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trramesh01-06 07:06 AMI think the thread is perfectly valid and we should go for it. If someone has paid income taxes to US for 10 years, it is no mean thing. 10 years represent typcially about 25% of his/her earning life. After spending substantial percentage of one's life living in, and making contributions to, US, especially in his/her youth, the guy is more naturalised except that he does not have a citizenship card. Now how many of these guys will be able to slip back in to their own country to readjust their lives with american born and american grown kids.

I think it is not only reasonable but also humane for the government to consider the plight of such people and issue citizenship. The yardstick for qualification will have to be worked out, but Saralayar listed some of the valid parameters like
- 10 years working in US (legally)
- 40 points in social security
- no criminal record

If I may share my thoughts on yardstick, it would be like this
- 7 years of legal residence, contributions to SSN, and taxes should provide provisional GC
- 10 years of legal residence, contributions to SSN, and taxes should provide citizenship
- 7 years of legal residence post approved I-140 should provide citizenship

Most of us in this forum must have already contributed over 75K-100K to IRS over the years. I strongly believe that the govt owes more than an obligation to take care of the interests of this skilled group.


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drirshad01-09 01:43 PMDOW has crossed the 11,000 mark that is good for the economy .......

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woowjj200409-13 01:40 PMHi All,

As I mentioned earlier, our dates became current from Sept 1st, got
1. Card production email on Sept 2nd
2. Got the "we mailed you a notice that we have approved " on Sept 9th
3. Finally Physical Cards Came on Sept 12th.

Both of us got the cards. Thanks for IV for keeping the hopes on GC.

Congratulations to the folks who are getting Greened and Best of Luck to all who are Waiting..

By the way, I changed jobs for twice after applying I485, and filed AC21.


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feedfront09-22 07:30 PMGot RFE (sept 10, 2010). was working on RFE (medical report needed)..

Today I spent around $300 to start medical exam report. I've to still to do lab work and may need x-ray. I was working with my swollen arm and got this message..

Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production On September 22, 2010 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

Now I have to wait.. I will skip tomorrow's lab :confused: and talk to my attorney. Confused yet happy


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anilkumar090208-18 09:52 AMAnil....your prediction stands good...i also got approval emails exactly 2 weeks after assigning to IO...

13 year GC wait ends here ....just now got CPO....

May be, i should start thinking seriously about Predictive Analytical Modeling ...


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samnay09-10 03:49 PMFolks, got Decision email on 09/03, Approval email on 09/08. Does anyone how long does it take to get the CPO email and the actual card from here on?

EB2 - Mar. 06

Never got the CPO email but who cares? :-)

Got the cards in the mail today! F*** 10 years of wait is over! Not sure if it was worth it but at least its over now!

Good luck to everyone who is still waiting for theirs....hang in there!


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fatjoe10-12 04:24 PMHi Kewl:
So there is a difference between "With an IO" and "Assigned to an IO" , right? So, how do you ask the rep about that? Will they tell you if it is with an IO and assigned to an IO? When I spoke to the second level rep. it appeard to me that my case is with an IO.

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thomachan7203-10 08:59 AMYou have to be kidding! Here people are crying to get there EAD's extended and you think the Govt will give us citizenship???

Please i suggest everyone to wake up and smell the coffee/chai.

If you think giving us citizenship will be easy becoz it will prop up their vote bank think again coz it will never happen. Imagine the headlines which says recession time 10M americans out of job, foreign workers to get citizenship LMAO!

Forget this ever happening in a recession time and not much of a chance in the boom time either, see how the Anti-Immi's will eat everyone up for this ridiculous suggestion, please remember we're nothing in the larger scheme of things for the decision making people, we need to understand our limitation and strengths and play by them, IV does a decent job of that.
Do think rationally before coming up with ridiculous ideas like giving senators free pizza or asking for-direct citizenship. lol.

No, the idea is; if you cry for gold you will atleast get silver. When the point is raised that people have been living here legally, paying taxes, SS, owning houses etc etc for 10 years!! what more is actually needed for citizenship?? The idea is to highlight that legal residents (many of them) have been here for ever!! 10 years is almost 15% of an average life span!! If only this thing is highlighted in some strong news papers. Isn't this protectionism at its worst. US is complaining about labor laws in China???? What the heck is this here??? You pay taxes and SS and medicare etc for 10 years and then you are asked to leave??????????? Isn't this slavery??? Either take of the requirement that workers on visas have to pay the required SS / medicare etc or assume responsibility for having taken their hard earned money and let them in as soon as possible into the society.


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gc_on_demand08-21 10:54 AMI tend to agree with both.

You need strong arguments and they need to have legal basis. Laws cannot be changed by an agency that only follows laws.

If you are eligible for EB2 and cannot file in Eb2 and your employer filed in Eb3, it is not a strong argument. Likewise you cannot change the spillover rule without strong legal justification. You need change of law.
Visa recapture is the best option.

