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pravarupa07-16 01:18 AMApplying 485 through Spouse


My Priority date is Jan 2006, EB2-India category having approved I-140. My husband is in EB3-India having pd Jan'2004, already applied I-485 (140 is approved) and got his EAD and AP. He is already using his EAD. I am a dependent in his I-485 but did not use my EAD and still continuing on H1-B.

Since my case is EB2-India which is going to be current in August'2008. Am I eligible to apply for I-485 me being the primary and my husband being my dependent? If so would there be any problem when USCIS adjudicates my case?

Your valuable response is highly appreciated.

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p_aluri09-09 05:38 PMI've got the magic "email/text message" this morning. I came to USA in 1999.
It's my thrid labor.. all the best to rest of the folks who are hanging in there.

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CADude09-28 11:33 AMPlease write to your congressman/senator/USCIS Compaint dept, if you have not done so far. Template and details are available in this tread. Thank you.

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reedandbamboo09-11 03:11 PMI contacted 20 congressmen/women (made my way down the list posted on page 7 of this thread .. kept my message brief, ~1 min, based on the paragraph provided by one of the posters on page 9).

Will continue with the rest as the day progresses ..


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snathan08-20 06:36 PMFYI...I heard from some of my friends that Vonage is good as long as you are its customer. Once you call CS and tell them you are leaving...they play all sorts of dirty tricks.

Thats the only reason I hate Vonage. Once you select the option to disconnect you will be in line 1 hr, then some one will come and ask you to hold till they pull up your record. You will be on hold for 20 mins and will be disconnected. This cycle will go on unless you are lucky. I had to try this 4-5 times...then I started hating their service. Otherwise they are good.

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seekerofpeace10-06 04:40 PMGuys,
As you know my wife got approved yesterday I received her CPO mail I checked the new funky website of USCIS case status and she was at the last DOT that of card production ordered....so we heaved a sigh of relief.....BTW I was approved on Sept 3rd and I am still at Post Decision Circle....

Today we got another mail from USCIS....Notice mailed welcoming applicant blah blah...you may get card in 60 days barring any ADIT processing blah blah....and her status in that funky website moved backward two holes to "Decision" hole...

Strange ain't it...I hope it does not move backward any further for any of us...

Strange are the ways of USCIS


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vikki7610-13 04:42 PMI was able to contact NSC using POJ today. Got same response- File is with IO for review.

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bkarnik08-07 09:43 AMLC substitution was wrong because it became a business thing for some unscruplous employers who started to sell LCs and get people to work like slaves. That being said I have no ill feelings towards people who used the opportunity to get their GCs faster, albeit by puttting in more of their money and/or working like slaves for a better life in the future (hopefully). EB3 to EB2 portability is someone trying to better his/her life after suffering in the queue forever and I have no issues with such people.

I, therefore, cannot support this case. BTW, I am an EB2-I with Sep. 2006 PD.

My first and only post on this issue.



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bayarea0709-12 06:39 PMI Pledge to call Judiciary members one more time this weekend and leave them Voice Messages.

This is our last Chance, otherwise be ready to wait untill 2020 to get your Rights.
Please CALL !!!
Please CALL and create awareness among frends and family be sending link for this forum so that they can call Judiciary Commitee.

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Saralayar01-05 09:37 PMYes we can consider that too for our argument. 10 years in another country without citizenship is meaningless (most important part of our life is being spent here).


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chanduv2301-09 06:42 AMHow about ALSO sending to

The First Lady Mrs. Laura Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

And also his daughters Jenna and Barbara :)

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karl6508-11 12:35 PMI called today to help a friend who has been stuck in namecheck status for almost a year and a half and spoke to an immigration officer who calmly explained to me that the name check isn't done only nationally but also "internationally" meaning, not only do they do a background check on you in the US, they also look you up in your country of origin. In all my time reading about this I have never heard her version before, so I had assumed the namecheck was only done at the national level. No wonder it's taking so long, with the FBI waiting for a response from those countries. :(

Unfortunately it is true. I have read that this check is done especially for people whose country is consider in risk. For example I am from Peru. My country has drug traffic problems, so my name must be checked with the Peruvian police records too.

That�s life!!!!!!


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gc_on_demand04-01 10:23 AMFriends even I believe that looks like we will hit the Jul - Aug 2007 mark this year for EB2 things seem to be adding up well.

If we got 12K from EB1 and EB5 for the first 6 months then we should expect another 12K and even EB2 ROW usage is significantly down.

