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dbmurali09-03 03:08 PMApproval mail sent on Sep 2, 2009 and card Production Ordered on Sep 3,2009.

My Application Details:
PD: 12/09/2004
RD: 08/08/2007
ND: 09/12/2007

Wish you all good luck.

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Uncertain03-30 03:38 PMFor new members:

The following are some of the items on the Agenda (someone correct me if anything is missing/incorrect):
-Re-capture of unused visa numbers
-Removing country specific limits
-Not counting dependants in the visa number count
-STEM exemption
-Allowing people to file I-485 and get EAD even when their priority date is not current.

April 4th and 5th, 2011: Advocacy days in Washington DC

April 30th, 2011: Deadline for pushing forward with the Initiative to file I-485 even when PD is not current.

One of the items in the agenda for the April 4th and 5th, 2011: Advocacy days in Washington DC is "-Allowing people to file I-485 and get EAD even when their priority date is not current." but the deadline for voting on this is April 30th, 2011.

Am I reading incorrectly?

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PlainSpeak01-12 08:07 PMSo that means you know nothing about how IV works, no point in arguing about something you don't know anything about. You can rather spend time on figuring how cows fly.
Its quite strange and selfish that you couldn't even think of sparing $25 for an organization working for immigrants in 4 years. Many of our senior members are in EB3.

Nobody is selling anything to you. This is not a political party. If you can't support IV, its only you who is going to be the loser, no one else.
I know how IV works and if you want argument i can give you several. Now you are trying to be be eloquonet and talk about how cow fly. Now let me try to set the record straight. If you talk about how cows fly i will talk about how pigs fly not as an argument but as a cofirmation of the fact that EB3 folks are no less educated and proficient in english as EB2 folks

Why do you EB2 folks think you are gods gift to heaven !!!! Guys get out of your superiority complex you are the same as EB3

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yvjoshi10002-21 06:06 PMI have been continuously requesting in my previous postings that CORE Team should take up the issue of sufferings of children who have turned 21 and who could not file 485 applications due to visa retrogression. I do appreciate that this may not impact a large number of our members and CORE is committing its recourses for a much wider issue of over all visa number increase. However, getting visa number increased is a big effort and in current environment may not be achieved. However, getting CSPA amended may not e that much a big deal and if CORE team starts working on it, we may see positive result. As such, I again request CORE team members to take up this issue. I am prepared to lend my support in whatever way I can and I am sure there would be many other members who will be willing to do the same.


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rimzhim02-01 10:13 PM02/01/2007 21/30 p.m.: Senate Passed Immigration Reform Bill Today

The Senate passed today Fair Minimum Wage Act, H.R. 2 today. The House passed this bill, H.R. 2 and the Senate debated the bill for the past several days. In the process, hundreds of amendments had been introduced on the Senate floor. The Senate floor then agreed to a lot of these amendments. One of these amendments which the Senate had agreed to and passed as Division B of the H.R. 2 is the Immigration Reform bill.
The immigration reform bill was introduced by Senator John Kerry and agreed to by the floor unanimously. The immigration reform bill that the Senate passed today covers a lot of the provisions which were part of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 which the Senate passed last year and failed in the House.
We will analyze the bill and report it step by step for the next several days. Please stay tuned to this website.
their website does not say this. havent we had enough?

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willwin10-15 03:01 PMShort answer is "NO".Assuming direct filing in consular Process, in general it takes less time (for most clear cases around 6 months to 9 months) with comparison to AOS. But that pattern was of old times. Consular processing also has to follow Visa Bulletin. Second factor also need to be considered is what ratio is for consular processing. If 10 % of total EB3 + 2 cases might have gone to consular processing then again those US visa offcies will also be overwhelmed. Seeing July-August load ,this time it is very hard to predict consular processing. But just sake for the argument if my prediction for future visa bulletin will become correct then MOST EB3 - 2003/4-consular processing filers will definately get their GC before December 2008. That surely can not be predicted for AOS seeing namecheck etc.

Note: After some time (2008 end) you will also see fence jumpers (AOS to
consular)as people will hear fast "initial" approvals from consular

Thanks for your prompt reply! I think CP filers would be around 5%. Atleast in my organization, in July, 70 people filed 485 and I am the only CP applicant!


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amitjoey01-18 04:30 PMSigned up for $20 recurring payment yesterday!

contributed $320 so far.

Thanks Laasya05. Need 884 members more. Need volunters to help with the count-down.

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GCNirvana00709-03 10:51 AMI haven't got welcome email. just the CPO status on my profile in USCIS. And now I m skeptical, did I start the celebrations a bit early??:confused::confused::

Same here, just CPO e-mail.


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amitjoey01-19 12:39 PMSigned up for recurring $20 contribution.

