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Caliber07-14 09:43 AMFYI we never us the terms like EB2 or EB3 in our meetings with lawmakers.

Pappu, don't mean to argue with you. This could be one reason why DOS/USCIS spilling over all the Visa's to EB2. I do not know how to phrase it. USCIS took U-Turn on spill over after IV started pushing. I know your (IV) intention of benefiting the entire community. But every effort resulted in EB2 getting all the help. Otherwise how DOS/USCIS does not consider 2001 EB3 for spill overs? If it was law enacted as part of AC21 in 2000, why USCIS delayed implementing it till 2007?

EB3I's. We are around 60000 (60K). If you really want to make an impact, at least 1/4 of this 60K which is 15 K should pay just $100 (one hundred) to IV for lobbying which will will total $1.5 Million. But every one should pay. believe me, some thing can be done in Lame duck session with this kind of money. Otherwise, keep renewing EAD (340.00 per person) and AP (another 340.00) every year. Or pay just hundred dollars by all the 15000 EB3I's that are waiting.

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abracadabra10208-28 06:24 PMUnintentional, might be, but you did ruffle this topic of US Master's vs US Non-Master's with this rather sad comment (warm spit!). I dont want to go much further into this either but talking about something that you obviously dont know (useless subjects 'assembly language programming'), you havent added any valule addition here either. (Just FYI, even during peak recession, ppl with ALP skills were really very few because most of the direct recruits from '6 month NIIT courses' werent upto system level programming).

And btw, if think that a 6 month course in NIIT with a degree in tier 3 university is going to help get a job during times of recession, then i dont know what to tell you.

Yes, i do have an MS degree from the US and i did suffer lay-off during recession - bounce back, i did really quickly while i saw few ppl that only had '6 month courses from NIIT' suffer for long times without a job because all they had to offer was that...their six month experience at NIIT!!

Btw, i do appreciate all the work that you do and all your postings too, but i felt that i had to give a riposte to something that i find insinuating and written without a whole lot of thought....

Why do we always equate some educational qualification from some institute to capability? Remember Einstein, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Cornegie, Rockefeller.... list goes on.

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angelfire7604-08 06:42 PMI will try to explain the process it takes to get qualified for EB1C.

You will need to be outside USA for an year working as an Executive or manager. Come back to USA in that role. So the appropriate visa will be L1A. Most Indian companies require atleast 5-6 years of experience before they look at your resume for a manager. Most of the managers now a days get fired if their targets are not met in couple of quarters. So staying in that position for couple of years it self is a big deal. Now they need to prove the candiate valid for L1A position. Face a visa interview and come here and start working. Even if the same company is sponsering the L1A. Compaines usually wait for an year or two before they file I140. This application wll rot in CIS queue for long enough before they get a decision and GC.

This is the actual process.. If some company works in an apartment in India with one man show and tries to get an L1A, I am not sure if they will get through and get a VISA??? It is quite common that we have more EB1Cs becos, the number of Desi companies have grown. So if you think you are experienced and want to give a shot, try it. These kind of complaints in a longer run will bite us by delaying the applications and building backlogs..

I think it has become a standard process after any visa bulletin. We try to fight on EB2/EB3 or India vs. ROW or AP in India vs. rest of India. This time it happened to be EB1 vs. rest of EB..

The system is already screwed.. Lets not add more delays.. If we want to complain, lets complain about the root cause of the problem.. i.e. CIS wasted visas that caused these backlogs..
Just ask your self a question, if you were given GC tomorrow will you care who comes next or how one comes here??? Atleast I won't. There is a whole department paid to do this job..

Guys who come here on H1Bs and apply? Let us set aside the fraud inherent in L1 visa for another day. The visa recapture is there, but it is also a separate issue which takes a while to accomplish.

