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sri130909-25 06:56 PMThe logic is that you are 'putting down roots' by buying a house. If all it takes is proof of closing a mortgage, one could always turn around and sell the house. somethng like that would undermine the credibility of IV in the medium/long run.

I had initially advocated treating first time home buying as the same as marriage to an American citizen. In my opinion, that is a short,sweet,simple and sensible approach to follow that will also resonate/stick in lawmakers minds (rather than a long,rambling letter, no offense meant to the writers, it was quite well put together).

Ghee agar seedhi ungli... I guess you can complete..

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mirage03-31 09:22 PMYou don't want to give any credit to 'Modi' than by your logic, Chandrababu Naidu shouldn't be give credit of 'Andhra' turnaround, Vajpayee shouldn't be given credit for Infrastructure turnaround...In India Politics & Politicians are so important, until they are pro-work, nothing works. UPA govt's attitude was sit & watch for Orders from 10 Janpath, so all of us know how they performed..A person who assists in the murder of people whom he has taken an oath to protect, cannot be really thinking about the country or for its development. By saying that HE is responsible for the development is clearly under estimating the capabilities of the gujrati people. The gujratis and rajasthanis are leaders in creating wealth and they did that for thousands of years successfully with world's envy before this ugly Indian came into picture. With your logic fodder eating Lalu is the smartest politician ever born....remember his $20Billion revenue he is bringing in from railways....never heard of from any sector...leave alone the ever losing railways...the only thing lalu can be given credit for is...not stopping the elite civil services managing directors and the academia (IIM, ISB) from doing their work...which they have been trying to for several decades....so I dont think the theory is right that one person (call him black spot of India) had done something....when each individual in the state is born with the blood which carries enterpreneurship.....kudos to all gujaratis....

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ugotdude09-29 12:14 PMI just arrived yesterday from Canada with an expired Visa and my extension notice from INS.

Unfortunatly, they officer was an ignorant pig without any knowledge about immigration. Luckily, I was sent to an office where officers were nice and well trained,

I recommend you to print out the actual law so you can have more arguments and arrive earlier to the airport if you are flying

Can you post the link to the automatic revalidation law link?

I want to take the print

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gauravster05-29 05:08 PMI agree that we need to be united. But does that mean we just accept people abusing EB1?
Dont you think it is unfair to people who have waited for all these years?
If more people start abusing EB1, then there will be no visa numbers for EB2/EB3.
When EB1 abuse is stopped, It may not get all of us GC, but atleast some of us could get GC.

We need to fix the problem of too few visa numbers available to I/C. If the waits in EB2/3 are not long, there is no reason there will be any significant abuse of EB1 visas. You are targetting a mosquito and ignoring the elephant in the room.


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PlainSpeak01-13 01:40 PMLet me see if I understand PlainSpeak's language:
1. IV core needs to put a lot of resources to lobby for the DV bill, knowing full well that this bill will go nowhere!

2. Raise a false sense of hope among the EB3 community, again, knowing full well that its going to be dashed - just so that IV gains the trust of EB3 (I am EB3, and they have my trust without your logic!)

3. An exercise to gain trust by misleading!:D

I wonder why IV core did not come up with this brilliant idea ;)
Mr willigetgc to start off with here are a few facts

1. IV core needs to put a lot of resources to lobby for the DV bill
IV Core need not put a lot of resources to lobby for DV bill if they feel it is not worth the time and effort. that is for IV Core to decide and the decision is theirs to make after all they know about advocacy and lobbying

1. knowing full well that this bill will go nowhere!
That is my personal opinion and also the opinion of a whole bunch of people on this forum who do not agree with me but do agrree to teh fact that it has been 4 years since any immigration friendly bill came to be debated in congress. What wil make DV bill any different. This wil also go the same way. I would be surpirsed if it even comes up for debate

2. Raise a false sense of hope among the EB3 community, again, knowing full well that its going to be dashed - just so that IV gains the trust of EB3

My friend willigetgc what do EB3 people have besides hope. If you look at the statistics i will get GC in 19 year sand you with a priority date of May 07 (20 - 25 years). No reason not to hope for something and if IV really believes in what i suggested (I am sure it will go through all possible refinements) that would be a signal of not just hope but also action on part of IV to do something about EB Retrogressed folks. Now i am not saying it will happen and i am also not saying it will. All i am saying is here is a chnace to do something different which is also right because iot is not part of teh IV charter that IV is working to get relief for retrogressed EB

(I am EB3, and they have my trust without your logic!)
And what a great thing it is that you being an EB3 with a priority date of 2007 are working with EB2 hand in hand to get something done. It is great that you have trust with IV. Without trust nothing works. What i say is i have trust in IV i do not have trust that what they advocate is good for EB3. Semantics you may say but please read the lines carefully my friend. I hope you will understand

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saimrathi07-11 11:33 AMVery well written...

