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chanduv2311-17 02:22 PMwell, EAD is denied when MTR is denied, makes sense. But if you see the information posted by 'desi485' in this other thread (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=302334&postcount=17), it may remain valid till validity. This is indeed confusing though. Please ask your lawyer and share with us everyone here.

There are a lot of interpretations. Popular Attorneys like Rajiv Khanna and Sheela Murthy claim it is not valid and always advise clients to have a h1b backup. Not sure why they are so keen on h1b. It could be because some adjudicators may send EAD revocations also along with 485 denials.

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kewlchap10-11 10:54 PM@ Neelu:

a. Contact your senator and your congressman/woman. I contacted both. Senator's office had a very nice system of faxing in your request, just for USCIS issues, so I did that, and got a letter in three days stating that Senator has contacted USCIS for me. Later, I got another letter which included USCIS response. If there is a number for your Senator's office, I suggest pick up the phone and get talking to them.

b. I will get started immediately instead of waiting. You do not know if your IO is working on other EB-2 India applications. He could be working on a chunk of EB-4 applications and not even picking up your application from the holding area, where it can lie for many days.

c. I feel that you should submit 7001 unless you believe you know where your application is. Meaning, if multiple IOs / infopass tell you the same info, then it is probably true and you can wait. If you get nebulous answers like "wait 60 days", then submit 7001. I dont think there is any reason / advantage of an attorney submitting it. I filled it out and FedEx'ed it overnight to Washington DC.

Someone else asked me for the POJ method for TSC. I just followed the POJ instructions listed on this forum.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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caliguy10-22 04:53 PM@ fatjoe

My PD is June '04. RD is July 2, 2007 and ND is August 21, 2007. Yes, I tried Ombudsman, sent them my case more than a month back.

Cali: Did you try Ombudsman too? No result?
Mine is at TSC. PD: July 04. RD: Aug 17, 2007. ND: Oct 15, 2007. What is your RD and ND?
I have a feeling that the IO might look at the applications received on Aug 17, 2007, only at last. Its because, when I went for infopass, the IO said that, "You have filed on the last date, so you will have to wait".
Anyhow, I have tried all that I could, and now I leave it to the Almighty.[/QUOTE]


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SunnySurya08-23 11:35 AMThe congress has suggested the following to you, please keep the following companies in mind:
Aviation Travel
615 Pavonia Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07306
Ben Bow Travel Inc.
25, Kinnelon Road, Kinnelon, NJ 7405
(800)-526-5366, (973)-838-1905
BMR Travel
311, Raritan Avenue, Highland Park, NJ 8904
(877)-267-8747, (732)-545-0411
Comfort Travel
Edison, NJ.
Gateway Travel
1 Gateway Ctr. Newark, NJ 07102
Gemini Travels
97, Main Street, Suite#201, Woodbridge, NJ 7095
High Fly Travel
1389 Oak Tree Rd. Iselin, NJ 08830
Mahan Travel
14 Path Plaza Jersey City, NJ 07306
Mahan Travel
Edison, NJ.
Metro Travel
1432 Oak Tree Road Iselin, NJ 08830
Personal Travel
215 Nassau St. Princeton, NJ 08542
Pooja Travel Service
43 Ocean Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07305
Rupa Travel Services, Inc.
1939 Lincoln Hwy (Rt 27S), Edison, NJ 08817
Sarko Travel
1340 Stelton Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854
Travel Concepts
68 Mommaugh Rd., Oakhurst, NJ 07755
Travel World
813 Newark Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07306
(201)-659-8844, (800)-278-2244
Universal Tours & Travel
1 Penn Ave, Metuchen, NJ 8840


Just send the loud message" UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING, WE ARE GOING BACK.".


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nkavjs09-26 02:36 PMThis is the same draft (I just changed the Dear.... senator./congressman/USCIS Assistant Inspector) for each and every email I sent out.
Congressmen& Senator needs faxed copies with Date and Sign on it.
Yes the same to the USCIS dept also. I got replies from Senator and Congressmen.. but nothing coming out of USCIS tight lips.


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amsgc06-26 02:52 PMThe salary in employer letter should match the one in labor or in I 140?
Mine is more in labor than I 140.

