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ss102603-29 01:38 PMTo those ignorants or idiots who voted for Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi:

This is a book shows facts about Nehru Dynasty in India:

US just elected a President who father and step father are Muslims. And that is great and the world appreciates that because it shows that this country can judge a person by his skills or character and not get stuck in bigoted views about muslims or other minorities. And we love this country for that

But when it comes to India, don't you think of voting for Rahul gandhi because he might have some blood of either a parsi or ('god forbid') muslim in him. That certainly should dis qualify him, shouldn't it. Nepotism is certainly bad but this takes the cake. Dont vote for him because he might be 10% parsi/muslim (I am sure you have not forgotten about the italian heritage but you can raise that later). But certainly criminals and perpetrators of Genocide would be desirable PM choices. Rock on

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mnkaushik09-17 09:47 AMI know that many applied on March 05 just the week before Perm was going to start through the normal process and not RIR. I remember there was a way that they could abandon that application and apply thorugh the PERM process but keep their date. I know a friend of mine who did it. All these numbers suggested above makes sense only after we pass March 05.

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nuke01-13 02:27 PMI think IV should get a new law introduced which changes the surplus visa trickle down policy so that equal number or visas gets distributed between EB3 & EB2. This law will have maximum possibility of getting passed.

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amsgc07-04 01:03 PMgc_check,

If I cannot apply within the next one year, do you agree that I will have to spend again on:
- Lawyer fees for form preparation and accounting of changes in laws= $2000
- Medical examinations And Immunization costs = $300 (many docs dont' take insurance, they didn't in my area) * 2 = $600
- Photographs = $25* 2 = $50
- Courrier services, photocopying, printing, long distance calls = $200

So, once again, I am looking at spending: $2850. This money that I/employer spent last month is GONE. Who is responsible now? That's all i wanted to point out. When I said double, I meant spending $2850 twice, and also adjust for inflation. The above costs do not include USCIS filing fee.

To calculate the money that has gone down the drain, just multiply that by say 50000 applicants who will not be able to apply within 1 year. That's well over $100 million. This is not a small amount, one could start a pretty good size company that can effciently go through the backlogs.

>> This is money that has gone down the drain.
None of the FEES has been accepted by USCIS as they even did not accept the petition. So the fees cannot be calculated.

>>So in the end, you may end up spending more than twice the amount of money, and more in application fees.
Yes, the fees gets revised start July 30. But you need NOT pay again and again to extend EAD/AP, if requried. Need to calculate the difference. Also not sure if the Attorney's would charge twice as they have to resubmit the paper with little or no modification.

Money lost will be the amount spent on Medical Examination (In my case $550, as I ended up with a doctor of my choice out side my medical insurance network), So even if my conpany can reimburse, I cannot... Also per my attorney Medical Examination Reports are valid for a year, If we apply within a year, this is also not lost. If someone or his family has to rush back to USA, to file AOS, then the amount spent are waste. Loss of vacation and money.

My point is not to discourage any one, but when we wirte to media, folks will investigate all before they publish to main stream. We need to be fair and should provide the correct information, else we might loose the coverage.

We need to highlight the expenses occured and stress this has caused to many many people.


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rsdang110-16 11:42 AMGuys,
I understand this is a simple estimate but - if and its a big if - it works then it would be a great Diwali gift for all EB2 folks and subsequently open spill over for EB3... Keep the faith...

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snathan03-30 02:08 PMMay I know who is that redard gave me red...?


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qvadis12-13 05:28 PMFolks,
Since this can potentially be a great win for us, why don't we take the advice of a top constitutional attorney.

Note that it would certainly not benefit the other 60%+ from countries other than India that are also stuck in various steps (EB3, name check). So, unless you want IV to stand for IndiaVoice, you should concentrate your admirable effort on increasing the overall quota (with increased per-country quota), excluding dependents, etc.

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syedajmal07-14 12:14 PMA little Background

My Situation -
My Labor (PERM) and I-140 (EB2) was filed and approved thru Company A ( Priority Date May/15/2006). I was laid off from "Company A" with my last day being Fri 3/23/2007 before I could file my 485 thru them. I started working for "Company B" beginning Mon 3/26/2007 for which I have an approved H1.

Spouse Situation -
My wife also has her Labor(EB3) and I-140 approved and 485 pending with a priority date Nov/2002. Her 485 receipt date is July/09/2007.

