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pd05200904-15 12:41 PMCountdown: 16 More days to go (Incl. today)
Required Yes Votes : 5000

Read from the below link for more details
http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/2243885-post2.html (Support Thread for "I485 filing w/o Curr. PD" initiative)

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tonyHK1209-29 06:10 PMWe have had phone and email campaigns in the past. Phone campaigns work the best when a specific bill is being debated and there is the target 2-3 days campaign. The rest of the time, person-to person presentation is the best.

Yes, I'm in for person to person too. Will check the NY chapter.
The next step is to motivate others. Maybe persons would be more interested if we go out in small groups. Combine it with some other activity. Sometimes travel for chapter meetings can get tough for some, with families, could combine with skype.

There was also a hidden joke about outsourcing phone calls ;)

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StarSun03-24 02:05 PMThank you for registering with Immigration Voice for the advocacy efforts in Washington DC. Your participation in such efforts will help tremendously in bringing about the positive changes we seek.

Many of you may have questions regarding the advocacy event. To answer your questions, we are holding a conference call this weekend. An email was sent out to confirmed members today with the subject line: IMPORTANT: IV Advocacy Conf Call Info. Please check your email for the conference call details and other important information.

The conference call in number and details cannot be made public.
Thank you.

Maps for reference:
1. Buildings 1, 2, 3 and 8, 9, 10 are the ones we will be visiting. (http://www.aoc.gov/cc/images/Visiting_Capitol_Map_legend.jpg)
2. Situation Room and Legislative office buildings. (http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Washington+Court+Hotel,+Washington,+DC&daddr=Longworth+House+Office+Building,+Independenc e+Avenue+Southwest,+Washington+D.C.,+DC&geocode=FaODUQIdY-Ro-yG7bOSMrwDdqQ%3BFQFgUQIdRvFo-ymb9gYkKri3iTHBQQ_MBb8dGw&hl=en&mra=ls&sll=38.890381,-77.008903&sspn=0.010121,0.025105&ie=UTF8&ll=38.892102,-77.008753&spn=0.010121,0.025105&z=16)

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roseball08-17 07:00 PMApplied on May 28, 2010 Electronically
Approved on July 07, 2010.

Now I am working with attorney to file my I-140
I have 3 Years BS Degree in Electronics From Andhra University + 1 Year BS Degree in Computer Specialization from Andhra University.

Still I am kind of tense about my degree is considered as US equivalent degree. It accepted in H1-B, and EB-3 GC process. I am cross my figures until I get the decision from IO. I will give more updates later.


Frankly, the chances of getting an EB-2 I-140 approved with your educational background are very bleak to say the least. However, there are always exceptions and I hope you get lucky. Good luck, atleast your employer tried.


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roseball04-19 10:22 AMDid your employer apply as new H1 to be counted in 2008 H1 quota or was it applied asking for the remainder of 6 yr period from the previous H1. If its a new H1, seems like USCIS is still sending receipt notices for the applicants selected in the lottery...If it was for the remainder of the first H1 period, then you will definitely here from them soon...

If it was applied as a change of status application from H4 to H1 and if she has a valid I-94 valid atleast till October 1st, and if all the documentation was properly done, then it shouldn't be an issue for USCIS to approve her COS H1 petition with I-94 attached and she can start working without requiring to get the visa stamp..If she gets an apporval without an attached I-94, then she has to go to her home country and get the Visa stamped before starting to work....

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pagalForGC07-14 03:44 PMI do not think anyone is accusing IV of taking sides. I do not think they ever campaigned for EB2 and not EB3, The point is completely missed. But the movement happening is for EB2 only and not EB3, so it is only human for EB3 folks to see and feel depressed that nothing is happending for them.
Not few days ago, the administrators have themselves mentioned that there is no hope for EB3 unless a CIR is brought in congress and the only other thing for folks to do sooner is to Port, and which we all know only a few can do, not everyone...

In the light of all this...are we not missing an action plan????
I have contacted my lawmakers, sent letters to them...and its not even a long time since I joined this forum...the point is how do we make new people motivated?

I have failed to see where IV has been showing discrimination or bias towards Eb2 versus Eb3?

