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Green_Always01-12 10:12 PMIf you have account in BOA with 25K, you can do 30 trading per month for free. Also I have some good tips for long terms investors like people who are planning to settle here. The plan is to buy the stocks from companies directly and reinvest the dividend. When you are not paying the commission and investing the dividend, you can get very good return in the long run.

If any one interested please let me know...

Hi Snathan, will be able to give more details / explain more on -- The plan is to buy the stocks from companies directly and reinvest the dividend. When you are not paying the commission and investing the dividend, you can get very good return in the long run.

tks look to see your reply.

got it Thanks, info was in 2 nd page. :-)

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viji7606-02 01:16 PMEfiled : 05/05 (TSC)
Sent Docs : 05/06
CPO : 05/18
Card received : 06/01 (Two years validity with effective date beginning from the expiration date of current EAD)

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GCNirvana00709-01 07:23 PMNirvana, Congrats, Did your case go thru TSC-EAC-TSC transfer? When is the exact ND?

Nope. Just TSC. Second week of Oct.

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kshitijnt05-14 06:59 PM1. Can we move from CA to TX after I-485/EAD/AP is filed from California?

You can move but are you changing employment? If yes, AC21 kicks in only after 180 days after filing 485, assuming 140 is approved.

2. We do have a PO address is Texas now and have an apartment in CA for next 5 months.
Do you recommend to use the Texas PO Box address instead of California Apartment address for USCIS I-485 application such that we can avoid the Change of Address with USCIS later?

Check with lawyer, you can change the address later. But I think your move is too soon, so again check with lawyer.

3. What are RISKS of moving from state to state during I-485 process? Did anyone do that in this forum?

People have done this before but again check with lawyer, your move seems to be too soon


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naidu254305-01 11:18 PMOn what basis does DOL pick a company for audit?

I think there is not really any basis for audit unless there is a big mistake in the filing.

I filed through a MNC which is a automotive company.

The other rumor I heard that DOL hired lots of new people and audit process was part of their training. Do not question me how far it is true..

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lnahan02-03 01:43 AMI don't agree with this comment. I don't have full confidence on congress to pass full CIR bill this year. After this year, the hope will get dimmer. This proposal is better than nothing. It can propably release EB2 immediately. And move EB3 forward significantly.

Although it is not passed, we should push for anything that contains some EB relief.

02/02/2007: What Did Senator Kerry Immigration Reform Bill Mean to EB Immigrants?

In highsight, the failure of the Kerry Amendment to H.R.2 to pass the Senate could be considered a relief to the EB immigrants. Review of the immigration reform bill in the H.R. will establish that the bill proposed for the employment-based immigration system practically nothing other than increasing the annual quota to 290,000. None of the provisons in the SKIL bill was reflected in the bill, including exemption of the spouses and children from from the numerical limitations, exemption of certain EB groups from the annual numerical limits, opportunity for filing I-485/765/131 for the I-140 beneficiary during the visa number retrogression, etc. etc. etc.! Had this been enacted, it would have affected the upcoming CIR bill or special legislation for Employment-Based immigration system reform. This reporter was shocked to learn that this bill provided practically no relief for the employment-based imigrants other than farm workers and the children eligible for DREAM Act bill. The bill was extremely imbalanced legislation in a way from the perspectives of the "Comprehensive" Immigration Reform.
We will see whether the Senate leaders will indeed complete and introduce the CIR proposal next month.


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ambals0301-11 11:38 AMYes agreed. But, now we have a bill, what can we do to give momentum to it ?

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Meenal09-20 03:28 PMthat ride was just hilarious...for the record it was vijay who told me "i don't know how i got here...i can't remember", he had lefts and rights nicely mixed up! pratik was in the same car and told me later that vijay did not believe that machine could beat him so he constantly challenged the directions :D

as for sumita (samay)...besides working very hard...she provided great entertainment...don't know what we would have done without her. i'm going to remember her waiving her car keys at me and asking me to drive and then even before the car moved...she announed "not so fast" , took you and me a moment to realize she was saying it to vijay on the phone not to poor me who had not yet moved!!!!! i will also not forget her walking upto the registration desk on rally day and someone said good morning...sending sumita into a real tizzy as her morning "had begun at 5 am" which is absolutely true...since she had one of aman's lost bags and was given no choice but to drive to VA to return it...
yeah and that "tom-tom"...wish she would learn to program it :D
(ok now we are guaranteed to get a response! if not let's make a lawyer joke!)

