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vdlrao i really appreciate you analysis and confidence on feature of EB2..can i know your category and nationality?:D

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jayleno07-27 09:14 AMBuddy Kushal,

You have guts my friend. A real quickstar indeed. Please PM me. I will join quickstar, I'm really impressed with your speech here. You had me at US Army. I didn't read the rest of it.

P.S. I dont flip channels, my wife does and I watch whatever is playing. I sip beer and burp after. I hope I'm qualified to join.

Its like asking an anti-immigrant, what you think about legal/illegal immigration?

I guess you would get better idea if you call up Amway corporation or FTC and find out. And not from other who spend their time flipping channels and burping beer.
As far as I know there are people from US Army, NASA scientists, NFL players, pastors etc.....from different background are very successfully building the franchise business. No wonder they are growing $1.2 billion dollars every year since 1950.
Of course is not for everyone; its only for people who know the power of free enterprise on which this country is built on.

Question is whether it will work for you? Your families finances are decided by you, and not by any other people. If you do take advice from other, then you will be flipping channels and burping beer too, and it takes one big financial hit to wipe you off the slate.

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samay07-28 04:15 PMHello Sir,
I am in a process of getting name change for my wife on pending I485. This is because her first name is given as 'No Name Given' by USCIS on the I485 file, EAD and A.P. As she did not have first name in passport.

We recently got her name change on passport by adding my(husbands name) as SURNAME. Now we want to refelect this change on EAD and 485.

Sir, can you please let me know the process of amendment to get name change on the file. What applicaton do I need to fill, and what documents should i send with the form. Can I do it on my own or do i have to go thru a lawyer.

Your answer is highly appriciated.

You will have to inform the USCIS by a letter. Do you have an attorney. If not please get in touch with me

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vinabath10-24 11:11 AMI have a different opinion.


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Caliber09-04 11:15 AMMr. CHANDV23.....You should have been aware that when you are logged in with your alias(aka _TrueFacts) it turns "Green dot" beside your ID. Your other ID "CHANDUV23" turns blue if you do not use it...

I guess this is what is called "Wolf in Sheep clothes"


I beg to request you to please stop your postings. You are damaging the reputation of a respected member Chandu as people assume you are Chandu.

Many of us have our own opinions and likings/dislikings. One may not like each other's opinions. But we are together here to have our own lives.

For YSR supporters: All of you are aware of what YSR has done to P.Janardhan Reddy when he died. And all of you know how YSR ill treated great prime minister PV Narasimha Rao before and after his death.

It will be great if all of you can contribute some dollars to IV for their lobbying for GC.

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sachug2210-07 05:00 PMSome additional assumption in the calculations

China gets its share of EB2 numbers (by priority date)
95% cases are approved and none are delayed
EB3 to EB2 porting and cross-changeability ignored (they counter each other)
I-485 filled in last few months will not be approved (processing delays)
DOS/CIS are efficient and follow rules.


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Marphad04-01 01:07 PMI remeber how brutal Imran used to be to Indian openers with his deadly in-swinger. Those were days of good cricket ... a classy cricket. Outside cricket Imran still commands respect for being honorable and honest person.

On other hand our Azhar is one of those who will sell his own mother for money. A disgrace to cricket world. Comparing him to Imran is like comparing Lion in Jungle to a Hyenna ( no disrespect to reading Hyenna).

Few years back bunch of cricketers originating from AP here in MI sponsored him and his wife to visit here. I was invited by come and shake hand and photograph with this bookie and his beautiful wife. Majority of people having self-respect politely rejected the invitation. Now I hear he is trying to become bookie in New Delhi. Good Luck!

I think Azhar is the best candidate. He has a long experience of bribing, corruption, managing team of corrups and deceiving the country :).

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dvb12309-14 03:07 PM1. I-140 premium processing will increase ROW applications
2. 29 months opt is causing ROW applicants to bypass
H1-B and go for GC directly
3. Due to pre-adjudication Labor substitution applicants with substituted priority dates are in frontline
4. Porting from EB3 to EB2 is being done for atleast 10% EB3 applicants with recapture of priority date
5. Perm was introduced in early 2005 and lot of EB2 applications labors were approved in 2005

Hence EB2 will not cross 2005. If it crosses it will come back in a month.


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Openarms10-29 04:46 PMThis is one of the dumbest idea ever discovered in this forum.

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485Mbe400101-23 04:50 PMwhat happens to the people who got their GC's using labor from this guys company? Hopefully they are not affected, it will be sad to see their lives in trouble because of him.


