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singhsa311-04 01:22 PMAgreed...
Job Zone 4 does not automatically translate to EB3. Even though the title maybe EB-3, if the requirements exceed normal requirements for jobs in Job Zone 4 then after a (successful) business necessity audit the candidate maybe able to file in EB2.

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AreWeThereYet09-14 09:27 AMI received the card yesterday. Here is the time line of events.

Sept 7 - Card production ordered
Sept 8 - Welcome notice sent
Sept 9 - Approval notice sent aka Cards mailed
Sept 13 - Card received by me

All those who are current and waiting, just remember that it's just matter of time. You will all be greened soon. Do not worry if you didn't have any LUDs. I didn't have any and it got approved. If you are a July/Aug 2007 filer, there is a tremendous chance that your case is pre-adjudicated and it will be approved anytime now.

Thank you nrk. Based on this time line, I am expecting my card by Thursday.

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drona07-10 08:49 PMFound the Reuters article posted on the NZ site Stuff.co.nz under the section Oddstuff! :)



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DesiGuy09-12 06:39 PMlet's keep trying....last ball main sixer lag sakta hai ;)

we have US (IV), competeUSA and many silent well wishers


lets keep our focus on doing the right thing - call lawmakers

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psaxena06-10 02:01 PMIf your so called L1 brothers are not helping us by going thru the process.. why the hell do we help them.. Over that, these suckers always try to push us down whenever they get a chance , as they just don't want to and cannot empathize with our situations. People like these are the cause of the most of the trouble that we have everywhere in the world. They should learn, that the whole world follows "How to get in line".


L1FRAUD.. you had been talking a lot. have had you formally filed the complaint. even if you are a tunnel rat, i dun mind i always support what is right.. even if you are tunnel rat , unfortunately still I agree with you.. as for the first in your whole life you are right.

People please stop posting against our L1 brothers.

Just because you are not getting your own greencard fast enough, you are posting against L1s. If you had an opportunity, you will also apply as L1 for greencard. Did you all not try for Labor Subs? Antis are posting such messages to provoke you. If they want to report, let them report. Why creating fake profiles and posting against our L1 brothers.


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ireddy05-25 02:14 PMMy EAD expires today, I applied for the renewal on April 6th. This is my 4th EAD and I totally missed to apply in time this time.

1)Is there any way to speed up the process to get the EAD soon?
2) I cannot work from next week is there any way I can get through this ?


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babu12303-29 02:40 PMMy priority Date is EB2 May 2006. I will be current if the dates got moved.
I will be out of the country for the entire month of May.
Please let me know if it is acceptable to be out of the country during 485 approval.
Also please let me know what I need to do at the port of entry.


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arihant02-20 02:13 PMCan someone explain why it seems harder to find backers in the house than in the senate for immigration reform (even the employment based legal immigration)? If we understand this, maybe it will help us focus our lobbying efforts better. Just a thought.

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Ramba09-26 06:33 PMThis is complete non-sense. See the fact of capitalistic approch. Reckless free market approch brought the country to (wall) street. If no regulation and control by the government, the CEOs/Captialist screw you and me. see Enron. See WAMU. The CEO of WAMU walks away with millions of $ after screwing the bank. Where did you studied socialist goverment do not create high tech job? Captalistic form of government is good only if, the CEOs/capitalists are Gandi/Budda.


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sri130909-14 06:16 PMFollowing is my draft. Any and all suggestions welcome.
I still need a link to the testimony of USCIS director confirming wastage of green cards. I would greatly appreciate if someone compiles list of e-mail addresses of judiciary committee members. Please note I would be making calls myself. E-mail is only for colleauges as I can't ask for their time on telephone calls. Here is my dreaft: -

Dear Member of Congress:
Congress has an opportunity before it adjourns to help advance U.S. innovation leadership by
enacting H.R. 5882, a modest, bipartisan bill that would simply �recapture� employment-based
immigrant visas numbers that Congress authorized in prior fiscal years, but that went unused due
to government processing delays. H.R. 5882 is a common sense measure that should be enacted
without delay this year.
H.R. 5882, which Representative Zoe Lofgren introduced with Representative Jim
Sensenbrenner, would help reduce visa backlogs by recapturing Congressionally authorized EB green cards from prior fiscal years that went unused due to bureaucratic delays.