The criticisms of this website are LAUGHABLE. The Economist's quality of life index has rated Canada and Australia the top countries on earth to live in, overwhelming, year after year after year after year!

Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth consistently dominate the top 10 cities in the world to live. 6 of th top 10?

The index takes into account, cost of living, earnings capacity, safety, etc.

Canada probably has one of the most rosey futures on earth. It has an abundance of resources, a tiny population and ironically, global warming is adding to its opportunities.

Cost of living is actually far below that in places like NY and California.

Health care, while not top notch, provides better care to more people than is likely to be found in places like the US. PARTICULARLY for people that are older and more likely to need it.

Education is infinitely better. US Public schools are atrocious.

Yes, taxes are higher. How do you think these things are paid for?

As for the weather, well duh! :)

Anyway, both countries have advantages. I love the U.S. and that's why I'm here. But don't let an inarticulate and unfounded set of ridiculous statements turn you off. do you own research!


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GetGC0807-29 09:08 AMRelax and send all the documents requested by the USCIS. They might ask you for additional documents later based on what they receive from you or may approve your case.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I had completed my BSc in computer science with 3 years & also completed my Masters(MCA) in computer science with 3 years.(both from India)

Total I have 6 years(3 yrs bachelors + 3 yrs masters) of education/qualification in Computer Science.

My labor has been approved & in that it is mentioned, position requires Masters degree.

Do I qualify for EB2 category?
I already filled I-140 in March 2008 under EB2.

I will really appreciate your response.


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karthkc07-23 01:01 PMI posted this message on another thread and got slammed - :confused:. All the discussions here are just speculations.. no one really has access to real numbers.. so take it easy this time :p

As we do not have any real numbers my predictions are based on EB2 numbers from (assuming the data to be a true random sample)

Here are number of EB2-I I485 pending cases by year

2003-50 (250 have been approved)

USCIS has approved about 450 EB2-I cases last year. A conservative estimate of approval rate going forward would be 30 cases per month. Based on this the movement..
2003 cases will be approved by Sep '08
2004 cases by Apr '09
2005 cases by Sep '09
2006 cases by Dec '09

Good Luck !!!

This does not make sense at all.. cases are a miniscule portion of actual USCIS approvals and a rate of 30 cases per month would mean most of USCIS personnel are on vacation for summer :)


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H1BLegal9502-13 01:49 AMit is the threat of a massive lwsuit from immigration lawyers association that made uscis backtrack and open up july 2 filing..we are all benefeciaries of that.

itz not our flowers or the rally that did the trick it is the threat of lawsuit.

if we consult lawyers we can check if we have a case and on what grounds. even f not anything else we may win on things like 3 yr AP relaxed ac21 rules etc. these are operational policies and dont need congress. USCIS can change these rules.

there is nothign to lose but a lot to win.

we can even appeal on the grounds that USCIS policies led us in to a bonded labor situation unable to change employer , foregone career choices and income potential..etc.. this violates the concept of free will and just labor practices. Many rules in AC21 and AP still try to tie us down to the employer who has already enjoyed > 5 years of our hardwork.

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Macaca07-04 08:48 AMDo you need any help? We asked others to give their input and they are doing it here. Let us know how else we can help you.

Firstly, we need to identify all issues as bullet points. This is the outline/skelton. Then, we choose words to express the bullet points.

These issues were mentioned in the 100 page other thread. Please scan it and post all issues in this thread. I will keep adding them to my original post. Check the time updated on that post to make sure that I have included your issue.

Since Zoe Lofgren is also saying that it may be illegal, looks like it may be illegal. Zoe worked in USCIS before.

Just woke up. Good Morning!


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bitu7211-01 04:54 PMhi guys,

who have filed recently, can you guys tell me within what time frame are you guys getting a reply.

I have send all paper on 12th of oct they received on 15th.

By when can i expect a letter that they have received it.
how do i know they have received it other than fedex confirmation.

dont they send some letter confirming it.


u r ideas are great if u can work in US and keep canadian PR for citizenship. that should be good enough.