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dealsnet05-12 10:57 PMI am not a Tamil or Singalese. We cannot say Tamils went to Lanka and asking for homeland. The truth is both Tamils and Singalese migrated from India. May be Tamils went to Lanka before the Singalese. LTTE is a terrorist organization, but it gained popularity because of Singalese neglect of Tamils. I don't think the problem can be resolve through military means. The war will change from conventional to gorrilla within this year.
Only political solution can bring peace.
Read these historical facts about the singala migration.

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at047412-14 01:09 PMDon't be upset dude. I'm just trying to suggest so that we could think out of the box. I don't think I have a bad taste.

Honestly, we tend to be discuss to much the law here. We are not experts of law and I think we should start calling our lawyers and talk to them about this idea. Let's see what our lawyers will say and then we can share those comments from lawyers.

Please don't be upset.



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rahulpaper06-26 08:33 PMOk, if the Fragomen page is the source of this rumor: can someone who is a Fragomen client ask their attorney about what's going on here. That might help clarify things a bit. (Given that they are the largest immigration law firm, there's bound to be many IV members for whom Fragomen is preparing documents.)

Please Please Please ask the lawyer you are working with.....

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MYGC200809-17 12:22 PMHere is what I want to understand.

EB2 ROW is CURRENT except INDIA AND CHINA. EB2 ROW will get 28.6% of 140000.
This means 40040. How they are going to divide these visa between INDIA and CHINA?
This is NOT SpillOver. I know there is 7% rule, but other countries are always Current.

And EB1 is CURRENT and considering Bad economy very few cases will be filed under EB1.

What will happen to those 40040 Visa? If those spillover to EB2 ROW, we may see a large quantity of Visa numbers for EB2.

Considering 50% of each EB1 and EB2 visas consumed by other than INDIA AND CHINA, still we should get aroud 40040 visas this year.If you furher divide 50% between INDIA and CHINA, both will get 20020, Which might be sufficient to cross 2005.


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swo07-13 11:46 AMMy friend bought a house at the Elginton and Avenue in Toronto for $350K in 1998. The house is now worth $950K.

My sister bought a house in Markham in 2005 for $265K and it is now worth $325K. That's almost 20% in 3 years.

This must be the stagnant Canadian real estate market you are talking about.

The recent growth in the US real estate market is the highest escalation in US history. It is well recognized as a function of the earlier tech bubble and loan availability. Some people are also now expecting severe consequences econonically because of it. Housing is almost certainly likely to return to normal growth patterns moving forward.

By the way, todays headling on the homepage is "Housing slump gets longer, and longer ..."

I'm done debating with someone that comes up with "symbolic examples", is unable to present a single coherent argument, unable to cite statistics, unable to even say they've lived in Canada.

Good Bless America. And Canada. And Australia. And India while we're at it!

That was a symbolic example. I meant to say that in Canada Housing is just meant housing not the investment. Here in capitalist market housing is never been a housing alone , prime motto to have housing is investment. If we might be debating this 3 years back on this forum ( In booming Real Estate market, yep, US GC Process was sucker then too :) ) you would not have anything against US real estate market to argue about. And that's the point. Housing market here too has cycles and if you wait out patiently you would have appreciation in a scale that normal Canadian may have to dream about.
And that is the point. If lending industry seems to be loosely controlled to you in the USA then yes there are ways to deal with it. You have to learn them. In Canada, in your terms, so called "Good loans" has kept Canadian economy "Welfare economy" only. To progress dynamically any country should have economy to be able to have kicks in, and USA market has that capacity. Today you are ranting about bad housing in USA... agreed, but seeing your signature, it seems that you never want to leave USA and with your claim "to love USA", I believe you will still be around here for years debating with me.. (wait, let me go grab a cup of cofee.:) .. I also need "Dynamic Kick" to debate with you) , I will be able to show you how much appreciation average american can have on average home. Did not you hear NPR yesterday? Housing market is coming back. Now housing is always the prime factor in any economy and so I choose that example. More or less it is true for every industry except oil in Canada. And mind that this forum is not to prove where the housing is better and so I do not want to go into minute statistical detail but most people in Canada and USA except yourself would agree with me.

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snathan01-13 06:10 PMWill there be a problem at time of 485 adjudication? Like, if USCIS investigates whether there was valid employer-employee relationship through out H1 period..even though this memo is released only now.

GC is for future employment....this memo is only for H1B. Otherwise you can sue them.


