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TeddyKoochu04-01 12:22 PMI am not sure if u were born as an idiot or became an idiot after being turning a so called "donor".
To be frank I stopped contributing as and when IV started having donor forums.

There are thousands of websites and forums througout the internet to get info and what VKBris posted may not even come close to what Q and Teddy and so many others used to share as a group.

Now coming on to freebies,What benefit does IV provide to past contributors.I have contributed in the past, have been active at the initial stages,have spent my own money and booked airtickets to meet senators.Been a leader in a state chapter.But later realised that it was not worth for this forum which has partitions among so called donors.

Why the heck does any one want to see in a home page about posts on a donor forum.Just hide it and keep it among yourself and discuss .

Now red may follow,and a possible ban.

Thanks for your kind words, its people like you who motivate me to analyze the data and create interpretations for all of us. Believe me its all very simple but has been only possible with news, inputs, suggestions and critique from all its really teamwork. Only together we have been able to come to understand how best we can predict what the future holds for us. Nobody claims or guarantees for accuracy however we do try our best to give out the most up to date forecast. Many folks like and appreciate this and it brings traction and new members to IV. Nobody is discounting that advocacy is not important it really is important. However the characterization of freeloader by some is extremely unfortunate I would attribute it simply to their lack of understanding. VBKRIS it�s absolutely yours and IV prerogative to keep information in the Donor forum to respect hose who contribute financially, however in the internet age information travels very fast.

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gchope0706-21 09:18 PMIn filing for I-485 no one has mentioned copy of I-140 or copy of Labor cert.

My question is how does USCIS tally an AOS application to an already approved I-140 or labor certifcation and find out the PD for the application?

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punjabi04-01 05:18 PMIt is not confirmed yet whether they would consider all of the 12k towards the decision for the May Bulletin or not.

They might want to disperse the 12k numbers in the subsequent months, if they try to be a little conservative.

This is a very simple calculation. Following are the numbers before Oct -2006. These total to ~ 12K.

EB2-C - 3521
EB2-I - 9345

The dates will move further if more than 12K numbers are infused into the system. I would say that the dates should be in Oct - Nov 2006 range with these 12K numbers, having Nov as buffer as they may issue RFE's to folks.

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Saralayar03-16 09:01 PMLet all the members who are here in USA for more than 9 years without a green card unite and make this as an ACTION ITEM for IV Core to consider this. Others who like this idea are most welcome to support this.


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ski_dude1209-28 11:29 AMI have taken an infopass tomorrow to get the I-551 stamp on my passport. Once that is done I will be mailing out the form I-90 for replacement.

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ourgcapproved08-13 12:45 PMThanks Appas.. I sent an email to ombudsman on tueday and got a response on wednesday with the message. I also attached DS701 form, copy of I140 approved notice, I485 receipt notice.

Dear Sir/Madam:

We have received your case problem. We will initiate a formal inquiry with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

Office of the CIS Ombudsman
Department of Homeland Security

did they contact you after this email? or any LUD on your case?


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jasmin4507-13 07:28 AMhttp://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/30/business/30leonside.html?ex=1184472000&en=14637ac2d940b09c&ei=5070

Near the start of his Nov. 4, 2003, program on CNN, Lou Dobbs said, �One-third of the inmates now serving time in federal prisons come from some other country � one-third.� Later, he offered more details: �Coming up, we�re going to take a further look at the impact of illegal aliens. And it is an expensive proposition, particularly in our nation�s prisons. Illegal aliens, those citizens � noncitizens taking up a third of the cells in our federal penitentiaries.�

He also said that illegal immigrants were �an increasing part of America�s prison population.�

Here are the facts, according to the Department of Justice:

In 2000, 27 percent of the inmates in federal prisons were noncitizens. Some of these noncitizens were illegal immigrants, and some were in this country legally. In 2001, this percentage dropped to 24 percent, and it continued dropping over the next four years, falling to 20 percent in 2005.

Bottom line: illegal immigrants make up significantly less than a third of the federal prison population, and the share has been falling in recent years.

