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EBX-Man03-28 12:12 PM.

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shantak07-21 05:06 PMeFiled May 23rd
FP: June 17th
Still waiting ...
Current EAD Expires: Sep 19th... Currently working on EAD

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fall199805-17 09:13 PMIs everyone getting approval without case being transferred to other service centers?

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vjj05-10 09:13 PMI received my passport today 05/10. It was issued on 05/01.


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gcny200606-15 11:34 PM

Movement on immigration stalled
Thursday, June 15, 2006, 10:56 AM

by Jason Vance

House Speaker Dennis Hastert is backing away from statements made earlier this week suggesting a plan to hold hearings on the Senate�s version of the immigration reform bill.

According to Congressional Quarterly, Hastert says he'll look at that issue, but the first priority is spreading the leadership's message about the Iraq war. Hastert has said he wants to take a long look at the Senate's legislation before naming House conferees.

There are some big differences the conference committee will have to reconcile. The Senate's bill provides a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants already in the country, and includes a guest-worker program. Neither is included in the House version, which focuses on tightening border security.

The NAFB News Service contributed to this article.

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factoryman05-16 06:12 PMafter filing for I-485 on Jun 1. Also filing for EAD for self and 3 family members. EB3 Nov 2001. H1B stamped in visa valid till Oct 2008.

Do I need to wait for Receipt of Filing?

Cancellations charges ( USD 200 per ticket - 4 tickets) and new tickets (difference of 300 per ticket - 4 tickets) will cost a lot. Anyone else in similar situations? Anyone know something? Anything?


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what_now05-25 02:08 PMEAD Paper Filed 4/12 to Phoenix Lockbox.
RD 4/23. Check cashed 4/23
Transferred to CSC as my 485 was receipted from CSC????
LUDs 4/29.

CPO 5/25..........:D

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sroyc10-12 06:23 PMThe FIFO policy applies (i know, i know, there are lots of exceptions) to applications in a particular category. In fact, for those who have PDs before the current cutoff, there is no FIFO. I know that you have been harping on this for a long time that eventually EB2 will be held back in favor of EB3, but there is no logical basis for this argument. Why isn't EB1 for the retrogressed countries backlogged? With your logic, there should be a time when EB1 is held back for EB2 and EB3 to catch up.

The fact is that most of Pre 2004 EB2 lot is already out of the system. Those who are still in are sufferer of namecheck and BECs.There is no perfect mechanism to determine the ratio but I would guess 80% are out from that group. Second factor what we need to look is Most of EB3 Mid 2002 to Mid 2005 are still in the system. Third factor what we need to understand is that EB3 filing is always more than double of EB2. Fourth fact is that USCIS has to see "FIFO" is followed or not. So end effect would be we will see EB3 India progressing from this December till April 2008 bulletins reasonably. EB2 will be put on hold . End result in summary would be both EB2 and Eb3 will be brought to Middle of 2005 by next June bulletin. Once that happens Eb2-I will moving faster with comparision to EB3-I.


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immigrant200707-14 10:40 AMIt might have been answered before elsewhere, but I'm wondering about the logic on how the spillover visas are allocated. Would have been nice if the spillover visas are allocated to oversubscribed countries instead of categories, this way 10k spillover visas that EB2-I is getting now will be distributed equally between EB2 and EB3 ... I believe that's one thing IV is going to or has taken up.

Looks like parents did a good job of taking both the sick kids to hospital, but the doctor treated only one kid saying that the second untreated kid is not good as the one getting the treatment :D ... if the 2nd kid survives thru the period of time the 1st kid recovers without any treatment, then the 2nd kid will get the treatment.

LOL, why am I extending the topic ...

I for one would like to know exactly what IV is planning to take up for the cause of EB3 before contributing.

Good and very valid logic....
I am also EB3 (waiting for 6 years now) but I totally disagree that IV is baised against EB3 or favoured EB2 in anyway, we are not heard as fault is ours. We we want something for us to be done then our actions shold speak for all of us just not me or you). Either we put up a fight for our cause (there are chances we will loose) or just submit to our doomed fate. The choice is ours gentleman. I don't think we have tried enough to finally call it quits.

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Totoro03-31 04:57 PMHere are the examples I presented (lightly edited). Anyone wanting to meet with lawmakers should feel free to use as much of these documents as needed.


Case 1 (Waiting 10 years):

- i left a very well-paid job after 5 years in multi-nationals before coming to US in 1999.
- Did dual Masters from a top engineering school + business certification
- Brought into US $25000 from savings abroad for my studies; Took $25K More as a private loan and have paid it off long back.
- Never considered myself underpaid in USA. My compensation is amongst the best.
- Have owned a house since 2002 and raising two US born kids, of course paid taxes for 9 years.

