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cps06004-04 10:31 AMhello bobzibub,

great to see someone welcoming immigrants. My wife is a dentist, licensed in one state of the USA. However she does not have a US DDS. She was licensed by the state as she has great experience and she passed all the tests needed. She has been very well practising dentistry for almost 2.5-3 years now in the US. However, Canada does not let internationally trained dentists get licensed without going to Canadian/American dental school. If you know of any place in CA which would license my wife as she has more than 7 years of exp (4+in India, alomst 3 in USA) and had passed all exams (Board, licensing etc etc), please let me know. That is the single most imp reason for me to still hang im here.

As a Canuck:
It is an honor that you folks choose my country to live in.
Temporarily, or permanent, I hope it works out.
Every country has its warts. (Mine has them too) but the immigrants to a country are what give it life.

For the Doctors, check out some rural areas various provinces. I think they have programs that ease the regulatory burden.


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NKR02-19 03:19 PMNKR, you said u r replying to someone else.. i don't know why u then quoted me in ur message and in the end added that I didn't care about u.. is it normal that we run down each other for no reason.. what bad thing did i ever say about u..
sorry that u got the impression the thread was dead, i was away (soccer then resting u know) and came back to see someone else left me hate/curse messages, and speaking on IV's behalf and no one cared to tell him that both acts were not appropriate.. tell me why is it that u (and may be others) agree that removing the country limit is wrong and that saying some nationality is better and brighter than others is also wrong yet not one is defending me when i make those same arguments and get insulted in the process..


You both were talking on the same lines and I had quote you too. Look at my previous posts. I never said that the country limit should be taken off.

Just point us to the post which said that Indians/Chinese are better and brighter. I think you cooked up that story.

Hope you had enough rest after the soccer game.

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sachug2209-15 01:53 PMJerome and scchug22, Would you mind kindly reconcile or revela source.

My data is for all approved PERM case all countries in 2005 (so is incomplete).

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jsb06-04 12:57 PMGiving an interim GC while visa number is unavailable will have the effect of bypassing the entire GC quota system. How do you want the interim card to be different from the final thing? No way that anyone in Congress will allow for their laws to be overridden through USCIS rulemaking.

I just used the term Interim GC to convey the idea, it could be named anything. It could also be mere letter "...your application for AOS has been approved....formal card will be issued when visa number becomes available". EAD is a also a partial GC, it gives you rights of a GC holder pending administrative processing of your application - to work with any employer. The interim GC (or whatever it should be called) may provide all rights of a GC holder, awaiting final count in the legal register of permanent residents (due to legal need of numeric limitations) and the final card, just like a temporary driver license you get immediately after the road test. The idea is that once this stage is passed, no further questions on employment, marriage certificates, etc. should be asked. It should reduce burden on USCIS too. They have to keep on checking again and again on validity of everything we write in our application.


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GC918009-25 03:20 PMmonthly number calculations not quarterly or yearly

from the above doc


.... Each month a determination is made regarding the number of visas that can be made
available on a worldwide basis. .......
Numbers are made available in the chronological order of the applicant’s
priority dates. The monthly cut-off dates, which are used to determine
whether an applicant’s case is eligible for final interview, are published in the
Visa Bulletin available on the CA Intranet site....".

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lskreddy04-22 06:36 PMCheck your messages Suresh. Thanks.


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msp197602-13 03:42 PMIf they changed the law to have 300,000 visas but there is 400,000 people going for greencard; then there would still be retrogression. The unused visas from ROW would not get allocated quarterly but in the fourth quarter.

Out of those 400K ....200K happen to be India/China...

Today's projection for me EB3/India is 7-10 years to get GC....
with a higher number this would come doen to 2 years ( would it ???)..That is the whole game...EB3 India might not become current but at least EB3 ROW would be current and then the spillover would make EB3 India picture much better....

