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sunny100007-14 04:24 PMI thought there is no harder working organization than USCIS. The devotion they showed towards June end by working long weekend hours to approve 60K visas is commendable :)

Is this a sarcastic comment or did you mean it? If you are being sarcastic, I am with you 100%:D :D :D :D

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awi_ok02-18 04:28 PMHello,

They may have done the prevailing wage (DOL website has this info) and LCA online. Employer can do their LCA online and get answer/approval within minutes. Once the approval is signed, I-129 can be filed on the same day. My employer did these things when they filed my H1B (I got it 5/6 months later).

Hope that helps,


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voldemar02-28 10:48 PMMy daugther's date of birth is 03/18/1988. We filed I-485 together in 02,June 2007. We all recieved I-140 approval and I-485 receipt.

I would like to know whether my daughter will age out in 03/18/2009 or 03/18/2010?.Your daughter will NOT aged out. We filed 485 and 140 1 mo before our son 21-st birthday, got GC 3 years later.

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nixstor01-22 08:44 PMSlumdog,

You have really taken pains to put this in such an articulated fashion. Even though I do not feel great right now, I cannot stop dropping my 2 cents here.

While we know that all NON GC Holders will stop buying houses for the correct reasons I want to underscore some subtle reasons that influenced this buying spree. It is not my intention to put any one on pedestal. I am just writing what I observed. Not intended at any one in person.

Greed and lack of understanding

Want to make easy money. People think that Real estate value does not fall, just like in the places where they come from, where property has two values, Market value and government value with a huge differential. In the US, the county property assessments are purely based on market value. So thinking that the gains are not going to evaporate is lack of understanding of the system coupled with greed.

Do I/We really need a house?

Not many of the troubled home owners might have asked this Q. Had if they asked this Q, things would have been a lot better. The discussion of buying vs renting was almost gone. Every one held the opinion that buying trumps renting.

Save money on Taxes

This IMO, is the biggest myth. One needs to keep changing the house every 5 years to have the itemized deduction more than the standard deduction.B T W, If you live in one of the states that do not have state tax, your itemized deduction might not be so big that you will really benefit a lot every year. Hey! It does not matter where you are paying. Either you pay your taxes to uncle sam directly so that the govt can run fine or buy a home and contribute to the economy. In the end Govt gets the money. Biggest lie propagated by Realtors. Look at the amortization tables of your mortgage to find out.

Bad Realtor

Giving cash back to the buyers and trying to sell every damn home. When I buy a home, I will refuse to take the money from the Realtor off the bat. I will make him/her work and find the right home I want and would not just buy a home in a day. Easy money for the Realtor and a bad home with a bad loan for buyers. There are people who went out on the weekend and signed a home and told me at work on Monday.

DINKS So we are good

DINKS=Double income no kids. So what? That is now. what about six months from now? Are there going to be any life changing events? We cant predict every thing but it is NOT difficult to forecast whether a family is going to have a kid or not and what kind of financial implications will such events have?

Peer pressure

Lets take fictitious families R & S living in the same rented community with similar back ground. Mr and Mrs R decide to buy a home and they buy one. Mr S does not think it is right for them to do so. How ever, Mrs S pressures Mr S into doing so. Believe me this happens all the time.

Down payment

There is a reason why 20% down payment was a norm in the mortgage industry for a long time. 20% down payment keeps PMI and the high interest rates on your secondary loan away. I know people who are burned because of PMI and interest rate on second loan. Such down payment will keep the monthly EMI affordable and leaves out gimmicks.

I can understand taking a second loan on the 10% down payment, but people were let go with 0% down payment leaving them with a bad loan and a bad home. Some people bought the home they wanted, but the price was too high. Thats all they are left with.

As President O said, we collectively failed to take difficult and correct decisions even though the greed and deception can be attributed to some people on the wall street.


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snathan03-22 10:51 AMI do want every one to have easy access to GC. Here what you are asking does not serve any one. It only increase the backlog. If we could make them utilize unutilized visas, remove country cap, set a fixed time frame, for most part I-485 would be current allowing any one with approved I-140 to file for I-485. You might say that atleast they could get EAD and AP. But look at those who already have I-485 filed. We are all crying the our applications are there for long time. So, do you still think to have AOS even PD is not current??

Since you have filed I-485, its not going to serve any other guys...what a selfless thought. By the way can you explain me how its going to create back log.

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ss_col05-15 10:27 AMI would suggest you file asap on June 1st at least by June 15th. Dates are going to retrogess - this is what my lawyer told me.


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ajay03-30 06:54 AMI am looking for accommodation too.....lemme know if u still have room.

I see that people are still looking for accommodation....I stay in the NoVA area around 20 miles from DC. I am willing to host people at my home. Please let me know.

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texcan01-24 02:08 PMYou sure are doing great with your marathons and beers, but anyone not doing these is no less productive or less American that you are !!!

Canadian_dream, i fully agree and i have no intention of saying someone else is not productive.
I choose to see things this way for me. I just started an active life style, not too long ago.
I think i was quite productive before taking up some exercise.

would you agree that making some active choices in life style are better, and will help improve productivity a bit...

thanks for your time.