What is H.R. 5882?
By recapturing unused green cards H.R. 5882 would address the issues of justice, equality, fairness and efficiency; at least temporarily.
H.R. 5882 addresses a very important issue of discrimination of high skilled immigrants in the US immigration system on the basis of their country of birth. As per the current law the quota of employment based green card is equally distributed to applicants on the basis of their country of birth. No single country can take more than 7% of the annual quota of 140,000 green cards. Thus the applicants born in two countries India and China, who contribute more than 50% of the high skilled immigrants, have to wait lot longer than applicants born in other country. Simply put an applicant born in XYZ country gets green card in six months and applicants born in India or China with exact same skill sets & exact same contribution to US economy has to wait for years and years indefinitely for his/her green card.
In addition to this, due to bureaucratic delays, a lot of green cards go unused from the annual quota of 140,000 every year resulting in processing backlog stretching up to decades.

What H.R. 5882 is not?
H.R. 5882 is not an amnesty. It does not legalize any illegal immigrant. It does not provide any waiver to any unlawful stay or unlawful activity in the US.
It does not increase congressionally authorized immigration limits. It does not authorize even one extra green card than what is authorized by congress.
It does not take jobs away from US, rather helps keep the job in US.

It is very important to note that the overflow of visa numbers in the family based immigration system is transferred to employment based system but NEVER vice versa.

All the high skilled immigrants who are in green card limbo are in this country for many years now and contributing to economy, paying taxes. They have steady jobs and during the three stages process of green card it has been established multiple times that a US citizen or permanent resident is not available for that job. Close to million applicants are limbo due to bureaucratic delays and country based quota system. If they get green cards they are in position to buy new house, car, start new business etc. there by making significant contribution to economy.

I request you to support the passage of the bill through US congress.

Excellant draft. Please keep it up. I am taking a couple of points from here in my posters. Your "What 5882 is NOT" is also a very good compilation,

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WAIT_FOR_EVER_GC08-16 12:12 PMWe received the snail mail welcome notice today after receiving the email ADIT stuff last Tuesday (August 10). That makes it five business days. On the notice it says that we should receive our permanent resident card within three weeks. Anybody who actually received it within three weeks?
I got it in 10 days


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sam_hoosier03-25 11:17 AMThis is a real problem. I got a letter from a prospective employer, who wanted proof that I was legally eligible to work in the US (alongwith transcripts, previous employment letters etc.) prior to scheduling an interview.:cool:

I believe employers are seeing a lot of candidates on EAD, and for whatever reasons they dont think EAD is good enough and would like to weed those candidates out beforehand.

We need to fight back against this discrimination.:mad:

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rogerdepena07-18 10:11 PMIt is very important that we have all Lou Dobbs resources handy in one thread. I blog his LIES and need this info very quickly before the blog closes. Please contribute to this effort. Thanks!

Please note that we need to collect facts (with URL) rather then IV member opinions!

im blogging too. i suggest we share articles. i just made mine today. here's the link:


i'll try to update as often as possible.


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logiclife01-04 05:39 PMThe best thing to happen to immigration lawyers is H1 quota increase. That starts a whole chain of events that will generate revenue for them until the guy on H1 is citizen.

Getting people GC faster could only serve the revenue generated from filing I-485, but then retrogression does not eliminate it, it only delays it.

Lawyers hired by my company dont seem to care much about retrogression(they sure do pretend). they would work in the best interest of WHOEVER PAYS THEM.

In general however, they would love:

1. H1 quota increase(irrelevant to us).
2. Family immigration(irrelevant to us).
3. Faster EB GC(relevant to us but not a high priority for them).

I was relying on AILA all along thinking that they will work for themselves and in turn it will help us but it shows from 1932 that by joining Quota raise of H1, they torpedoed the whole thing.


