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neelu03-27 03:33 PMMy vote is for Dr. Jaya Prakash Narayan. He has done good things as a doctor and then as a collector in AP.

Of course he stands no chance, but I think he started a movement (grassroots) - hopefully it is the beginning of some positive change.

Check out his speech at a Mumbai university. - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3


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tikka07-03 09:19 PM

Legal immigrants hoping to be first in line for employer-sponsored green cards lost time and money when the government suddenly announced Monday that no new applications would be taken until the fall, a lawyers group said.

Tens of thousands of people who work in the United States under employment visas and their families were affected by the change, said Crystal Williams, associate director for programs at the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

"There are people who flew to the United States so they could apply and had their families fly back. They paid attorney fees," Williams said.

The State Department announced last month that employment visa numbers were available for all people seeking employer-sponsored green cards, except unskilled workers. It sometimes takes years for applicants to get those numbers.

The announcement meant that as early as Monday, Citizenship and Immigration Services would begin accepting applications. The applications are hefty, requiring medical exams, a lot of documentation and the applicant's presence in the United States.

But an update on the State Department Web site posted Monday said 60,000 such numbers were no longer available because of "the sudden backlog reduction efforts by Citizenship and Immigration Services offices during the past month."

The department called the backlog reduction an "unexpected action" and said employment visa numbers would be available again Oct. 1.

The State Department has been flooded with passport applications since new rules went into effect in January requiring passports for air travelers returning from the same destinations. The resulting backlog has caused delays of up to three months for passports and ruined or delayed the travel plans of thousands of people.

A spokesman at the State Department declined to comment.

Williams said several workers within Citizenship and Immigration Services told her and other lawyers that the agency had staffers working through the weekend to resolve pending cases. She said several lawyers reported getting phone calls from the agency with questions about applications when normally that happens by mail.

Chris Rhatigan, spokeswoman for Citizenship and Immigration Services, denied the weekend work occurred or that there was a push to use up the visa numbers. She said the agency had pending cases from previous months.

The fee to apply for a green card increases July 30 from $395 to $1,010, including a fingerprinting fee.

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petepatel02-14 02:05 PM:D Lets Do It

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smuggymba07-22 09:07 AMWe desis are too polite and can't say NO easily like others. I have learnt to say NO in the US now, makes my life much nice and say no politely.


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dontcareanymore06-24 06:21 PM..I am waiting for the punch line. What's the point of this? We all know it...

Exactly !!

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Jerrome05-12 12:18 PMNo, they know what's going on, everybody know it's not a picnic there in the North, I didn't say that they were un aware what was going on in the North, all i said they are fine where they are, please read what i said. It seems you are only looking at it from 1 angle.

I'm not disputing what channel 4 reported, it's overwhelming for the govt to handle millions of IDP's and terrorists mixed up in 1 big bowl of soup. In any war situation there will always be cases of misconduct as it has happened in Iraq, Kashmir, Afghanistan etc.

Oh and thanks for being sarcastic, it proves a lot.,,-8349680,00.html?gusrc=gpd

I don't want to bring the Name LTTE in any context in this thread.

Do i support removing LTTE, Yes with full heart.

Do i support the way SL is conducting this war, NO.

Does my opinion matter, NO.

Can i express my opinion, Hell YES.

It is also not good for SL's Democracy because a dictator is in making for SL. Let me tell you this,after this war on terror is over, SL is going to be ruled by a dictator for a long time. wait and see. Again this is my humble opinion. If it is not going to happen i will be the happiest person.


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AirWaterandGC05-11 04:39 PMIf I am in the fourth/fifth year of my CA PR when I decide to go to CA, will I be allowed at least in the country.

Another question was if I am in my 4th/5th year and know that it might take me another year before I go to CA, can I apply for CA PR again, even when I already have my CA PR OR if I apply for my CA PR immediately after my current CA PR expires, would I get it again (assuming I have the necessary points)

Thanks again to everyone who tries to shed some light.

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ajthakur07-15 02:32 AMI filed for 485 during July 2007. My 140 was already approved. Due to some problems I quit my employer in August 2007. My previous employer was a desi blood sucker. I was fed up & decided to quit after working for him for 3 years. I applied for H1 transfer with a new employer based on approved 140. I got H1 approval for another 3 years. Currently I am working for the new H1 sponsoring employer. I also received an EAD card based on pending 485 for one year. I didnt notify USICS of job change in July.

