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chanduv2302-13 10:11 AMChanduv,

I know in the past many times it was debated -- why people do not support? Let me put forth what I feel.

Effort put by IV is very commendable. But the beneficiary of IV work (mostly) do not give importance to Green Card. That is what I think based on talking to multiple people and that is what we see from the % participation of people for various fruitful effort put forth by IV. Most of them say they do not care if they get GC or not. In their heart of heart they may but not too much.

Other reason I can think of is -- There could be doubt in minds of many people of IV strength. The day IV gets some success, people will rally behind IV for a while. And that is the scenario outside world too. See the stock price. If the company is doing good, stock price goes up. The day one bad news comes, stocks falls down. Take the presidential election. You can very well make out that contribution by company or people is proportional to candidate wins. If you are loosing, contribution will dry out very fast. I am not saying that candidate will not have supporter but that would be less in number. Take N.T. Rama Rao case. The day Naidu ditched him and others followed him, no officials gave importance to NTR.

Believe me, in my office or outside, I have talked to every Indian. And not one comes back n discusses with me about IV.

I strongly feel IV is doing a commendable job with some dedicated contributors.

Well - Thats what I have noticed, but people go nowhere nor do they do anything for themselves. More than interest, I think people do not want to get into these things, no one wants to take unwanted risks - as thats how people percieve it. A lot of people feel IVs protocols are tough - I don't think askig people to send letters is tough.

Talking about organization's successes - IV is not a software company attracting people to buy shares or seek advantage - for the nth time - this is not a software or IT project or a wall street financial. WSe must come out of that mind sets.

AMAN KAPOOR, JAY PRADHAN, HIMANSHU and everyone who are on the forefront are JUST ORDINARY COMMON PEOPLE LIKE EVERYONE HERE. the idea behind IV is to provide a support network. If people want to see success - they HAVE to be a part of it. The efforts of such organizations is not to make profits and then sell shares and perform well and then make people join it, it is to provide with a platform where people can help themselves.

We are having issues - green card delays - lets think of it as an ailment that needs to be cured. Now lets do something about it. Lets go to a doctor - a doctor does not guarantee that they will cure u but gives you advice, treats you and gives you medicine and asks you to follow certain protocols. That is exactly what IV is.

Our primary issue is in our thought process. We want to do everything, we want everything in the world BUT we do not want to stand up and rise in unity. We want to blame IV leaders saying they are rude and pushy. We come up with discussion threads saying we must do this we must do that and finally we see these discussions just getting buried.

Good examples of how communities thrive anywhere in the world are the Jewish community and the Patel community. The only reason they have succeeded is because they believe in themselves and their cause - they are all over the world and are united, they have managed to make their lives easier by uniting for their causes.

Look at us - if green card is delayed - we say - I dont care about it, India is rising - but are we going there? No way - no one who says "India is rising" will go - in fat they will be the first to apply for any immigration benefit.

Why are we individually so highly skilled and intelligent and capable but collectively so naive? Why do we always want others to do it for us? is it because if there is any opposition the active ones will be affected and we can escape? is it cowardice that stops us from being united?

What is success? How can we achieve success? Why are we finding excuses for not doing our part? Why do we always want to praise others but not do something?

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chanduv2308-17 01:17 PMI cannot believe there are 9 pages (and counting) worth of sentiments, because some lame talentless guy was subject to security checks at an International Airport. I'm someone who was born India, but never lived there - however I'd think there are incredibly talented Indians here in America and worldwide compared to someone who's used to blatant exploitation / sell out of Indian culture. The guy is a disgrace. And some of you, please stop rolling over to play the 'victim' in any given post.

You do not need to 'stand-up' for Shahruk Khan. Stand up for yourself, for every - everyday Indian Joe & Jane who've travelled from their hometowns to make a living and for a future. Stand up for the hero in you - not clownish make believe bollywood heroes.

Why do you think he is talentless? Just because he is not an ivy league or not a doctor? He is extremely talented. Belive me - getting into bollywood and becoming so big without any support is not easy. Most people in Bollywood are either offsprings of stars and they have strong support. SRK grew popular all over the world, not through any support but by himself. So he is definitely a star.
Do not disqualify such people. they have amazing capabilities, people listen to what they say. Look at all the good roles he has done in movies like Swades - though the credit goes to the director he is a "face" which people accept.
If we were a smart thinking group, we will utilize such publicity to better our cause. Instead we kept bashing everything around is claiming we "deserve" good things but we do not get it so we live with it and whats so special about him.

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she8102-15 08:11 PMTo all proponents of country quotas:

Well, if there is a cap for GCs then there should also be a cap on the number of H-1Bs that can be taken up by a country. There should be a cap on the number of allowable F-1 visas to a country. There should be a cap on number of employees of a particular nationality in an organization. There should be a separate line for different nationalities in supermarkets. Fair? Happy?

