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bomber06-29 06:12 PMMy $0.02. This could be a pre-emptive measure on the part of AILA. There must have been some talk at the state department of mid-month regression. This might be a strategy to scotch that. Raise a ruckus and send a message that we are prepared to file a law suit. Who knows? We are mere pawns in this grand game. Whatever happens, I hope people keep some perspective and not lose sleep over this.
- Sri

Good reasoning here. I truly hope it's true and USCIS realizes what they are planning to do..

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Raju06-29 03:54 PMLooks like we are heading towards a nail biting finish here:( :confused: :mad: :o :rolleyes: :eek:

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mrsr06-17 12:54 AMHi

I have a question regarding g28 , did u file this form when you did it yourself ..

can an attorney file g28 later on if there is a RFE , who else can file g28

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Robert Kumar03-29 12:19 PMWhy you care and debate about PD movement. Please tell your PD.


Lets treat good news for EB2 as good news for EB3 also.
If not today, some of us EB3 folks may want to port. So it will help more people to port and also to compensate to some extent the #s coming into EB2 pool from EB3.
Overall its a good news, and looks to be possible we see this on Murthy site also. Lets be happy.


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anura04-07 11:05 AMAnd then people will argue about how many arms does an octopus have :D

We have sufficient data to predict that.... more or less. Cheers.

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kkarun09-14 02:42 PMRecieved much awaited emails yesterday, "Card Production Ordered" email.

My PD is 03/13/2006, I didn't do anything special like calls to USCIS, emails, inquiries etc. Just waited for my turn.

I wish good luck everyone waiting for GC.


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aroranuj01-09 11:51 AMOver the past couple of days I have had 10 of my friends/colleagues who have signed the letter and they have been mailed out to the president. I also have copies of them to mail out to IV once I have all that I can get..

I plan to call my Senators & Congressman's office's today too. I believe we need to get through to our friends and colleagues and talk about the issues in this letter. I have yet to come across one person who does not agree that our situation needs the attention of the administration.

I know I can get a few more of these letters signed by the end of this week.

Anyone out there who has more letters going out??:D

Lets have some healthy competition!

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meghanap200010-20 12:09 PMHi,
I am happy to share the news that I received CPO hard copy on exactly Diwali Day. Lord Ramachandra Ki Jai.

Here are the details of my case and what did I do to get this CPO mail. It may help others to follow up with USCIS.

