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H4_losing_hope04-14 01:39 PMhi there,

Just wanted to post that my husband and I finally had our embassy interview for our greencards and are back in the states approved and very happy!

Our interview appointment came very quickly, within 3 weeks of the March visa bulletin. I wish you all the same fortune and hope that the priority dates open up considerably for you all.

My best.

PD August 2003, consular processing

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Kodi02-27 10:29 AMMy lawyer said anyone applying for PERM EB2 is automatic audit to prove business necesity.

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MeraNaamJoker08-03 03:41 PMPriority Date :- December 26th, 2001.. you should be camping outside the USCIS Service Center doesn't matter what category you are..

On serious note, you should call your senator's office right away before you waste anymore time..

With the senator's office, I have a very bad experience though.:confused:

I called them once in the past (my date was current then) and they returned the call saying that the administration has certain policies on immigration and there is nothing much they can do at the given point of time.

Hence i refrained from it. Does it really help? They might have already forgotten my name by now.

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kartik291207-23 03:01 PMHi,

My labor certification was filed in Dec. '06. Since its date of filing, the online case status was showing as "in process". However, on 07/20/07, last week, the status changed to "case denied".

1) What are the next steps?

2) Do I need to refile the labor certification. If yes, how soon can it be done?

3) Can it be filed for the same position or it needs to be filed for a different position?

4) Should I find a new employer to file for labor certification as my current employer could not get my labor certification approved or I should stick with this employer itself and file for a new labor certification?

Please help me out.



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TeddyKoochu07-15 04:13 PMso, you are saying dates in eb2 moved because, few of the eb2 folks showed up in DC. I think its time for you to up your medication...

eastindia is neither Eb2/EB3 nor from India, he has been creating waves on almost every active blog, yesterday he received quite a few responses on EB2-EB3 Predictions calculations blog. I hope the IV Admins / moderators are reading and take necessary action. He / She is just enjoying at our expense just by creating confusion.

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panky7206-11 02:10 PMGuys,

Can someone please let me know whether it is possible / advisable to travel while H1 approval is pending?

She is currently in H4 with a valid stamp in her passport. She filed for her H1 and was selected in lottery. She has a receipt but her approval is pending.

We were interested in making a short trip to India before Oct 1. But the consulting firm advised against it as according to them if she re-enters in H4 (even before Oct 1) while her H1 approval is pending, her H1 application will be cancelled and she has to restart the process all over again. Something to do with the last status on re-entry.

My thoughts are: The change of status will be effective Oct 1, 2008, why would it matter if I travel prior to that date?

A lot of you may have experienced the same dilemma, so please let me know...


Not advisable until you plan to stamp H-1 visa and come back on it.


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yvjoshi10008-01 05:37 PMIt is good to see the combined Immigration community efforts are bringing results. However, it appears that no attention is being paid to raise the issue of children ageing out because of visa retrogression and delay in labor clearance. The Child Status Protection Act(CSPA) passed in the year 2002 hardly provides any relief to I-140 based immigration petitions. While for I-130 (for US Citizens) applicants the date of child is frozen on the date of submission of I-130 form it-self, but for employment based immigrant applicants this Act provides a complicated way to calculate the child�s age and it just provides relief for any processing delays in 1-140 clearance only. It just ignores the fact that we have years of retrogression for employment-based category. At the time when this act was passed there was no retrogression in employment-based category and lawmakers perhaps never thought of hardship, which children and families may face because of the retrogression.
We need to raise our voice on this issue too. My son is going to miss out the chance of getting his green card just because his age works out as per formula given in CSPA Act to be 21 years and 12 days � because of 12 days my family may be penalized to be separated from our child whereas no one is going to consider 3 years delay in labor case in my case and then another 13 months we have to wait for filing 1485 after approval of I-140. Mine case was the most unfortunate in the sense that I got my I-140 approval in just 29 days whereas in all cases the normal time is 3-6 months. Had it taken 2 months, my son would have got the benefit under CSPA.
I hope some one from Immigration Voice leadership team will take a lead to highlight such issues also before the law makers.

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Lasantha04-07 01:27 PMFinally there's an approval today on . At least USCIS is still breathing. That's good to know!!!! :D


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msp197602-01 09:25 PMAll moderators,

Please watch out anything that comes out of Senator Kennedy's office...
Some one in Kennedy's office is hell bent on getting rid of paragraph (5) in there....
paragraph (5) is the one that gave us the 'soft' country limits...

Here is the law text....

TITLE 8 > CHAPTER 12 > SUBCHAPTER II > Part I > � 1152

(5) Rules for employment-based immigrants
(A) Employment-based immigrants not subject to per country limitation if additional visas available
If the total number of visas available under paragraph (1), (2), (3), (4), or (5) of section 1153 (b) of this title for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who may otherwise be issued such visas, the visas made available under that paragraph shall be issued without regard to the numerical limitation under paragraph (2) of this subsection during the remainder of the calendar quarter.
(B) Limiting fall across for certain countries subject to subsection (e) of this section
In the case of a foreign state or dependent area to which subsection (e) of this section applies, if the total number of visas issued under section 1153 (b) of this title exceeds the maximum number of visas that may be made available to immigrants of the state or area under section 1153 (b) of this title consistent with subsection (e) of this section (determined without regard to this paragraph), in applying subsection (e) of this section all visas shall be deemed to have been required for the classes of aliens specified in section 1153 (b) of this title.

If the 'soft quota' is gone...everything else is bullshit....

Every time I see something come out of Senator's office....They always strike para 5...

