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snathan03-30 05:58 PMAs far as I know...
LIke you said India was just born and Nehru with full majority was heading the country . You know what he did he came up with Democratic-Socialistic model which is the hybrid of Communist-Socialist Russia,Democartic-Capatilistic U.S

This Democratic-Socialism was never tried anywhere else in the world.It was the so called vision of Nehru(albeit cut-copy-paste).

Interestingly explanation he gave for advocating his recipe was the same explanation you are giving for 'why it is difficult to rule India'

He said since India is young country it needs gentle intervention from state to get rid of the existing social-economic disparities. His formula resulted in bureaucratic bottlenecks, red tape, widened existing socio-economic disparities ,gave rise to mafia culture and the list goes on making Nehruvian socialism synonymous to failure in Indian dictionary.His dynastic descendants tried to push it under carpet as long as they could .Result: we see people thinking Nehru was a visionary.

Our own Intelligent MMS in 90's named Nehruviain Socialism a failure before he opened the reforms in the market.It is said that when P.V/MMS duo took charge they found that country's foreign exchanges reserves couldn't last for 24 hours.

I completely agree with was Nehru who screwed up the country.

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gc4me03-27 09:31 PMCan you please provide link for the memo.

If text of the proposed memo will be the same, then all pending I-140 based on LC substitution should be denied.

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lazycis02-15 11:52 AMThanks for an excellent research and arguments. Some of the arguments are well presented.

Well, if you are not ready to lead and we do not have anyone else to lead then whats the point of forming the yahoo group? Please don't get me wrong, I am just trying to find out the objective of this yahoo group.

The purpose was to jump start and find somebody who is willing to help himself/herself. If there is no such person out of 100+ who voted "yes", there is no point in further discussion. I have enough on my plate (I am still helping a number of people fighting in district an appellate courts). Also I think it's easier to discuss it via yahoo group.

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Macaca02-19 10:42 AMThe following is from CNBC discussion on Friday.

Richard Dekaser, Chief Economist of National City and Stuart Anderson from National Foundation for American Policy were interviewed.

The topic was, is there really a "Skill Shortage or Pay Shortage".

But Richard also said that US Immigration policy needs to be reexamined as it is more oriented towards family reunification which holds them people with less skills. 20-30 yrs ago we had criteria that reqd immigrants to meet a certain educational threshold. And as we are seeing increased need for talent in this country, we need to re-examine that aspect of immi policy and untill then we are gonna see this problem continue."


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unitednations02-14 11:49 AMIs there any proof that there are even are unused visas? I find this topic a rather moot point.

With India, China, The Philipinnes and Mexico all being oversubscribed, they appear to be reaching their 7% limit. With all the countries in ROW I doubt if any one country is even vaguelly reaching their 7% limit.

With the obvious retrogression across the board, it just tells me that there isn't anything spare to share around in whatever direction.

Am I just totally missing the point?!

It is an important topic.

Reason is:

2005 and prior; certain countries went over their limit. If they hadn't gone over their limit then EB3 would not have gone unavailable. If EB3 would not have gone unavailable then EB3 ROW would have much more advanced dates. Countries cannot go over their 7% limit now until ROW eb3 essentially gets current. If they had done it in the past then maybe eb3 row would be current and the other countries can go over their 7% limit and their dates would also have advanced. Due to what happened in 2005 the dates are further back for everyone then they should have been.

How it is working and how it is supposed to work is important in people making their decisions; ie., should i file in eb2 or eb3?

What is impact by eliminating the 7% limit

What would happen if there is 485 filing without priority date being current and there is a hard cap of 7%. There would never, ever be unused visas for china, india. They would have never ending retrogression.

For people who constantly watch visa bulletin; the dates won't move forward until fourth quarter when eb1 and eb2 visas get spilled over.; so no sense in waiting for it so eagerly.

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needhelp!09-29 10:34 AMWho sent the emails today?


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BharatPremi12-13 05:52 PMNote that it would certainly not benefit the other 60%+ from countries other than India that are also stuck in various steps (EB3, name check). So, unless you want IV to stand for IndiaVoice, you should concentrate your admirable effort on increasing the overall quota (with increased per-country quota), excluding dependents, etc.