1. Applied EB-3 India in July 16th 2004 .
2. Waited for about until 2006 July, but no signs of EB-3 labor approval.
3. Applied EB-2 labor under PERM Sep 2006 and got approval in 7 days. this was amazing………..
4. Applied I-140 for EB-2 labor in Oct 2006 and received approval after 6 months, still my EB-3 labor not approved.
4. Applied I-485 on July 2nd 2007 along with my wife with EB-2 PD Sep 20th 2006.
5. Received the receipt notice with the notice date of Aug 30th 2007 and receipt date of July 2nd 2007.
6. Received the Finger print notice on Oct 15th 2007 and gave finger prints on Nov 10th 2007.
6. Received the EB-3 labor approval in Dec 2007 and applied for i-140 for eb-3 and received i-140 approval in June 2008.
7. Now I have 2 i-140 approvals one EB-3 with pd of July 16th 2004 and other eb-2 i-140 with Sep 20th 2006.
8. Changed to better attorney who can better handle the i-485 in terms of the PD transfer and follow up with USCIS.
9. Attorney sent Priority Date porting request to Texas service center in June 2008 along with new g-28 forms.
10. Called at least 4 times in 2008, but got the response that my processing dates are not current yet means. Not reached the July 2nd 2007 or Aug 28th 2007 which is my i-485 notice date.
11.In June 2009 Called USCIS POJ method and got some nice officer in Texas service center who opened the SR to open my case as my case is out of processing time.
12. Got soft LUDs in June 20th 2009 and called usics cust service and came to know case is assigned to an officer.
13. In July 20th 2009, got email update saying the case is transferred to NBC for further processing.
14. Next day again got email, case is transferred to NBC and I will receive the interview notice.
15. Got interview notice to go to local office on Aug 5th 2009.
16. Online status changed to case transferred to USCIS office........
17. Went for the interview on Aug 5th 2009 to local USCIS office along with my wife, office was very nice. Officer asked general questions which are on i-485 (like have u been arrested, have you been involved in terrorist activities etc.) form and questions about my wife's name and marriage date etc.. Officer did not ask even for employer verification letter also, I myself handed over that letter to her. She did not even saw that letter.
18. Dates were not current on Aug 5th 2009, and officer told, she will take a decision after dates are current.
19. Waited for Sep visa bulletin and dates became current, as my case is at local USCIS office, all attorneys who are the members of AILA will have direct contact to local USCIS office supervisor ph no and email id. These details will not be known to applicants. My attorney sent an hard copy request on Sep 5th 2009 to local USCIS office to adjudicate my case as my PD is current.
20. Waited until Sep 15th no update was received from Local USCIS office or no update on i-485 LUDs online.
21. Took info pass on Sep 16th 2009 and went to local USCIS office and got nice Info pass immigration office, very co-operative officer. He told me that my case is now back to central storage location and waiting for the visa no. I told him my PD is current, officer himself gave me an yellow form (please request for this form, otherwise they don’t give it normally) to fill up to send to other department supervisor in local USCIS office. Filled up and gave the form along with my i-485 receipt notices and i-140 notices. Officer asked me to wait 3 to 4 weeks to contact again. No luck until Sep 30th 2009.
22. On Sep 26th 2009, attorney sent an e-mail to local USCIS office and got the standard response on Oct 1st 2009saying to wait for 3 months etc..Again attorney received an e-mail on Oct 2nd 2009 that my case will be adjudicated soon.
23.On oct 4th 2009 took info pass again and went to local uscis office, again got nice infopass immigration officer and explained that they will request visa no only once (recently Murthy law firm posted that way USCIS and DOS dept interact) and I need to wait until visa no assigned by DOS. Gave again yellow form to sent to local USCIS supervisor to look into my case.
24.Called 1-800 number and asked if there was any update on my case, got very very nice supervisor from customer service center, and he told me that my case is now assigned to an officer on Oct 6th and I should see result in 2 or 3 days.
25Atttorney sent an e-mail again to local USCIS office explaining my PD porting details just to inform officer again.
26.Got CPO email Friday oct 16th and received courtesy notice of approval i-485 on Diwali day on Oct 17th 2009.

If the case is at local USCIS and your PD is current, please take info pass every 2 or 3 weeks, and request for yellow form and fill it up and give to info pass officer. This will help to move the case faster if the case is at local USCIS office.

Overall, please call repeatedly to USCIS cust service to get some good officers and you will really here somany good things from them. What I understood from my exp, that the customer service officers now far far better and good than 6 months back..Really thankful to USCIS for providing good customer service.

I hope this post helps most of the people whose dates are current....


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gc_wow09-24 08:50 PMRose Ball,
What do you think will EB2 I will get stuck in March 2005 for the rest of USCIS year untill September? I think Quarterly spill over is the name of the game now.

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jbr03-10 03:37 PMSri1309,

I agree with both of your points: a solid action plan from IV core team would go a long ways to inspire and motivate others and that we should continue spreading the word (by writing to, news organizations, law makers etc.). Comments from IV core team are welcome.


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ilwaiting06-29 05:17 PMDo they think immigrants are Bloody joke. Why the fuck to play with our lives?

Feel like crying..Can't controll.poor my wife waiting for EAD...This is sick....Wasted so much time and money to get this done..wait for 3 years to get to this place..not back to trash sucks..

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kushaljn01-17 04:37 PMIt was Mumbai.

Can you add which consulate (Mumbai/Delhi/Chennai) you interviewed?


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crystal07-15 01:01 AM

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nitinba06-29 07:45 PMseems like, now its 98% final and to me its 100% final that I have missed the bus, though I bought tickets for the bus and bus company is refusing to payback the ticket money to me


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spdy_mn06-29 05:10 PMHeard the same from my lawyer, she has changed her tune completely in 2 days. Now she says that she is hearing the same thing and is possible. They are working through the weekend and has asked me to keep my blackberry on me at all times as they will be providing emails updates every 4 hours or if and when the said bulletin is released.
What law firm is that looks like a good one. If possible please PM me the details

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lotsofspace01-24 02:22 PM....................

For those in South ( Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana) best way to go to India is new Emirates direct flight between Houston and Dubai and then onward to India.
I have had 3-4 friends fly this route since they started flying in November 2007 and they have nothing but praise for everything. These guys have excellent food and entertainment and no transit visa hassels plus duty free sopping in Dubai is good.