Any big action iteam coming for VISA RECAPTURE FROM IV CORE ?

should't we start aggressive calling campaign for HR 5882 ? like one we did for sub committe hearing.. or may be big event like rally in DC ..

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jonty_1106-25 11:39 AMThx for ur regular updates Pappu...

My Lawyer - said U cannot have 2 485s for same person

My Wife's lawyer - U can have 2 485s, but it is not recommended...due to reasons mentioend by Pappu (USCIS confuses etc etc)

I think I will follow pappu's advise here

My situation
My EB2 PD Nov 2005 , 140 approved
Wife's EB2 PD Aug 2006 - 140 pending

I will apply my 485 w/ wife as dependent as first filing

Get A#'s from first filing ...and if and when opportunity comes (Dates are current)
File from my wife's Co. with me as dependent (second filing). ( I may decide against doing that if I get EADs in a timely manner from first filing)


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RDB11-26 01:22 AMYup, you got it buddy......my point is more from a general perspective than any individual scenarios........and sledge_hammer.....I am well aware of the risk associated with every investment - I do own a house and am paying monthly mortgage installments even when knowing that my investment is at least 100k under water :)......so I perfectly understand the risk that comes with any investment AND i am not blaming my lender for giving me money - as I said before, I could afford it then and I can afford it now!

I am against this 'nobody saw it coming' and 'too big to fail' business - banks very well knew what was coming and what would it's effect be; they still went ahead and irresponsibly gave out money to people who can't even afford an eat out at Mcdonalds!!!! Nobody should give any bail out to these guys - let them suffer for what they have done; if I am acting responsibly for my deeds (paying monthly installment because I signed up for it) the same should apply to these banks - they should be allowed to fail simply on the fact that they didn't make good business decisions!

From the punjabi's perspective, it is entirely punjabi's fault. Because he knew what he is getting into when he signed the contract. From the public perspective, the banks were stupid to loan money to everthing that moves and later asking for bailout money from tax payers. I think this is what RDB is trying to say.

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illinois_alum09-26 06:17 PMIt seems like you are smarter than others or may be you have more insight.
How come total pre-adjudicated in the chart is exactly equal to total I-485 in the pdf ?
What exactly total in chart tool means ?
You might be convinced that you are right but stating that others are asking stupid questions is little too far.

Its not that I think I am smarter or have any additional insight...but I take things at face value. Of course the total number of pending cases in the chart and in the PDF should match - they both are exactly what they say they are "PENDING EMPLOYMENT BASED I-485 cases" If that's what the report title says, that's exactly what it means. No point in over-analyzing if this is just for pre-adjudicated or only primary applications etc....

I say stupid questions because people still ask "Does the PDF report contain numbers for dependents or only for primary applicants" - so you are telling me that this is not clear from the PDF report??


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smaram108-17 01:39 PMThanks gbof and Anil for replying...

I raised SR on Aug 12th..No Response Yet...

Infopass appointment said that my file got assigned to Examination officer on Aug 4th...Not sure if Examination Officer and IO are same or not...

But the real kicker is i got second FP on July 26th, 2010 for Code 1...I didnt see any LUD after second FP...I am guessing this is where i am stuck with second time name check or back ground check verifications...

Also is it good to go for DHS 7001 form right way...i mean ombudsman request...

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Hi Chandu,

Why should I reveal my identity?? Even the ICE Investigator with whom I am working has agreed for anonymity, In case you think that I am a american guy with anti-immigrant agenda I challenge you to set up a tele-conference where I can login without revealing my identity and I can prove my intentions, nationality or what ever you want ... (except for my personal details and specific violation details). I am here to fight a violation, please don't blame if you/your organisation would be impacted by this investigation.

Regarding the process for complaining please go to the below link "http://www.ice.gov/about/investigations/contact.htm" and see the main office for your state and call the investigations office and they would provide you the contact no. for your local officer (most of the cities would have local officers, their office would be along with other customs and immigration operations) and you can contact him directly and he would provide you the details for lodging a formal complaint. Please let me know if you need any further information regarding the same.


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puddonhead06-18 11:40 AMOne more thing....

<Puddonhead puts his lecturing hat on to boast about his "knowledge">

Some of you guys have admirable abilities of using rhetoric (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhetoric_(Aristotle)). However, in this particular discussion - I guess it will help us all if we could keep the hectoring and general negative rhetoric out of it. Calling someone anti-immigrant in a derogatory fashion because he is opposed to our views - is negative rhetoric. So is the comparison of L1 abuse with house burglary.

The lawyers are taught the "Socratic Method" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socratic_method) - to chafe out logic from the thicket of rhetoric. This is specially important when we are discussing something from different positions.

Hope we can get over it and find some common ground.

</Puddonhead takes off his lecturing hat>

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pappu09-10 08:51 AMall, the list of co-sponsors is now up to 28 (plus main sponsor - Rep Lofgren).

the chances are improving but as some great person has said - It aint over until it's over...


