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samay07-14 06:43 AMHi,
I (EB3-India, PD Nov 2002) got approved last year. We were only able to file my wife;s I-484 days before my approval. We are still waiting for her GC as my PD is no longer current. Is there any way she can get her GC quickly?


Sorry she will have to wait for the your PD to get current.

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prinive02-12 09:36 PMROW - Rest of World

:confused:I apologize for my ignorance but
what is ROW ??

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h1techSlave09-25 01:37 PMA quarterly spill over is advantageous to every body in the playing field.

It is obviously good for retrogressed groups. It is even good for CIS, since they can plan their work properly and use up the visas in an orderly fashion.

So if IV can use some of its massive clout to convince DOS to do a quarterly spill over, that would be win-win for all.

Unfortunately we will have to wait until march and not december to find out if DOS is doing quarterly spillover because EB2 row already has more than 7000 pending 485, every quarter there are about 10000 Eb 2 visas, so technically there are already enough EB2 row 485 applications to use up the first quarter numbers.

offcourse there are only 4000 pending eb1 485 applications and assuming not more than a 1000 new eb1 applications are added to the list there would be 5000 visas that could be spilled over into eb2, the problem is we dont know
1. If DOS will do spillover every quarter
2. if by miracle they do spillover will it only in there respective categories i.e Eb2 row to to eb2 india\china, or accross categories eb1-row to Eb2 row to Eb2 India\china

These questions can only be answered by DOS. Hope DOS looks at what USCIS did and comes out with a Q&A of there own which explains if they are going to do a spillover every quarter or not. If not we will still be speculating to no end. Do we have to file another FOIA request to DOS to find out if they are going to do a spillover every quarter? I hope DOL also published a report every quarter like USCUS which contains the numnber of perm applications pending by month, year and country

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breddy200009-04 11:05 AMDealsnet,

The contents of the link are facts. Do you have point to say so other than trying to pick on me and drifting from the fact that “YSR was a corrupt, factionist gunda, land grabber who has killed numerous people”

YSR being Christian, Hindu or Muslim does not change the facts. The link has some valid points.

Mr. CHANDV23.....You should have been aware that when you are logged in with your alias(aka _TrueFacts) it turns "Green dot" beside your ID. Your other ID "CHANDUV23" turns blue if you do not use it...

Still making me laugh the hell lot trying to prove your point by hiding behind your real Identity. Why not accept that you are indeed "CHANDUV23" Hahaha...

I guess this is what is called "Wolf in Sheep clothes"


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harikris06-03 09:18 PMWork-arounds, we are so familiar with such as AOS, EAD, H1B beyond 6 yrs, etc., are easier to get in. For the current situation, simple work-around could be to adjudicate a case when all is good except the visa number, and send an interim GC card until visa number is available. When visa number is available, interim card could be replaced with a permanent card. In a nutshell, replace EAD/AP with an interim permanent resident card, and replace it with a permanent card when visa number is available.

Call it interim GC or EAD it does not matter. I don't think we should advocate introducing one more step in an already convoluted process. What if they agree to giving an interim GC with an incremental benefit to what is already available under EAD?

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logiclife01-24 12:29 PMhehehe, i dont think the sentence is too light - the US Prison system has so many jokes about the kinds of characters inside them...Hope this mandalapa guy gets a 'great' roomie - Once he comes out he would think twice about 'screwing' genuine GC applicants then - know what i mean??!!!!

He is going to India after prison. The paper says he is being deported after he gets out of prison.

So he wont be touching anyone's GC application ever.


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gcisadawg07-17 12:09 PMDOS (or any government agency for that matter) cannot interpert the law differently for each year. One law and one interpretation. It can't follow the different set of rules when implementing the law each year. Initally, INA was designed to follow vertical spill over (diversity was important than preference catagory). But, AC21 law ameneded the INA to force the DOS to implement horizontal spill over (preference catagory is important than diversity). However, DOS was still follwing verical spill over evenafter the AC21 act till 2006. If DOS followd the law correctly, EB2-I and Ch would have never been retrogressed since 2005. Lucky for DOS, no one has challanged the DOS. Now they realized the mistake and follow the law correctly. They follw this till if congress changes the law.