I applied for EAD extension this year. The application for EAD extension is pending. I got a following RFE on my 485:
Please state whether or not you are currently working for your I-140 petitioner.
You must submit a currently dated letter from you permanent employer, describing your present job duties & position in the organization, your proferred position (if different from your current one), the date you began employement & the offered salary & wage. The letter must also indicate whether the terms & conditions of your employement based visa petition (or labor certification) continue to exist.

I am not in good terms with my previous employer so I cant ask him for a letter. I can ask my new employer for such a letter.
Also is it possible that 140 was revoked by my previous employer?
Why did they send a RFE instead of NOID in my case?


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GCmuddu_H1BVaddu09-12 09:13 PMHey _TrueFacts,

Will you stop the caste based shit here. F**k you a** yourself idiot. You are so called senior member shitting here idiot.

Last nail in YSR�s coffin

Jagan gets 3 choices: DyCM, mantri, PCC (

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polapragada09-24 12:30 AMSent the E-mail. tomorrow I will send another E-mail from my official ID


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vivid_bharti05-01 05:27 PMSri Lankan Tamils may not be Indian citizens but are etinic Indians and that is what their problem is and it is the problem in several other places like Malasiya, Fiji, Trinidad etc. these people are still called Indians in these countries and being discriminated. India being a powerful nation should protect the rights of ethnic Indians, but it doesn't....most or all of us know the reasons, it is being ruled by a lame duck govt. who cannot protect citizens living within the Indian boundries, so even if they try to interfere in other countries affairs, I'm sure even a smal coutry like Sri Lanka has guts to say Shoooo!!!! to our foreign Minister. India does not have any respect whatsoever in the world politics now, whatever was earned during the NDA govt. is all lost, nobody sees India with any respect any more, so atleast in my mind I know the answer why India is turning a blind eye towards the killing of Tamils in Sri Lanka & blatant Human Rights murder by a tiniest neighbor

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xela02-13 02:57 PMWhat ever gave you the idea that EB ROW only wait for 3 years? There's this common misconception flying around here that somehow ROW just cruises by

YEs all the people I know around me are ROW EB3 and PDs 2002 and 2003 and no GC, so please stop thinking we have it so good!

With regard to the per country limit.....there is only one for the first 3 quaters and it seems like in the last couple of times in the last quater India and Chine and maybe Phillipines did end up getting more GCs than their per country limit, at least I was so informed by my lawyers.

Besides that, immigration is a privilege not a right, so if the US wants diversity and limit per country immigration, it is their right to do so. Before you start being shocked by this, I am NOT saying I do not understand your frustration and the feeling you discriminated against, but rights are rights and we knew that before we started the process. If we can improve it great, if we can't we will just have to deal with it realisticly.

Some EU countries are doing the exact same thing by the way.
I do believe in diversity in any way and shape, and I do not stand for discrimination. I am just trying to face the reality.
I also have days when I wonder about leaving my own country which provided me with a wonderful education and how I am taking away from that country by leaving for my own success? if you don't have days when you feel guilty good for you.

take care


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anurakt09-29 10:32 AMDoes any body have information if we need H1 to be valid for 1 year before applying for PR. Mine is expiring in april 06, can i apply now. will they reject it and i have to resend when i get my extension...please responds...

this just a fallback scenario i need to prepare.. also can people work on TN visa without a sponsor..

I think TN visa is only for Canadian and Mexican citizens and not for Canadian Permanent Residents .....

Can someone confirm that.... ?

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trramesh06-01 02:09 PMGuys,

I have been working here for 9 years and next year we plan to return back to India. I spoke to SSN customer service to find out my retirement and survivor benefits. Being an Indian citizen, all these are available only if me, or my dependants, have a valid residing status with the US, at the time of making the application. The contribution at this point is like getting a right to work. This is outrageous.

We all have been legally invited into this country for a work, and that means the US gov should protect our legal and fair interests. It is universally true that everyone works to protect his family. Now here is a case, where I have no right to my retirement money just because I dont have a legal resident status. Whose fault is this. I already made the application 6 years ago. If my home country does not have the comparable SSN structure, then return the money back? We will pay the taxes and take the money back. Our kids need it.

I dont know what is the appropriate channel to get this fixed. This appears more like human rights violation, or abuse. I am sure there are many in this forum who are in the same boat as I am. Can someone team up with me to do more research or share your discoveries.

To the US, this is what I got to say:
If you want to protect the jobs for your people, please do it. You have every right. But please dont dump the people you officially invited to augument the workforce of your country into the waters. Before you bring in additional workers to support your companies, do necessary corrections in your immigration policies to let them in only with green card. Dont strangulate their careers. Your existing policies have been burning the aspirations and careers of a lot of innocent people from India and China.

