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bigboy00705-11 12:01 AMHunter's Internet knowledge is awesome and hilarious .. May be this is how he does his coding if hez an IT guy... :D I dont think we all should get to his level to argue... Argument should be made with equally knowledgeable ppl.

His "Distortion" of facts will not change the current scenario.. nor his Internet Knowledge will land him an OSCAR award.. Let him live in his fantasy life.. No doubt Hunter is from a "Great" culture... Unfortunately he doesnt know the meaning of that...

Are you sure you are not confusing with Indian epics that discuss how Lord Brahma had sex with his own daughter? :D :D

Unfortunately, you are showing your culture here with responses like this by clearly proving that you are incapable of provding a proper response. You are not making any case here, actually you are undermining it. This clearly shows the contempt that you have for the people of the country where you are desparately trying to immigrate to.

If things were so rosy in India compared to US, you wouldn't be posting in this forum, will you?

As a matter of fact, people like you, irrespective of the qualifications, should never be allowed to immigrate to anywhere. You should remain in India or should I say "arsha-bharatha"?

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bobzibub06-22 09:03 AMWe are a husband and wife, both filing.
My priority date is Oct 06 and my wife's will be July 1st. (or so.)

My wife's company is a large multinational and her job is secure. My company is small and not making oodles of money right now.

So I consider my wife's to be solid and slow and mine to be less solid but faster.

I predict that mine will get approved before hers and they'll drop hers. But because I simply do not trust USCIS to process them without a hitch, we're filing twice. Shotgun theory.

Our lawyers seem to concur. If our PDs were the same and our companies were similar, it probably wouldn't be worth filing twice.

My question is regarding the EADs and APs. I believe that I should file through her because they are more "solid" applications. I assume that the EAD/AP will be processed prior to the 485 and priority date does not affect them. Her job is more secure than mine and so her EAD would be too..

Am I wrong?

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Macaca12-05 05:37 PMJUAN GONZALEZ: Lou, I�d just like to ask you one last question. We have very little time left. But you�ve criticized many American companies, but CJR, Columbia Journalism Review, came out with a report in 2004 that questioned that your private newsletter, which goes to investors, has recommended investing in several of these companies that�that you actually list�

LOU DOBBS: You know what? When I came here, Juan, I knew this would be a lot of fun with you two, but you�re really ridiculous�

JUAN GONZALEZ: You actually list�

LOU DOBBS: �because I haven�t had a newsletter for three years, partner. I shut down the newsletter.

JUAN GONZALEZ: No, but when your newsletter was operating, it was recommending�

LOU DOBBS: Oh, OK, when it was operating.

JUAN GONZALEZ: �some of the very companies that you were criticizing for outsourcing.

LOU DOBBS: This is a very difficult thing for ideologues like you two to contend with�that is, balancing two concepts at the same time. But is there a correlation between investment in companies and a business practice that is absolutely pervasive in corporate America? Can you think of a single corporation in America that is not supporting outsourcing of jobs to overseas labor markets, cheap overseas labor markets?

AMY GOODMAN: We�re going to have�

LOU DOBBS: If you can name one�

AMY GOODMAN: We have five seconds, Lou.

LOU DOBBS: �then I�ll suggest to you that there was probably a problem with that. If you can�t, then you know that it was utter nonsense, and you shouldn�t have brought it up.

AMY GOODMAN: Was it part of why you shut it down?

LOU DOBBS: No, not really.

AMY GOODMAN: We�re going to leave it there.

LOU DOBBS: I was bored with it.

AMY GOODMAN: Lou Dobbs, thank you very much for joining us. His book is Independents Day: Awakening the American Spirit.

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singhv_198001-22 05:18 PMmy interview is on feb 1st week and at mumbai.. it will be my second stamping.. my current H1 is approved in April 2007

Good Luck! and keep us posted.


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ski_dude1209-28 11:29 AMI have taken an infopass tomorrow to get the I-551 stamp on my passport. Once that is done I will be mailing out the form I-90 for replacement.

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feedfront09-13 11:42 PMSmile or ..., I preferred 1st one..


