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paskal07-11 07:15 PMstop this stupidity please

far as i know we did not write the letter.
all we did was send flowers to let people know we were screwed over.
if you don't even want to do that...
hey it's ok to roll over and play dead. but you can do that without bothering to come here, can't you?
iv has not raised any security related issues as a policy. we have not denigrated uscis for working efficiently either. all we asked was to honor the july bulletin.
so what stupidity should be stop dear kramer?

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phillyag08-04 10:09 PMI am still waiting on my GC and hopeful it should go through this month.
I have a question around life after GC.....

Is it ok to quit the current employer right away after receiving GC ? Does one have to stick around for some time after gettting GC ? I am planning to start something on my own after GC

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amitjoey01-18 11:49 AMJust made my contribution of $20 and also signed in for the recurring payment of $20 through my bank account.

Thanks Need 1898 members

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kumar487502-17 03:33 PMI will attend this event.


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learning0102-01 09:04 PMBouquets.

update is coming pls wait.


arc05-04 06:59 PMI did an e-file of my EAD & AP on 14th April send the supporting docs that reached on 19th got second update as following on 04/20 no change since then anybody else had same experience.

Request for Evidence
On April 19, 2010, we received your response to our request for evidence. This case is being processed at our NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER location.

Me too... efiled AP/EAD to NSC sent supporting docs a week later... I have the same message "we received your response to our request for evidence" I beleive its because I sent the supporting docs which was a response... still waiting applied apr 9th...


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akhilmahajan07-28 09:33 AMMy EAD has been pending for almost more then 60+ days. I have got my FP done almost a month ago. No LUD's nothing.

When i tried to get some information calling the 800 number, they wont talk and say that the information on the automated system is the latest.

Has anyone been able to talk to any IO and get any information about their case. I am working on EAD and it will be expiring in another 45 days or so, i am just getting worried.

Any help will be appreciated.


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GCard_Dream02-06 04:21 PMThe reporter doesn't know what he/she is talking about. I have seen a lot of inaccurate information coming from Indian media about visa increases but this has to be the worst one. It not only claims that the visa increase amendment has passed in the Senate but also that minimum wage bill is yet to be considered by the house. This bill was passed by the house in the first 100 hour marathon.

I don't know from where this reporter gets his information from .. may be from :)

I saw this in economic Times today

Any comments:


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roseball04-19 01:05 PMYes, since H4 is tagged to your H1, you should receive your H1 approval too...Yes, you will be receiving a I-94 too along with the approval notice..The I-94 should be attached in bottom right corner on your approval notice. If you dont see an attached I-94 to your I-797 approval notice, then you will have to leave the country before your current I-94 expires and re-enter by getting a visa stamped..

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Getafix10-16 01:21 PMHi ,
My old passport and the relevant passport renewal forms reached CGI Houston on 09/30/2008. I am still waiting for get back my new PP . I haven't been able to raise anyone of the phone who could give me an update on anything.

So I am just waiting ...


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saggita05-27 09:00 AMHas anyone asked attorney whether we can write our case number on the complaint letter without asking employer since LC(PERM) is filed by employer and the case number seems to belong to employer.

My HR and company hired attorney are always not cooperative to my GC and I want to clear things.

Don't take my question negative. I am fully supportive this 100% and appreciate guys very much. I am happy that we are doing something to make things better.

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vedicman04-20 08:10 AMI am in PA, and am filing EAD for the first time.
How long does it take to get approval?
which center do I send the application to?
e filing or paper filing is better?

Thank you for helping.


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lost_in_migration10-14 12:26 AMThis may not make sense in either direction. July filers are still waiting whereas my check to USCIS got encashed and it seems my ND wud be Oct 8th. My 485 reached TSC on 14th Aug but as per the Receipting Update TSC is still processing applications with RD of 13th Aug !!

There are lot of guys who filed in July still waiting for receipts..

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Saralayar04-15 04:02 PMTo whoever left the comment in my profile "why all this love for US Passport?"

It all depends on what country you are a citizen of. If you are a passport holder of a country like Canada,Autralia or most european countries, then you may not see much benefit in holding a US passport when travelling. But people from certain other countries, have to go through the hassle of obtaining visas prior to international travel, vacations etc. Sometimes we even have to get transit visas for countries that we pass through on our way to the final destinations. And these visas cost money. But if you hold a US passport/citizen of the US, then they do not make you jump through all those hoops. You board the plane and you get a visitors visa once you land in almost all countries (there are exceptions, India and Australia for example). But there it is. That is one of the priviledges of having a US passport.


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rockstart08-05 06:31 AMI got my Card Production ordered email yesterday at 9:00 PM and now at 7:20 AM I get mail saying I have been registered at permenent resident. So looks like the department that registers GC is slower than the guys who print the actual card. Has any one else seen this kind of reverse order of mails?

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prolegalimmi10-15 01:11 PMright. in the AILA call also they cautioned that retrogression will become worse (dates moving back!) once USCIS starts processing all those July/August filers...


It depends on how many applications were filed that had priority dates before the Retrogressed Date (22 APR 01, 01 AUG 02, Etc).
If there were no big volume of applications before this date, then the USCIS is out of work as it relates to the I-485 applications processing. Thats when they move the date forward to allow more applications with later priority dates come to the processing desk.

My two cents.


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Lalitha04-24 03:59 PMAre there anybody who got the approval for the conversion from H4 to H1 in this cap?

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pappu07-14 09:27 AMGood to see an EB3 thread with so many people in EB2 getting Greencards these days.
It is a matter of time EB2 I is current and nobody from EB2 will care for EB3. It is comforting that many IV core is EB3 and some good will happen to EB3. A friend of mine with EB3 I PD in 2008 has literally lost all hope of getting greencard and that is very sad. It is painful to see EB2 people not helping EB3 people. Why?

You are right that there is no hope for EB3 India. But only as long as you and others in EB3 do not meet their lawmakers. Take part actively in action items. We have details of every local town hall meeting in your area and you can go there. We can help you set up your meeting with your lawmaker in his office. We can help you meet in their DC office if you want to get really active. We have several more details and ideas and need people to work on them.

FYI we never use the terms like EB2 or EB3 in our meetings with lawmakers. There is no priority in our agenda based on category or nationality. You will not find anywhere EB2 or EB3 based agenda here.

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saggita05-27 09:00 AMHas anyone asked attorney whether we can write our case number on the complaint letter without asking employer since LC(PERM) is filed by employer and the case number seems to belong to employer.

My HR and company hired attorney are always not cooperative to my GC and I want to clear things.

Don't take my question negative. I am fully supportive this 100% and appreciate guys very much. I am happy that we are doing something to make things better.

amitjoey03-30 04:06 PMPlease request members to complete/update their profile so that we can contact them for an event. Thanks!

You are right, Macaca. We need correct profile and participation.
We have 10,000 members but are there atleast 1000 that want to get involved? Please do what is asked of you, please participate in the "CALL YOUR LAWMAKERS" Drive.

gc_on_demand04-08 02:42 PM


1st C C C C C
2nd C 15FEB05 15FEB04 C C
3rd U U U U U
Workers U U U U U
4th C C C C C
Certain Religious Workers C C C C C
5th C C C C C
Targeted Employ-ment Areas/
Regional Centers C C C C C
5th Pilot Progams C C C C C

EB3 is gone U for rest of Year. Very SAD. we must need visa recapture now.


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