To those innocent legal foreign workers that have already gathered 40 points in SS, you owe them. They deserve citizenship, not green card. I know it is jumping across multitude of issues, but is it not fair.


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kshitijnt03-29 11:20 PMSo am I , I'm sure so are may others on this forum and in India.

Like I said earlier, in my previous post I just summarized the performance of the last govt.So I'm sure you and others agree Congress won't get us where we want to be.(They didn't in last 5 years and look at my previous post to know where they got us)

But looking at what is unfolding in India these days our simple and realistic ideas some how seem very far fetched .

what's going on with Varun Gandhi?Current political scenario in India is kind of reminding emergency times. NSA has been invoked on Varun Gandhi.
Those politicians are making fun of law.They are using NSA to finish political opponents.
NSA is meant for nation's enemies not for politician's enemies.
During emergency time a nation when asked to bend crawled.Hope nation stands up against the similar kind of abuse this time.

Looks like if we have power in India we can do anything we want. No wonder all the successful film stars are jumping into politics at least in Tollywood.
It happens only in India.

Precisely. I fully agree. This is not much different than what Zardari is doing to Sharif or what Musharraf has done to Sharif. Congress , BJP, BSP all together shown the world what kind of third rate democracy we are.

Although Advani does not sound more polished than Manmohan, until Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka & Varun are out of politics, I do not intend to support Congress party. On what basis is Sonia Gandhi running the country? Any qualifications? Advani is more acceptable as a real power holder than remote control Sonia.

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snram401-22 04:05 PMNo need to regret. There are plenty of opportunities in India for right people. Salary is on par with USA.

I pity people who have coming to USA is foremost objective. In my case, i came to USA 7 years ago. Atleast i earned few bucks. But people who are dreaming about USA and taking education loans with the intention to payoff once they land in USA. It also includes people coming here on F1 with intention to work here. I feel really sorry!!!


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thomachan7209-04 03:08 PMIf this thread (forum) was a court room. It would have been declared by Judge that YSR is indeed the most corrupt politician AP had and pending further investigation all the occupied & grabbed lands, wealth be ordered to pay to the victims. In addition, the Judge would put a life time ban his Son from active politics.

I hope all posters, readers will condemn corruption and blood politics and see US system (for we being in US) as an example for India. No one can better understand American system than us and how it can be modulated to fit into India.

Nice point truefacts. If indeed we were able to somehow communicate this system to folks in India it would be great. Let us keep the hopes that this will happen some day. Might be due to desperation or some major calamity but somehow people will realize that this corrupt system is unustainable and needs dramatic repair.
By the way there is another thread with lists of people who died with a request for prayer!! This is another example of how manipulative personalities not only create a chaotic unsustainable regime while they live but also leave a chaotic system once they die.

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snram401-15 01:45 PMDifference between Job shops and reputed Companies

Indian body shoppers employ a H1b Persons and many of them are in hourly. No project then no pay. Also because of H1b and GC employer has complete control over the employees about pay and other benefits. No pay in bench is violation of law and both employee and employer are willingly accept that. Because of that employer and employee does not have any risk and employer always make huge profits without exposure of any risk. Employee also does not have any risk of losing GC process. So our body shoppers are attractive destination for GC aspirants.

The companies which follow rules are forced to pay bench or lay off. So both employee and employer are risk of survival. Companies may be under risk of heavy loss when there are too many people are in bench. That means companies which follow rules and regulations are making loss in tough times at the same time Body shops always make money and worst case scenario no loss no gain. Also GC process is uncertain for those who are working in good companies

This inequality was known by everyone including USCIS. So they are coming up with regulations. Some good apples will also be impacted when there is a rule is formed. There is no surprise of opposition as many Indians fear that it may impact them

If one filed I-485, isn't employee-employer relationship comes under a questionmark? what if that company is closed ? And if this memo is implemented, most of the GC filing IT Inc. will be shut down sooner and hence will be a big mess..they are the ones who are supporting for their GC.

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reachinus07-31 01:09 PMThink you are too busy to answer my question. Anyway thanks for your time and reply atleat for 1 time.

Hello Atty, Hope you can reply to my question as well. Please let me know if I should contact the CBP and tell them about this or just ignore.

Thanks for your time in advance.

Jerrome09-15 12:47 PMHow did you say that are Only EB2+ EB3?

What else is there? EB1 does not have labor right..Does EB4 & EB5 has labor process.

a.j.204803-27 01:04 PMI suspect there will be better leaders from the generation born after 1947. The next rung of leadership like Mayawati, Modi, Nitish Kumar, Shivraj Chauhan are all born after independence.


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