Thanks, 872 more contributing members needed.

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nb_des04-10 12:37 PMsorry to sound like a beaten record - but it seems that everyone here pretty much sees citizenship as fait accompli!

how has our respective motherlands harmed us that despite being pushed around by US for years on end -we are desperately seeking US citizenship?? after all - in many cases - its the basic and advanced education received at our respective countries that has made us qualify as "highly skilled" immigrants here.....

go ahead - put all the red dots - but do some soul searching before that!

here is the first line of US citizenship oath - "I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen" - while i can absolutely live in US as a law-abiding, tax-paying resident - how can i renounce my country of birth?

I respect your thoughts and to some extent I personally share them. The primary benefit of citizenship for me and I believe for many others posting on this thread would be to bring our aging parents to this country and to be able to live with them.


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hebbar7704-08 08:36 PMWaiting is all we have been doing for so many years. I have been living separately from my wife for last 3 years. When I reached out to Pappu on IV, he refused to do anything for me. I am ready to come forward and talk to media but nobody is here to listen.

I am seriously considering some media awakening event these days, it might be suicide or whatever it takes but this DOS stupidity has to stop. Its affecting so many people's life. I agree GC is not a right that we can demand from US government but they can't treat us like this after investing so many productive years for this Economy.

I am also thinking of organizing an event around where I live which would me media spotlight. Legal immigrants like us esepcially EB folks need to be in news by doing something special(organizing a food drive for homeless, offering thrash cleaning in some place around .. etc,summary is volunteer in groups)
BTW no one thinks we are investing time here. We are paid for what we do, the matter ends there.

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illusions03-27 12:55 PMhaving PD current and Processing time current does not mean that the applicant will get GC. the state department actually moves cutoff dates in the VB because USCIS is not productive enough (not processing applications on time) to use up all the available visas for that quarter or year and they are afraid that those visas will go to waste. so they move the cutoff date on the VB (make more people current) so Consular processing will have more applications to pull from and then approve more applications.

so now we have to have PD current processing time for that service center is current and also be lucky so an IO will pick up our application to be processed. (it is actually little depressing)
:( dang.... so it's a chance* that they will pick up my app when it becomes current. So it is very likely that I might see my date get current... be that way for some time and still get no LUD; and even worse see another retrogression on it and wait more for PD to get current.... damn damn :eek:


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sundarpn11-14 09:48 AMHow about DC guys (for mailed in PP renewal)?

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Chris Rock09-24 01:22 AMEB3/2 ROW will have nice move this year
Eb2 (all) will be 'C' with spillover
EB3 I only need help
<End of message>


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we_r_d_world09-25 09:02 AMThere is no point in educating a mass of angry, frustrated EB3-I folks.

By preference (a LEGAL statute), EB1>EB2>EB3

For spillover (a LEGAL statute), EB1>EB2>EB3

EB1-I get their GCs in about a year.
EB2-I get their GCs in about 6 years.
EB3-I get their GCs in about 8 years.

SO WHAT IS THE BLOODY PROBLEM??? Wait your turn patiently like everyone else, or upgrade your skills and education to apply for EB2 jobs. Stop bitchin' and moanin' and trying to find shortcuts in life. There are none.

Please IGNORE I_Got_Skillz and lets continue healthy debate. We should not let person like this create distraction.


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ujjvalkoul12-18 05:16 PMConfirmed with 2 folks who have defintely joined IV


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amsgc03-22 11:25 AMTotoro,

Thank you for your efforts - really appreciate it.

This request is regarding workers on H-1B:
Problem: H-1B status ends the moment a foreigner worker looses his/her job, and s/he is effectively out of status. The foreign worker has only 10 days to wrap up his/her affairs and leave the US. 10 days is just not enough time to wrap up five or six years of living and move.

Solution: The foreign worker's status must automatically be extended by 90 days in the event of job loss.This gives the worker enough time to get his/her affairs in order -finances, car, house/apt, kids in school, etc.

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veda08-07 10:47 AMPlease post here.

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whoever02-02 07:48 AMit is really great. even if retrogression is lessened by a year each year is great. i love it.

kalyan6504-25 07:01 PMI was on H1B (2003 Quota), worked for that company eight months Oct'03 to May'04. Then switched back to h4, still i am on h4, The h1b was expired Sep'06 Now i want to apply for h1, will i come under this current year cap or just transfer.

any advice/idea?

anybody in similar situation.

roseball11-28 02:08 PMI received my new Passport today. Applied by mail at CGI Houston.

Application RD: Oct 26th, 2007
Passport Date of Issue: Nov 22, 2007
Passport Mailed by Fedex: Nov 27th, 2007 (I included $20 express mail fee)
Passport Received: Nov 28th, 2007


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