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logiclife06-26 12:21 PMYes, the august bulletin will be showing retrogressed dates. But when August bulletin is issued in mid-July, it does not impact the petitions received in July, because the August bulletin applies to August and even if August is retrogressed until 1975, they still have to accept 485s until 31st July.

That's what your lawyer said. Right?

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msp197602-13 02:50 PMI don't think so. 7% limit has been there for a very long time. Unused visas from prior years for ac21 purposes were still subject to 7% in current year. The 7% rule was unchanged.

It seems that you think that the unused visas from prior year were not subject to 7%. There is nothing of the sort that allows this.

Refer to this text.....

TITLE 8, CHAPTER 12, SUBCHAPTER II, Part I, Sec. 1152.

Look at paragraph a(5)

(5) Rules for employment-based immigrants

(A) Employment-based immigrants not subject to per country
limitation if additional visas available
If the total number of visas available under paragraph (1), (2), (3), (4), or (5) of section 1153(b) of this title for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who may otherwise be issued such visas, the visas made available under that paragraph shall be issued without regard to the numerical limitation under paragraph (2) of this subsection during the remainder of the calendar quarter.
(B) Limiting fall across for certain countries subject to
subsection (e) of this section
In the case of a foreign state or dependent area to which subsection (e) of this section applies, if the total number of visas issued under section 1153(b) of this title exceeds the maximum number of visas that may be made available to immigrants of the state or area under section 1153(b) of this title consistent with subsection (e) of this section (determined without regard to this paragraph), in applying subsection (e) of this section all visas shall be deemed to have been required for the classes of aliens specified in section 1153(b) of this title.

This is the section that allows for the 7% cap to be violated in case additional visas are available.................

This is the one many anti immigrant people tried to get removed again and again......

USCIS did not do anything wrong in 2005 nor in 2006.....By allocating additional visas to India/China USCIS did not do anything wrong...You can sue them ....USCIS has good grounds to defend their position.....You would not get anywhere...

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snram401-22 04:05 PMNo need to regret. There are plenty of opportunities in India for right people. Salary is on par with USA.

I pity people who have coming to USA is foremost objective. In my case, i came to USA 7 years ago. Atleast i earned few bucks. But people who are dreaming about USA and taking education loans with the intention to payoff once they land in USA. It also includes people coming here on F1 with intention to work here. I feel really sorry!!!

TeddyKoochu09-15 02:23 PMHere is what I researched and found out-

From the data for India

For Permanent applications 2004 => Reduction in Recruitment (EB2 cases)

From 1 April 1004 to 16 August 2004 => 430 appox(All countries)

No data from 17 August 2004 to 28 February 2005.

From 01 March 2005 to 30 September 2005, For Level III- 263 For Level IV-271
= 500 approx.

For 01 October 2005 to March 2006, For Level III- 2500, Level IV-1770
= 4300 approx.

Now, of the GCs approved last Aug.08 and Sept.08 were from the Texas Service Center.

That meant Atlanta Processing Center was the Labor Approval Center.

So, For 01 October 2005 to March 2006
For Level III- 1100, Level IV-770.

So, total left = (2500-1100) + (1770-770) = 1400 + 1100= 2500

Therefore toatl from 01 April 2004 to Mar. 2006=>

430(2004) + 400(mystery number from 16 Aug. 04 to 01 March 2005) + 500(2005) +2500(2006)= 3900 principal applicants.

Multiply by 2 for dependents = 7800 EB2 India pending before Mar. 06.

Please comment on my analysis or feel free to ask questions.

Correct me if Iam wrong I believe that the zone does not map directly to category, for those with bachelors only Zone - 5 maps to EB2, so most of level 3 and 4 that you mention could be EB3.

thomachan7203-27 11:55 AMElection in India is approaching fast. Who will be next prime minister of India.

(This is better than doing predictions for visa bulletins :)).
You really think so?? The next PMs name is not even on your poll lists!!
India and Russia have set examples to the rest of the world. How? well...
Russia- by showing how communism can be at its worst
India- by happily showing how democracy can be at its... you guessed it, "worst"
Dont agree?? True Democracy, implies "for the people and by the people", right?
well in India its a tiny bit different...."For the thugs and by the thugs" Now the word thugs vary in meaning depending upon the citizen affected... for some it might simply mean "currupt" for others "looters", for some others "dishonest" and for a unfortunate majority it goes to the extent of "murderers".
Now.....still interested in wasting time with the projections for Indian PM??


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