Not taking up a specific Eb-3 cause does not tantamount of neglecting Eb-3. Has IV done something in past 'proactively' for only a certain category of Eb? If not, then how can we accuse IV of ditching Eb3, at the same time?


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swadeshi04-12 03:26 AM:confused:

I just saw this thread and mailed Nolaindian and also the teamIV requesting the membership form. I will take part in DC 10 miler.

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sundarpn03-22 11:21 PMIf I can ask a few dumb questions:) (I might have overlooked this but these details, but this thread is huge now). When is the hearing? Who is conducting is? Is IV core involved?

How can other members here help apart from posting to this thread and $ contributions?



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sachin7606-01 02:18 PMGuys,

I applied my EAD Renewal on April 5th. I have receipt with me but my EAD is not approved. Right now I don't have any other option other then EAD. I am little bit worried. Please let me if anyone on the same board. as well pls let me know and what are my options. EAD is going expire on end of July.


I applied on 4/19. No response yet. Mine is expiring in end of July.

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Rohan9905-16 10:59 PMThank you very much IV. I received my GC on weekend. This is a great forum for people to interact. I hope everyone gets GC ASAP.

Wish you all good luck.


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newuser05-16 10:54 AMTell me them that even though you are not from the same constituent, the Congressmen will be voting on these bills once tabled in the Congress and you are requesting to support the bill

I called congressman Hinjosa's office.

The staffer asked me where I am calling from. Then said you are not a constituent of the congressman and was not willing to transfer to the person who handles immigration issues. I insisted on leaving a message and he took the message, but was surprised, did anybody else encounter this? How do we handle this if it happens with other congressmen?

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jaocanada05-17 09:22 AMI did not take infopass appointment. I called the Customer Service on May 6th and opened a service request and today I got a request for evidence from USCIS. I am able to see this online but did not receive any letter. I think we should receive the letter by the end of the week...very frustrating...

Don't worry too much.. It could be as simple as having to re-submit a particular form once again because the tick marks were not legible! This has happened.


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Saralayar04-10 01:33 PMThis is a thread that has no relevance to IV or the community that is suffering from retrogression, especially if you are a EB candidate from India & China. We need some energy devoted to the following:

1. Multi year EAD/AP
2. Recapture wasted visa numbers
3. Eliminate counting dependents on the Adjustment application from numerical limitations
4. Do away with country limits
If we can hit the target with even ONE of the demands above we have a won a battle with the larger war on looming in on us and that is successfully surviving the GC tumultuous journey.

Every discussion on the forum should concentrate on solving one of the issues above and the concept of citizenship after 5/10/15 is total nonsense.
There is no harm in adding this also as the fifth item along with the existing 4 items. :D

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bitzbytz03-25 06:45 AMI like the food from a particular restaurant.
- I go there often, enjoy the food, and recommend it to my friends.

I don't like the food from a particular restaurant.
- I don't go there at all, even when I am hungry and I will tell my bad food experience to my friends - either convince them not to go there or let them decide on their choice.

Reasonable? Logical? Practical?

I like what IV has done, what IV is doing currently.
- I will visit the site often, get the information I want/need and recommend it to my friends

I don't like what IV has done, or what it is doing currently.
- I will not visit the site, as it is a waste of time and I will tell my bad experience to my friends - either convince them to leave IV or let them decide on their choice.

Reasonable? Logical? Practical?

Now, I don't like a particular restaurant, they serve bad food, bad customer service, waste of money, time - BUT I still go to the restaurant, eat the bad food, complain of the customer service, spend money knowing very well I am not getting its worth, and then stand up in the middle of this same restaurant floor and tell people this restaurant is not good (while eating) and tell my friends not to go to this restaurant (while I continue to go).

Reasonable? Logical? Practical? Or Unreasonable? Illogical? Impractical? - I would say second choice.

What do you as a reasonable, logical and practical person think?

believers or non believers.

If for a social and noble cause, I can *donate*. If asked for what IV did, I cannot *participate*. if explained what we can change and with transparency and patience while eating a humble pie, i can *participate* *contribute* *put IV on a map* *market* Well thats just my view.

Nice analogy but note that IV for me is like samplers. If I like what is being offered, I would donate. If I want some thing to be given as sampler, I will buy, contribute and market it. I cannot donate for samplers which were given before I knew abt it, even though some good people got benefited.