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chintanop07-03 11:25 PMTotally agree!
Digg is about how fast the story becomes popular.. even though we had large number of diggs with previous stories, it wasnt fast enough.

Lets all digg this...NOW! FAST!

http://digg.com/politics/USCIS_Visa_scandal (http://digg.com/politics/USCIS_Visa_scandal)

Guys, we are all computer friendly unlike our previous generation,lets use the internet to the fullest.

Please dig the link so ppl understand the scenario and making the news sensational but true helps!! Please add your comments to the blog ,hopefully, comments not 2 frustrated or impolite. Remember we claim to be legal immigrants,lets show some refinement and class :)


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chanduv2305-29 03:45 PMFolks - here is the thing. lets work towards fixing our issues.

If people feel USCIS must know about EB1 fraud or other stuff, there are enough people to write to them and if people want to write to USCIS - no one stops them from writing.

As such, so many people write about different things - people write about eb2 - people write about consulting companies etc... So if you wish to do what you want to do you can do it.

Remember - when you make a claim that someone is falsfying or breaking law you must present facts and explain properly as to why you think it is not right and why you think you are affected by this.

Now when you do this - someone can definitely write why they think what YOU are doing is not right and why there are issues with your application.

IV focuses on advocacy - together we resolve our issues. Things like employer not paying salary, employer benching, cheating etc... are things IV members must collectively deal with andhelp themselves.

Things like wrongful denials when used AC21, poor customer service etc... are ones IV members can collectively resolve and IV helps

Things like organizing grassroots efforts, job networking, help networks, lobbying etc... are the kind of things IV stands for.

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logiclife12-14 04:58 PMI know what I am about to say will trigger a lot of reaction and some resentment, but it has to be said on behalf of those who are not Indian. I think the per country limit is to ensure that people of all nationalities and races have an equal opportunity to obtain a green card and to ensure that no one nationality, group, or even sector (i.e. IT) monopolizes the so few visas that are available. In fact, in the visa lottery, countries become excluded when the number of immigrants from them reach a certain point, so we are lucky they do not do that in the Employment-based system!

I think that by wanting to remove the per country limit so more Indians can avail of the green card quota is both asking for "special treatment" and a slap in the face for all the non-Indian IV members. The more I read the threads on this site, the more I feel that this organization is geared just to one ethnic group. I am sure that Indians probably make up the majority of members, but the founders of IV (I hope) did not want this organization to become one-sided! Please be considerate of ALL members and try to come up with suggestions that would benefit ALL members!!!:mad:

Well, I agree with your argument when it comes to diversity lottery visas. Or Family based visas. Because those green cards are not given based on any merit, education or employability of an individual. They are just given away to anyone whose relatives sponsor (family based) or whose country doesnt send enough immigrants here in USA and add those country's citizens adds diversity.

However, in employment based immigration, 140,000 green cards are given each year because those 140,000 individuals have been sponsored by their employers for a job for which no US citizen is willing qualified and able to do and the employer finds it worth it to go thru hassles of dealing with immigration in order to retain this employee. The employers dont care whether the employee is Indian, Chinese, Brit or South African. The government too, is not giving this green card because someone is Indian or chinese. The employer wants individual to fill a position, the government agrees to it - up to 140,000 a year - and that's where it ends. Therefore, in such benefit, where the ONE AND ONLY REASON for green card is EMPLOYMENT, why should employee A born in India wait for 10 years but employee B born in South Afria wait for 2 years even though the reason for both employee A and employee B for getting the greencard is the same - EMPLOYMENT.

Are you saying , based on your theory that there should be 7% per country limits in hiring too - that all these corporations, when they hire non-citizens, should keep one country's immigrant workers capped at 7% ? Should Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle fill all jobs and sponsor all greencard at rate of 7 % per country? Are you also going to complain that there are too many Indians in Microsoft and large software corporations and Indians have "monopolized" that profession? Or that Vietnamese and chinese have monopolized the nail-salon and dry-cleaning business? Do you even know what a monopoly is?

By the way, if the congressional intent was the keep diversity intact even in employment based immigration, then how come there is no per-country ceiling on H1 and L1? On H1 there is no per-country ceiling. So its ok to be disproportionate when you bring people into the country from outside (using H1/L1), but when the same bunch of people apply for green cards, there are different queues for different countries and your wait time depends on where you were born? What kind of nonsense is that?

