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vinabath10-24 11:01 AMIf you join Microsoft , you might get less salary but they pay your insurance 100%. Is microsoft selling insurance to you?? its just a benefit/perk being an employee of microsoft.

same thing here too... pre-approved labor is just a perk/benefit offered by employer to hire you with less salary. so if you think you sacrificed your salary to get to cut the line for getting GC then you are thinking right.if not please stop thinking like socialist.

It all about money and business brother.

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tikka07-03 11:35 PMTikka,

Done as requested. I want to understand how this works - what will happen if we have a large number of people dig it?


the more we digg the more popular a story gets and will receive media attention... we already have stories on
ny times
see media thread for more info.... is read by hundreds of thousands of web users and there is high chance of getting picked by main stream media.

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at047412-13 02:15 PM"There is no "reservation", the nature of the clause is a cap, it does not give another country a minimum quota, it is written as a restrictive provision. and again- just because it benefits someone else does not make discrimination "right", in the strictest sense. right and wrong when it comes to discrimination are not relative. and if you believe they are, it's mighty slippery slope my friend because it does not take time to find yourself on the other side."

--You have decided to coin the country cap quota as discrimination. After you take that position, everything you said seem difficult to challenge. Yes, you are absolutely right that "rights and wrongs" are not relative when you are discriminating against someone. You are also spot on that discrimination cannot be justified because it benefits others.

"you sound suspiciously supportive of the caste system. i will say it again. such a system is wrong. i do not care which side of the fence you are on. was depriving blacks from voting wrong? or was it ok from the white side of the fence? please think before you post."

--Why bother assuming opponent's position? What system I support doesn't add a jot to what we are discussing here. Depriving blacks from voting and not giving a greencard to you (inline with a bangladeshi) doesn't seem to hold any water. Let alone whites being "ok" with it, when you walk down the street with a bangladeshi, I hardly suspect if they can even identify you by your nationality.

"please think before you post"

--Let me try!!Hmmmmm!!! Nah!! IMHO, We cannot call country cap for EB categories as discrimination. Is it reflecting discrepencies in its implementation? system works to justify its underlying intent accurately. Nevertheless, an attempt is made. Hence we call it a process. Harping against USCIS that it is plain discrimination is not going to get us anywhere. As times change, they have to change the policies to suit the prevaling circumstances as well. In the long run, if every other immigrant is a bangladeshi, I am sure they will be taken out from the diversity lottery program.

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H1BinNY07-04 09:37 AMI am not part of this mess but here is my 2 cents contribution. NBC reporter

NBC News Channel 4
Monica Morales

Her email is


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Leo0706-16 04:58 PM...immediate relief for legal immigrants, before Mr O gets to CIR?
Why are we seeing posts related to porn on this site???????

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neelu03-27 03:33 PMMy vote is for Dr. Jaya Prakash Narayan. He has done good things as a doctor and then as a collector in AP.

Of course he stands no chance, but I think he started a movement (grassroots) - hopefully it is the beginning of some positive change.

Check out his speech at a Mumbai university. - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3



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alterego10-04 05:50 PMI have seen all sorts of posting on both this forum as well as others supporting the process of labour substitution.
This issue needs careful analysis. Just as a knife can be used for a useful purpose of slicing bread, but also for the criminal purpose of committing homicide, so can the LC be used by the employer to truly get a desperately needed skilled employee or to sell it to the highest bidder.
In the former case it is appropriate whoever the beneficiary and however recently he has arrived. In the latter scenario it is neither fair nor appropriate.
Much of the problem as I see it here is on the basis of the basic abuse in the system. In my view this provision in the immigration law leads to more abuse on the part of employers, lawyers and opportunist immigrants. All this to the detriment of fair minded law abiding immigrants.
I have wrestled with this issue a lot. In my situation, I am in a situation of relative comfort. I have an approved 140 in a very stable job with pending 485s for me and my wife albeit with very recent PDs which I am not about to see become current for years in the current scenario.
My wife is in an area of quite good demand where there are all sorts of substitute labours floating about. Technically, I could have her take the gamble with the security and back up my situation provides.
Yet I have not done so (to date). Yet I am not foolish enough to make any long term bets either. I am an idealist but also a realist. I have much to gain or potentially lose by the scrapping of this provision. Hence I consider myself neutral and able to take a neutral view on this issue.
My feeling is this thing is wrong as it currently stands. Yet I will not promise not to use it if the powers that be are stupid enough to let is stand as it is currently stated.