Btw, why is there no cap on H-1Bs or F-1s and only for GCs?

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Dyana02-15 02:33 PMLasantha,
We were ready to file last year in oct but our PD was not current yet. So we've been through medical exams already; We just waited and prayed for a current PD to file I 485.Thanks.

Hope U're right and our PD will stay current for months.Thanks for encouragement.
Yes, I'm not the primarily applicant and I badly need my EAD.


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gc_check07-04 12:21 PMWhat is $170 and $180? I got this number from my attorney.

However, we are getting conflicting #s on application fee!

Please resolve these #s. Lawyer fees vary. So we can give least and max #s.

$170 - Fees for I-131 / Application for Advance Parole / Travel Document.
$180 - Fees for I-765 / Application for Employment Authorization.
$ 325 - Fees for I-485 / Application for Adjustment of Status to register as Permanent Resident. ($225 for applicaiton below 14 and over 80 (Should check on this))
$70 - Biometric Recording Fees. (Finger Printing, etc)

Usually for majority of the folks, Employer covers these fees, But for spouse and dependent children, these fees have to be taken care by individual/applicant themselves. Atleast my agreement is like that.

NOTE : These fees are already revised / increased effective July 30, 2007. Will find the details and will post.

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GCOP09-23 01:07 PMnixstor,
I sent PM to you. Can you please consider and include that in the proposal. Thanks,


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dealsnet09-03 10:47 AMIV have some threads about unrelated issues. But many replied because it is related to home country.

But yesterday many people put funny posts regarding a second time elected CM, made me a bad feeling. Some one want to see his son also want to be killed. It means he want to see YSR family perished. No one put a comment like this when terrorist Kasab went rampage in Mumbai, no one want his family to be killed. This shows Kasab is better than DR. YSR Reddy ???. Educated people must behave responsibly.


If he is bad, no one vote for a second term. First time in AP, Congress CM completed 5 year term and elected for the second term. I don't know him. But reading from the online news, the comments which I have seen is very disturbing. Five people lost their lives. All family members are in a shock. One of the pilots wife is still not talking, becuse of the shock.

BJP President said as a mark of respect for the late leader, BJP’s flag would fly at half mast at the party headquarters. Party leaders said this is perhaps for the first time that party’s flag will fly at half mast following the demise of a leader of the opposition party
Many states declare public holiday for his respect. These are ruled by other parties (Karnataka, TN etc..)

SEE openion of TOI readers.

India - NEWS - The Times of India (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/opinions/4967438.cms#top0)

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Rb_newsletter01-13 06:16 PMGC is for future employment....this memo is only for H1B. Otherwise you can sue them.

haha I wonder if they understand that rule. If they did, then why are they asking for pay stubs for past 2 years?


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Jerrome09-17 09:53 AMHi this is the following # of approved PERM for India by month-wise.
Month EB (INDIA) # Approved
Jan,05 0
Feb,05 0
Mar,05 1
Apr,05 24
May,05 133
June,05 535
July,05 794
Aug,05 1313
Sep,05 1316
Oct,05 1212
Nov,05 1541
Dec,05 1771
Jan,06 1788
Feb,06 1729
Mar,06 2224
Apr,06 1635
May,06 1876
June,06 1902
July,06 1574
Aug,06 1317
Sep,06 963

Received_Date is the priority Date
- You could see there are cases approved in Year 2006 which are submitted in 2005. So you have to consider them.

As someone else already mentioned you can not calculate the #s from October 2006 onwards as there is no Received_date column in the msaccess datatabase file.

But in 2007 Access database file the approved date is last quarter of 2006 files there, so you have to assume the # of approvals based on that.

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angelfire7606-02 05:59 PMThis is what I am trying to tell you.
Nobody will do it. Because we all are scared of risking our name added in the lawsuit against USCIS. We will all talk about filing lawsuit but cannot really do it.

How those Indian guys over in the UK filed their lawsuit against UK immigration changing it's rules without notice? I think they filed a public litigation against the government.


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vdlrao07-21 08:14 PMI am amazed by your calculations and how much effort you put into this. What is the conclusion come october. EB2 I will move fwd or will be current or will be retrogressed?

In 2007 the total EB1+EB2 VISAS are 70859

IN THE WORST CASE the total (EB1+ EB2) Visas for 2008 are 111,016
which are 40,000 more when you compared to 2007

IN THE BEST CASE, (ASSUMING USCIS USES ALL 28,795 unused VISAS of AC21 FOR 2008 ) the total (EB1+ EB2) Visas for 2008 are 133,212
which are 62,000 more when you compared to 2007.