@vdlrao I agree with your analysis on the May bulletin seems to be spot on.

I think we going to get 8k from EB5 , 12k + from EB1 and what u think for EB2 ROW ? last year EB2 Total = 53 k - EB2 IC (25k) = 27-28k EB2 while they supposed to get 35-36k.means spill from EB2 row was 8k-10k. EB1 gave 1-2 k.

if we get same from EB2 row and Eb5 then total spill will be 8 (EB2 row ) + 8 (Eb5 ) + 2 (Eb1) + 12 (Eb1 ) = 30k. Demand upto July 2007 is 32k - 33k... so more chances of June 2007. if we get more from EB1 and Eb2 row then chnaces for july aug 2007 are more and more...

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gondalguru07-15 11:37 PMI have two I-485 pending. Both filed by me.

One is based on National Interest Waiver for physician I-140 (self petition). The second one based on PERM I-140.

Both I-140 are approved. Both I-485 pending one since 11/04 and second 7/07. Fingerprints done for both and medicals done for both.

First I-485 needs total 5 yrs of service in physician shortage area (which will be completed in about 6 weeks)

Does anybody have similar situation. What to expect now. I have PD of 9/04 on both the cases. Dates will become current from August 1st.


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BMS101-24 03:14 PMFor transiting through US airports, you need to prove you do not have immigration intent or commitment to another country like home ownership, (and the whole nine yards that go with it). That is far more difficult to establish. Many businesses in developing countries that used to route travels to South America via Atlanta now route them via Europe which is easier compared to US since 2003.
Actually US travel industries are fighting hard to get Transit Without Visa (TWOV) and International-to-International (ITI) passenger programs in US airports re-introduced.

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RDB11-25 04:16 PMDude, then why are we blaming people like punjabi.........it is not his fault that the supply was abundant and demand receded..........I would still blame the banking system for the housing failure.......they landed out money which they knew would stop coming back at one point in time........and again, it's not that he cannot afford his monthly payments...........he just cannot sell his asset - to me that is a problem on the part of the lender and not the borrower. No wonder banks are re-adjusting the home loan amounts (to a much lower value than originally specified in the agreement) for people who cannot pay the normal mortgage (due to whatever reasons). Go and teach the same lesson to these greedy banks and lending institutions.

Again, I am not saying that foreclsosing (escapism) is a good route to take, as there are other ways to keep the paying the mortgage without hurting your mobility but at the same time it is not prudent to blame it entirely on the borrower - lending institutions are responsible for major part of this mess.

gO learn the concept of supply and demand before asking a question as to why banks are lowering their appraisals!


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keshtwo07-13 01:51 PMJeez,

This guy has moved from an anti H1 visa platform to an anti-India platform. This is bordering on racism. And no one saying anything. Wonder what all this is leading to.

People must remember that all of them are immigrants or descendants of immigrants.

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485_spouse05-14 05:00 PMMy PD will be current in June 2007.
My 485 was filled in June 2004 and I got married in Dec 2004. NOw I need to file I-485 for my wife. I have couple of questions.Any help is welcome.

1. Can I file her I-485 without medical/Immunization?
2. What will happen if my GC is approved before we can file her papers?
3. What are my options if the 2nd come true?

Thanks in advance.

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vinicola7811-06 02:58 PMI sure hope that it is not a denial. In any case, I am preparing for the worst and trying to save some money to pay the lawyers for an MTR...

pappu01-08 03:36 PMMultiple-Year Single EAD-AP Card Reportedly Limited to Visa Regrogression 485 Filers

Some more details have been released on Mr. Aytes' statement on this plan. Reportedly, such multiple year card may be issued only to those who suffer the visa number retrogression. In other words, those 485 filers who will experience delays in 485 applications who do not suffer from the visa number retrogression but from the USCIS delays including namechecks are not likely to benefit from the upcoming multi-year card issuance.

I posted about this here

vsrinir09-16 09:17 AMHouse Judiciary Committee Schedules Continued Mark-Up of H.R. 5882 and Others

The mark-up of the following bills were put off in the 09/10/2008 hearing for a procedural matter. The debates of these bills are now rescheduled tomorrow at 10:15 a.m. Webcast view will be available. The bills for the mark-up at this hearing are:
H.R. 6598
H.R. 5882 (Visa Recapture)
H.R. 5924 (Nursing Emergency Relief)
H.R. 5950
Please watch the webcast.



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