enlighten.

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nrk09-13 09:08 AMReceived physical cards and welcome notice on the same day.



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immi200607-11 10:33 AMGuys,

This should not boomrang on us, let us do it with caution. Food Delivery etc can look mean.

What we can think of is Sending your tax statements for 5 years to tell them how honest we have been and how much we contributed to economy..
Sending it to local senators ?.

What dou think ?

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dontcareanymore08-20 02:57 PMYes, there is one year agreement.

One additional year of contract for changing to world plan ? I already have 24.99 plan.


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sidbee01-24 01:31 PMYou are wrong. Even with valid H visa you need TV for UK. My wife had valid H4 visa in passport during her last visit to India and she had to return home from the airport and pay extra $ 250 and travel next day via Paris.
According to check in agent per UK rules even if you have a valid visa but have not travelled intyernationally within last 12 months you need TV.

So its not just for ppl who have AP or expired visa, thoise who have valid H visas but havent travelled out in last 12 months also need it.

For those in South ( Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana) best way to go to India is new Emirates direct flight between Houston and Dubai and then onward to India.
I have had 3-4 friends fly this route since they started flying in November 2007 and they have nothing but praise for everything. These guys have excellent food and entertainment and no transit visa hassels plus duty free sopping in Dubai is good.

I think in your case the check in agent screwed up, You should sue the airlines for the hassels.
I know many people who have travelled via UK , while having stamped h1/h4,b1/b2. 12 months limit is crap :-)

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mariner555502-21 11:32 AMGreat job MACACA! you are the man!

These are interesting facts. macaca - you really have lot of time on hand- I think it is generally accepted that dobbs has lost his mind. I remember an interview on charlie rose - where he asked whether Turner tolerates this guy (I dont remember the exact words ..).
I for one have stopped watching CNN ...I even sent emails to others who have programs on CNN that because of this idiot I have stopped watching CNN ..maybe others should do the same - next step ofcourse is to send emails to companies who sponsor his show. ofcourse we should not ignore such a hater (dobbs) ..the problem is that dobbs inaccuracies leads to hate crimes

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whitecollarslave03-27 12:08 AMThere is a whole lot of good information about citizenship or immigration status discrimination at

From their Employee Brochure:

If an employer has denied you work or fired you because she or he will not accept your work authorization as proof of your legal right to work in the U.S., or they only hire U.S. citizens or permanent residents, she or he is breaking the law. You need to show the employer the List of Legal Work Papers on the left. If the employer still insists on seeing a particular document, or refuses to hire you, call OSC right away.

From their Employer Brochure:

As an employer, to avoid employment discrimination based on nationality or citizenship status, you must -
Treat all people the same in announcing the job, taking applications, interviewing, offering the job, verifying eligibility to work, hiring, and firing.

From OSC Update newsletter April 2004:

...various internet job boards list numerous job postings requiring that applicants be U.S. citizens or permanent residents (or “green card” holders) only. In addition, many job postings, especially for positions in the high tech industry, express a preference for H-1B visa holders only. In most cases, it is unlawful discrimination to require job applicants to have a particular citizenship status or immigration status. An employer may require U.S. citizenship or permanent residence for a particular job only when required by law, regulation, or government contract.

2. Can’t I just require that applicants have a “green card?”

No. A “green card only” (generally used to refer to a permanent resident card) policy will almost always violate federal antidiscrimination law.

If you are told by an employer (verbally or in writing) that they will consider only citizens or green card holders, call the OSC hotline. They may not give you the job based on some other criteria but they will not discriminate anybody else in the future.

If you find any job posting or ad which states that they will hire only citizens or green card holders, or explicitly declines to hire somebody with EAD, post it here. If you don't wish to, maybe somebody else can make the call.

In most cases it would be pure ignorance on the recruiter's part. A simple phone call from OSC will clear that.

Of course the best course is to avoid bringing up EAD in the first place. But if it comes to that, you can reach out to OSC, even if you don't have anything in writing.

chanduv2311-12 12:25 PMgot a reply from ombudsman....iam sure others got this too...

Thank you for your recent correspondence to the Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman (CIS Ombudsman).

We greatly appreciate your comments regarding issues concerning AC21 processing at the Service Centers. As we have received several inquiries such as yours, we are currently discussing these issues with USCIS and reviewing their policies and procedures regarding these petitions.

If you have evidence of a specific I-485 case that you feel was erroneously denied due to USCIS not adhering to AC21 guidelines, we kindly ask that you please forward us a copy of your denial notice or provide further detail as to the reasons for the immediate denial.

Please submit information via email to with the subject AC21 Evidence of Immediate Denial. In addition, for protection of privacy we ask that you please omit any personally identifiable information such as names, a-numbers, case numbers, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please work with pd_recapturing on this. He is communicating with folks whose 485 has been denied erroneously and those who are willing to give their details.

sledge_hammer11-25 06:36 PMYou're not getting my point! If you the merchandise is defective it is perfectly fine to return it.

Why do you guys feel the need to simply assume things and put words in someone's mouth and then go off trying to show off their opinions????

Go back to my post and read!!!!!!!!!

Well, whether a merchandise can be returned after using, depands on the nature of the merchandise and the level of customer service provided by the seller.

If you are buying a TV or a home theater, you don't know if it is functioning properly until you use it. And returning it within stipulated "return period" is not only legal but also ethical.

Some high-end sellers will even guarantee customer satisfaction by allowing a return any time, yes any time if the customer is not fully satisfied with their product. There is nothing unethical about this. That is why these high-end stores charge you a premium in the first place.

Not allowing return of merchandise reflects the low level of customer service we used to get back home. Obviously that level of service expectaion has been engrained in us so much that we believe returning used merchandise, even when the customer is not satisfied, is unethical.


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