- it is the quality of life AND the quality of PEOPLE that i wanted to work with: one of the reasons why i came to US.
- Would like to buy a larger house and can certainly afford it today with a credit score over 800.
- Would like to start my own company, or try to do something different & more strategic for a job function.

i have been in the EB3 queue since 2004, with no respite in sight. All is clear except that there are no visa numbers available.

The issue as you all agreed to - is that this is painfully slow and everyone like me is stuck with one employer and the same job.

As employers and their lawyers often decide when and in which category a candidate can apply, the employee is left at their mercy. It is understandable if an employer is sponsoring, they must benefit for their investment. Question is how? is 5 years of 'must-serve-us' good enough, or 10, or 15? When can an employee have the mobility?

Why is it that someone with equal or less qualification / experience can become a US citizen 5 to 10 years before me? Just because they were born in a different country? Because their employer decided a faster EB category? Because they married a US citizen?

I love America and remain grateful for the opportunities it has provided.
However, I have trained a lot of US citizens / GC holders who have gone far ahead in career, and I am still doing the same.

Liberty seems only a statue at times.

Case 2 Engineer (Waiting 15 years):

I have been in this country for more than 15 years and still waiting for the GC...I have never been out of status all along...Here is my story...

I came to US in 1994 fall to attend graduate school and started working from 1997 as transportation engineer. I applied for green card in 1998, but unfortunately the rules were different and the goal post seems to change every time.

During that time all engineering fields were clubbed together (computers, mechanical, civil etc.) under one generic field for labor certification purposes and therefore the wage requirement was much higher than what a typical transportation engineer would make at that time. Therefore my labor was denied. After talking to my immigration lawyer I was left with two options...Pick up a job that paid the asking labor certification wage (which was skewed and next to impossible) or send additional documentation and references to convince the dept of labor that transportation engineers do not make that much money and that I am being paid more than the prevailing wage for 'transportation engineers'. . After I send additional paperwork to dept of labor based on the suggestion given by my lawyer, what if the dept of labor still denied my labor? I would have been back to square one, and moreover I would have lost a year or two on H1 status. Please note that at that time you had ONLY 6 yrs of H1 visa and it COULD NOT BE EXTENDED EVEN YOUR IMMIGRATION PAPERWORK WAS PENDING. The above rule came later (instance of goal post moving), but I had to make my decision based on what the rules were at that time. So I decided to go back to school in 1999 and attended graduate school to get a computer science degree.

In late 2000, I joined a company in CA and resumed my paperwork for the green card. My labor was approved and filed for 140 and 140 was also approved in 2002. In 2005, my spouse started to work full-time and started the green card process. We finally applied 485s in 2007, but are still waiting for the approvals. It took CIS almost A YEAR to get our EADs! That too after many calls, letters and contacting the local senator! What an inefficient bureaucracy!

When the economy was good, I was helpless with CIS rules and its bureaucracy. By the time I received my EAD, the economy is in shambles now...In the process, I had nothing to show for the past 5 yrs!

Few years back there was a pilot program at TSC where they issued FB green cards under fast track. I personally know someone who applied for their parents, and they got their green cards within 60 days! Their parents never visited US before and during their first ever visitor's visit, they have their green cards? Here I am, came to US in 1994, attended graduate schools, paid tuition, contributed to research, paid my taxes, never was out of status and most importantly, played by the rules, but I am still waiting in this mess!

Case 3 Partner (Waiting 14 years):

I've been here for 14 years now; and my wife for 9, legally for every single day. We have two US graduate degrees each. We have paid over $100,000 in federal income tax alone, in each of the last few years. We own our home. Our child was born here. I am a partner at my firm. And we have many wonderful friends here. But we continue to wait indefinitely for our green cards. Citizenship seems an impossible dream at this point.

Any provision that would bring us closer to citizenship (such as "citizenship fastrack for those who've legally been in the US for more than 10 years" and/or "paid taxes for N years" and/or "earned US graduate degrees" etc) would be very welcome.


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dkshitij01-19 01:09 PMGot mine back in 7 days. Awesome job Houston CGI!

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pray08-28 05:53 PMthis whole thread is a nonsense, it belevies that people are not aware of the tricks placed by desi consulting companies. how come people do not take jobs
in foutune 500 companies if they are so good at their skills, why do people go to
desi consulting companies for training, after MS degree every body is asking for
the list of consulting companies( why do they do that ).

there are people who ask is it valid to be without payslips on H1B ( how much
more ignorent can u be ) , bottom line they could not find the project and they want to blame the desi company for not paying them ( trash ).

wake up people.