�The share of state prison inmates who are noncitizens is much lower. (This is largely because immigration violations themselves are federal crimes.) In 2000, 4.6 percent of inmates in state prisons were noncitizens. This number remained quite steady over the next five years, right around 4.6 percent.

�Over all � combining federal and state prisons � 6.4 percent of the nation�s prisoners were noncitizens in 2005. This is down from 6.8 percent in 2000.

�By comparison, 6.9 percent of the total United States population were noncitizens in 2003, according to the Census Bureau.

Anne Morrison Piehl, an economist at Rutgers, says there are a number of reasons that immigrants have a lower crime rate than the native-born population. (To read a paper by Ms. Piehl and Kristin Butcher on immigrants and crime, click here.)

For one thing, the consequences of being arrested can be enormous for illegal immigrants, which is an obvious deterrent to crime. For another, immigrants, as a group, aren�t typical of the population. The fact that they have picked up and moved to another country suggests that they have more ambition, and perhaps even more skill, than the average person. This could help explain why the United States, a nation of immigrants, is such an economic powerhouse.

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chandooo10-01 11:02 AMcut to short the message is for myself---we are still waiting for the visa number and for mywife ---case is under review. hope to wait and see????


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sc308-20 11:02 PMI got 3 negs.. not that I care about the reputation system here... but it shows people are unwilling to confront me openly, and choose to hide even though this forum is already anonymous.

One neg says:

"old system - like we're going to let that happen. interfile if you can."

Why should I interfile? I am putting my energies into getting USCIS to follow the rules. It is the right thing to do, just because I am willing to wait for my turn, doesn't mean I will cede my position in the queue.

Also, I am trying to take recourse from the written laws, there is nothing that anyone can do (barring USCIS' own impediment to follow the law) to not "let that happen".

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pappu11-19 07:55 PMThis is the reply from Attorney Murthy on a question asked on Murthy chat about filing two employment based I-485's for the same beneficiary (not the husband/wife situation).

"Generally it is safer not to file 2 separate 485s since it can confuse USCIS since they may assign two separate Alien or A numbers to the same person. This could end up delaying the person's I-485 approval down the road or create a security delay in many cases with multiple I-485s generally we recommend one case to be filed as an AOS and the other for CP if possible."

After much research on this, I tend to agree with this answer above (not the CP part though). As per my latest information from a lawyer who does multiple filings, the processing delay can be significant due to this. Looking back, wish our community had more information on this and more real examples of people who have done it. It would have helped members who were unsure if they should do multiple filings.

Anyways this thread will be useful for future I485 filers.


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skrishna2308-12 06:53 PMFinally got the CPO emails/texts today morning for both me and my wife.

Came to USA in 1996 on H1. Masters (F1) from 1999-2000.
All GC applications in EB2. Nationality : India.
Applied in Mid 2001 : company (think $15B!!!) went kaput.
Applied in Mid 2003 : I quit in mid-2005 - while labor pending.
Applied Nov 22, 2005 : Approved Aug 11, 2010.

Labor applied via PERM - approved in about 4 months.
I-140 applied soon after - approved in about 4 months.
I-485 applied during the July-August 2007.
Receipt Date: Aug 16, 2007
Notice Date: Oct 1, 2007

Quit in mid-2008 with 485/EAD, sent AC21.
Got RFE in Sep 2008 (missed the 2008 boat).
485 LUD stuck at 10/29/2008 forever until today.

Opened a SR on Aug 5th.
Took an infopass on Aug 6th - all I could get was, "your application is with an
Immigration Officer since Aug 2nd". Nothing else!
Don't know if either had an effect.
Didn't do anything beyond the above two.

I think anything that's helpful for anyone based on dates/apps/process/procedures are all listed above. Now for a bit of something in my mind. No particular theme but general rambling....if you so indulge..please continue. Else Have a good day and happy life. And thanks IV.