That is my best asssessment of this situation.

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nepaliboy07-16 02:32 PMDear sir/Madam
This is my Question for traveling with advance parole.
1. came to usa 1999 as b1 visa with my wife.
2. change f1 student (my wife ) me f2 student depend after 4 months.
3. apply for I-485 employment i am principle applicant july 2nd 2007 riceive date and notice date is august 24th 2007 .
4. my wife apply i-824 july 2nd 2007 and she left usa july 14th 2007.
5. i got Ead and advance parole august 30th 2007.
6. i have not started work yet.
7. i had apply for f1 student visa (change of status f2 to f1) july 15th 2007 but denied.

so my question is my I-94 is f2 until d/s is no longer valied or not?
because my wife left uSA after filling my I 485 , is there is any problem travelling with advance parole?
my student change of status is denied so there is any problem to traval with advance parole?
i have not started work yet so there is any problem travelling with advance parole?

i will be really appreciated your kind answer please.


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GCard_Dream06-28 07:31 PMI think the folks who decided to file on their own are clearly the winners here because they have complete control over when the AOS gets filed. Folks like me who decided to go with the company law firm are clearly the biggest losers here because with all the added work load, the law firms are in complete disarray and can not guarantee anything about when the cases will be filed. The company law firm I am dealing with is in so much disarray that they have stopped taking phone calls and they wouldn’t even talk to me on the phone.

I have submitted all documents and filled out all their forms a while ago and I still haven't heard a word from them about whether they have received all the documents and when do they expect to file my case. Yet this is the law firm that probably charges 400 bucks an hour.

Like logiclife said, I wish I would have done it myself. Well .. too late now :(

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sroyc02-14 11:59 AMI was watching an episode of the BBC series - Planet Earth where people involved in the conservation and protection of the tiger and other endangered animals were lamenting about how difficult it is for the intellectuals to convince those living close to these animal habitats to help in conservation when they are not able to feed their children and are affected by the tiger killing farm animals.

This is not exactly similar to the ROW Vs India/China debate. I'm definitely not implying that ROW applicants are not intellectuals. The gist of what I've learnt from that episode was that we cannot push for removal of per country quotas without significantly speeding the processing times for everyone. I have no doubt that the per country quota is unfair to people from countries with large populations simply because we are representing ourselves and not our countries here. (We have been bracketed according to the country of birth in order for USCIS to enforce the current immigration laws.) But at the same time, we'll lose the much required support of ROW members if our approach is to unload a few years of our misery on them.

With so many people stuck in the backlog, we definitely need a one-time fix to flush the queue before we can lobby for removal of per country quotas.


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dealsnet09-05 02:08 PMIV leadership is now degraded to RSS/VHP terrorist mouth piece.
Chanduv23 IS THE LEADER. So he created some fake ID'S to post these postings.
Now onwards, IV and its activities on US watchlist. They will google hindu terrorist, and will get these postings and will watch out these guys.
You are so agitated about the Christian church in AP. You are making hindu temple in USA and you visit often in Flushing,NY Mr. Vermulu.

They will see your financing of these unlawful outfits.

May be YSR came to power just to lose his life. Good for him and YSR got what he deserved, even dogs do not get that death, the worst sinners get it.

Andhra Jyothy Telugu News Paper Online edition published from Andhra Pradesh, India (

That entire family and followers like you are infested with barbaric thoughts. I hope it brings an end to his Son as well.