Wastage of H1 visas is criminal.There should be a quota on H1 visas per company-no more than 500-1000 per company,plus percentage limits of h-1 visas to total employees in a company.Along with this if there is a simple provision as there is in other countries like england,where the spouse can work too it will solve a lot of issues.


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gc_maine205-15 03:01 PMI called 3 of them just now. When i said i am "immigration voice" the lady who answred my call said that she knows as lot of people are calling. I call the remanining in the eve.

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santb197504-10 12:28 PMgsc999 - Thanks for all your Help and Encouragement. It is greatly appreciated. This initiative would not have been possible without your help and guidance

Pappu - Thanks for your support and endorsement of this campaign.

Pappu, thank you for linking this thread from the main page


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Lasantha04-11 02:02 PMI didn't think that EB3 ROW will be "Current" in June. What I meant was that Illusion's PD will be current because he is only 3 months away from May cut off dates.

This is the selfish part of me speaking but I hope they don't become current but move to April 2008 or something similar.
If EB3 ROW is current then that opens up the numbers to EB3 India and China and we saw last year that India alone got 17K approvals so that cuts from the number of ROW approvals.
Again ... it's the selfish part of me ... in a perfect world, nobody would have to wait this long or make these claculations ...
I'm happy for all the people that get that "card ordered" email but I so hope to get one for myself!!!!

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ashkam07-22 10:14 AMMy wife's status changed from H4 TO H1. Recently when she went to apply for her SSN, the officer there took her original approved H1 along with I-94 and never returned it to her. She assumed that they would need the originals . I didn't know about this since I live about 200 mi away from her.
We will contact them on Monday but in the worst case scenario, if they have lost it. Do I need to apply for a new I-94 or a copy will suffice.
Any hope??

You will need the original while going out of the country. For other stuff, usually they only need a copy.


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lost07-26 08:45 AMThis has been a posted by a fellow member 5 pages ago.. ARE THEY DIVERTING EB3 NUMBERS to some other categories?

Pappu or someone knowledgeable about backlog..please answer.

EB3 ROW is at Jun 2004. But as per latest USCIS inventory, EB3 ROW pending 485's are around 48,000. Visa numbers available every year for EB3 is approximately 42k. If you deduct the backlogged EB3 countries (4x3000) visa numbers, the total comes down to 30k for EB3 ROW. So EB3 ROW should become current or atleast Jul 07 in another 1.5 years. If this is not going to happen, it means they are diverting the EB3 numbers to some other categories.

my 2 cents

Note : If EB3 ROW has 30k visas per year and pending EB3 ROW 485's are only 50k.. why it is still hanging in 2004. God only knows !!

Can the uscis divert visa numbers away from one category to the other?

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archu05-05 11:32 AMHi..
my H1 got approved on dec 2006 for 2007 cap.It is 3 years valid.
Because of some problems between me and my employer,
i just transfered my h1 to h4 to maintain my case status on jan 2007.
He didn't give my H1 paper to me and gave me a copy of it.
Now,Can I reuse my H1 again?
If it is posible , can transfer the same h1 with other company without paystubs.Please help me out.

I greatly appreciate for your help,
thank you.

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anurakt12-21 01:42 PMGuys !!

I hope by today night I am poorer by 500$ bucks !! I hope....

ujjvalkoul12-18 05:16 PMConfirmed with 2 folks who have defintely joined IV

Saralayar04-14 04:09 PMOne's life time is too short to determine whether changing citizenship to US citizenship is worth or not. And hence to define it as a "wisdom" or "short sightedness" is also almost impossible. Two school of thoughts can just pop up 1) What would be the gain vis a vis loss changing citizenship 2) why one should get rid of the citizenship where one was born. And both of them are more realted with philosophical and moral issues rather than short term material gain...
I accept what you say. But consider this psychological issue: You lived in a country which is 100% different in every thing for most of the life time and then going back after you think to retire. All your kids are either born or grown up here and they no longer wish to come with you when you want to go to your parent country. Again you will be living alone in another country. Instead, we can get our Citizenship and live atleast near our kids. Further, if you are detached with the wordly things and wish to live alone, it is OK.
One more thing, we have come here wantedly without thinking about the future and at all stages of our life we will be confused. I have seen some people with determined mind. They come at the age of 20 - 25, earn a lot, get married to working women, both of them work here , have kids (US citizens), and they go back to their parent country with good money when the kids become 7 years old and both husband and wife will be in the mid of thier carrier. But it is not the case for majority of the people. Many have come with grown up kids etc., and they can not just like that go back. Necessarily they are bound to be here and atleast for those people, to live without anxiety, I would like to have the citizenship process to happen faster if they live here legally for 10 years.


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