It has been a long journey for sure. A lot of my friends who came to
USA in 1996 are now citizens. I have NO regrets at all. I took my own
path. Sometimes I used to think that if I had done the GC process
in 1998/1999 instead of quitting my full time job to do full time masters,
I might've gotten GC sooner. OR what if I had stuck with the 2003 application,
sure, it would've taken longer to get even the Labor cleared but I would
have gotten GC in probably 2007 - and worst case 2008. And heck, I would
have made an additional $150K (since the company got acquired by "as big
as it gets" tech company). OR what if I had chosen a very safe choice out
of masters [believe it or not, I got 12 offers back in 2000 - but then heck,
every body else got 12 offers as well]. OH btw, the full time masters ended
up costing me about $45K in credit card loans. So yeah...no point in contemplating
all the "coulda woulda shoulda"s in life.

As Nike says: Just do it.

I strongly believe it was because of the masters that I got the first 2000/2001 company, I got into the next job - and because of it to the next one and because
of that to the current one - where I am extremely happy and think
will over time come out very well off too.

At all times, I never compromised on my job. Took the job which offered
me the most challenge and allowed me to learn as much as possible while
working the smartest folks around. That I think was a great benefit - all
along - since that component of life (work) never bothered me. And was never
afraid of taking (apparent) risks either. To me they were calculated risks.
The 2002 company I joined, it was a small startup - I was employee number 20-something and was the only H1-B until we had about 150+ employees.
When I quit it was 450+ folks and was about 750+ when it was acquired.
The company I joined in 2008 (via AC21), was and still is a startup. When
I joined we were 8 employees and still now, remain lean-and-mean but
kicking some serious ass. (if I say so myself..pardon me). :)

The biggest hiccup as I think of it now was that my wife was not able
to work from 2003-2007. But the EAD in mid-2007 finally solved that
problem. Oh, I never hesitated traveling either : travel to Africa (three
countries) one year, and to Europe (three countries) one year and
Asia (two countries other than India) in one year.
Also purchased a home in 2009 (it was very tempting during the
2004-2006 times...but waited out for good).

So yeah...H1-B/EAD/AP are all handicaps - only if you convince yourself so.

A couple of times I had contemplated Canadian PR or really
moving there or to somewhere in Europe (and even Aus PR).
But pursued nothing mostly because I was lazy.

But all along my wife fully supported in everything I (we) did.
Be it change of jobs, other big decisions..what not.
So thankful to god for that.

Just a bit to go back in the way back machine.
Long ago, labor was the bottle-neck. Then 485, then something else.
Things repeat - old is new, new is old...repeat.
There were times when there was no online checking, no sms, no email notifications.
Six year h1-cap was strongly enforced. no concurrent 140/485. No one year extension of h1. No 3 year extenstions of h1 after 140. No 2 year EADs. No AC21. No priority date porting. I can go on....but a lot of stuff happened...happens.

If there is one thing I learned wrt immigration, it is do things ASAP. Never postpone anything at all. As much as possible get first in the queue.

A general piece of advice: Never reject an option you don't have. [this is more to do with folks who say, "I am only in year 1 in h1..I don't know if I need gc..let me see after 2-3 years.." - guess what einstein, it is easy to give up your gc after you get it, then to get it when you desperately need it.]

Good luck and all the best to those who are waiting.
EB2-IC seems in pretty good shape as far as I can tell.
EB3-folks need some serious legislative help - please consider contributing a fraction of what you send for your immigration-lawyers and get something done. support IV.

And finally: Be Happy!


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smisachu09-25 11:55 AMThis link is not working. (Page not found). can someone repost.



FYI :Goto Page 5 for India

Some Greens Please !! :)


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B+ve10-08 07:11 AMHi Friends,
Myself and spouse got the GC last month (09/05/2009) and my kid's case was still pending. Today I received CPO mail for my kid.

My kid's RD is July 2, 2007 and ND is November 19, 2007. Actually my kid's 485 was rejected and then reapplied during July 2007 due to old fee and new fee confusion, though I have provided actual fee. That's the reason for my kid's ND was nearly 5 months apart from the RD.

Here is what I did:
Took couple of infopass and numerous calls to Customer Service. Nothing did work properly... Getting same old replies - like, need to wait for 3 months etc... And last time when I took infopass, I requested the IO to expedite the process as this is a small kid's case and more over parents 485 approved. So IO got convinced somehow and expedited the case. After two weeks, got the magic mail.