Pluse - they put you up in a hotel if your Dubai layover is more than 8 hrs (for economy class passengers) and you get a free transit visa to visit Dubai. During my last trip to Bangalore, I went via Dubai (NYC - Dubai direct flight) and on my way back we had 11 hrs layover. My wife and I got a chance to see the city. Next time we are going to India we are planning on staying for a few days and go for their desert camp trip.

I have heard pretty good things about the emirates in the past. I was considering it for my next trip.

But a friend of mine traveled Emirates recently (Dec 07). His flight (and few other flights) from Dubai to India got canceled. He had to wait in the airport for 24 hours and some people for 48 hours for the next flight. That was not bad, he had to wait in line for 10 hours (yes, I am not joking) to get his booking for the next day. They did not provide the accommodation to any one. He says they were not even sorry that this happened.

He says all the passengers slept in the corridors like how they do in busy bus stand platforms. It was unbelievable but true.

I never flew Air India, Never through England. Hopefully never will. Thanks a lot OP for posting your experience. The Koh-hi-Noor comment was a kicker :)


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gc_aspirant_prasad07-11 11:10 AMI don't know what do you mean by success. as far as media coverage is concerned, Fireign media (India, China or elsewhere) doesn't help. It's local media, which can create some usefull awareness. How does awareness in a different country helps?? I don't know why even people talking coverage about foreig media?????

Sometime back.. I also read some comment talking about involving Indian govt. in this.... Bullshit.. What does a different country's govt has to do with it!!!

Point is.. don't get too excited for having done nothing... Do something substantial and keep doing.
Governments can and often do influence each other. Think of trade deals - they do want to sell us Boeings dont they?
I am not saying that it ll work in this case, this being an immigration matter & such, but just recognizing that Governments can weild influence.

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kuhelica200011-25 04:36 PMWell, whether a merchandise can be returned after using, depands on the nature of the merchandise and the level of customer service provided by the seller.

If you are buying a TV or a home theater, you don't know if it is functioning properly until you use it. And returning it within stipulated "return period" is not only legal but also ethical.

Some high-end sellers will even guarantee customer satisfaction by allowing a return any time, yes any time if the customer is not fully satisfied with their product. There is nothing unethical about this. That is why these high-end stores charge you a premium in the first place.

Not allowing return of merchandise reflects the low level of customer service we used to get back home. Obviously that level of service expectaion has been engrained in us so much that we believe returning used merchandise, even when the customer is not satisfied, is unethical.

Your option? Stay put! Keep paying your montly obligations! Or sell now if you want, and take the 20G hit.

Foreclosing when you are not in a financial stress in NOT an option. Get it?

Now that you have your option, go learn how to be a grown up!

And now that you also know returning used merchandise is fraud, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to change your ways?

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zCool03-24 04:36 PMCompanies can and will have internal documentation standards regarding employibility.
In fact lately, judges have even upheld firings of smokers from certain companies.
IF there is a pattern of discrimination based on age, sex, national origin etc etc. THEN you can sue.. but NOT just because you don't like the policy of the employers..
People don't realize it but US laws actually give plenty of leeway to employers related to that.. only relevent law applying here would be "EEO" and that doesn't mention anything related to EAD.
Legally you don't have a leg to stand on.. but you can try.. tell the lawyer , they have chance to set precedent!

eb_retrogession02-09 02:45 PMGuest-worker program on Bush radar
By Mike Madden
The Arizona Republic (Phoenix), February 6, 2006

gc_check02-21 04:26 PMPlease sing this petition: (

Senate Judiciary Committee to Debate Immigration Reform on March 2!
Urge Committee members to support a realistic, comprehensive solution
On March 2, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to mark up an immigration reform bill. Enter your zip code in the box, and if your Senator is a member of the Committee, send a letter urging him or her to support a realistic, comprehensive solution that includes a path to permanent legal status for the current undocumented population. We need to let our Senators know that the enforcement-only approach endorsed by the House in December will hurt our communities and compromise our economy but will not fix our broken immigration system.
If your Senators are not members of the Judiciary Committee, you can still send a general letter urging them to support comprehensive immigration reform when the debate reaches the Senate floor. Enter your zip code to take action now!

just signed the document and sent.
Also the below link

Admin, Is it possible to have a sepearet tab/page for Pettition and list all of these or similar links, so folks can find them easily and sign.


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