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Getafix10-16 01:21 PMHi , My old passport and the relevant passport renewal forms reached CGI Houston on 09/30/2008. I am still waiting for get back my new PP . I haven't been able to raise anyone of the phone who could give me an update on anything.

So I am just waiting ...

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Pegasus50304-14 12:30 PMI wont never want to be a US citizen anyways. GC is all required. are you kidding me. why would you want to be a citizen here anyways.

two reasons

one, to vote, exercise a democratic principle, you can't complain about the government unless you actively participated.

two, I have 3 kids, and it's likely they'll stay here, my 12 year olds were 3 when we first arrived. My lawyer highly recommended we consider citizenship after another client had challenges. Despite good parenting this guy's kids got into trouble with the law, to the extent that they had their green cards revoked and they were in deportation process. However had they been US citizens whilst there were consequences they wouldn't have their citizenship revoked.


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veda08-08 11:57 AMSeems still there are number of April filers case are pending (Ffiling).
Here and there there are cases approved who filed June also but that is less than 1%. We should not consider them.

I called yesterday - Representative told me that they are working on April 21-25th cases as of yesterday.

God knows when they come to JUNE.

At least they have to take out the bar to file with in 120 days rule.

All rules are make us to feel too much tension which inturn decrease our life expectency. Is that their 'gift' for us for serving this Country?.

I have seen approvals for May filers on IV.
Lots of people have posted about their EAD approvals in the GC thread.

I think TSC have started approving EAD filed in may. So, lets hope for the best. I hope this helps.


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slammer03-27 10:09 AMHi.Where are You from?

We are from Germany and living in Canada since a couple of years. And you ?


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seattleGC04-07 11:20 AMAnd whats wrong with having 90% non-immigrants in ur workforce?

These companies(even desi consulting) do play an important business role in consulting and economy at large. Only thing we have to worry about is that they dont exploit or abuse the workers which can easily solved by making h1b portable. By restricting to 10% or 20%, these 20% are going to be more exploited because there will be hundreds of desis and non-immigrants waiting to take that 20 jobs that now available and companies will exploit them.

If you want to see the effects of protectionist bill like these, one only needs to look at manufacturing sector. US gov. and unions protected its local manufacturing workers, wages went up and eventually the whole sector went to China and other countries. Its happening with automobile sector now. Let's hope software industry is not next.

This is actually a very good idea. Maybe not 10% even 25% is fine.
This way microsoft, oracle etc. can get their workers.
Even Deloitte, PWC they hire americans and pay you when you're on bench.
Unlike most indian consulting companies, which don't pay you when you're on bench and make you lie on your resume.

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senthilask09-01 10:07 PMAlright guys, I cannot tell you how excited I am to report that i got a call this morning from my attorney and my online case status also states that Card Production was ordered for my case!!!

After 8 long years.....i finally have been approved for permanent residency. After 7 years, i will finally, with peace of mind, go back to India to visit my family. Thanks to IV, everyone's help on these forums for helping me keep my sanity over the past 2 years....

After 15 years in the US, I will finally have my green card in hand soon.


That's really a long wait and Congratulations


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a1b2c306-25 08:40 PMWake up. :D You are responding to 2008 post.

Sure. But it doesn't change a thing. Would've said the same thing in 08. By throwing a bone (EAD card) USCIS have played with EB3 indians and have very effectively throttled the green cards.

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anandrajesh01-17 04:46 PMSigned up for $20 monthly recurring payments thru Paypal.
I will keep the payments going till i get my Magic Green Card.


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smuggymba05-11 10:11 AMWhat nonsense is this.
Isn't this supposed to be a public forum that people can join and share updates. There is no disclaimer that one needs to donate to participate in discussions on this forum.
If donations are mandatory - this would have been a paid only website and access to all should have been restricted. I bet the participation and visibility of a useful site like this would be detrimental in this case.

I said contribution, not donation. Money is not the only way to contribute.

last week I spent 4 dollars in sending letters abt EB1 fraud - I did not spend much money but contributed; that's what i'm looking for.

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indian11105-15 02:32 PMCard production ordered on 5/14
e-Filed on 4/26, sent papers on 4/28, received by TSC on 4/29
Filed at TSC. Not sure on the EAD validity of start date yet. Waiting for the card in mail.


e-Filed on 4/26, sent papers on 4/28, received by TSC on 4/29, Card production ordered on 5/14. Great job TSC.