Here's what I requested my employer to write in the Letter:

Current salary is XXX.
Salary that will be offered on permant residence will be not less than YYY (mentioned in the labor)

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desi393306-16 03:18 PMDesi, that is a question to OP who is shouting that for sure l1 violation happened. Why are touching your nose? :p

But you have put your post in the forum and in this thread. You didn't send him PM.

It seems, you have no answers to my questions in mentioned in the post. That's why you have chosen personal attack.

Have a good day!


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vkrishn08-16 04:59 PMHere is reponse from Ombudsman.

Dear Sir/Madam:

We have received your case problem. We will initiate a formal inquiry with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.


Office of the CIS Ombudsman

Department of Homeland Security

Did anybody get the reponse the same way?

I got the same reply last week. Yet to hear anything from them.

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SunnySurya08-07 01:53 PMFirst let me state that I need people like you to proceed and hence I will be happy to answer the points you rasied to the best of my ability:

We all agree that there is severe backlog. Only way the backlog will alleviate is by increasing visa numbers, which not going to happen any time sooner.
So some people (and I know around 10 of them) what they are doing is the following:
They got the chance to file their 485 last July , which is pending. They are now contacting several small desi consulting firms to file for their fresh labor in EB2 category. Once their labor is filled and new I-140 is approved, they plan to attach new I-140 to the original 485 and hence effectively convering to Eb2 category but with priority dates in 2002 and 2003 (because original I-140 had that priority). Worst, they would never join that desi consulting firm...

This how the system is being gamed. If I know 10 such cases, I am sure there must be thousand like that.Now you tell me , isn't that unfair to the people already in Eb2 line as well as the ones who do not know how to game the system

By the way: If any one is interested, I know of three such consulting firms that can do for you for a fee.

I am not arguing or obstinately stating my view. I am genuinely confused.

I am not sure how it is unfair on EB2. Didn't these folks apply for GC before us legally and stand in line sincerely (no labor subs) AND gather pertinent work exp and education?

I understand you are working on getting the numbers. I would wait to hear from you with those numbers.

It is one thing to feel wronged seeing a few examples of people abusing the porting but quite another to have a lawsuit alleging that this is a widespread activity and it is causing grievous delays for the ones waiting in EB2. I really don't believe it and feel it is insulting to a large majority of highly skilled and hard working immigrants who have/will legally port their EB3 PDs to EB2.



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kewlchap10-12 05:06 PMFolks, it is columbus day today and federal offices are closed.. Relax. You will be able to do POJ tomorrow onwards again.

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Harivinder09-09 03:35 PMDone


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mallu11-06 09:00 PMI spoke to IO this morning regarding NC clearance for my family (7/2 filers). I was told whereas, my derivative's (wife and daughter) names have been cleared but there is no information on my clearance. She furthur told me the names were submitted on 8/30/07 and was told to wait for another month or so.

Guys: What is your take on this? I have started worrying now. Although they say 120 day processing time- My understanding is you are either cleared in few days or get stuck in the hole.

Ladies ( usually derivatives ) gets cleared fast and male lions will be "stuck for years"

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jungalee4309-15 04:21 PMI've started calling. 6 down and many more to go. Two of them directed me to voice mail and 4 actually talked. I will finish the list today and then tomorrow I would call House Speaker's office and Senate Majority leader's office.


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arihant02-24 03:54 PMDoes anyone understand what is used to calculate the 3 year period for advanced degree olders?

Is the end of the three year period considered when you applied for LC, or when you apply for 485/140? Since, technically, people who are pending at the BEC as well as those who are affected by retrogression are still on NIV, and have not applied for immigrant Visa yet.

This point will have an impact on a lot of folks who may have applied for LC less than three years after getting their Degree but would have crossed that limit by the time they can apply for the immigrant Visa.

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feedfront09-13 05:01 PMHi guys,
How long does it take to receive RFE letter by mail? Can we get a copy of RFE letter at the InfoPass appointment. I don't have patience anymore to wait. At least they can tell us what the RFE is about on the phone. These guys are trying my patience.

Did you also get RFE? Don't worry dude, you have waited so long, few more USCIS's hurdles to go. Good Luck.