Why should one have sympathy on a criminal? Do you have sympathy on Kasab, Saddam, Hitler? Do you know my caste, do you know where in AP I come from?

Do you know what he did to Kotla Vijay Bhaskar Reddy, P.Janardhan Reddy. This gunda YSR was involved in large scale communal violence in Hyderabad, just to get into power by denigrating then CM Marri Chenna Reddy Reddy (Dec 1990) and was upset when Nedurumalli Janardhan Reddy was made CM. More then 400 innocent people were killed who have nothing do with YSR . Caste, religion are excuses by people like you to support that barbaric YSR.
Link: Congress and the Hyderabad riots of 1990 : Black Beak blogs on sulekha, General blogs, Black Beak blog from india (

YSR a mass murderer beyond redemption

Being a Christian CM, why is he involved in TTD activities?

Y.S.R used his position to bring Christian institutions into the decision making loop of the TTD. There was a huge surge of churches along the roads leading to the holy shrine and a recent auction of Hindu temple land on Tirumula Hills.
Link: IntelliBriefs: Tirumala Lands to Church : Intelligence (

All posters and readers go through the links to see the facts yourself.

Few More:
From TOI: Democracy as mafia warfare - All That Matters - Sunday TOI - NEWS - The Times of India (
From (

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anai06-27 12:48 PMThree facts, followed by one interpretation.

First: several members (incl self) have checked with their own lawyers and these lawyers tend to agree with the common interpretation of validity for entire month. And at least some of these are lawyers with many years of practice.

Second: Fragomen, the largest immigration law firm, on its website mentions the mid-month possibility; so while there is no government source, the whole topic cannot be dismissed as an unfounded rumor.

Third: Macaca keeps cutting and pasting from the ombudsman's report in many different colors.

My interpretation:
The mid-month concept seems to be a matter of opinion. Multicolor posts notwithstanding, there's nothing official on this matter so far. (I emailed the state department seeking an answer; not surprisingly, I haven't heard back. If anyone else can get something from the horse's mouth, then post it here. If you can get stuff only from the other end of the horse, then maybe there's isn't much pointing in driving a general panic.)


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poorslumdog09-04 01:01 PMYou moron coming from the slum region or any other place in Bihar.
You don't know about keralites.
100% Literacy.
Living standard is same like Europe. (no other state have the facilities such as health care and standard of living like Kerala).
It is God's own country.
Visit and see the details.
Even the guys working in Gulf countries knows better than you and making much more than you. Go and see their houses.(multi storied), You are still in an appartment.
Do you ????

You are _TrueFacts aka poorslumdog aka insider

Mr.Nair...I would love to be an insider. Please get me the access.:D

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dealsnet09-04 11:32 AM-TrueFactsis an IV insider. Otherwise how he know the real name of the person.

quote:( "-TrueFacts) Jayapaul Reddy Vadicherla" This is to warn you on any personal disturbing mesgs"

So people suspect it is CHANDV23. He have second highest rating after PAPPU.
So people suspect he got all ratings from his multiple ID'S.
Sudddenly -TrueFacts become green after so many reds.


IV MUST BAN BOTH OF THEM, BECAUSE -TrueFacts accepts his ID is duplicate only to create to post this thread.

Mr. CHANDV23.....You should have been aware that when you are logged in with your alias(aka _TrueFacts) it turns "Green dot" beside your ID. Your other ID "CHANDUV23" turns blue if you do not use it...

Still making me laugh the hell lot trying to prove your point by hiding behind your real Identity. Why not accept that you are indeed "CHANDUV23" Hahaha...