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preetianu02-02 08:46 AMcredit goes to out Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) "waitnwatch" for this ride ...good job :D :D

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chanduv2304-08 11:07 AMI actually agree with what you said except for the statement above. And the reason I disagree is this: the ground reality is that immigration laws do not always do what is best for the market. US immigration policy is going to be more sympathetic to those who got degrees from here. They already have a quota for US degrees. They do listen to IEEE, and if they only cared for market, they would stop the family-based system totally. Whether it is true or not is debatable, but the belief amongst politicians is that those who get graduate degrees from here are amongst the best.

Yes - the IEEE influence helps the US educated and thats why US MS graduates have those cap restrictions. But if they actually have a value for US educated, then they wont have any cap for US educated and limit US educated to only 20K visas.

From what I can gather is, if there is a immigration reform that is coming, it will be based on a stricter enforcements of h1b and at the same time have a points based GC system where US educated will have more points. That said, for non US educated also, tons of work experience will add and equalize.

But as you say, if they cared they would stop family based system totally, so we are not talking logic here :)


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Ramba04-14 12:48 PMIn past days, immigrants come to US thro only consular processing (no AOS in past) to become a permanent resident. Even now most of the immigrats (family based) comes thro CP. Therefore, one has to wait 5 years to become a citizen. This makes sense, because, this period is necessary to check the character of a person before becoming a citizen and to check whether one has maintained continuous residence here to become citizens. This same logic will not be good for people already in USA for more than 5 years legally (Particularly employment based immigrants). Only 10 to 15 % of immigrants go for AOS. Most of us here in USA for more than 5 to 10 years. We have waited for labor certification since 2001, waited for 140 and now waiting for 485. We paid taxes, maintained legal status and good characters during last 5 to 10 years. It is unjustifiable for us to wait again another 5 years to become a citizen. The old rule of 5 year waiting period makes no sense for people already lived legally more than 5 years here. In this current situation, one has to wait 10 to 15 years to become a citizen. It is a big wait. Therefore 5 year waiting rule must be eliminated for applying citizenship, if people maintaind 5 year legal residency (either in non-immigrant or immigrant or combained) prior to filing N-400.

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raj307806-19 09:27 AMI have paid SSN for many years now even I have received a letter about 3 months back stating I am eligible for cetain Social Security benefits .. and how many points I have accumulated so far.

Every month I pay this amount towards SSN. After paying SSN for many years, I still stand no privillege of early Green card, I am still stuck in Green card process.

I am sure there will be many people like me.

I also hate loosing SS Taxes. I mean we dont have any security in this country. We get 60 days to pack up if we loose our jobs and then they collect SS taxes from us. This is insane and a gross abuse of people on H1B. I think we are equally to blame to continue taking the abuse as the abusers. I fully support the clause that Green Card/Naturalization is a priveldge and not a right, but robbing me out of my money is not. I do support filing a lawsuit against this fully. I am sure if we pull one years worth of our SS taxes, then we can pay for this suit. We might win or loose but least we will have peace of mind that we faught for the right cause.


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arc04-14 12:40 PMI guess we have enough people convinced and for those short sighted ones will have an option whether they want to get naturalized or live on their dear GCs so by that time if they educate themselves they will be convinced too.

Now what are the next steps in chanelling this effort through IV Core?

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tonyHK1203-30 08:40 PMOne of the items in the agenda for the April 4th and 5th, 2011: Advocacy days in Washington DC is "-Allowing people to file I-485 and get EAD even when their priority date is not current." but the deadline for voting on this is April 30th, 2011.

Am I reading incorrectly?

The April 30th deadline is to get enough numbers for the public action items to be carried out in which thousands will participate in contacting USCIS and other related departments.
This public action item needs in the range of 10-20,000 participants to succeed.

We are also campaigning for this on April 4th -5th with meetings involving a couple of hundred people with offices in DC.

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chintu2501-26 11:16 AMNext Seminar 7.30 PM EST WEDNESDAY 28TH JANUARY 2009

It will be in IV CHAT ROOM ...No special room this time we will conduct in the main IV chat room . Any questions , please post here


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breddy200001-17 02:38 PMJust now created and signed for $20 monthly through my bank account.
Already contributed $200 earlier.

Pls contribute guys...We need to motivate others to contribute as well..

rajsenthil01-04 03:04 PMThe online application system gave me a date of Nov 27th. I go to consulate on the scheduled time to find that the office is closed. That's really bad. Luckily here in NYC, I went on the same day on Nov 27th and it was opened. The passport was sent to me by mail and received it in 10 days. I was surprised by the way the crowd was handled. I think it depends on the top person who is in-charge of the consulate.


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