i was also in that other hilarious cab ride well after midnight on monday night when we were desprately trying to find our hotel. i will never ever forget logiclife's frustration sitting next to the driver who could neither read nor understand english and was deathly scared that if he went for directions we would ride away in his cab :D:D
that scene when logiclife finally grabbed the wheel on the highway to get us on the correct exit had me and pratik in splits the rest of the ride...and when he tried to get the cabbie to move as the other car we were following was leaving...tapped in on the shoulder..then head...finally his face as our guy seened utterly lost trying to read his zones and calculate how much fare we were building up in that wild ride...

add to that aman's lost bags and cell phone and constant attempts to call akhil to retrieve his wallet...poor akhil arrived back huffing and puffing and in mortal panic...later we discovered we had his home phone number and had been leaving messages on it for 2 days...and wondering why in the world he would not pick his phone up!

btw i persuaded jane to eat a samosa...she was very scared it would keep her up but the small size convinced her to try it...i think she even like it...:cool:

I wish I was in that cab, would have loved to see logiclife frustrated!
Also, a point to be noted - why was that Paskal's entire trip was comedy of Errors - I think it's got to do something with the man hiself :)


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akhilmahajan08-08 08:57 AMUpdates on anybody's case.........


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Munna Bhai01-10 02:45 PMRequest your HR for help. They can give you access to the web-site and create sub-account for you.


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map_boiler07-30 09:57 AMgot the second card production ordered email today. first one was on june 28th. hopefully this time, we'll get the approval notice sent email in the next couple of days...or latest in the next week or so.

Something funny seems to be going on with the TSC EAD processing dept. I got my second "Card Production Ordered" email today, saying new card has been ordered on July 29. This followed the earlier email 13 days ago, which said the new card was ordered July 17! Did anyone else have similar experience?

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mirage05-15 09:45 PMI guess instead of wasting our time to educate the opponents we should spend our energy to gather support of Neutral members


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santb197504-13 10:36 PMWe really do

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MeraNaamJoker08-05 12:14 PMAny EB3 approvals at all?

Looks like there were two of them.....

I am also in the waiting list....


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GotFreedom?04-08 04:06 PMVisa Bulletin the finger that USCIS gives to all the legal AOS immigrants on monthly basis thus securing more funding through EADs, APs, H1Bs, H4s and what not. Now they want more for FOIA info access.

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zico12306-28 01:31 PMI have H1-b petition approval but i dont have h1-I-94 card.
Is it legal to work without h1-I-94 Card?
Do i need to travel out side of country ?
Read the approval letter. It states that you would need to travel outside the US and apply for H1 visa at US Consulate abroad. If your visa is granted then you can re-enter US with new I-94 card. Stay inside US without a valid I-94 is considered Out-Of-Status.


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forever_waiting01-12 04:10 PMIt is surprising (rather shocking) to see how a discussion on an EB bill (which might never see the light of day anyway) has degenerated into an oft-repeated rant on how IV does not represent EB3.

When I meet with my lawmaker's office (and when I again meet in Feb), I repeat the IV provisions which are for ALL EB and not any specific category/country. THe problem with EB3 is the with the way the EB system/inventory is set-up. It is stupid to convert a chronic issue into a "IV is not trying" debate. As always, we have lots of armchair critics and few grass-roots workers.

If you trust IV Core and its advisory board and believe that they know how politics works better than you and me you are entitled to your opinion and you may be right too. Certainly IV Core knows how political work, there is no denying that but my point of contention is that does what ICV Core believe and are working towards match with what is good for EB3?
And there as the bard would say lies the rub

Now again in response to that you and most of the people would agree that IV Core goals is good for EB3. Now out of all the people who agree how many are EB3 and how many are EB2. Again IV Core would say many EB3 agree with what they do because IV is not about helping anyone, IV is about helping yourselves (EB3 or EB2), and when it comes to the fact of helping ourselves i for one feel that IV core would do better to listen to the EB3 voice out there. Why do i feel EB3 specific voice is not being heard? Well the answer to that is very simple. It is because EB3 as a whole has NOT seen any benefit out of the rule changes which happened till now and any new initiative which gets the support of IV.

