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unseenguy06-19 01:34 AMHere is your post on 6/15/2009 @ 4.49pm

See the words in RED BOLD font. They highlight you mentioning the word "REFERENCE". Kapish?!

Maybe you should check on your eyesight. And while you're at it, get your head examined as well... memory loss is an early sign of onset of senility.

Before I get my head checked, get your reading comprehension skills and life priorities checked. Searching, copy pasting others post for which you are spending too much time for too little time indicates some kind of compulsive disorder aka addiction for green card.

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qasleuth11-20 10:59 PMI already had conversation with american people ( not any desi's)

ummm...not sure what that means....are you saying 'american' people can give you better advice on this matter "of leaving the house because you are moving for a different job" than 'desis'.

U tell me how wise it is to give a loan to a person without a down payment..The reason i said that other people are stupid is because.. i took an ARM loan of 5 years,, where i knew that i am not going to live in the house for more than 3 years and will later sell it..and there are people who knew that they are going to stay in the same house for more than their ARM period.. but didnt realize that they wont be able to make payment once the rate is re-adjusted.. i am calling those people's decision as stupid..
about me making a bad decision about buying a house.. well not 2 years ago..
i can sell the house for a loss of may be 20,000.. but why should i pay that money from my pocket.. i can keep that in my savings account and use it in my bad time..

Are you sure you have a job, a house and have the capacity to get to work without needing assistance ?
Your simplistic explanation about ARMs Vs length of ownership of the house, decision to 'leave the house' because of a job (whatever that means, did you lose your job or did you find a better job or what ?) is just incredible.

How much down payment did you make ? Won't you lose that amount?

Here is a conversation I had with a co-worker recently:
Co-worker took a 3/1 ARM and bought a house which is beyond her means. Now the rate adjusted to a crazy amount and she is finding it hard to pay her mortgage. She blames everybody from her broker to banker to Obama to Paulson to foreign workers.
Rationalizing to suit your needs is a fallacy. As a grown up you have to own up to the decisions you make. Running away from your financial commitments giving simplistic rationalizations will get you into deeper trouble.

Anyways, my own interest in this discussion is what sledge_hammer nailed, people like him/her and I pay for your greed.

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gbof08-18 11:34 AMAwesome.

Ya, journey ended well.

.... If there is any sequence after Approvals, expect it this way: CPO/approval ADIT/Welcome mail (mail), Post decision/ Last processing Action= this is the date they mail cards and check/hope to find cards in mail box in 3-4days (DON'T discard as they look so very ordinary envelope....)

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logiclife07-09 06:43 PMWill you guys stop this madness atleast now?. If US started bending rules for people who send flowers, then everyone will try to manipulate the system. There is a lot of difference between the circumstances of originla gandhigiri and now. :rolleyes: That was our country back then, for crying out loud.We are in a foriegn country and the issuance of visa a previlege not a right.Why cant you guys understand this simple fact?. Now stop making fools of yourself and get a life.

That USCIS director gave a good answer. Is your pain more than those citizens of this country who gave their limbs and life for US?. :eek:

BTW, i am one of the guys who couldn't file I-485 because of this fiasco. But i understand the reality.:)

Kindly realize that we know full well that flowers dont change laws and regulations. If that were case, Microsoft would have drowned DC with roses to get H1 quota increase.

We are not stupid. But the flower campaign does have a purpose bigger than 485 filing. Its called media attention. Now kindly stop complaining, trust IV leadership that has run this org successfully for past 18 months, and please help us by doing your part.


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vbkris7701-05 07:43 PMThis may not be a big change. These laws made more sense when they had less or no wait to get into the country for Perm residency and then wait long enough (5 Years) to understand how this country works, before getting a citizenship.
With the change in the cirumstances, it is not case anymore. Most of the people waiting for GC are much better of with the way things work in this country. So we are basically not challenging the law but the interpretation.

More over If CIR can promise a path to citizenship for illegals, I don't know why not this can be done for legals.

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calabor200102-27 03:12 PMMamit: Take a deeeeeeeeep breath! Good for you that you are dealing with this right at the start of your career. Get all the bad stuff out upfront. I have a family and life to take care of in the US and I am stuck in this crap since Jan 7th. It is extremely hard and frustrating - but there is simply nothing that you can do about it right now. So, relax and wait it out.

The PIMS stuff is all messed up and iff you have a common name, your lottery for "Security Clearance" may have come. That would significantly add time to it. If this is your first stamping - the chances of rigorous checking is higher - although that is not always the case.

It is easier said than done - but seriously, let the life take its own course, this too shall pass and soon!

Good Luck and cheer up!

Thanks Bpositive. Actually this time I asked my friend in US to call DOS, and he used the computerized answering system with my petition number and they did say that my H1-B petition has been approved. I don't know if I mispronounced/mistyped anything when I did it last week, but at least now I'm sure that it is on DOS' system. Thats the same thing I heard when I called KCC, that my petition was approved in April 2007. Or maybe I should've asked them if they've access to PIMS. It's frustrating man, I never thought at this stage of career, entry-level that is, I will be stalled by things like this. Well I hope in the end I can find a rational explanation to why things turned out the way they did.