Yes, horizontal spill-over gives preference to EB Category. But the vertical spillover didnt promote diversity. It just ensured that the applicant with the oldest PD was allotted the first available spill-over visa number irrespective of his EB category or country of origin. This just ensured that someone doesnt wait too long. as you know, most of the vertical spillovers were consumed by EB3-India and china. Then, how can it promote diversity.

to make it simple, here is my understanding

Vertical spill over --> PD precedes EB category and Country of Origin
Horizontal spill over --> EB Category precedes PD and country of origin.


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gcretroiv10-23 01:00 PMI guess nobody answer this even they know. Probably everybody is angry on Labor substitution


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sc306-27 07:37 PMChrist is god's son! He does not need a Green Card or any other color card :D So what is the point of making it 0?:p

Please do not spread rumors, can you please point me to the rule that says so? I did not see any Immigration law saying that God's Son doesn't need a Green Card. Christ wasn't born in USA, and neither were his parents US citizens, so his chance of US naturalization comes from a path through Green Card or Asylum. I dont think Christ had a 4 year degree (recognized by USCIS), so he does not qualify for GC based on EB1/2/3 categories. He could claim asylum though religious persecution, but then I am not sure if Christianity was recognized by USCIS during Christ's time :D

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snathan05-01 04:45 PMThe Pak Sikhs are being troubled by the Taliban whom everyone opposes and the Pak govt is doing nothing and hence India should raise a voice.

The Tamils in SriLanka are not being opressed by SriLanka but by LTTE themselves ( using their own people as human shields ) . The Srilankan govt is trying its best to minimise losses while trying to rout the terrorist LTTE. India does not have any sympathy either for the Taliban or for LTTE. Both are enemies of India.

Personally I hate the LTTE and their damn cause. Someone who would kill our PM does not deserve any sympathy.

I cheer the brave SriLankan Army who will finally clear their country of this terrorist manace. I wish India had the same drive to remove terrorists from our country in J&K and elsewhere .

Who told you you know the history and are you sure the tamils are not opressed by the SL govt. Read the history before you make the comments.

By the way I am not supporting the LTTE. Here the question is should Indian govt support the civilions or not. Given a chance the SL govt wants to wipe out the entire tamil community. Do not think it will not happen to you/us here tomorrow.


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gvenkat02-13 01:57 PMPer country quota is what is killing India/China.. and that is the fact.. on an average ROW person waits for 3 years whereas India/China wait for eons.. as WD said if some one wants diversity go apply for a lottery or for better seek asylum... :mad::mad:

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bayarea0707-22 03:41 PMGood one

This is my reply to these Amway leeches: Whenever I am asked What I do for living/where do I work.
My Reply (with straight face): I work for a Law firm. We specialize in frauds and scams law suits. Quick as a wink they disappear after hearing this. This has worked so far.:D


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GCOffice09-28 10:51 PMHi ,

My husband is a GC holder. For some family reasons we would like to stay in INDIA for couple of years(or maximum time we can). I know we have to apply for a reentry permit. Is it a tough one to get and how early should we apply for it.

Thanks in advance

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Marphad03-29 08:21 PMMy point is that a person/politician should be judged by the actions/governance and not their lineage. Congress is corrupt like most parties and that discussion is valid (though I would rather see this forum only used for immigration matters...).
I can certainly provide hundreds of links to make this a dividing post but I dont have a propensity for it. My point was to a show a mirror to people who post some ridiculous posts but get away since they seem to be in the majority or atleast seem to be the loudest. Using the measures of US, a lot of what is said in non-immigration matters on this forum would be deemed so racist.
As for Kashmir hindus, I truly wishes Justice is done to them. They are the Children of kashmir. Just like I wish justice is done for every person in India whether the crime be done by extremists or State actors. As for the non-existent discrimination of minorities, I hope you are right but trying to silence people who raise such issues is no way to provide justice. Even to this day, discrimination against blacks is a matter of grave concern in this country. A strength of a society/democracy is the treatment of the weakest/minorities.