As to your statement about below
The idea you preferred has no chance, given the harsh economic situation and anti-immigration sentiment at this time
My commnts to that is that YES it is a harsh economic situation and YES anti immigrants sentiments is on the rise but if i am an an anti immigrant i would oppose immigrants as a whole. I would not oppose EB2 immigrants less because they have MS degrees and i would not oppose EB3 less because they are stuck in the immigration process and harsh economics time is harsh for everyone (EB2 and EB3) and also citizens so the same logic of anti immigranst sentiments would apply

Reagrding your another statement
In this case, EB3 will have to wait forever. Now, which one do you like? I think people should be realistic.
What i like is not what is important. What is important is what is done is the right thing., If it is the question of EB3 waiting fore ever (say 10 years) or EB3 waiting more than forever (say 20 years) i would plum for which ever option gives relief to people (even if it extends my GC wait time) who are of older priority date and who should get relief, not because they have waited for so long but because they waited for so long in the line and followed all the rules and it is just mind blowing that people who have applied for GC in 2008 and 2010 and expecting that they deserve to get GC because they are EB2 and no other reason.

Now to that all EB2 guys will reply back saying Are you nuts, that how the world works, if you want a GC sooner get a US degree or apply in EB2 no one is stopping you and all that kinds of statements. It gets ugly too but what everyone forgets is that it is easier to be sanctimonious and give advise when you are not being effected. When you are at the other end (Remember the bottom of the totem pole) that is when you all these things come back to bite you and you cannot justify what you said earlier.

Think about it illegals want GC for everyone illegal. Legals (including IV Core among others) say we are fighting for all EB and are united but when an EB2 with 2007 priority date gets GC but an EB3 32002 is still waiting all that argument falls by the wayside and there is no unity

Ok if IV Core (And when i say IV Core i mean everyone EB2 and EB3 peiople because IV Core is nothing but the EB applicants themselves) cannot or will not try to work towards fixing the dispension of spillover visas to EB2 and EB3 equally because that is the law and the law cannot change why cannot IV Core try to implement (the keyword here is TRY whether the law pases or not is not the point) the 55 K DV to all retrogressed applicants instead of just US MS applicants. They can try to do that but they are not. So in what way is IV a representative of EB3 apprehensions and issues

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pappu07-05 08:51 AMCongressional Field Hearings:
Your Chance to Tell Them What the American People Really Want!

Wednesday, July 5, 2006


Wednesday, July 5, 2006

San Diego,

Friday, July 7, 2006


Senate Judiciary Committee
Chairman Arlen Specter

House International Relations Subcommittee on International Terrorism and Nonproliferation
Chairman Ed Royce

House International Relations Subcommittee on International Terrorism and Nonproliferation
Chairman Ed Royce

Topic: Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Examining the Need for a Guest Worker Program

Topic: Border Vulnerabilities and International Terrorism, Part I

Topic: Border Vulnerabilities and International Terrorism, Part II

TIME: 10:00am EST

TIME: 9:00am PST

TIME: 10:00am CST


National Constitution Center
525 Arch Street
Independence Mall
Philadelphia, PA


Imperial Beach Border Patrol Station
1802 Saturn Boulevard
San Diego, CA


La Posada Hotel and Suites
1000 Zaragoza Street
Laredo, TX

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gc_dega_gandhigiri07-30 10:52 AMWe e-filed for mine and my wife's EAD on April 30th 2008.

On June 19th I got this from CRIS

Receipt Number: XXX


Current Status: Card production ordered.

On June 18, 2008, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you.

Then I got this one today.

Receipt Number: XXX


Current Status: Card production ordered.

On July 29, 2008, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you.

I don't understand what games they are playing. I called them and they say now it was a hurricane issue. Texas was not working for few days. I told him I didn't see any such message at USCIS website though. Its been more than 90 days and finally I am planning to take a infopass appointment.

PD: Oct 06.
I485: July 07 filer.

kondur_00707-12 02:28 PMFeel Free to suggest your recommendation.

Just a suggestion:

It may be more appealing to tie it with "five years of filing taxes as a "resident alien" including contribution to medicare ans SS taxes".

In other words, any permanent legal resient (GC holder) who has filed taxes as a "resident alien" for five years while working in US and contributed to medicare and SS taxes should be eligible for citizenship filing.

This should be added in addition to the current criteria of "five years of continuous stay after getting GC".

What do you think?

Devils_Advocate04-08 03:28 PMEb-3 R.I.P


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