Also AC21 allows the spillover to happen quarterly rather than annully...not in the fourth quarter..( Please correct me if I am wrong..)

Look at a(3)

(3) Exception if additional visas available
If because of the application of paragraph (2) with respect to one or more foreign states or dependent areas, the total number of visas available under both subsections (a) and (b) of section 1153 of this title for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who otherwise may be issued such a visa, paragraph (2) shall not apply to visas made available to such states or areas during the remainder of such calendar quarter.

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hiralal06-12 10:33 PMsince we are not having any campaigns to help ourselves ..let us have a campaign to expose the L1 / EB1 visa / GC fraud !!


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shruthi0701-27 01:00 PMSaralayar,

You are right.

Cases Not Allowed for I-140 Premium Processing -

1. EB1 (Extraordinary Ability and Multinational Executive or Transferee)

2. EB2 (National Interest Waiver)



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rajsenthil09-04 12:24 PM1. Rasu Devan
2. Kenkai ammal
3. Gandhi mathi (lady only).

Please all do pray for the poor souls.

My condolence to them. But I beg to differ that people dying unnecessarily is not a good sign of development.

Let their soul rest in peace.

Edited: Ooops, I think misread your post.


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punjabi07-29 11:07 AMI have had 2 friends, one from my Engineering college and another who was a co-worker in SFO. The first one had joined Amway in India and the other one Quixstar in Bay Area.

Both told me that they were brainwashed by the up-line members and they were forced to go through the cds, books, and their guidelines on regular basis. This is in their own words. I am not making it up. And both of them told me that they have lost number of friends and acquaintances since they joined Quixstar/Amway.

May be it is a business that you can join to flourish and prosper. But I believe the operating mechanism of Quixstar is wrong. A group should be like - people should feel an urge within themselves to come and join and make the full use of it.

Running a business itself is not bad. But when it is run and operated by covert, hidden and superficial attitude - that's when people start to feel the repulsion.

My intention is not to attack Kushal or anybody else.

Sure with dead bobhead braincells of yours, nobody expects your self image to be high enough. Its not for wimps wearing zippers to the side like you. If you are man enough come and talk to me, and will see who gets handcuffed.

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pappu08-18 03:48 PMI do not know why this issue is more important for people to discuss. Just because Mr Khan is asked to be a common man? He is not a world famous actor. He is a famous actor to a very very small minority Indian Community in USA. Why should USA give VIP treatment to any star actor from any country of the world? If he was an official ambassador/senior diplomat/Minister, it us understandable. He is simply coming to USA to make money. He will still come again to USA to make money even if he is strip searched again and questioned for more than 66 minutes. Indian government seems to have crossed the line by complaining. This VIP culture that is so prevalent in India needs to change.
If Indian government really wants to complain, why are they not complaining against the long wait periods for H1B stamping in India. Ordinary Indian citizens going to India for stamping sometimes have to wait several months in the name of security checks. This takes a toll on their life and job in USA. There are several other issues Indian Citizens face in USA. If Indian government has chosen to interfere with the internal matter (in this case national security) of USA, why is it keeping quiet on other matter of importance to its citizens? Indian government needs to stick to its policies and not bend its rules for VIPs.

As someone said, if his intention was to publicize his new movie and make more money from his share of profit, he may have succeeded.


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santa12309-24 12:48 AMI am not trying to ruin this party... Let us not start our celebrations yet.
what if the EB2 & EB3 dates go backwards in Nov visa bulletin?
Should we be ready to face it too?

After all we are dealing with ****** USCIS....:rolleyes::eek::confused:

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gcfriend6506-26 12:34 PMThe Visa cut-off dates are issued by the Department of State.