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485Mbe400102-01 07:14 PMTEXT OF AMENDMENTS -- (Senate - January 24, 2007), no idea what it means th


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gcisadawg01-25 09:49 PM"One can have a good quality of life in a small apartment...."

Not true - a small apt is a small apt no matter what. Yes, you can live with peace of mind in a small apt, and yes you can live happily in a small apt. This does not equate to quality of life. The "quality of life" in a 4 bedroom house with back yard is greater than that in a small 650 sq ft single bedroom apt ( if you put the same person who was happy in the small apt into the 4 bedroom house - even if his happiness level remains the same, his quality of life just went up)

Nothing against someone buying a 4BR house. I respect everyone's decision to buy whatever they can afford. I had been to one of my friend's 4BR home in North East during winter and felt like being in a igloo. The heat was set at about 62 to save on heating cost!
I'd rather have a 2BR apartment (or a 3BR based on need) and have a comfortable temperature.

One can buy a home but ensure one doesn't become 'house poor'!


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snathan03-25 10:47 AMbelievers or non believers.

If for a social and noble cause, I can *donate*. If asked for what IV did, I cannot *participate*. if explained what we can change and with transparency and patience while eating a humble pie, i can *participate* *contribute* *put IV on a map* *market* Well thats just my view.

Nice analogy but note that IV for me is like samplers. If I like what is being offered, I would donate. If I want some thing to be given as sampler, I will buy, contribute and market it. I cannot donate for samplers which were given before I knew abt it, even though some good people got benefited.

You will not talk all these analogy if you dont have the precious EAD. Since you have it.. well. If you dont believe it, just keep quit rather than berating IV and other's effort.


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PlainSpeak01-12 06:22 PMDude, two words for you - sue IV.
If you are so sure that IV is taking your monies and screwing you, feel free to sue IV.
In this country, anybody can sue anybody over anything!
Now why would i sue IV. It is the organization which is making an effort. Sadly that effort is hurting EB3 folks. The whole idea is that we are a community and as a community we need to discuss all issues. Now when i talk about EB3 issues a EB2 volunteer (I commend you for doing what you are doing w.r.t. advocacy) asks me how many law makers did i meet. Now why would i meet a lawmaker as a representative of IV if i believe what IV articulates impacts EB3 adversly

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Aah_GC07-30 03:44 PMI was checking my app status online and got this message in bold, red color -

"It was reported to us that your IP address or internet gateway has been locked out for a select period of time. This is due to an unusually high rate of use. In order to avoid this issue please take this opportunity to create a Customer account (single applicant) or a Representative account (representing many individuals, such as lawyers, charitable groups, or corporations). Each account allows you to generate a Portfolio of receipt numbers. Building a portfolio containing your receipt number(s) eliminates your need to manually enter the receipt number and extract each case status. You will automatically be emailed changes to each case as updates occur. This email notification will occur within 12 to 24 hours of any progress made for every receipt number contained in your portfolio. There is no lockout feature associated with your portfolio and there is no wasted time on your part checking a receipt number where no advancement has been made.

What the heck was that? They have some serious bandwidth issues do they?


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srini197604-13 01:32 PMGuys,

Please give it a thought. What IV is doing right now for GC related issues would be more or less the same kind of agenda after most of the folks get GC and will be yelling at the processing times for Citizenship. I bet on it!
There is nothing wrong in thinking ahead of time and especially having the
process initiated and getting refined with the great folks we have here(ignore the ugly stupids who cannot understand the intent of this thread)

Appreciate your idea Saralayar. Keep going!


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shantak08-06 08:23 PMCan you tell what reasons you had given for the Expedite Request?
I have told them that Im the only bread earner of the family and the cost of living in the area that i live is very high and that I have bills to pay. But they have denied my request. i dont know what other financial hardship should I show them. Maybe I should declare bankruptcy and then send that over to USCIS to show that I really have financial hardship.
I have infopass appointment on 14th I will try to raise the same issue again and see what they will say


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dhesha08-02 03:58 PMJust opened a SR this morning. Will now go down through my list:
1. Will file Ombusman
2. Will contact Congressman
3. Will go for Infopass

Masterji, can you please give the phone number and some advise for how to open SR?

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chintu2502-26 11:39 AMHello All, Lets Meet tonight - Feb 26th 2009 at 9.00 PM EST on the IV Chat . We can have a general discussion about Trend following / ETFs and the market

Please confirm your attendance

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msyedy02-02 09:10 AMThomas does say about the amendment. It was included in minimum wage bill that has passed in senate.

Even this amendment S. Amd 187 was agreed to in senate. So I believe if the minimum wage billed has been passed then same goes with the amendments too. So we can still hope and not that this was hoax.


Why do we bang our heads when IV core has already mentioned that no immigration reform was attached to min wage bill in senate which is already passed.

Trust them......

bugsbunny03-26 10:43 PMI recommend to read the book "Who moved my cheese?"

Who moved my cheese?: an amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life [Book] (

May be you should move your lazy Butt little bit and do little more home work. Do not expect spoon feeding and you are not a kid.

hahaha don't worry i am...i was merely identifying the various small things that can be done to garner more support for IV...for starters being nicer to people asking questions about IV :)

By the way IV is selling something ...Hope! ...Hope that advocacy will clear the backlog
and it does need to convince new people that this has a real chance to work

amoschid06-17 03:36 AMlol... what a fucked up system :D
mine is stuck at BEC too, PD Feb 2005 - TR

worst case we have to leave US, it's not like it's the end of the world
so.. don't worry be happy :p

be grateful that you still have a healthy body
if you have cancer... now that's saaad


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