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bindoke08-19 10:24 PMCongrats...Not sure whats happening with my case :( The officer is just sitting on it. It went to his desk on Aug 3 :(
same here Buddy, i was told that cases assigned to officer on Aug 3 and pre-adjudicated.(NSC)
havnt heard back eversince. got standard reply to SR:
"Your I-485 case as August 12, 2010 is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action within 60 days of the date of this letter."

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CHHAYA05-23 08:09 AMI Got Positive Skin Test. What Should I Do Now? Please Inform Me.


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CADude09-24 09:30 PMDear Mr. XXX,

Pursuant to our conversation today, I am forwarding the reply from the Nebraska Service Center of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) regarding our inquiry into your application for Adjustment of Status (I-485).

Our office initiated an inquiry into your case as a result of your correspondence dated September 12, 2007 sent to Congresswoman Maxine Waters. If you receive or do not receive a notice of action from CIS within the next 30 days please notify our Immigration Caseworker, Blanca Jimenez at ext. 18.

Thank you for contacting the office of Congresswoman Maxine Waters to assist you in this matter.


Blanca Jimenez
Constituent Services Supervisor
Office of Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-35)
323.757.8900 ext. 18
323.757.9506 fax

Good Morning Ms. Jimenez,

I do not show that we have data-entered Mr. XXX�s I-485 yet. The I-485 must be in line to be data-entered because we receipted an I-765 (LIN-07-245-XXXX).

The I485 application is still pending at this office. Although the Department of State Visa Bulletin indicated visas were available for most employment categories USCIS still has to adjudicate every application. NSC has approximately 26,000 I485 applications that may have a visa available and we are reviewing them as expeditiously as possible. This application is in line to be worked but it will take time. Please allow an additional 45 days for NSC to adjudicate the application. If you have not received a notice from NSC after 45 days you may submit another inquiry.

Thank you,

Congressional Liaison
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
Nebraska Service Center

Respected Ms Waters,

Sub: USCIS inefficiency for Legal Immigration

I send my I-485 AOS application to USCIS and received on July 2nd 2007 at Nebraska Service Center, Lincoln, NE.

It's almost approx 75 days since the application received at USCIS and have not received the Receipt Notice or any notification from USCIS.

I tried to contact Customer Service at USCIS. They don't provided any information. USCIS website updates show they are processing 08/01 or later for AOS application. They are not following the First In First Out(FIFO) order.

I need help of your good to know the status of my I-485 application.

Thank you,



Hi Chandu,

Why should I reveal my identity?? Even the ICE Investigator with whom I am working has agreed for anonymity, In case you think that I am a american guy with anti-immigrant agenda I challenge you to set up a tele-conference where I can login without revealing my identity and I can prove my intentions, nationality or what ever you want ... (except for my personal details and specific violation details). I am here to fight a violation, please don't blame if you/your organisation would be impacted by this investigation.

Regarding the process for complaining please go to the below link "http://www.ice.gov/about/investigations/contact.htm" and see the main office for your state and call the investigations office and they would provide you the contact no. for your local officer (most of the cities would have local officers, their office would be along with other customs and immigration operations) and you can contact him directly and he would provide you the details for lodging a formal complaint. Please let me know if you need any further information regarding the same.[/QUOTE]

I think you are also one of those good for nothing old fart from losers guild.
Your intelligence is pathetic

In your first post you asked "Please let me know exactly and to which agencies we should complain."

Now you are telling that you are working with ICE and telling us all the facts. Go put these urls up yours. If it hurts you you can apply some ICE on it.

Guys I think this is the language we need to be speaking with these guys and scaring them away. They are just full of gas. Just wait until we become a citizen. We will contribute to the election funds of Senators and Congressmen who will help Immigrants and are pro-India. Your Guild is going to go down just like GM.

guyfromsg07-14 08:06 PMHe just introduced an immigration policy called OVERDUE and it would severely restrict legal employment based immigration..:eek:

The legislation would end immigration of extended family members of U.S. citizens and permanent residents, which has long been the basis of legal immigration. The bill would shrink to 5,200 a year the number of visas issued to foreign workers.


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