And what is the qualification of Rahul or Sonia other than being so-called Gandhi-Nehru?


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engineer07-03 12:04 AMIV release.:Please send it to other media offices and free press release distribution services

I have sent the blogpost to

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la647001-17 12:31 AMPlease read this article.

The Insightful Immigration Blog � Commentaries on Immigration Policy, Cases and Trends: NEW USCIS MEMO ON EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP FOR H-1B PETITIONS: IS IT A WAY TO KEEP CERTAIN WORKERS OUT? (

I feel IV can join hands with AILA on this to help us in this situation.

Any new renewals or new H1 filings are bound to be denied unless its a direct employer vs employee relationship. Third party placement indications are bound to be targeted for denial!

We are literaly doomed. Given the slugglishness of the GC process this is bound to cripple us down.

I am feeling sad for those H1B guys who were deported out of Newark thanks to these crooked laws. The laws may be right in their perspective, but they do not understand the havoc it would have created in the lives of those who felt the impact.

I wish and pray for the good of all and those GC/H1B aspirants during these troubled times now and up ahead.

Thanks for the post. I have also expressed my opinion in Mr Mehta's blog who was courageous enough to spell out in clear terms the discriminatory practices of USCIS. We should in no uncertain terms, pull down the mask that USCIS is wearing while practicing pure discrimination and segregation - that is completely alien to the American constitution and society.


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smuggymba08-02 09:52 AMGuys! This is getting interesting. Guess what I found!! Now you can find out the names of your local friendly Amway Independent Business owners!!!

Go to

Scroll down to the section titled "Benefits of Being Affiliated with an Independent Business Owner", select "Show me a list of IBOs in my area that I can select from".... put your zip code and voila!!!!

I put my own zipcode 94536, and most of the names are desi. Confirms my suspicion that there are more desi's sucked into this than........

Now post what you find in your area!

Totally coincidental but all of IBO's in my zip code are Chinese. I know 2-3 desis myself who approached me in walmart and ikea.

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snathan03-30 12:07 AMLets not bring Age into the picture. Manmohan is not much younger either and has had 2 heart surgeries so far. Economy is not the PMs only job. The real power rests with Sonia and my personal opinion is that Advani is a lot more competent than her. Manmohan is just a mask of Congress. "Mukhvta".

I am not bringing age here. By the way I believe MMS is far better than any one else. He may not be a good leader. But see what he has done for the country. He is the one who opened the country's economy. He is the one who brought in the neculear energy to the country - though we are not sure about the out come and may need to wait for another decade to see that.

I couldnt think anythiing like this for Mr.Advani...

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samay07-15 07:09 PMHi,

I found that priority date field on my I-140 receipt is empty. Will this create any problem??
I filed concurrently lasy july and MY PD will be current next month. I applied at NSC but got transferred to TSC.

Thanks for the answers
Your priority date is the date of your filing of your labor certification. Therefore, lack of the priority date on your I-140 receipt should not matter. Best of luck!

Canuck02-14 01:10 PMI understand the mood among fellow Indians , due to substantial dates movement for ROW but it dint move enough for India. Lets take the high road and stop bickering among ourselves and lets get back to the Action Item which needs to be done.

You are assuming of course that all those who fall in the India category are Indians - I am not. I'm a Canadian who happened to be born in India and thus fall into that same bucket. My fellow Canadians who were born in Canada and are now in the US all support me in the removal of per country limits. Let us be more accurate and refer to this as the "mood amongst fellow Indian-born applicants", as opposed to "fellow Indians".

ssharma07-08 09:34 AMIs there certain minimum "safe" numbers of days one has to stay with the sponsoring company after getting the EB Green Card.
In my case I have been working with my employer since Sept-2001 (almost 7 years). My GC labor was started in Dec 485 filed in May and GC approved June 24, 2008.

I was in the middle of changing jobs using AC21 just before my GC got approved, hence this urgency. How soon can I join some my new job ?

Thanks for your time.


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