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dilipcr06-16 02:22 PMGuys,

Please stop responding to Dilip. He is feeding of our frustrations. If he was still retrogressed he would be singing a different tune but never mind. Every response we give him makes him feel pleasure at our plight. To tell you the truth our plight is not bad. We just like to think it is. We have AC21 option. Remember when you could not file I485 how much you coveted that one option. If the employer withdraws I-140 and we have to file MTR so be it. People come out of it unscathed. It is still a low probability event. Take the bull by the horns and you will come out stronger. Even when you get your GC life's problems will not go away. We still have to fight for a better job, better pay, better quality of living and then we will not have the excuses we have now (Thats how Dilips of the USA are made).

So lets take pride in ourself, use our options wisely and ignore people like Dilip. He is just pampering him shattered pride by telling himself we cannot get the salary he wants due to H1b , outsourcing .... . He is not worth it.

I dont care if you consider me a guy taking pleasure in your plight. Remember I dont get anything out of it. I truly like your attitude to take the bull by the horns and the resolve to come out even stronger. That is the attitude that would take you a long way. Trust me and all the best.

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okuzmin09-30 04:29 AMHI can some body answer if we can apply for canadian PR with H1 B valid for less than 1 year.

For canadian citizenship you have to be in canada for 2 yr(physicaly) and after 3 yr after stamping

You can apply for Canadian PR while staying in the USA if you can demonstrate that you have entered the USA legally and stayed in the country legally for at least one year. That's what Canadian law says. I'm too lazy to look for the actual law -- just google it. ;)

You can apply for the Canadian citizenship after staying in Canada for three years out of four. Of these three years, you must be a PR for at least two years.

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Edison9909-24 11:54 AMwhen there were no dates in VISA BULLETIN for EB2 and EB3, how the people filed 485 in the year 2008 and 2009 under EB3 and EB2 as well?
Good Question though!

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logiclife01-23 04:51 PM--thanks...edited my comments per your suggestion - logiclife


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GCard_Dream02-12 02:15 PMIf the current EB3-ROW move is any indication one can rely on, I think you will be current in next month's bulletin. I bet you can't wait.

I wonder what kind of move we might see for eb3 -row next month.

Yeah, Tell me about it!!!

Just two more months and mine would have been current!!!!

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hopefulgc02-14 03:38 PMdamn.. lazycis you are good... its a winning precedent.
would you be our lawyer (you have a few weeks to get the JD and clear the bar exam)

Originally Posted by lazycis View Post
"Another aspect of the present misconduct relates to the agency's failure to fulfill a statutory duty. The INS has a statutory obligation to issue visas to qualified applicants to the full extent of the annual quota limits established by Congress. 6 The legislative history of the Immigration & Naturalization Act indicates that this duty has not been left to agency discretion, see S.Rep. No. 748, 89th Cong., 1st Sess. reprinted in (1965) U.S.Code Cong. & [*39] Ad.News, pp. 3328, 3337-38, but is obligatory upon the agency. "

See the Judge ruling from Lazycis post regarding namecheck. USCIS has an obligation to use the numbers to the fullest extent.


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gc2826206-12 08:10 AMDude, Read Vivek Wadhwas findings carefully. He wants the best and the brightest to be provided unlimited visas. I agree with him completely. He is not for perpetual fraud and wage destruction as proferred by the outsourcing companies. Next time when you quote a defence, atleast quote something that supports your case not the opponent's :-)

You are contradicting yourself in your arguments. One one side you say you are highly skilled on the other you say you are worried about depressing wages for citizens like YOU. If you were so competitive, why would you worry about competition.

If farmer grassley's bill passes through, you are the one who is going to lose your job (if you are still working at MSFT). Balmer has already threatened to move the jobs out of the country if Mr Change goes along with his protectionist policy.

BTW none of us on this forum favors outsourcing. Whether you like it or not, nobody can prevent outsourcing. Even if corn farmer's bill survives, outsourcing will go on. If you are looking for job security, you need to change what you do for living. This applies to all of us on this forum as well.

Could unions stop the shifting of manufacturing jobs to China. You are living in the capitalist capital of the world. Don't think companies will help you cling to your job just because you want them to.

BTW you claim only 20% of H1Bs are genuine. How did you arrive at this figure. Have you interviewed each and every candidate who received H1Bs ?

You seem to be echoing anti-immigrant's concerns. Antis also complain that MSFT product quality has been going down since they started hiring H1Bs. I guess they were complaining about people like you.

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rajuram02-14 11:51 PMHow would letting "people" know that there is a problem help? The only people that matter are politicians.