HR 5882
Rep. Zoe Lofgren [D-CA]hide cosponsors

Cosponsors [as of 2008-09-09]

Rep. Neil Abercrombie [D-HI]
Rep. Michael Capuano [D-MA]
Rep. John Carter [R-TX]
Rep. Henry Cuellar [D-TX]
Rep. Artur Davis [D-AL]
Rep. Thomas Davis [R-VA]
Rep. Lloyd Doggett [D-TX]
Rep. Anna Eshoo [D-CA]
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords [D-AZ]
Rep. Wayne Gilchrest [R-MD]
Rep. Raul Grijalva [D-AZ]
Rep. Michael Honda [D-CA]
Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee [D-TX]
Rep. Doris Matsui [D-CA]
Rep. Michael McCaul [R-TX]
Rep. James Moran [D-VA]
Rep. Sue Myrick [R-NC]
Rep. Jerrold Nadler [D-NY]
Rep. Grace Napolitano [D-CA]
Rep. Edward Pastor [D-AZ]
Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard [D-CA]
Rep. Linda S�nchez [D-CA]
Rep. Loretta Sanchez [D-CA]
Rep. James Sensenbrenner [R-WI]
Rep. Peter Sessions [R-TX]
Rep. John Shadegg [R-AZ]
Rep. Jackie Speier [D-CA]
Rep. Melvin Watt [D-NC]

We should all feel proud that many co-sponsors are a result of efforts of IV and its members.When members ask proof of success, this is one of them.


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l1fraud06-08 10:15 PMThanks ... normal options in USCIS asks you to call ICE.gov ... BUT ICE.gov doesn't seem to have a local office.. please let me know if anyone out there has gone this route and any update regarding what all documents we need to produce to prove our case. Since its a Billion dollar company they are bound to fight the case (hopefully). Any information regarding the same is appretiate.

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coopheal09-23 08:14 PMSomething is screwed up.....

Mexico has over 2000 cases in April 2001 yet its PD is May 1st 2001
India has less 500 cases in April 2001 yet its PD is Apr 15 2001
This along with CIS giving "bad/incorrect" data to IV is indication of someone's malicious intentions.

I appreciate IV's effort in getting FOIA executed and now working on aftermath of it.

For people who are angered with whats been going on in last couple of days. All I can say is to try volunteering for IV even for a month.

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punjabi7711-25 10:35 AMYou are funny....you should take the moral high ground only when you are on the right side...you gave morally/ethically repugnant suggestions and have "decided not to reply to any of the comments here"...very funny.

I do not condone the pathetic language folks here use including from sledge_hammer. You can make your arguments with civility. No need to call people "fools", "idiots", "stupids" etc. Shows your own under-confidence and lashing out at the wrong things/people.


this thread was started to get suggestions as to what are the options open in the market..
if someone did give an option and you dont like it, why dont u give an alternative option rather than venting out uour anger.
No one is asking you how u feel or what is ethical and non-ethical..It seems that you are such an ethical guy who has not used a product and went ahead and returned it back to the store..If foreclosing is illegal let me know.. People here are giving pros and cons of doing a foreclosure.. i dont know if you own a house or not, and if you do.. dont know if you are having a perm job or a contract..I know so many people who own house and now they are in a fix because of housing market..I am not like other people who have already foreclosed..and btw.. why to blame the people and not the banks.. if i can own a house and pay mortgage which is quite same as a rent, i will better own a house and sell it after couple of years.. what is harm in that.. i may have mentioned about making profit by owning a house.. but i am not looking at becoming rich by living in a house for 2/3 years..Sledge_hammer and you are complaining all the way in the thread about people who are foreclosing or foreclosed.. but not spent your valuable time in letting people, reading the thread, know what are pros and cons of foreclosure and how it can affect 485..

snathan04-24 06:28 PMThis is a good bill. The 50% rule will impact Indian bodyshoppers and Top Indian outsourcing companies. But genuine companies like Microsoft,Google, Oracle and other US companies will not be impacted that much as they sincerely search whether US talent is available. But will it pass? In 2007 it did not move as they planned to consider for CIR. This time also same argument may come. But some genuine Indian consulting companies also will be impacted. But system will adjust quickly even if this bill passes.

May I ask your immigration status. I believe you already got your GC and roaming around here just beat shit out of others. Each and every of your post is convincing me in that direction only. You would be happy to see the H1 guys thrown out from here. So it will increase your demand and you can make more money. What kind of person you are. is there any difference between you and anti-immigrant. Or are you that coming with Indian name to make fool out of us.

If you dont believe me, you read all your posts again. You are always talking about banning desi consultant. You are more than welcome for that. But you did you even thought about a second for guys who are genuine and unfortunate to work for them.

People are already stressed out. If you got your GC please go-away and enjoy your freedom.

baburob201-11 01:00 PMthat's is just a summary, it is missing out other parts. the spouses, chidren etc are exempted from the quota and that would give a massive boost too .
look at numbersusa for more on it.


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