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gjoe08-22 03:23 PMWish the people in power also like this and also make this a law.

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amitjoey07-11 05:13 PMHow much clout does this congresswoman have? She seems to understand the entire scenario better than any american soul out there! It also seems like she has spent a lot of time on this and understands the system very well.

I guess it remains to be seen what kind of impact her letter will have on USCIS. Obviously, USCIS did something unlawful.

She understands it better because look at her biography:

Professional Career

Served as Staff Assistant to her predecessor, Congressman Don Edwards, 1970-1978;
Worked on impeachment proceedings, the Equal Rights Amendment, and creation of the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge in the South San Francisco Bay
Practiced immigration law as a partner in the firm of Webber & Lofgren, 1978-1980
Taught immigration law at University of Santa Clara School of Law, 1977-1980
Served on Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, 1981-1994
U.S. Congress

Elected in 1994 as only freshman Democrat from west of the Rocky Mountains
Serves on Committee on the Judiciary:
Chair of Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security and International Law
Subcommittee on Administrative Law
Serves on Committee on Homeland Security: Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, and Science and Technology
Subcommittee on Border, Maritime and Global Counterterrorism
Serves on Committee on House Administration
Chair of Subcommittee on Elections
Serves as Chair of the 34 Member California Democratic Congressional Delegation


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asdcrajnet05-15 12:02 PMHello friends,
My birth certificate has the following information
date of birth, Mothers name, fathers name, place of birth. It does not have my name and i am from India. Is it ok.. or should i get one with name.

My PD is not current but i am getting ready with all the documents, just in case it gets current.

I am in the same situation. My attorney advised me to have one with my name if possible. I scanned mine and my wife's Birth certificate and sent it to my Dad in India. He said that he will get the original in 2 days. Looks like it is a straight forward process. You could just send it with a copy of ur passport.

P.S: They would need the copies to be notarized before taking it to corporation or municipality

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willwin10-12 12:49 PMPerhaps can you start studying bulletins from January 1999 once again please? And I would request you to gather up "major events", "Major law/system related changes" from year 2001 to 2006. Perhaps, yes then you and I will be on the same board.

I agree with BharatPremi, by and large.

Let me put it in a different way. Let us assume that DOS will end up using 90% of the VISA numbers during FY2008 (which means they will waste 10% which is an acceptable estimate). And to use these 90% numbers, they have to move the dates forward. As simple as that.

And all 2005 PD cases and most 2004 cases and few (or most) 2003 cases filed 485 between Jun-Aug 2007 which means those applications are not ready for approval yet and hence will not be a cause for retrogression.

Dates will and has to move forward this year. It may retrogress again once these 485 applications are processed and become ready for approval (consuming VISA numbers).

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2008FebEb204-08 05:58 PMAlso, lot of EB1 guys working through consulting companies - negotiate there Green Card to be filed as EB1 before joining them.
And Consulting companies can show anything they want..any hierarchy/structure etc.
On the other hand, actual PHD does have lot of knowledge , publishing paper is daunting task which needs lot of research and originality.

A lot of Desi Consulting Companies do these kinds of things. They can cook up any resume and any requirement.

Real PHD guys who worked their asses off day and night in trying to publish some worth while papers are not getting consideration for EB1 and these DCC guys with a bachelors in any discipline and 5-7yrs experience can become Multi-national executives and fall under EB1.

Nothing helps us legally working people with US Masters Degrees who have been living as law abiding citizens for years.

One of my friends who did Bachelors with me in India came to US on h1B and actually bought his EB2 Labor back in 2005 through a DCC and now has a GC. He never even told me that he did that. He told me recently after he got his GC.

senthilvs10-06 09:16 PMI sent it on Thursday Sep 11th before hurrican IKE to CGI Houston. Money order was cashed on Sep 23rd. Sent $60 including the express mail for returning the new passport. I haven't received yet. Calling them doesn't help a lot. Does anybody think going in person will help? Do I need to get an appointment to enquire about the passport application? Thanks in advance for your help.

silversurfer696905-16 02:47 PMIts now posted on Greg Siskind's Blog.
Thank you Atty Siskind for your support!


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