Best of luck who are still waiting...

- B+ve

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trueguy08-21 02:02 PMRead the visa bulletin for the past 3 months.

and thanks for the red dot. .. I am in indian .. so a red dot really goes on me :)

There is no mention of apology in past bulletin. Any other doc you are aware of?

I gave you a green. Hope it makes you happy


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brahmam09-24 11:12 PMHey Bharatpremi, taking your numbers and assuming horizontal spill over instead of vertical would make eb2 all over current. total spill over from eb1 = 53807, total eb2 quota = 40040, pending eb2 = 74932
assume eb1 demand = 5000, eb2 demand = 20000

we can easily see eb2 getting completely approved.

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chanduv2311-13 09:48 AMI had sent the four letters to different service centers. Got a reply letter back from TSC.
The letter says "Thanks you for your recent inquiry to the Texas Service Center (TSC) via letter for information regarding your case. ....." Seems like a standard letter template.
They returned my letter and even the envelope too. :)

I am assuming they have a clerk who has been instructed to do this.
Lets not worry about it, lets keep sending the letters


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bkn9611-17 11:50 AMI don't have H1 backup and already in 8th year. I am on self employment, But my lawyer suggested to apply H1extension (through my company) as a backup if MTR denied. If MTR are successful they I don't have to go on through H1 hassle again..

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MeraNaamJoker08-18 09:17 AMAll,

Received CPO mail today for self, wife but then after 30 mins the status changed to 'deceison' .
Does this mean I am greened?

EB2 - India PD DEC 22 2005. NSC
I-485 receipt date: Aug 21 2007.
Opened SR on 08/11/2010

Yes, you are. The decision status happens when your wlecome notice gets mailed out. You will get that either today and within next couple of days. Mine also got changed like that, but only after 6 days.

Interesting part is even after I got my GREEN CARD to my hand, it is still saying the status as DECISION.

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cougar12301-18 09:05 AMDate interviewed: 8th Jan 08
Date received E-mail: NA

amsgc09-23 09:27 PMDude - it clearly says the data was updated Aug 25, 2009
Look here (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=5e170e6bcb7e3210VgnVCM100000082ca60aRCR D&vgnextchannel=ae853ad15c673210VgnVCM100000082ca60a RCRD)

I have read on USCIS web site that it is a quarterly report, this strange report do not have a date on it saying when it was generated. If it is a quarterly report I dont understand why they ran it in the middle of a quarter? This report should be run at the end of the quarter. Not in 1600AD what USCIS considers to be 2009.

gc_chahiye06-25 12:12 PM............Expanding on my previous posts.
One more thing.
If you decide to apply multiple 485s with each other as dependents, then file just one first. Wait. Gets its A number and put that number in the other application. This way you will cover one pitfall of multiple filing. It will not cause confusion at USCIS end. Now This will not completely eliminate all risks in multiple filing. There have been cases in the past where when you inquire the status of one application, you will get the status of other. And if the PD of other is new, you can get stuck in a blackhole and will either have to wait for USCIS to sort it out or keep trying other ways to solve it. One of the reasons for delay (rightly put by Murthy) is -- when an application is adjudicated by a CIS officer, if the officer sees that there are other files open for the same individual, the officer will not adjudicate that application until that officer has all of the files in existence for that individual. This causes significant delays and confusion in adjudication.
Also do not apply EAD and AP on both. This is commonsense. But just mentioning it here in case..
I also researched the option of CP on one and regular 485 on other. While CP looks attractive, there are lot of risks. I have a big document on this. Overall I would not recommend this to anyone who wants to play safe.
Even multiple filing option should be pursued by critically evaluating your own situation. See how much you and your wife have secure jobs. How new are your PDS. What catagories do you belong to. Do not just apply because you have money to throw away. If throwing money gives you peace of mind, then by all means give it to the lawyers to file I485.

Again. There is nothing right or wrong. Multple filing is only good for very specific cases to have a safety net. This is what I have found till now.

thanks for the clear summary of things. One more clarification: (worst-case scenario) have you seen any case where the I-485 has been rejected because it was filed twice?


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