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scorpionk03-08 04:20 PMI know there are plenty of suggestions flying around and here is my 2 cent, it may or may not make too much sense, but here it is.
We can rant about the difficulties of not getting a GC, make emotional pleas of our struggles all day, but nothing talks better than money. In the current scenario nothing will grab more attention if you can show how we contribute to the US govt and the US economy in monetary terms. Nothing else will get the attention of these lawmakers like money can. ;-)
Can we put out some numbers for the lawmakers, in terms of our contribution to federal & state taxes, social security, property taxes and overall economy by way of our purchasing power home, cars, appliances, vacations, etc (all the amount that you spend in the US) and multiply these numbers by the number of folks waiting to get GC or who have the GCs. I am sure when you add all this up it will be a significant number, which is bound to catch some attention. Assuming the majority of us make more than the average American, all these figures will definitely standout.
Also propose a one time fee of $10,000 to apply for GC right away. I am willing to pay this fee if USCIS can grant me a GC or provide us a way to stay and work legally in this country with no tie in to the employer. This could be a significant amount of revenue, especially when all lawmakers are looking to reduce the deficit and raise some income. As it is they are regularly increasing the visa fees to pay for some bill to the other like the 9/11 workers healthcare bill, etc. If a 100,000 folks(not sure how many are there in total) like us cough up $10,000 that could equal 1 billion. May seem small amount compare to the US deficit, but when you add up our total contribution it is significant. This may be totally outlandish, but I think something on this line is worth talking about. Like I said, nothing talks better than money.
Not sure if there have been other similar ideas, but if we can compile a few pages of such information with numbers, graphs, comparative charts etc and hand them out to the lawmakers it may help.
Comments and feedback welcome. May be this is totally a dumb idea, but if the admins think it makes sense willing to discuss and prepare something. Also this post is not meant to begin a debate or to distract us from our goal but just some thoughts.
PS: Have contributed in the past and intend to participate (financially and in person) on the Advocacy day.


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buddyinsd08-03 12:49 AMThanx. But I'm sure USCIS dozn't work based on ur gut feeling.

Do not get too excited. If we are still in current in the Sep 2010 bulletin, then some reason for hope.

As of now, I only expect < 5% people to get approved this month.

If we are still current for Sep 2010 bulletin, then expect around 35 % to get through.

If we still stay current until the end of the year, expect ~ 80 % to get through.

How did I get the numbers ? My gut feeling.

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GCHope201101-10 05:03 PMRep.Darell Issa (NY) has introduced a bill to end the Diversity Lottery program and give the 55k visas to EB applicants with advanced US Degrees. This is a pretty exciting development (at least to me).

I think this is a great starting point that we should all jump on to clear EB backlogs.

Bill Summary & Status - 112th Congress (2011 - 2012) - H.R.43 - THOMAS (Library of Congress) (http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d112:h.r.00043:)
In the three days - Jan 5, 6 & 7, there were 75 bills referred to the House Judiciary Committee. This was one of the 75. Very likely, this is just posturing and nothing more.


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apnair200206-07 02:34 PMBush plays down differences over immigration
Wed Jun 7, 2006 11:32am ET

Border Politics
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Top News
Republicans dodge disaster with House win
Gay-marriage amendment fails in Senate
Iran must suspend enrichment throughout any talks: US
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Nebraska Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson told the Omaha World Herald newspaper that there has been talk that House and Senate negotiators will not even meet to work out their differences, which would doom passage of immigration legislation before the November mid-term elections.

Bush has stressed both sides must be willing to compromise. As an example, he said Congress should decide whether to reduce the number of "green cards" issued to permanent legal residents if there are too many immigrants.

Bush lost a debate last year to overhaul the Social Security benefits system, despite traveling the country holding campaign-like rallies. His efforts in the immigration debate are beginning to look like a similar national campaign with stops in Texas and New Mexico on Tuesday.

Trying to nudge immigrants into learning English and assimilating into U.S. culture, Bush dropped in on a U.S. history and civics class for immigrants at the Catholic Charities Juan Diego Center.

