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needhelp!04-15 02:01 PMYeah I started off faster than normal and for the last five minutes I did a stroll.. Its gone now, I don't feel it anymore.

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sanju_dba07-15 09:27 AMit reminds me of Independence struggle . before the results all were together, and afterwards a split in nation! :(

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a_matha08-03 02:39 PMAfter 5years:)

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satishku_200006-26 06:48 PMMost of the people on this forum know that USCIS can change the rules whenever they want. Most of the people on this forum also realise that the whole process of GC is a big blackhole in which surprises keep on coming.

As far as I am concerned my PD is Sep 2004 , If I get my GC in 4 more years I consider myself to be lucky.

Most of us dont have any control over the process and how things get executed at DOS and USCIS at the sametime all of the people cannot make sure that their applications reach USCIS on 1st of July .

So dont worry about the things that we dont have any control over ..

Relax and try to do things with a sense of urgency on which you have control ...


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gclabor0703-02 01:40 PMJust wanted to let you know that I've booked my ticket and will be attending the advocacy days on both days. This is my first time coming to the advocacy days and am looking forward to it. I'll registering for the event tomorrow, but wanted to pass on the information.

Also, I'll be staying at a friend's place who lives in Cockeysville, MD, a suburb of Baltimore. If anybody from this area is traveling for the event, I'd love to ride along because I won't have a car and don't know the area.

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spicy_guy07-11 11:23 PMHaving said that, this will be the right time to purse this agenda...Many of the folks suggested, counting date for citizenship from I-485 receipt date or I-140 receipt date. If you google 'Backdate GC', we can see that many other folks in murthy, rajiv khanna forums are also talking about this. So, we might have enough members to pursue this further. Many of us have been here close to 10 years (Me from 2000 on F1, OPT, H1B etc). Its only fair to have some of those years counted towards citizenship.

Pappu, IV leadership,

Please let us know how to proceed further on this...

Yes, I like this one too and posted about this a few times. We can take this agenda forward. I think we'll have a lot of supporters...

This might already be in IV's agenda. Pappu? Can you shed some light in this matter?


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gssr08-04 12:20 PMNot may approval from NSC.

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chanduv2309-20 07:27 AMyou guys must have seen me with my 3 kids in a stroller and my wife handing out flowers and holding a placard...
it was an experience in itself, a good one
with lasting memories


Actually - missed you. Please share a pic - I did think I saw u but unable to recollect


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Pallavi7901-25 12:21 PMGreat discussion guys. we(atleast I) need lots and lots of these to enlighen me.
hats off to everyone.

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gc_kaavaali07-30 10:08 AMI just talk to USCIS customer rep..She said it might take beyond 90 days because of too many applications...if my case is still pending within 90 days then only i can go to local office it seems. But USCIS already took final decision on my case so i cannot go to office. But she asked me to try once by taking infopass appointment.

Same for me too!!! i got second e-mail today also. I got another e-mail on july 14th with same content. My EAD expires in 15 days and i am on EAD. I don't know What the hell is going on. I e-filed on May 8th.


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sam200601-18 09:35 PMits sad to see so many free Riders

I just make 30K but have contributed more than $ 250 and signed for 50$

comon guys Wake Up please !!!!

help IV
we need all the help
its now or never

Please lets help ourselves for a change atleast once

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spicy_guy07-13 05:58 PMGuys,

Its not a bad idea to put in efforts for citizenship. See it this way. We are already waiting for GC for years and will have to wait another 5 years for citizenship.

If all these useless wait is counted towards citizenship, then the wait at least yields some results. Right?

I am not saying we should not focus on GC. But if all these years of wait are really used, that would help EVERYONE. The ones who got their GC and the ones who don't have GC yet.

So no fret over this matter.

I think what GCPerm is trying to do is good for all, if we succeed.


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chi_shark02-26 12:32 PMwithout the story behind those charts..its is as good as a tissue paper.

typical baniya mentality..u want to hoard the wealth ..not share it..;-)

i am not baniya... in fact i lament the fact that i am not a baniya... i am a pure bred brahmin with high education, my entire family is highly educated till my family tree can be traced... they are all people who did noble things for God, kings etc... but i am aspiring to be a big time baniya... this last century and present time is a capitalist period... baniyas rock! they rule! if i had wealth, i would never share it... i will simply find ways to make other people slightly happy so that they keep buying my products/services... hail baniyaism

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needhelp!04-09 05:47 PMNow I am thinking I should sign up for the family and all three of us would be able to do the 5K for sure.

Alright. I will sign - up for the Houston Half Marathon and if you decide to upgrade to a half I will swap my Half marathon Decal with your 5K decal. Sound Good? :p


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row-310-05 05:08 PMI am ROW-3, RD 06/18/07, ND 07/19/07. Received EAD cards, finger prints done for me and my family members.

This month my priority date for a family based petition became current and I do not know if it is wise to apply for GC using the family petition or not.

I understand taht I can onluy have one pending case at all times, meaning that I will withdrew the employment based petition.

If and only if, I decide to apply for GC using the family based petition, is the name check will be a problem and may take for ever?

Feed back please.

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willgetgc200503-01 12:41 PMIS there a link to check PERM case status ?

A quick reponse is greatly appreciated.

Thank You


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gandhig05-16 12:59 PMCalled all the numbers. Three offices on the list said they have received MANY calls on this issue today! They were all aware of this issue and poltely took my name. Let's work for the best outcome!!

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xela03-19 10:10 AMLets see if there more ROWers out there, that have not had a chance to vote!

Bump :)

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nashim08-06 10:00 AMEAD efiled on May 19th, 08
FP on June 11th, 08
Two CPO date (on Jul 16th and Jul 30th, 08)
EAD (2-year) received (me+spouse) on Aug 04th, 08

neelu12-17 12:59 AMmr_dasari, prathapmd


Thanks Vicks_don!

Welcome to IV, Mr_dasari and prathapmd!
We are glad you are part of IV. As you might have understood, IV is all about US!

Please become involved. Join the Add ONE member campaign. If you know someone who is going thru GC pain, please introduce him/her to IV, by Dec. 31st.

Again, welcome.

Thank you.

eb3_nepa06-29 12:08 PMImmigration law has retracted the advisory about the possibility of USCIS stopping acceptance of I-485s


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