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imh1b11-18 03:08 PMCalling India will be super cheap now.

Google Voice Blog: Google welcomes Gizmo5 (http://googlevoiceblog.blogspot.com/2009/11/google-welcomes-gizmo5.html)

Google welcomes Gizmo5

Thursday, November 12, 2009 | 2:30 PM

Today we're pleased to announce we've acquired Gizmo5, a company that provides Internet-based calling software for mobile phones and computers. While we don't have any specific features to announce right now, Gizmo5's engineers will be joining the Google Voice team to continue improving the Google Voice and Gizmo5 experience. Current Gizmo5 users will still be able to use the service, though we will be suspending new signups for the time being, and existing users will no longer be able to sign up for a call-in number.

We've acquired a number of small companies over the past five years, and the people and technology that have come to Google from other places have contributed in many ways, large and small, to all kinds of Google products. Since the GrandCentral team joined Google in 2007, they've done incredible things with Google's technology and resources to launch and improve Google Voice.

We welcome the Gizmo5 team to Google and look forward to working together to bringing more useful features to Google Voice.

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ishreeram10-29 10:58 AMDone.

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jsb09-20 04:00 PMUSCIS has to work in FIFO process not RIRO(Random In Random Out)... So they can't send Receipt Notice to Aug 17th filer and then look for July 2nd filer. I sent my concern to congressmen?

I fully agree that USCIS should work FIFO, but "should" does not make that happen. Clearly USCIS is not equipped for FIFI when truck loads of applications arrive. We may complain now, but I believe we should give them additional 10 days they need (to make it 90 days). I am equally worried about my July 2 filing. Nevertheless, I wish and hope the congressman's intervention helps.

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lifestrikes10-05 10:51 AMApple approved Vonage iPhone App.

It allows to call India for 7 cents.

It would be good if they approve Google Voice app.

Chepcent approach is good if you have internet connection handy. Maybe vonage could have made the iPhone app to be one time fee and have it linked to World Calling Plan.


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gc_on_demand09-15 10:47 AMBump...

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desi393308-24 09:01 AM.........
Guys, I am also not going anywhere, . I am here for 10 years now and its my life and I like it. But when 100 people say "we re going back, disappointed, it will have some effect".

$100 one time.

>> Guys, I am also not going anywhere, . I am here for 10 years now and its my life and I like it.

Thats sum it nicely. Nobody wants to go back.

Though you are sending "I am going back unless you fix it" cards, you are actually not serious about it. Great. Just Great.

And you think, that will fix the system.


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PD_Dec200206-29 04:32 PMMy receipt date is June 20 and my PD is Oct 2002. If the July visa bulletin does retrogress, will I still be affected with regards to I-765?

No. Since USCIS accepted your application when your PD was current, then you are fine.


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sri130903-12 06:12 PMPappu or any active IV Core members, we are waiting for your answer. How we can go on this?:confused:

Dont wait too long.. Just keep going.. No waiting..
Imagine you are waiting for a bus.. that would not come.. then what do you do.. keep walking towards your destination.. And if there are others who want to come along with you in your safar, then it makes it more pleasant and less painful.. You all have contributed with your ideas.. Spread them and keep going..
Now I am going home.. Will send this letter to other sources also.. i will get some more contact info tomorrow.. But Always write to change.gov. No president in the past has created such an option in the past to hear us.. Don't overlook it. I made small changes in my original letter. So in case anyone copied it before 5 min, you want to take the current one..


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kshitijnt05-10 02:26 AMHunter, this is the first sensible post from you. Now you agree that abusers of this H1 visa system are corporations not the immigrants on their own. So far you were busy bashing immigrants.

Also if US is a free market and capitalist society, why should corporates employ "whoever" is locally available. Its a private money afterall. Shouldent it be upto them to decide how to spend? Also most US corps, have local presence and as for taking a tax break, I hope companies did not promise to create "ALL" jobs in US. Majority of local jobs go to US citizens. They still create thousands of local jobs and pay H1 visa fees part of which goes to train american workforce. If the wages were equal, its more expensive for a company to hire H1 worker.

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northstar107-15 02:55 PMGuys',

If you haven't already pls take a moment to digg the Washington Post coverage of yesterday's rally:




crystal07-12 11:51 PMGreat ..