I tried to determine, on a separate thread, the wait times for EB-2 India, EB-3 ROW, and EB-3 India.
ANd I failed miserably. My models didn't make much sense. So I quit trying to come up with a reasonable, mathematical, estimate on the wait times.
The reason I was trying to determine wait times, was so that I could then convince people to join and contribute for IV. Basically, a media campaign, geared towards our base.

Anyway, the point of this post is this. I don't need reasonable, mathematical estimates. Maybe, all I need is a quote. A quote from someone knowledgeable, like Aman. Or some lawyers association. Some chimpanzee from USCIS. I don't know. Just something that says 'It will take 10-15 years for EB-3 India to get their greencards.' Or something like that for EB-3 ROW/EB-2 India.

That could be used to let people know that there IS a problem. Trust me. A huge majority doesn't even know that there is a problem.


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ghouse174203-30 06:03 PMWe all have different views and support different nut jobs standing in elections. The real sad part is to see some people who I dont think are really bad, openly in this discussion forum putting one community down. Supporting a arsonist, a murderer, a rapist and who has blood of 2000 innocent people on his hands as a "good" administrator is an insult to the intellegence we all claim to have. All communities/castes/religions have suffered enough in India already and not one religion or people can claim to be on morally high ground. We all have kept quiet through the darkest times in India. We should not anymore. Stop insulting the great men (Nehru, Gandhi and others) of our country. With out them and their work we all would be polishing the shoes of some firangi. We are young and we should think about pushing India forward, otherwise some of us with our twisted thinking (for sure we are all showing here) will be the next numb nuts standing in the elections in few years. Jai Hind!!!

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brij52302-13 09:10 AMChanduv,

I know in the past many times it was debated -- why people do not support? Let me put forth what I feel.

Effort put by IV is very commendable. But the beneficiary of IV work (mostly) do not give importance to Green Card. That is what I think based on talking to multiple people and that is what we see from the % participation of people for various fruitful effort put forth by IV. Most of them say they do not care if they get GC or not. In their heart of heart they may but not too much.

Other reason I can think of is -- There could be doubt in minds of many people of IV strength. The day IV gets some success, people will rally behind IV for a while. And that is the scenario outside world too. See the stock price. If the company is doing good, stock price goes up. The day one bad news comes, stocks falls down. Take the presidential election. You can very well make out that contribution by company or people is proportional to candidate wins. If you are loosing, contribution will dry out very fast. I am not saying that candidate will not have supporter but that would be less in number. Take N.T. Rama Rao case. The day Naidu ditched him and others followed him, no officials gave importance to NTR.

Believe me, in my office or outside, I have talked to every Indian. And not one comes back n discusses with me about IV.

I strongly feel IV is doing a commendable job with some dedicated contributors.

IV in past has looked into all options. It is not possible to sue USCIS because the law protects them for what they are doing. they are following the law.

If people think we have a case, please take initiative and lead this - you will know how ready the community is. All those who are talking big here on this thread will run away u will see them running 180 degrees the other side if you ask them to come for the class action.

We are not able to generate enough letters - people tend to be rude when asked to sign letters and fight us finding fault with us.

The only way we can achieve something is if we unite and that has to happen through community building exercises and inculcating a sense for the community in the people.

I am ready to support this initiative if it is feasable - so please do not get me wrong or think that I am pessimist. The ckind of community we are dealing with, things are not that easy that we open a thread on IV and everyone follow it.

How many sent flowers? Close to 300
How many attended rally? - close to 2000
How many sending letters ? - close to 2000

All this after so much of cajoling and motivating. needhelp and gang working tirelessly trying hard to get signatures, standing outside grocery stores, standing in train stations, being so focussed - why can others not see what they are doing? The only way our community is going to succeed is by more people coming forward and complimenting efforts of needhelp and and this must keep increasing.

Is the community ready to stand up and rise in unity? Or just opening threads and discussing anonymously and then burying the threads deep below?

Can we walk the talk?


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dilber07-15 07:25 PMFor first quarter EB2 India will have 1/4 of 9,800(7% of 140k visas), which are 2,450 visas. I wonder
how u got 800 visas. I dont see much retrogression in EB2 dates other than some mild ones. And the dates move pretty fast on a whole.
About EB3: it wont be like now all the time. The Immigration reform bill wont keep failing all the time. There would be a time for it to pass in the next two years. As soon as it passes all our Employment Based categories, specifically EB3, will get greatest benefit with PDs almost becoming current.