Getting into the spirit of the class, he asked students which presidents had sons follow them into the White House, then answered in Spanish.

He and his father, Bush said, and John Adams and his son, "Juan Q." Adams.

(Additional reporting by Matt Spetalnick)

< Previous 1 | 2 Next > � Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved.

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justAnotherFile08-04 02:38 PMIVians,

Received email this morning that my Green Card was approved - Self and Spouse.

Case Center : TSC.

Thanks everybody and IV and wish everyone good luck on their approval !!

What was your I-485 ND (notice date)? just trying to to discern any patters. You are the first July 2 filer at TSC that has been approved from what i have seen so far.


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javadeveloper01-23 10:51 AMWhy NON GC holders DONOT want to buy houses ?

Category 1: Undecided & Playing safe

These are people who want to play Safe. Fair enough!! But at the same time I want to say that they should not assume that they are no more intelligent or smarter than people who bought houses. They just want to be playing safe until they make sure that they have some kind of assurances / stability in their life. In this case Green Card. I agree with all the points these categories people make but they have to realize that most the people who bought houses have passed this Category & have come to a decision because they already lost valuable time in their part of life. It�s easy to play safe when you are in 20�s but my question is for how long & at what price? Does any know when & if they will get their actually green cards? There are some who has the time & energy who can play safe but not many people has that quality time in their life to keep playing safe. Most of them are here 8 years or more & still waiting & they are already in Mid 30�s. Yes these people will certainly wait if the govt says that you will get green in so & so year. If you look back if a family who immigrated in 2000 with a 5 year old kid almost killed their children�s career because we still haven�t come to conclusion where to settle. Satyam Employees who lost/loosing a job didn�t need a GC but so many are in the verge of loosing their homes. It�s the market conditions which is leading into these discussions. I have never heard people talking about this topic when the housing market was booming.
Just as people who bought houses respect your decision, you should also respect them on decisions they make because they chose to live a life which might be different than yours but most of them put their family first when they make these decisions & not for any material benefits.

One also has to understand that the people who bought the houses were in this category for a long time before they decided to buy a house.

Category 2: Money Money Money
These people do not want to buy houses not because they cannot afford or they want to play safe. They just don�t want to spend. All they care is Saving, Saving, saving their entire life & keep filling their bank balances. Often strangely both couples are working. These are people who want to live in cheapest rent (even with double income) in single bedroom & they don�t mind children sleeping in their bed room. They don�t mind sending their children to low grade schools. They don�t mind their in-Laws or parents when they visit sleeping in living room on the floor. Their intention to come into this country is only for earning money & because they don�t have high ambitions & all they care is saving & not spending, they just think of saving in all possible ways. They call themselves rich because of bank balances but in my view they are poor than most of homeless guys who live out streets.

Category 3: Unaffordable

They simply cannot afford due to multiple reasons like single Income, financial obligations etc.

Continuation..... Next Page...

Add another Category 4: People who want "Peace of Mind".

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waitingGC02-02 12:38 PMSo far, there is no provision of 485 filing without priority date becoming current. Has this failed too? Just two weeks before Feb. 15th. I guess the fate of this provision is determined now.

It seems that nothing can happen before Feb. 15th. Even the H1 increase has not happened yet. Democrats do not seem to be immigration-friendly as many expected before. No hope for CIR this year. No hope for SKIL this year. What a miserable situation!


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abhijitp03-10 12:44 PMWishing all the best to IV for this noble effort!

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zigma04-10 05:28 AMYour wife may file for H4 without a lawyer. It costs $250 and I did it once. No issues at all, very simple and straight forward form / procedure.

Although not necessary to file H4 transfer )as this is not linked to employer directly but rather the H1 holder), it may become important when you leave US for visit home.


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immi200605-15 09:47 AMI guess with the flood of application in - 485 stage could be stuck, do you think Cons Processing is a faster route ?