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cutehemu11-14 02:45 PMjust mailed them ...thanx

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MahaBharatGC01-30 02:48 PMThere are 3 kind of jobs -
1. Jobs that require active security clearance - this kind of job is only limited to US citizen that have security clearance of that level. Yes, tehre are different levels in security clearance as well.
2. Jobs that will be in unit where everyone must be US citizen. These kind of jobs can be filled by US citizen without the need of any security clearance.
3. Jobs that are open for everyone - One must have active work authorization.

The vast majority of the jobs are of type #3. In any case, if job requires US citizen, the hiring place must be able to answer why that job is restricted to US citizens only.

US citizen of Indian origin
Not a legal advice

Let me share my wife's bitter experience. She told the employer about EAD. She got interview thrice and selected. Offer letter came and they mentioned that it is only allowed after the security clearance such as NAT.
Employment verification was success.
Then when they sent papers to NAT clearance they rejected immediately as for NAT clearance one must be Green Card holder atleast.
The HR department mentioned sorry for their confusion as they themselves completely do not understand the whole thing.
So, any security clearance jobs for Govt/Military/AirForce dont waste your time if you are EAD holder.


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GCapplicant06-29 04:35 PMI always thought, the system was fair, it was only the overwhelming numbers of immigrants from certain countries that made it look unfair....but the closer I get to the stage where DOS decisions start impacting me, the more I realize that the system is not fair at all. The game of visa numbers and allocations is driven by white house politics alone...DOS being the spokesperson for the politics. Essentially the white house is directly throttling immigration through the DOS...on its own whims and fancy.

So, what made you import yourself here? You could have stayed back in your own the way, coming on a H4 was a wasn't forced upon you...didn't you know before coming here that you would have to stay home on a H4? H4->F1, H4->H1...all these options are always open to you..

Do you respect others feelings here...

We are all here for some justice-no arguments-no offense
what r u...
Mind your langauage-Did u face any serious problems from some H4-

before you try to supress some ones feelings change your attitude-

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eb3retro10-13 04:00 PMhave not been following this thread so deep. Looks like if someone introduces the other person to vonage service, does both of them get 2 months free? if yes, could someone refer me. pls me me. thanks.


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jonty_1101-09 05:53 PMLetters sent...
Guys please do your part...dont sit and watch...we have done that a lot already...we need to keep picking away at them so we can get some stability in life...

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saimrathi07-10 03:19 PMSo USCIS will never see the flowers becoz they are boxed.. and they will never get delivered becoz they are being routed from the airport itself. No major news media covered the few deliveries at USCIS.. What was the point of the campaign again?

For those of you who is interested in one line Q/A

"Is the flower campaign working? Yes"

"Are we good enough with what we have done? Not 100%"

What happened

We were at the loading dock by 10 30 am ( Delivery estimate was between 11 am and 1 pm) and DHL appeared to
have already delivered around 50 boxes once around 9 am. All the flowers we sent are boxed . The visuals will
be boxes and not flowers in the evening when the youtube video will be uploaded. UPS delivered nex. We got the
video of the whole delivery and so did the CNN-IBN/Voice of America folks. There were around 30 boxes or so from
UPS. Next Fedex delivered and there were around 10-15 boxes coming out. While we were doing the recording one of the
officers politely told us not to capture federal buildings and we told them that we were only capturing the delivery of
flowers. After this what ever truck was coming in, they were reversing and pushing back into the dock so that the
delivery cannot be taped. CNN-IBN reporter asked for permission to go inside the loading dock and she was promptly
denied any permission. Then We had a down pour for almost 20-30 minutes and we had to leave the place.
It appears that the S&H dept now knows that most of the flowers are being delivered by DHL/UPS/FEDEX, they are taking
care of the diversion at National airport it self.

In the future if any one wants to do a flower campaign, Please select 2 local florists
(only two florists, in that particular city) and have people call and place orders/online. That way
we can talk with 2 florists and track their delivery easily for picture/video. Every one who tried to call
FTD/proflowers had alot of trouble getting any thing out of them. Actually, we cant blame them because they
are not doing it locally,instead they are putting their orders via national carriers.