First of let me congratulate you. You have been amazingly accurate time and time again about the movement. Do you have some internal sources:rolleyes:
Jokes aside I think you miss calculated the 2450 visas for the first quarter for the EB2 India. I think the 7% country limit is on a state as a whole including EB1, EB2, EB3, and others. So going by this India gets 9800 visas for a year without any spillovers. The spillovers happen in the final quarter only so for each of the first 3 quarters EB2 will get 28 percent of one fourth of 9800 and the same amount will go to EB1 and EB3 as well. so EB2 I gets 686 visas. But I agree with you that in the last quarter EB2 I will move very fast because it will get all the spillovers from EB1 and EB2 ROW..

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eastindia10-15 03:42 PMproengineer why did you create a new profile to post this?
Why are you marketing a lawyer?


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lazycis02-12 10:06 PM:confused:I apologize for my ignorance but
what is ROW ??

A row — also called a record or tuple—represents a single, implicitly structured data item in a table :) (I think the discussion becomes too hot, time to cool down, folks. The solution is not to remove per country limits, but to increase EB quota or at least to recapture lost visa numbers. Fight for removing per country limits will divide IV and is very unlikely to achieve something.)

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srikondoji06-27 04:22 PMnope. Columbus is illegal alien. He should be deported posthumously.:eek:
Last one was good one from arihant.
Lets move dates back to.......hmmm....when Columbus discovered America. Guys....Was Columbus on H1-B? Then he changed his status to Green Card....Gosh....dates were current when Columbus landed.....


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sertasheep09-03 09:54 AMThis was the response I got 3 years ago when I enquired, but I believe the process is different for each province in Canada, and you may want to talk to the person below for more details. Life after internship/residency is not that lucrative in Canada. You may be better off in the Middle East.

************************************************** ******

If graduating from an accredited medical college in he United States, he/she will have substantially less difficulty obtaining his/her license to practice medicine in Canada.

He/She will have to complete the qualifying examinations that are administered by the Medical Council of Canada. There are two of these exams. Information about these exams can be found at He/She should not have to worry about being subjected to the international medical graduate programs since American schools have their degrees recognized by the licensing bodies in Canada.

Contact Info

Scott Butler
Member Relations/Project Manager
Association of International Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (AIPSO)
2 Carlton Street, Suite 1004
Toronto, ON M5B 1J3

Phone: (416) 979-8611 x 4301
Fax: (416) 979-9853
Email: membershipaipso AT
************************************************** ******
Check out these links:
Lots of links out there, you'll have to do some research.

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BECsufferer04-01 12:58 PMIf Imran khan has come in to politics why not Azharuddin ?

We can keep guessing but you know who is the right guy ,


I remeber how brutal Imran used to be to Indian openers with his deadly in-swinger. Those were days of good cricket ... a classy cricket. Outside cricket Imran still commands respect for being honorable and honest person.

On other hand our Azhar is one of those who will sell his own mother for money. A disgrace to cricket world. Comparing him to Imran is like comparing Lion in Jungle to a Hyenna ( no disrespect to reading Hyenna).

Few years back bunch of cricketers originating from AP here in MI sponsored him and his wife to visit here. I was invited by come and shake hand and photograph with this bookie and his beautiful wife. Majority of people having self-respect politely rejected the invitation. Now I hear he is trying to become bookie in New Delhi. Good Luck!


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sledge_hammer01-14 02:01 PMA vrey very valid point!

don't you think. AC21 (the famous Yates Memo) is also a memo. People expect USCIS to follow it though.... :o

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tikka07-04 09:28 AMI meant a scan of the other 100 page thread Breaking news. I did not follow that thread and it has lot of issues. Please summarize them here.

I will add issues from here! thanks

yeah thats what i meant.
the adds on in red are from the other thread....breaking news...

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gopinathan07-28 08:24 PMdude... that is fundamentally incomplete. you should add - "as long as you don't cause discomfort to others or trespass their personal space".. there is a big difference..

... No work is small or big , good or bad , work is work.. ... Grow up.

hopefulgc02-13 07:36 PMDone.

hopefulgc - please dedicate some time and update your first post with more information on lawsuit, you may want to quote lazycis 's posts and other information.

A lot of people may not be very knowledgable and may backoff when they see the word "lawsuit".

Those who are saying YES on the poll - it is assumed that you will not backoff - if you have not yet updated your profile on IV - please update your complete profile - this will show that you can be counted on.

snelakan06-27 10:00 PMcause state department made the dates current....USCIS can only request visa's from state department.....since they were not asking for a lot of visas, which were going to go waste, state department made everything current...


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