While I was leaving "Company A" I did let them know about my Green Card processing and they did promise to help me out if there was anything required in the future.

With the latest movement in dates, I would like to move ahead with the filing of my 485. I do have a couple of questions regarding what will be needed w.r.t my current situation.

I would like to know you expert opinion/advice on what can be done in this situation so that I can move ahead with my 485.

Thanks in advance for your time.


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dealsnet09-04 12:26 PMIf this is true, it is serious. If a donors information is compromised, it is like selling the credit card info the cheats. It is high time to clear bad elements from IV.

Yup, it is a religious fanatic. Also it must be an insider.
I am still wondering how the full name of "Jayapaul Reddy Vadicherla" is known.
One thing is that the Vadicherla is a Donor and must have given all his details while donating. The insider have access to this information and posted it.

_TrueFact, can you post my full name?

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Hassan1107-12 09:13 AMI am not sure if this is true or false but I thought to share. it might be a good news for July filers:

07/12/2007: USCIS Reportedly Returning Visa Numbers to DOS

AILA has reported that when Rep. Lofgren issued a letter to Secretary Chertoff, she also disclosed that "It has also come to my attention that USCIS began returning visa numbers to the State Depaartment as early as Thrusday, July 5, 2007." It could be the answer to our question why they are holding July filing cases and why they stopped adjudicating 485 cases for which they pull out the numbers before July 2, 2007. What a mess!


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ghouse174203-30 06:23 PMDude, I respect your view....but I dont think I have the apetite or heart to support or vote some one who has the blood of 2000 innocents in his hand. The Supreme court rightly called him "the modern day Nero". I think we Indians can do better than the Modi's, Tytlers and Shahnawaz's of this world.

Boss, remove Atalji. He is on bed for last 8 months. So no chance for him.
Sonia Gandhi is out of question as people will not accept her.
Rahul is a baccha ( KID ) in front of all those stalwarts ( old and experience wolves ).

Contest should be only between MMS and Advani.

Though i would have loved to see Modi on PM HOT seat.

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sundevil05-29 12:08 PMI think as someone said this guy was randomly throwing numbers out there. How come his analysis does not account for remaining 36K EB1 and EB2 ROW applications. Is he suggesting that all EB1 and EB2 ROW are being used up also. Very hard to believe that for 2008 and 2009 with the way the economy is going. Lot of product companies where most of the ROW 485s would likely come from have stopped applying perm since last summer. There is a huge flaw in this analysis and its not as pessimistic as it seems.

BUT, then again we need legislation to wipe the slate clean and clear these 200K applications, so there is a new build up of visa demand and wait times are tolerable for current applicants and future applicants.

Yes it will, unless there are more EB1I visas which could spill over to EB2I, in which case EB2I will move ahead of EB3I. But that guy has also said that the spill over may not happen because of the demand for EB1I.

Its just unbelievable that EB2I and EB3I (i.e. the persons who have PD when the numbers were calculated) will have to wait for about 19 years to get their GCs. We HAVE to do something about this.


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sunny100012-13 05:06 PMGood point. But point what we are discussing is whether the rules (per country based) made to process GC can be challenged in US Courts within its constitutional limits? If tomorrow US decides to shut down EB/FB we do not have problem. Certainly it has that right. But when US wishes to have those immigrants than do we (applicants - non -immigrants) have a right to challenge particular rule (here per country based limit) in Court?

The U.S government absolutely has that discretion to make any rule/law under the Foreign Policy doctrine which no Court will interfere. The analogy for this would be the rule - wet/dry policy - they follow with the Cuban immigrants who get a GC just based on landing on the U.S soil. Nobody can challenge that rule (which favors only migrants from Cuba - when Mexicans do the same, it is considered illegal) but, a cuban immigrant can challenge what constitutes U.S soil which the courts can decide.

In short, you cannot challenge the law itself but, can challenge how the law is interpreted.

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we_can09-24 10:16 AMInnovative idea, cool. Sent mails to most people in the list. Just one bounced, others went fine.


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santa12307-21 07:43 PMBest case and worst case

You have always brought some statistics onto this forum and many of us have felt that your numbers have some logic. I want to know what your confidence level is on those stats, may be you feel on the inside that this is theory and God only knows wht will happen. Since the processes that USCIS & DOL follow is not very clear to anyone, I am curious.