I guess this is what is called "Wolf in Sheep clothes"


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nomi09-29 11:00 AMI got my Canadian PR and I have to land before 3/12/2007. My H1 B VISA STAMP expired on
8/30/2006. I got approval from another three years from USCIS but I need to go for visa stamping. I don`t want to go for US Visa stamping coz last time it took my one month for all background checks. I am avoiding for US Visa Stamping but I want to land in Canada in order to secure my Canadian PR.So any I use automatic revalidation provision of 22 CFR � 41.112(d) and come back with valid I-94 and without H1 B visa stamp from US consulate

Any one can help or guide me what is safe to do ?


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gc4me03-29 09:38 PMLooks like is correct after all. Already filled I-140 with sub LC will not be affected.
Read this text.
*Substitution--Substitution of alien beneficiaries will be
prohibited as of the effective date of a final rule resulting from this
NPRM and that prohibition will apply to all pending permanent labor
certification applications and to approved certifications not yet filed
with DHS, whether the application was filed under the prior or current
regulation. This regulatory change would not affect substitutions
approved prior to the final rule's effective date.

Good catch!


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TeddyKoochu09-15 07:35 AMMy dear friend, always you have to be hopeful, and cheerful.
If you want to build your hope look at people who are waiting with PDs in 2009.

This is a great thread. I don't know how real are the predictions, but this thread gives a great energy. lots of thanks to OP.

You are correct, being hopeful & cheerful is extremely important for all of us here. The spillover really holds the key as to how things would be moving.

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Pineapple12-14 03:51 PMYes, Lasantha.. you are right. But that was one of mbartosik's points when he/she was comparing cost/benefit.

hairstyles Transformers 3 Dark of the transformers 3 dark of the moon pictures. News Post: Transformers: DarkNews Post: Transformers: Dark

_TrueFacts09-04 11:00 AMWhat you have mentioned is the only good thing Mr. Backstabbing Naidu did. rest of AP is like Hell except Hyd... Govt employees pensions on the


I am not denying that during CBN�s tenure there was no corruption. You pointed out that there were some developments, like software industry.

But for you, any politician is a politician and you can live corruption. My picking on YSR does not mean I support CBN.

What YSR did, from a common man�s perspective: I am benefited, why should I care how the rest of the world, AP and India goes? But he doesn�t realize that, once he comes out his house, it�s all corruption, killings, land grabbing.

Yes, allocation of lands for SEZ�s was started by CBN and YSR gave it a new color by inc fictitious corporations and started getting free land in the name of those SEZ�s everywhere in AP.

snathan08-16 11:35 AMsimply racial profiling.

i dont think SRK is over reacting.. many desis who are accepting that its a way of life suffer from "Slave Mentality".

When was the last time.. a US diplomat or US socialite was frisked and detained for 2 hrs in indian airports?

To all the jocks who argue "its part of life" advise grow some balls and realize one thing.. no matter how long u live here.. no matter whether u have GC or PC...u will always be treated like third class citizens.

In the end its the color.. do you know beta.

for the record.i am no SRK fan.

Mamooty.. who is he?

Is it their miskate... Indian politician and police are so corrupt and do not have balls to do that.

No one cares Mammoty...but he is muslim and when he was frisked no one was erupting. Why only for SRK...? Doesnt it show the real picture...? When going for stamping how many hours people are wiating in line. If he is waiting for 2 hours in line whats the big deal. He is not Abdul Kalam to be supported. He was a noble person and Former Head of State. He himself is going through the security check that too in india. He did not even speak a word about that issue. But this moron SRK saying 'Doesnt feel like steping on american soil again'. I bet $10000 if he is not steping on american soil again.

akred09-23 12:11 PMCurrent homeowners who are waiting for their GC MUST also be exempted from cap. This clause has to be there. Without having any gurantee of getting GC these folks have invested their savings in buying home even when the prices were high, WHY because they had real intent of making US their permanent home. So these people should too be exempted from EB cap.

A better justification would be that doing so will avoid bringing new supply on the market from people moving to their native countries.

FWIW, the home I bought in 2001 is paid off, but I wouldn't mind buying another one if this comes through.


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