Do not worry about that. IV has everything in the agenda what you mentioned.This thread is about 'Constitutionality argument against per-country ceilings'.Nobody here is saying to promote the fight against "Per country ceiling" ONLY.

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furiouspride07-21 03:28 PMfound this :D pretty much sums it up.


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krishmunn07-27 01:37 PMNope that's not correct. You file your business earnings through 1099 and not W2. It has nothing to do with H1-B. Good luck.

Check this. And stop misguiding people

MurthyDotCom : Home-Based Businesses : Inadvertent Unauthorized Employment (

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racoon78607-10 11:44 AMI am planning on moving to Canada in the next 12 months since I already have PR there. I have no hopes for getting GC any time soon and wouldn't want to be toyed by the USCIS, DOS, Senators and all the anti-immigration lobbies out there.


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ramus07-04 10:57 AMI noticed that too but I thought may be they just putting rough nuumber and not exact..
But you are right there were 3,185 highest ever..

The following from IV's press release is incorrect. The max # is 3,185

The group's website has reported a record hit of 2,500 concurrent users since this morning.

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mirage04-02 08:04 AMHere's what Dalal Street biggies think


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logiclife01-23 05:24 PMLogiclife -
I would not say substitution of labor is totally wrong. I left my previous company after having waited for a labor over 2 years and helped find a suitable candidate, who also had the same level of education and experiance and was an exact replacement for me (Sr.Program Manager -designation). My (old) company which is fortune 100 company was not ware of this substitution business till i told them they should use it when they spent money filing it for me and i am not using it. while consulting companies also use it when the original person left and they have someone else to fill in that role..

The concept becomes wrong when it sold and not really used for a replacement and i think those guys have to be identified like Narendra Mandalapa and punished.

I am talking about Desi bodyshops and not fortune 500 companies. This law or regulation of DOL causes more harm than good. For the good it does to 5% employers, it does harm to thousands of applicants whose dates are not becoming current because of people cutting in line by buying the approved labor certs. If there is a need for companies to save money by going for substituted labor, then maybe the DOL and USCIS should work out to make the priority date of substitution case same as the 140 date and not the labor filing date. The day that happens, this underground sale of approved labor certs will stop.

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shiankuraaf09-14 11:40 PMThis a very optimistic prediction....

i think .. most with PD of jan 2005 and earlier will get their GC ..thus in OCT VB the dates will pull back a bit..maybe mid first qtr will be bad news for anyone with a PD after jan 2005,...but the 2nd and 3rd qtr.. the dates will be definitely be in mid 2006.

my 1/4 cent

What I expect is, with the pre-adjudication USCIS has the approvable numbers in hand and all the Visa numbers for the 1 st quarter will be released and consumed immediatly by the pre-adjudicated cases and then in Nov bulletin it will be 'U' and again in Dec it would move couple of weeks or most probably a month to consume the querterly spill over if that exists. I do not think there will be any retro for EB2 India in coming 2 quarters unless there are too many new labour approvals giving chance to file AOS with later PDs or EB3 to EB2 porting.

My 1 cent.


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lazycis02-13 05:04 PMSee extract from Ombudsman's report yprocessing.pdf

218,759 visas are available for recapture and those numbers were lost due to systematic agency delays and bad policies (i.e. name check).

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immieb201-14 07:26 AMConsulting companies are just the tip of the ice burg. They should really target infy, wipro, TCS like companies. They are the one truly exploiting the sytem to the fullest. They do not sponsor GC, do not pay the good salary or any benefit to the employee. I also dont see the share holders are rewared. God knows where all the profits are going. (which holes are getting filled)?

I agree with you completely. I don't know what Infy and Wipro are doing with their money but TCS was filling Tata Motors and Tata Steel historically. Also buying companies like Land Rover and Jaguar while screwing their employees.

Are they using TCS money to subsidize Tata Nano?


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legal_alien_00707-10 02:24 PMnicely written.. i wish u all the best

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ivgclive07-21 05:11 PMSigns and Warning...

1. Mostly he seems to be a weird guy.
* God has given us special white blood cells that can find these guys.
* Listen to your inner soul when it says 'I don't feel comfortable'.