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skp7111-11 09:54 AMI have been waiting for 4.5 years, renewed 4 times EAD/AP, spent more than 8K(wife dosen't work and having 2 kids). If there is no sub labor system, I would have got long back.

One of my friends informed me about immigrationvoice.com few months back, I am EB3 with PD Jan 2003 and currently waiting to file I-485 for last one year. It is frustrating to hear how some of the companies are bypassing and jumping ahead on the line. I thought I get some opinion; I am curious why this isn't being bunged. Although using a pre-approved labor is a legal thing, how much of sagacity does it really have? Within my little 10-12 friend circle I have had atleast FOUR people who got their GC within 8 months through this same company - KFORCE, Rapidigm Inc., utilizing pre-approved labor. It seems this company lures people with a condition that they will process their GC within couple of months, isn't this using the legal system at their business advantage.

What can we do to stop this, it is frustrating to me as I am waiting for close to four years with my GC process and been in the US for 7 years. At the same time, I see people who have been in the US for 2 years has their GC. To me this legal system does not make any sense and is a clear proof of injustice. I am thinking of talking to a legal attorney to see if this makes a justifiable case and if possible file a lawsuit for scrutiny against this company or any company that uses this facility for their benefit. May be I am overreacting and this is the reason I am posting it here to get an opinion, what do you guys think ?


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digmetalq09-04 03:00 AM"Jayapaul Reddy Vadicherla" This is to warn you on any personal disturbing mesgs

Guys why are we fighting over something that is not helping us, no Indian politician has helped us in our journey to GC, nor have they taken interest in our welfare. We are on our own in this mess, so let us unite as one, no north south east or west we are one HINDUSTANI.

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newtoearth05-02 04:34 PM...


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msp197602-18 10:12 PMI understand that there is concern about people from visitor visa category (Tourist B1 B2)would be filing for green cards and that shall cause the retrogression to be perpetual...a few adjustments to the applicable statute can rectify that...

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BharatPremi12-14 05:38 PM[QUOTE=at0474;206395

--What if 10% a year from one country continues for few years...

What if only few countries ONLY can supply the required skilled labor sufficiently and no other countries can?


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ramus07-04 07:55 AMMecaca,

Do you need any help? We asked others to give their input and they are doing it here. Let us know how else we can help you.


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poorslumdog09-04 12:42 PMMy condolence to them. But I beg to differ that people dying unnecessarily is not a good sign of development.

Let their soul rest in peace.

Edited: Ooops, I think misread your post.

I really appreciate your support senthil. Guys please come forward and dont be shy about nay sayers...

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dilipcr06-12 03:24 AMdilipcr ....... I am perplexed by your responses. To be honest you are flip flopping in your statements. Now if you lose job, please do not come to India seeking a job as PIO. or dual citizen. Should India be also closing doors on her children who showed her backside?


I am fairly confident, touch wood, that I would not be dependent on India for a handout. I have paid my debts to the Indian society by investing in India. I did not graduate out of an IIT but I did graduate out of the 2nd best engineering college (atleast then) in Rajasthan, India. I am sure you guys would have guessed it by now. Just for the record, I had to pay full expensive tuition and my education was not subsidized. By my responsible style of life, I believe that I have become a self made man and so would hopefully be of material help but not a public burden to India. be rest assured !!!

breddy200009-03 11:07 PMbreddy2000,

Stick to the point, on YSR. Or open a thread on your favorite topics.

AP has seen an unprecedented political killings, govt and personal land grabbing, corruption, and opportunistic politics just for one man thirst YSR.

It�s better to have none than these factionist gonads. As for my id, yes just for this and more and it should not matter you. If you have point, talk about it, otherwise just shut up and don�t preach like YSR�s family member that �Someone or something is better than none�

I cannot agrue with you based on how you personally attack someone who has a different point of view.
If you do not know how to debate objectively, no one can help
Your reputation from just 6 posts says it all and I'll end this here... Good luck with your Politics.

nogc_noproblem07-17 01:02 PMFriend, as advised (?) by you, I read your other posts in this thread, I could not find the source but I found what you are saying to others.

“This whole thread is speculation

Try to think logically

You should read the INA law clearly.

But if this speculation makes you happy, enjoy!”

You can be very smart of yourself, but don’t think others are idiots and fools. It is up to you agree or disagree with others opinion, but don’t show your "others don't know anything" attitude (“try to think logically”, “read INA law clearly”, “everybody is speculating”) here.

Read my earlier posts for source. Ofcourse it is speculation if you are thinking EB2 will be current in one year :) I would be more than happy if USCIS did that, but try to think logically than expecting miracles to happen. As you said, its a wait-n-watch for results.


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