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NolaIndian3209-03 12:21 PMcongratulations! and you were so worried on 9/1/09 when you saw my post. :) I am glad you are cleared too!!


I got it !!!!

no CPO or welcome email.... just the below...funny part is, it was approved yesterday and when I checked the status this morning there was no change.

well I will take it :)

the weired part is no email even though I have "Y" in the settings.. I just happened to check the status online and have the below message for spouse and I



Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

On September 2, 2009, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register

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syzygy05-16 01:59 PMHello,

I just called all the offices and mostly their front end people took the message. Most of them knew beforehand of immigration voice and the bill numbers top of their hear. So all who have not done it please do it, it takes only 5 minutes.



EkAurAaya10-12 03:50 PMBharatPremi and other who have put lots of time and thought analyzing-
Can you talk a bit about ROW EB3. Do you think with PD MAY 2004, with EAD, AP on hand, should I try a new EB2 or stick with the old one?

I don't see any problems for ROW - i think your strategy should be wait and watch (at least for the next 6 months)

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tonyHK1209-29 06:10 PMWe have had phone and email campaigns in the past. Phone campaigns work the best when a specific bill is being debated and there is the target 2-3 days campaign. The rest of the time, person-to person presentation is the best.

Yes, I'm in for person to person too. Will check the NY chapter.
The next step is to motivate others. Maybe persons would be more interested if we go out in small groups. Combine it with some other activity. Sometimes travel for chapter meetings can get tough for some, with families, could combine with skype.

There was also a hidden joke about outsourcing phone calls ;)


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chandarc07-16 01:08 PMI am with you Sanhari. I will do the same..

I am writing to the local congressmen, to request USCIS to apply the spillover visas to EB cases with older priority date first (irrespective of it's category or country). I hope this will help, if lot of these local congressmen/women contact USCIS to handle this spillover in a fair manner, allocating to older priority date cases first irrespective of category or country. All EB3 folks please take some time and do the same writing to your congressmen about this issue.

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snathan05-01 02:50 PMOnce we get enough support we can seek adivse from senior IV members or admin. Dont forget about the funding.


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coolmanasip08-02 10:31 AMWhy do we need a new thread for this. Just continue on to the "2010 last quarter approvals" thread....keeps things organized and simple for everyone to follow

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indian11108-11 11:14 AME-filed May 22 for EAD renewal to TSC

FP done on 07/16
No updates and its getting close to 90 days .


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paskal09-19 07:10 PMthis is not just a question of depriving those who did not come.
let's please recognise that many people did have genuine compulsions as well.
the more important issue at hand is that sensitive information should not be released on an open forum. state chapters are free to organize live meetings and brief their members on lawmaker meeting experiences. those who attend chapter sessions are welcome to participate and learn- and join in for future meetings which should continue at the district/state level.

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sanan05-16 10:05 AMDo a translation in english. I did it my self line by line and have it notorised
My Birth Certificate is in Indian regional language. Is this Birth Certificate valid for 485 or do I need to translate it into English?

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abracadabra10208-28 06:31 PMI take strong exception to following statements:

"The US masters degree holders, particularly with computer masters degrees with their courses in useless subjects like "assembly level programming" and their binary math didnt do squat for them while looking for jobs during recession times and could not stand competition from bachelor's degree holders from Tier 3 university from India who had done 6 month course in NIIT. "

The above statement is completely wrong. I needed assembly level programming and the binary math for designing satellite switched routers. There is no way to get packet processing time to less than a micro second without knowing assembly language and binary math. I have been in R&D for 3.5 years and I can assure all of you who are taking these courses that these courses are very relevant if you are looking for a job in high computing and high performance industry.

In addition I passed MS in 2001 and alongwith many others went through the same period of 2001 job market!

and why do you think those courses are not taught in a foreign country?

little_willy05-14 05:21 PMI got 3-year H-1B extension till 09/2010 based on approved I-140 from current employer. Similarly, my wife's H4 status is approved till 09/2010. My wife filed for a new H-1B and her change of status from H-4 to H-1B is still pending (she has a receipt number and got selected in the lottery). Assuming her H-1B approval comes through, the start date will be from 10/01/2007. So far good.

Now, I found a new job and the employer is willing to do the H-1B transfer. My wife's H4 needs extension too. What will happen if her H4 extension comes till 09/2010 with a pending H-1B? What will happen if her H-1B comes before H4 extn?

Is it possible to extend her H4 only till 09/30/2007?

Please help, I need to inform my new employer by noon tomorrow whether I accept the job or not. My PD is June 6, 2003 in EB3 category. I missed out by 5 days. The bulletin confused me further whether to move or stay put in my current job hoping my PD will become current in the next bulletin.

Moderator - Since this is an urgent case, I would appreciate if you could allow this to be a separate thread. I did not want this to be buried under some other topic. Thanks.

starving_dog09-14 02:46 PMThe USCIS will send you a summons for your fingerprints. You will have to go to wherever they mandate. The fingerprints only have a fifteen month validity.

The medical exams are usually a two day event. One day to do the exams and then they write up the report when they get your blood work results from the lab.

While you are waiting you can work on developing the patience of Job.


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