I come from South Florida (MIAMI / FT LAUDERDALE /WEST PALM BEACH). Sun-Sentinel is a news paper major in this part of the world. We are expected to see a front page coverage about this turn-about by DOS and USCIS on july 07 bulletin.

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trueguy08-21 02:02 PMRead the visa bulletin for the past 3 months.

and thanks for the red dot. .. I am in indian .. so a red dot really goes on me :)

There is no mention of apology in past bulletin. Any other doc you are aware of?

I gave you a green. Hope it makes you happy


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l1fraud06-15 11:08 PMAgreed on your point. But there are other discriminations at workplace such as , age, race, sex and sexual harrassment. Those who complain about it effectively terminate their careers. If you want to go , complain against this L1 misuse fine, but you are not going to get mileage, maybe some bad breath and bad publicity and eventual loss of reference & job. If your company / client has decided they do not want to persist with you, there are 101 ways they can get rid of you, legal or illegal, my suggestion is, if you were exposed,

can L1fraud hold his head high in front of his client and still ask for reference with no sense of guilt in future? If not, he has lost half the game but now wants to lose the other half in a self destructive manner.

Dude are you kidding me ... I am reporting a violation/fraud and I should hold my head down?? what kind of moral/ethical values you have.. I am keeping my head up (may be an inch or 2 higher than last 3 weeks) as my project manager and director (middle management ) fully supports me in this crusade. Most of the cases, upper management decides to replace all the local contractors with these outsourcing firms and once the contract is signed these companies dump all their L1 resources to projects and middle management who deals directly with the resources has minimal say in the process.

Let me ask you a simple question.. WHY ARE YOU SUPPORTING THIS FRAUDULANT ACTIVITY??? .... think for a minute and then decide whether to reply me back or not.. bye.
'Mileage for this complaint'.. in an economy when millions with eligibility are job less .. case regarding this fraud will have ZERO mileage! want to bet me on this .. come on dude.. come on. If you are on L1 visa talk to uer management and get it changed to something legally eligible to work on your project, instead trying to measure the mileage of L1 fraud, ICE/USCIS will measure that and we'll see whos head is going down here...

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sen_raju07-10 12:42 PMI just spoke to Victor Manuel Ramos from Orlando Sentinel in detail. He is going to cover it in tomorrow's edition.
You can contact him at 407-420-6186 or by email at VRamos@orlandosentinel.com and give your part of the story.


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rsharma06-14 05:05 PMrsharma, l1fraud,

There is nothing wrong in reporting fraud.
However your argument that you are reporting it since you cannot tolerate fraud isn't that convincing.

If you were always against injustice/lawlessness, you will see a lot of it in your daily life. Do you report or take action against each of those ? I don't think so.

After living in India for long and seeing people put up with all injustice and sometimes doing it themselves, it is hard to believe your argument that you are doing it just for the sake of law.

I am not saying that we are reporting fraud just for the sake of not tolerating it. This is effecting our GC. Earlier the effect was related to the job being taken away now it is effecting our GC too.

Initially L1s were sponsored only by large offshore companies like TCS, WIPRO etc.. The effect was that the jobs were taken away. But it did not have much effect on the GC side as most of these large offshore companies do not process GC for their employees.

But nowadays lots of small Offshore companies started doing L1As. These companies do not have lots of clients like TCS or WIPRo but they have a handfull of clients. So to make sure they have their clients they started bringing people in L1As and processing GC under EB1 for them. Although many of these people are developers and should be in EB3 and should be behind in the line. But as they are in L1A and are appling in Eb1 they are getting GC in no time and also taking the visa#s away. There are hunderes of these small offshore companies started getting people in L1As. Thus these EB1 Visa #s are not overflowing to EB2. This is effecting our GC.

Now we have :
1. Large offshore companies sponsored L1s taking the jobs
2. The small offshore companies sponsored L1s taking the GC visa #s.

If the L1As are indeed senior Manager then no problem, but the Developers/Business Analyst/ Project Manager without hire-fire authority are getting GC under EB1.

Thus these frauds should be reported so that at least the # of EB1 visas are not taken by fraud.

So you too can see how this fraud is effecting us all.