2. He walks with empty hands (RICH people) while all others in the shop walk with a cart and/or some goods.

3. Talks loudly, using words as if he is lending money to Warren Buffett or Bill Gates..

4. His approach.
* Are you Mr.<a name in south/north depends on your appearance>?
* I can't believe I meet you here.
* You look very familiar to me.
* You look like my younger brother / son / daughter / friend / father / mother / cousin / tomato / carrot / spinach etc

5. Look for these words...
* Do you want to make LOT of money? (eventhough he looks like a crap, wandering in a grocery store not buying anything, driving a 1990 Toyotta Tercel).
* I have a wonderful business opportunity for you.
* What do you do in your free time?
* I am running a eBusiness, eCommerce etc.
* Do you want to make use of your free time in a productive way.
* Count the number of times he uses the word 'Money', if it is more than 2 times, he is from that cult.

6. Finally,
* Can we meet sometimes this week?
* Do you want to attend a Business Meetting (!) with top heads next week?
* Do you want to just see what we are doing? (Why the hell I need to see?)
* Do you want to join us for a Tea, Cofee... (Believe me, they won't call you for Lunch or Dinner, eventhough they always talk about the LOT OF MONEY they have made)

I read lot of news from school and I learnt this 'multi-link' business 20 to 25 years back. So as soon as he asked me if I wish to make 'LOT OF MONEY' without working, I understood that the poisonous snakes had entered US long time back.

I had only one encounter 10 years back that went up to the so called 'Business meeting with Tea Party' because I was new to US and these guys were using an updated terminology.

From then on, I enjoy if I meet such people in Malls, grocery stores, Walmarts. I let him talk for about 20 - 30 mins when my wife is shopping. Asking him very basic questions as if I have not seen a $10 bill in my life. By the time he realizes that I am playing, my wife finishes shopping and we leave.

This way you can keep yourself updated on the tricks. Amazingly these guys read technology news a lot than us and upgrade their techniques.

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immigrationvoice102-13 12:17 PMThat is absolutely not true. Unused visas from under subscribed countries are made available to over subscribed countries.

And how do you support that argument please ?

ujjwal_p10-15 05:38 PMIf spillover works, logic is simple. Pending applications ~290K. Quot available ~140k
So, in just two years, every category should be current. Lets not scratch our heads.

Please work out the data versus pending/quota/spillover. Do VISA DATES ENGINEERING. And figure out the visa dates process/workflow and put in front of DOS/USCIS to adopt. Or lobby to adopt. or rally to adopt.

Otherwise our math will always be different from DOS/USCIS math on visa dates ;)

Easy boss. It aint that simple. You think nobody's going to be awarded gc's in the next year from EB1 and EB2 ROW? Wow. You not only need spillover but also need really low demand from EB1 and EB2 ROW through next Oct. If economy start picking up we'll be piling up on the backlog again and back to twiddling our thumbs waiting for visa bulletin every month. The only way this can be solved is through more visas or through visa recapture. If either of them doesn't happen, we are pretty much guaranteed not seeing "current" for a good 5-10 years, assuming the economy starts recovering and adding more jobs which seems like it has slowly begun. Not that simple.

breddy200009-03 10:23 PMbreddy2000,

You see YSR is in high point, as for you corruption, blood politics, mafia by him are no big deal and normal. What should I say? You are better fit to immigrate to Somalia, Afghanistan or Colombia.

Every one does that, is that a reason. You claim that you are not a supporter of any one. If that is the case then give due credit where required and criticize and condemn when it’s appropriate.

As posted by abracadabra102 YSR exactly fits for "No better friend, No worse enemy" and in due course he amassed illegal wealth, corruption and killings.

His death is the reason this thread is here, living or dead facts are facts and yes Good Riddance that he is no more.

Yes, will do whatever I can, humbly. In fact it is India’s citizens that are forcing these politicians to implement effective policy not the other way where people are living and enjoying an effective system.

All that I'm saying is why do you need to single out one politician. Can you compare YSR with Mr. Modi(Ghodra Express Issue), Mr Advani(Babri Mazdid Issue)...on how many innocent lives have been lost because of their filthy politics...

And mind you , you and me are working here in US cos of the open policies created by Mr.Late Rajiv Gandhi in the IT Sector. All that I'm saying is someone or something is better than none.

For that matter do you support War on Iraq , War on Afghanistan when it comes to people lives...
First know the facts before you comment and have guts to comment revealing your original ID and not with a hidden one....created just for the sake of it


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