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guy0306208-20 02:43 PMI have just upgraded my existing Vonage plan from Premium to World plan without any cost. As few guys said earlier, I remember paying $0.89 per min for India call a decade back when I was a student here - really great to experience fruits of VoIP innovation :-)

For someone who has Vonage account and want to upgrade, they can login into vonage web account, goto Billing section and click on change current plan.


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like_watching_paint_dry06-13 08:52 AMOf course yes its for our interest BUT don't forget that its against a violation. Tomorrow if the same organization brings resources in H-1B/EAD/GC/Citizenship we are not going to complain about it ... because its within whats allowed by the law, I think thats the purpose of having rules ... to have a fair playing ground ... think abt the havoc/chaos these companies could create by bringing people without any visa (illegally across borders) and talk about 'closing the doors and me not brought up that way', do you think that anyone including you would support that???. Here the purpose of L-1B visa is misused and blindly violated, so lets move in the right direction, we are not asking all L-1B visas to be banned BUT to investigate the abusal of that visa category and we are just pointing out the incidents where we think its getting violated. Lets see who is on right/wrong side. We'll leave the decision part to ICE/USCIS/Other agencies involved.

I think you are doing the right thing here. My question .. what are the typical signs you need to watch out for to determine L1 violations are happening? How do you collect information / evidence that ICE or USCIS could find helpful and act upon?

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gene7706-19 09:42 AMEveryone seems to indicate that the checks for fees payment to the INS need to be made out to USCIS, however, all the forms that I've downloaded from their website instruct that the payments be made out to Department of Homeland Security - which one is correct?

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sadhimoorthy09-27 12:48 PMMe too in the same boat. I have not received any receipt also i checked today whether the checks has been cahsed or not and they were not cashed yet. I consulted my lawyer and he said initially when he sent the application to nebraska some applications has been transfered to Texas and the process in texas is really really slow. Mine was filed under EB2 category. I dont know whether that makes any difference.

whitecollarslave03-26 02:37 PMJust a silly question popped up in my mind...

Doesn't DOL have a directive telling employers, they have to try to recruit US Citizens first, and only if they do not find properly qualified US Citizens they can go on to search for people having 'other work authorizations' . Isn't that the whole basis for the approval of our Labor certifications in the first place???

So can the employers not use that directive as a legal loophole and try to prescreen the candidates and ask them whether they are US Citizens or GC or EAD or H1 and so on... as a hidden ploy to figure out whether you are GC or EAD while externally they can still put on a facade that they are just strictly following the legal directives that DOL has laid out?

Doesn't this 'Try to hire US Citizens first' policy of DOL in total contradiction with the I9 statement of 'no discrimination based on work authorization' ???? I am a bit confused here :confused:

Where does it say (please quote official DHS/USCIS/DOL publication or a bill) that employers must hire "US Citizens" first? I think the regulations are to give preference to US workers (note that its not US citizens) before brining somebody from abroad.

You do make a very good observation and we should clarify with the experts. Can anybody help clarifying this from the lawyers?

manand2409-18 09:16 AMYesterday, I received receipt notice via USPS Mail for:

1. My I485 application
2. My I-131 application
3. My wife's I-485 application

Still waiting to hear about My wife's I-131, I-765 for me and my wife.

See signature for details.

PD 04/2006 EB2 INDIA
I-140 NSC AP 10/2006
I-485 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND 09/10/2007 - Receipt Notice recieved from NSC (LIN-XXX) on 09/17/2007 via USPS Mail
I-131 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND 09/10/2007 - Receipt Notice recieved from NSC (LIN-XXX) on 09/17/2007 via USPS Mail
I-765 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending - NO Update yet.
I-485 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND 09/10/2007 - Receipt Notice recieved from NSC (LIN-XXX) on 09/17/2007 via USPS Mail
I-131 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending - NO Update yet
I-765 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending - NO Update yet

I have not received any reciept notices yet. I also filed on July 2, 2007.

PD 04/2006 EB2 INDIA
I-140 NSC AP 10/2006
I-485 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending
I-131 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending
I-765 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending
I-485 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending
I-131 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending
I-765 NSC RD 07/02/07 ND Pending


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