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deardar01-25 10:29 AMWe are planning to make a trip to Hyderabad, India along with my wife and my little baby boy. After reading all of your experiences, I am not sure which one should I opt for. We have an expired Visa on passport, planning to Use AP. As we are travelling first time with the little baby boy, I am looking for some hassle free flying. I stay pretty closer to Harrisburg, PA ...thanks

Recently, my friends flow KLM to hyd via JFK. they came back safe. I will let you know the exp once i talk to them.


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satishku_200007-10 01:15 PMEveryone knows that increasing green card numbers will be best solution. In that also if we ask too much we may not get anything. Double the number of annual Gc plus exclude dependents will be enough for reducing retrogession but that may not eliminate. But waiting period of 2 to 3 years can be reasonable for most people. I am sure one more chance will come for increasing H1b numbers. That time we can try for GC increase also.

But I am supporting the flower Campaign for protesting the VB mess up though it will not solve the problem

Everyone knows what solves the problem , I was asking about to how to acheive them . What are your suggestions to acheive those goals. You seem to have a problem with everything everyone suggests or does. What are your concrete ideas to acheive our goals.

The problem is not about waiting , Problem is unpredictability about waiting , Can you tell me when will my sep 2004 PD will become current? I think I will meet your threshhold of 3 years sooner rather than later ...

Did you send flowers by the way?

You said ". That time we can try for GC increase also. " , How do you want us to try?

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factoryman06-18 05:15 PMEOM. Should this be a question or if you use less paper, will you be considered environmental friendly and way to faster GC.

Don't waste your time and energy on trifles. I can, because I am done with filing and work at office.
How the forms to be printed? One sided or back to- back?

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pitha07-09 09:19 PMIt�s about exposing the evil nature and mean spiritedness of USCIS and Emilio Gonzales in a peaceful manner. He can forward it to whomever but we have exposed uscis evil deeds in a peaseful manner

He will get credit for all these flowers, and we will soung stupid that we just care obout our-slves but USCIS cares abou veterans.

USCIS people...trying to make fun of our misery

bindas7406-16 01:02 PMNo one can travel on EAD. EAD is for employment authorization. AP is for travel. You cant mix and match the purpose of them.

If you dont need to travel or if you have a valid H1 stamp for travel, dont file for AP. If you want to travel and if your stamp has expired and dont want to apply for new stamp, then file for AP.

If you want to work for your employer and continue there and if you are sure of your job security, then you dont need EAD, and dont apply for EAD. However its a good idea since EAD is a great option of you are suddenly fired or laid off. EAD makes it easy to search for jobs coz the employer doesnt have to file your H1 and you can join them immediately without any hassles.

Hi Logiclife,

Can you please provide me insight on my question?

My company filed for my I485. i didnt file the EAD / AP at that time. I have a valid H1B stamped for multiple entry till 2010.
So, as per your post, I can apply just for EAD, right? That is if I want to switch jobs after 180 days using AC21 and if I start using my EAD, can I go out and come back with my valid H1B stamping? Or do I need to have the AP since I have started using my EAD??
Similarly, can my wife use her H4B even after she starts using the EAD instead of AP when she travels??

Any help is greatly appreciated.

yawl06-29 05:43 PMAILA Follow-up to Update on July Visa Availability

From: AILA National
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 5:48 PM
Subject: Follow-up to Update on July Visa Availability

Further to the email earlier today about July visa availability:

Several members have asked whether they should continue in their efforts to
file adjustment of status applications for employment-based cases. Of course
, this is a matter for each attorney's best judgment, but note that:

-It is not certain what day the revised Bulletin will be issued.

-It is possible that the revised bulletin will not issue at all--efforts to
stop this unprecedented action are being pursued.

-If you "front desk" the application, i.e. decide it is futile to file, and
a remedy opens up later, having submitted the applications may improve the
chances of utlizing whatever fix might be available.

-If you do submit the adjustments, be sure to use a method whereby you can
document delivery, and keep that documentation for each client.

-AILF's Legal Action Center is seeking plaintiffs with respect to both the
adjustment applications that were or are expected to be rejected for June
and the adjustment applications that are expected to be rejected in July. Go
to InfoNet Document # 07062975: http://www.aila.org/content/default.aspx?docid=22798 on InfoNet for the Potential Plaintiff Questionnaire and related FAQ.

We cannot predict now what will happen, but will continue to update the
membership as developments occur.


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