For the new folks in the forum, its been 75 days and am still waiting for my H1 visa. I guess I should also talk to that Mexican Emabassy and see if my case shows up on the PIMS or not. The only problem with New Delhi embassy is that when I call them, all they say is that the case is still pending, and nothing else. I don't even know if I should curse them for being incompetent, or maybe that is all their job entails (I'm not being condescending here). Is it advisable for me to go to New Delhi personally? This is a mess, but as long as its in God's design, I'm ok with it. I just don't wanna feel later that if I had done this ... blah blah, then I could've expedited the whole stuff. That'd be a bummer. Well at least I need to be focussed and keep my head straight. That I can control, and thats what I'm taking solace in.


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nitinba06-29 07:45 PMseems like, now its 98% final and to me its 100% final that I have missed the bus, though I bought tickets for the bus and bus company is refusing to payback the ticket money to me

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foobar200108-13 09:11 AMHi Foobar ,Mine is excatly the same case as yours , as of this month iam current so far no luck but will let you know with any updates .. good luck .
gc_nebraska -- thanks for the reply. Do let us know when there is progress on your case, and good luck with the same!!


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abuddyz01-08 09:55 AMDear Smisachu/ and others:
I was also planning to go to Kolkata this summer to extend my H1B for another 3 years. Now, I am so scared reading all about the PIMS verification; delay of issuing visas; and returning passports. I am also sacred because I did not apply for any AP because at the time of applying for my 485 my H1B was valid (in fact it is valid till July 08).
So, what would you guys advise me to do:
(1) Go to Kolkata (with my 485 receipt notice, original) and return before my
current H1B expires in July 08? Or, (2) apply for an AP (it is my understanding that AP is rejected by USCIS if someone has a valid H1B)? Please advise. Thanks.

this is my thinking... number of cases which are getting delays due to this PIMS check should be considerably less when we calculate in terms of percentage... all the persons who are getting passport quickly may not be coming to these forums as they will be busy in their India trip (though there are few people who posted and I salute them). And I guess whose passport get delayed .. most of those must be coming to such forums... so in terms of percentage it might be 10% or less of cases.. so if we decide to go for stamping, there will be risk of passport delay but the probability will be less...

these are just my thoughts.. no other source of information.

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jsb09-21 11:30 AMJSB ! You are just one very optimistic one.. aren't you ? :)

Let me tell you I am as anxious and frustrated as you all "July 2 filers, no action yet" are. But I am thinking about it a bit calmly, rather than thinking of doing something so that I feel that I have done something (i.e. complain, write to congressman, etc.). Expressing my anger by saying they should have done this or that, does not change the situation. I believe USCIS is working, as expected, with the capability/attitude of a government worker, treating our filings (which are so important to us) just another government office paper work. Best is just to wait for another 10 days, and if nothing is heard by then, take action as per procedures.


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ramhs06-28 09:56 PMMy attorney is planning to send out the paperwork on June 29 to reach by monday july 2nd , is there any problem to this, is there any risk involved in sending on 29th, is anybody else doing this ? Please respond, this is urgent.

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luckylavs09-19 09:59 AMGurus,

I received a SR reply in mail that my case is under additional review . MY pd is sep 05 and i am so frustrated. They also asked to check back after 4 - 9 months. Is there any body in that situation and what else can be done .. please advice..



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ras09-30 02:37 PMI already took Vonage world phone. I am happy with it. However, I happened to see somewhere in the thread about Lingo offering india calling even through the mobile. That had me give a second thought on switching over to Lingo.

However, when I read the fine print on the lingo site, it mentions you cannot call Mobile phones in India. This catch makes me go crazy. Can some one confirm how are they handling with this constraint. Is that still a good option to switch over vonage to lingo based on this single feature?

Thoughts are welcome...

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chandrajp05-22 09:57 AMI am in a similar situation. I applied just 95 days before. My lawyer "forgot" and I applied in a rush in the end. I am hoping it will not be a problem.
My understanding is that you will remain in status even if you do not have EAD or AP. However you cannot work.
I have a meeting with my lawyer on wednesday. I will be asking her about this. I am hoping for peace of mind that this does not become an issue.
I checked with somebody in the forum like you and he got it in 2 and 1/2 months. I checked in the USCIS web site. It says you have to apply 6 months in advance. I did not know about this since I got it in a month last year when my case was in CSC.


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123456mg09-26 04:54 PM2 july filer/no cc/no receipt.

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nkavjs09-26 09:41 AMThis is bad. Sorry @ it. I would suggest you calling Uscis again today for more info.


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mhssatya04-05 04:55 PMI am a subscribed member to IV since last Fri but still can't access the donor forum..somebody help..

One might get a better answer from this thread

Donor Forum: Analysis for EB2IC based on new..

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bayarea0709-11 08:30 PMCalled and left a VM for
Tom Feeney (R-Fla.) 202-225-2706
Ric Keller (R-Fla.)202- 225-2176

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mallu10-13 01:27 AMFBI laments it doesn't have resources to quickly conduct the namecheck process . What congress is doing in the post-911 world ? Shame on them.

i9910-15 10:10 AMReceived at NSC by R Williams on July 2nd. I could not get the check scans from the bank yet. Both my husband's and mine. Good luck to all.


indigo1004-05 06:01 PMGood that they are not waiting until July bulletin, like what they did for the past few years !!!
anybody knows why ?


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