Where do we go from here

If people really want to go out and get the main stream media attention, DC is the perfect choice. How ever,Don't plan on a weekend. If we do it right, we could be live on TV and the whole country will ask whats going on, along with the law makers. That will offer a platform for solving the issue at its roots.If you really want to do this, Dont come up with reasons like I dont have time off for a day or I have a project due. I can understand if 1 or 2% of our active members say it, but when 98% of our active members say that I can understand what it is. May be its time we figure out whether we prefer anonymity and pontifical verbatim on the online forum to expressing our concern/disappointment openly. Do not get offended and start flaming me. Just my thoughts.


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imneedy05-16 02:33 PMNow as per my lawyer's advice probably we will need to change her status back to H4.

Do you know how much time it will take to get that status change? What if your PD is no longer current?

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baburob201-12 05:41 PMWell Bush has been talking about this from year 2004 start i believe. it is time the congress acts i wish.


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DSLStart09-25 04:18 PMJust a quick question for current Vonage users.
Currently I use Phone Power (VOIP, almost same as Vonage). They give me one nice feature called Remote Click 2 call. What it does is, if I am in office (where there is no long distance calling allowed), I login into my account and click on Remote Click2Call. This asks me to enter the number where I am at, and the destination number. So I get a call at my office phone and it connects me to the destination number. And there is no charge for this call.
Does Vonage offer this kind of feature? and can we make calls to India (under their India unlimited plan) using this feature?


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Refugee_New11-25 01:32 PMKumar1,
I support your view. Let this punjabi guy go into foreclosure and screw up his credit history and suffer for the next 7 to 14 years. Its not just him, his entire family will suffer because of this.

Those who oppose the foreclosure, i think you guys are indirectly helping this punjabi guy. He has good job, good salary and he is capable of paying his monthly mortgage and he and his family are sleeping without any issue right now. If he is not going into foreclosure then how do you think this guy will suffer for the next 7 to 14 years?

Let his choose what he wants.

Punjabi guy, you are a greedy person and you have crook'ed mind. You know you are capable of paying off your monthly mortgage and still you want to foreclose your house? Don't you have ethics, moral values? Don't you think you are trying to cheat the system?

I know foreclosure is not bad and its not against law. But who should seek foreclosure? Is it not for people who are really really in deep trouble?

Even i own a house and i don't live there because of my job situation. I have rented out my house. I live 700 miles away from my own house. My house value has dropped and i owe more than the house value. But i have job and i am capable of making my payments. Do you think i am eligible to go for foreclosure? Not really.

Note: I know a friend who lost his job back in 2001 and couldn't pay his car loan(he could've paid). It was about $5000 and it ultimately screwed up his credit history. He got into a good paying job after a year and he wanted to buy a house back in 2002-2003 period. He was not able to get any loan including credit cards. His friend had to co-sign for him to get into an apartment. He is still repenting his decision of not paying off that loan. Recently he got a car loan at the rate of 12%.


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Dhundhun10-05 08:35 PMShe was at initial review stage till Oct 2nd and not preadjudicated and separated from primary case and bingo on 5th she jumped to CPO...

Good to know that "Initial Review" can jump to CPO.

I was looking for this answer, since USCIS website changed.

Congrats and Thanks

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chanduv2309-17 01:19 PMNot many approvals in the last couple of days :(

I guess very few pending.

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leoindiano08-07 06:15 AMSunnySurya, Flood,

I see that you guys didnt join IV until 2008. So, you know very less about this org. The people who only can think for their own wont come to join you at any stage, it was proven many times. They will just keep writing messages here and use valuable information on the forum.

I am EB2/Masters/PD Nov 2004. I do not not support your idea. I loose patience at times, but not to the extent of effecting other peoples chances. I know quite a few of my freinds who had masters, their corporate employers applied in EB3, none of them are trying to do conversion. But, i feel their pain.

jonty_1106-29 05:48 PMCIR failing and all makes perfect sense now........
They will defintely Monday Morning....they dont want any applications coming 2 cents

saint_201006-29 06:42 PMFrom


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