All due respect, your argument is baseless and stems from the fact that you love the idea that you are personally benefitting by being in ROW.

There are plenty of ROW members who have supported the idea of removal of per-country ceilings, who have walked with me to congressional offices asking for parity and who have marched in DC.


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dealsnet09-04 09:40 AMYou are given a link for VHP site to say YSR is a christian terrorist. Did he made bombs, did he organize suicide bombing. Did he fly any plane to your home ???
If you are so much against the Christians, why you are here (Christian majority country) ??
You can live in your own village and do all pujas.
You are a Hindu terrorist like Godse (killed Gandhi).
May be FBI will contact IV to get your ID. (IP address)

You may eat more sweets in Jail.

Ohh yeah..he built Airports, Freeways, schools in each village!

Improved irrigation..what did he improve other than giving away free money
Infrastructure across the state: In the last 5 years, they haven't reworked existing roads..forget anything new ..No single project completed till date..but in the name of tenders he minted millions.
Per capita income..what he do to increase that?

look at the link: Ysr the Christian Terrorist Cm of Andhrapradesh (http://www.scribd.com/doc/17370754/Ysr-the-Christian-Terrorist-Cm-of-Andhrapradesh)

dresses Gov. Mark Dayton addressed the picture of mark dayton. Mark Dayton and Tim PawlentyMark Dayton and Tim Pawlenty

redcard05-29 01:36 PMFor all those who are stating that filing in EB1 should not matter, please withdraw your application and let other people in line move ahead. Give me 1 simple reason, why should we not raise this issue. In hindi, there s an old saying "boondh boond karge ghara bartha hain"....

I will request all of you to send letters to USCIS to raise this issue and lets have a close scrutiny of all EB1 applicants received/filed....I understand that this is not the solution but i am pi***** at people using loopholes all the time.....

Well I am pissed with this whole set up of immigration in this country.. did not obama's campaign say " HOPE IS ON THE WAY".. well its seems for skilled immigrant workers it is " HOPE IS OFF THE WAY"


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indiancitizen7708-27 11:44 PMOur frustration with the US legal immigration and retrogression seems endless. My wife and I are considering immigration prospects to Canada. Can somebody please suggest good responsive lawfirms that could handle a Canadian PR application? We would also appreciate some insight on Canadian immigration prospects for physicians. Thanks

girlfriend against Mark Dayton? picture of mark dayton. Mark Dayton addressed the media and some Republicans that were.Mark Dayton addressed the media and some Republicans that were.

aranya12-14 04:38 PMSimple. If it wasn't for that ceiling the vast majority of the visas will go to applicants from the oversubscribed countries. Now this is not a bad thing if the visas are in unlimited supply. But since that's not the case, the country ceiling ensures that even people from smaller nations will get an equal oportunity to claim a visa before all the visa are grabbed by their BIG brothers and sisters. And what's more what ever is left is given back to the oversubscribed countries.

How can you call that unfair? Is it fair to deprive a person from a smaller country, equal chance to have go at his GC?
I am sorry but I still cannot see how a 7% per country upper limit criteria allows any one sector (say IT) from monopolizing all the available visas

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reedandbamboo09-17 11:48 AMI am one of those who filed on March 28, 2005 under the older labor cert process and then converted and was approved under PERM later that year.

I know that many applied on March 05 just the week before Perm was going to start through the normal process and not RIR. I remember there was a way that they could abandon that application and apply thorugh the PERM process but keep their date. I know a friend of mine who did it. All these numbers suggested above makes sense only after we pass March 05.

snathan01-16 01:36 PMAnd who is asking your advice ? This is usa and I have a right to express my views.If you don't like it please ignore my post.Who has forced you to read my post ? Who is stopping to go back to India ?

You are not expressing your views...You are just spewing your venom and hatred. You are an ideal fit for loser's guild. I am not the one talking all BS about my employer and claiming gladly will back to India. Its YOU... if you dont remember what you are talking..I pity you. Did anyone force you to work for your employer? It was your choice and why you whine now.

I dont want to waste my time with your garbage. Have fun.

god_bless_you10-17 02:09 PMI am finally moving to canada in 2-3 months. Deadline for landing is March 3rd 2007.

I am done with US Green Card and can not take this stress any more. Starting to sell my house and other stuff soon.
is the information on this website www.notcanada.com is reliable?

is the job market that worst there??


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