Right now, the message shows:

All Employment Preference categories except for Third �Other Workers� have been made �Current� for July. This has been done in an effort to generate increased demand by Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) for adjustment of status cases, and to maximize number use under the annual numerical limit. However, all readers should be alert to the possibility that not all Employment preferences will remain Current for the remainder of the fiscal year. Should the rate of demand for numbers be very heavy in the coming months, it could become necessary to retrogress some cut-off dates for September, most likely for China-mainland born and India, but also possibly for Mexico and Philippines. Severe cut-off date retrogressions are likely to occur early in FY-2008.

Can you confirm the source of your information, that the August Bulletin will be showing retrogressed dates.

Yes, the august bulletin will be showing retrogressed dates. But when August bulletin is issued in mid-July, it does not impact the petitions received in July, because the August bulletin applies to August and even if August is retrogressed until 1975, they still have to accept 485s until 31st July.

That's what your lawyer said. Right?


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vdesi01-05 02:05 PMAccording to this all H1B's who want to buy a house ? can invest $40,000 should be given a GC out of turn.... Wow!
What about people waiting in line patiently for five plus years, (labor, I140 and I485)?
The line for those waiting patiently will not decrease, only people on bench for months willing to get GC at any cost will benefit.

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newbie202002-19 10:52 AMGuys, There was a reference to class action suit on Murthy

Which clarifies doubts from so many folks whether being a part of class action will have a negative effect on his/her case.


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thepaew12-14 04:30 PMWell Said - I feel that this discussion is counterproductive. In my opinion (I am no lawyer but I feel strongly about this), there is no constitutional remedy available. The only accomplishment may be that we alienate non-Indian members.
I know what I am about to say will trigger a lot of reaction and some resentment, but it has to be said on behalf of those who are not Indian. I think the per country limit is to ensure that people of all nationalities and races have an equal opportunity to obtain a green card and to ensure that no one nationality, group, or even sector (i.e. IT) monopolizes the so few visas that are available. In fact, in the visa lottery, countries become excluded when the number of immigrants from them reach a certain point, so we are lucky they do not do that in the Employment-based system!

I think that by wanting to remove the per country limit so more Indians can avail of the green card quota is both asking for "special treatment" and a slap in the face for all the non-Indian IV members. The more I read the threads on this site, the more I feel that this organization is geared just to one ethnic group. I am sure that Indians probably make up the majority of members, but the founders of IV (I hope) did not want this organization to become one-sided! Please be considerate of ALL members and try to come up with suggestions that would benefit ALL members!!!:mad:

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chintu2509-24 01:43 PMI think we should ..........this would be helpful to their business too.

EXCELLENT IDEA HERE are some CEO addresses we could send the emails too as well asking for their help

Hugh Grant,
Chief Executive

Joe Forehand,
Chief Executive

George Mitchell, Chairman

Antonio Perez, CEO

Douglas McCallum,
Chief Executive Officer

Network Solution
Champ Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Last but not the least

United States
George Bush



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indiancitizen7708-30 11:18 PMThank you all for the insight and advice. I wish the US greencard process wasnt a bureaucratic blackhole. I have been here for 6 years amidst the so-called backlog reduction and the stagnant retrogression with no end in sight. It is really frustrating. My wife being a licensed physician cant work. We just end up coughing up our paychecks to uncle Sam and the lawyers. Unless something is done soon about the legal immigration process, I can see the US losing out to other countries which have a structured system like Canada and Australia.

sh200502-12 03:38 PMI wish your hopes comes true. However, one thing you should remember. There are many guys with PD before 2005 got stuck due to name check, particularly in ROW catagory. This big jump in PD for ROW and new name check clearance rule, will makes tons of 485s become eligible for approval in March.

As they mentioned in their comment, they may freeze the PD for ROW in APril or move back to 2004, depending on how many EB3-ROW gets GC in March.

I see the comment where USCIS said date movement can slow down or stop, but didn't say anything about going back to an earlier cutoff date. Of course, I am pretty sure that State dept didn't take into consideration the new Name Check rule. So as we have seen before, anything is possible :)

immigrant200708-19 02:44 AMWrong guess, what all can i say?


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