Just as you know:
Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital. ~Aaron Levenstein

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iv_only_hope07-24 08:55 PMvdlrao
I will post the calcs and see his response. Thanks.


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voldemar03-27 09:40 AMBy Apr 26, if the LC Sub elimination becomes effective,
How do you now that? Any sources?

will USCIS reject all pending LC Sub cases (I mean pending I-140, 485 etc using LC Sub) ?If text of the proposed memo will be the same, then all pending I-140 based on LC substitution should be denied.

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shensh02-15 11:33 AMNo, the intention behind the 7% limit is to protect levels of European immigration and address racist fears of immigration from the 3rd world. This was also the intent behind the diversity lottery - notice the consternation that the diverisity lottery is primarily benefiting non-Europeans.
What is the basis of your claim my friend? What is the "racist fears of immigration from the 3rd world"? Do you know that "traditional" European country such as UK is not even qualified for Diversity visa?

Please do not spread fear based on your narrow understanding of the law. UN is right in pointing out that every law has and should have an equalizer.

Please read this from US Dept of State:

"Diversity visas are intended to provide an immigration opportunity for persons from countries other than the countries that send large numbers of immigrants to the U.S. The law states that no diversity visas shall be provided for natives of "high admission" countries. The law defines this to mean countries from which a total of 50,000 persons in the Family-Sponsored and Employment-Based visa categories immigrated to the United States during the period of the previous five years. Each year, the USCIS adds the family and employment immigrant admission figures for the previous five years in order to identify the countries whose natives will be ineligible for the annual diversity lottery."

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Ramba03-31 08:47 PMEven Muslims in Gujarat have started realizing congress is good for nothing.Congress just makes promises that it never keeps up.Uses opportunistic politics.well of course you create opportunities that are helpful to people which will bring prosperity along with awareness.Increased awareness among masses means end to dynastic rule.So why keep up promises and shoot your self right?

On the other hand Modi who doesn't even need Muslim votes in Gujarat has worked for overall development. In terms of this Imam from Gujarat;
'Seeing him work for two or three years after the riots, Muslims too felt they had an opportunity to prosper in the peaceful environment that Modi government was creating. He has provided an atmosphere which is conducive for those who want to trade peacefully in Gujarat. Therefore, intelligent Muslims supported BJP during 2007 Assembly polls'

Apparently there this group called ,'Tablighis ' who have foreign funding ( which was of course was checked by Modi govt) working towards keeping the hatred alive.It's anybody's guess who benefits from such hatred apart from congress party.

This guy also says:
'But let me tell you, projection of 2002 riots was much more grave than the situation actually was. '

But you know congress party that orchestrated sikh riots went to form govt ,Rajiv Gandhi speaking about sikh riots said 'When a banyan tree falls earth will shake' then he went to be country's PM indulging in all kinds of scams.Now his wife,children are holding offices.Congress party guys directly involved in the attacks also keep getting party tickets.That OK?

Agree hard work,entrepreneurship and other such qualities are in gujaratis's blood.Intersting how until Modi that time of prosperity never came.

Most of Telugu people are in I.T , but time for Hyd to get onto International map didn't come until CBN.Again during the current Congress regime in Hyd that time kind of took back step.

Name of that time is good governance.

I am not defending any party or person. Everybody is equally bad. Let, all the Muslims in Gujarat may start love him, and entire Gujarat may vote for him. That does not matter. My point is that those people who run for high office should not have any criminal background, despite how much qualified or skilled they are. Assume, if you involved in small domestic violence, and if you fail in small background check you will not get GC even if you are a Nobel Prize winner. Think about PM post and its responsibilities.

NKR02-15 06:34 PMprobably true but because most of them are on H4 which means someone else in their family is H1.

what will they do at home anyway?. wouldn't it be better if they be allowed to work than force them to go and study?

srkamath07-24 08:18 PMSome lawyers (like the one mentioned here) like to advocate Consular Processing. At the risk of sounding cynical i'll say it..

Lawyers are always trying to make money. During last July, several people self-filed I-485s, therefore lawyers lost business.

Now if they create enough noise about long EB2 backlogs for AOS via USCIS, people might be scared enough to opt for consular processing, which is complicated enough that you'd need a lawyer !.

I'm gonna ignore this lawyer's posts ..


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