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cableching09-24 05:12 PMWhen I see EB3-China data in USCIS's work sheet I am getting shocked. How come EB3-China has a such a low pending number particularly comparing with Eb3-India?

That is the first point for me to generate doubts about the accuracy of the data.

Because! Most of the Chinese come to US to do MS and mostly apply in EB2. Not many come to US from China to work after Bachelors. Where as a lot of Indians come to work after bachelors and working in Indian companies for some time and so there is huge number of EB3 applications for India. Hope this makes sense???????


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vxg05-05 10:39 AMI received passports for me and wife last Friday. My application reached them on Mar 28th thus it took about a month. My original passports were issued from India.
BTW they respond to email very quick instead of phone calls. I emailed and they sent me the status of my app.
Just when I msged....I received my passport!! Thank God! YAY!

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jaihind01-19 12:05 PMDear All

I have personally taken up to campaign for funds with 35 people known to me who are waiting at 140 stage. This works better. Spoke to 5 and 2 have agreed to contribute $20 per month.

Even if every one of us contact 10 people - then we get 1000 people by 100 actuve memebrs and if 30% hit rate this can give another 300 contributors !!!

Active members please get going and report numbers here regularly - I am gonna do that !!!

Jai Hind !


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amitjoey12-21 11:26 AMHi IV members!

I know many of us have been toying with ideas to increase membership. I wanted to start a separate thread just to highlight the following idea - Every member bring one additional member to IV.

Specifically, these are the bullet points I suggest:

1. By December 31, each of you bring one member to IV.
If you really think about it, it is not a difficult task. Every one of us knows atleast one person stuck in GC process, that is talking conservatively. It takes less than 15 minutes to call one person and explain IVs efforts and request his/her support.

2. By January 15, each of us take responsibility to get the member we brought to IV to contribute to the cause. And I am not suggesting any particular amount.

3. Each of take responsibility in having them update their information on IV website, so that when the need arises, they can be contacted (for sending webfaxes etc. like last week).

Also, whenever you bring someone to IV, please post on this thread (it will encourage others). I feel this approach will work, if we keep this thread alive, and try to stick to the time deadline (deadlines might not have worked before, because they were too long term).

Also, please keep this thread on track, without any other discussions.

So IV'ers, lets add ONE member, and get ONE contribution!!!!

Thank you.
You can also use the tool
to invite your friends

If you have not helped bring atleast one member to this forum, stop. Make that call right now, help a friend register, explain and make them aware.
This is the homework before the holidays.

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yawl07-11 09:56 PM"It has also come to my attention that USCIS began returning visa numbers to the State Department as early as Thursday, July 5, 2007, due to their inability to review applications effectively."


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shantak08-17 08:44 AMthanks for the reply .

I have my infopass for Aug 19 on my 91st day .So lets see.
Meanwhile other than Infopass appt , have you done any other atempts to either expedite or contact senatorr/congressmen??
Hoepfully all of us waiting forour EAD renewals for so long see some light tooo.

No I did not do anything else. I have opened an expedite request but that was denied. I think they are finally processing the applications. If I were to guess you should be getting the CPO email this week. But do not stop your trials

boston_gc06-29 09:35 AMHere is what my attorney said.
"Completely false rumor. Legally impossible for retrogression to occur prior to Aug. 1. You'll be getting a Breaking News from us on it today or tomorrow."

Can you all please post what your lawyer's take is on this matter. My lawyer also said that there is no need to worry and saying that she went on vacation till next Wednesday.

I just can't get enought of these lawyers, and government agencies. Who says India is any worse? Have you heard of anything like that in India?

pappu01-19 09:00 AM-------


I contributed $50 earlier today, your post has inspired me to make an offer, like what Anurakt has made."I will contribute $500 to IV if we sign-up 20 members for recurring $50/m OR 200 members for $20/m, whichever is earlier."
Thanks gsc999.
Lets see if members take your challange. I am sure they will.


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