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morchu05-29 04:09 PMDestructive thinking is not helping. Constructive thinking is what we need.
Who gets there "earlier" is not important. Can you get there "faster" is what is important.

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amsgc07-03 11:08 PM

Just sent her a thank you note and my letter above.

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breddy200009-03 09:13 PMComparing Ted Kennedy and YSR..not a sane mind would do.

Amassing money in the name of fictitious projects is dynamic?
Relentless swindling of money by the parties, leaders, ministers and bureaucrats is dynamic?
Mobilizing and supplying huge money to prove your royalty to party in Delhi is dynamism?

If that is the case then Manmohan Singh, Abdul Kalam what are they…they had every chance and more why don’t we speak about them the same way. Show me one personal allegation on Manmohan or Abdul Kalam.

Yes, it is dynamism to stay in power and to mint money and for people like you…not for administration.

Any one speaking against, has to deal with personal abuse, that’s even with opposition MLA’s. What happened to democracy?

Since 60 years Congress has ruined India and people like Sonia and YSR are few examples of corrupt politics and YSR is openly involved. YSR is no different to a dictator.

Corruption rampant in AP under YSR's regime ( � YSR’s new low (
The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh News : YSR a champion of corruption: Chiru (
YSR the most corrupt politician - Telugu Movies - Zimbio (
Naidu to approach Centre on YSR’s ‘Satyam route of corruption’ (

One can write a book on YSR’s corruption. AP has become worse than Bihar.

Majority of politicians in India are corrupt . Why single out one ...Does it give you solace to ridicule someone who is dead....

I'm not a supporter of any political leader or party and you cannot create one politician that satisfies every citizen of its nation. And that's a simple fact. As long as the vast majority of the population is satisfied with the party administration and get some real benefits out it, that's what I call a real political leader and I see YSR as one among them...

If you really want to vent out your frustration, just go to India and do something about it. Why not change the things the way they are... Its easier said than done ...Don't you think??

Looks like you created your ID yesterday , just to vent out your frustration. Maybe you are one of the Senior Members who wish to hide your identity just for the sake...

Get a Life Man....

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binadh07-11 12:45 PMBharatPremi,

Same applies to you.. If you are so crazy about Bharat, what are you doing here.... HEHEHE. Just thought that it was kinda funny statement because of your name....BharatPremi --- :D


Even that Angelina seemed to be crazy about USA. If S/he would be happy about everything in Canada why the hell s/he even visit immigration related boards meant for USA?


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krish200501-14 12:15 PMTo the poster of this thread.

Voted your thread as 5 stars given the severity. The info provided by you is so very critical to our survival as H1B in US.

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pcs07-03 04:02 PMWhich congressman did you call?

Ralph Regula in Ohio


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alisa02-18 12:51 PMI can only give examples from personal life. My personal examples lead me to believe that a lot of people, though aware of retrogression, are unaware of what it really means.

Six months ago, I thought that there was nobody opposing EB-based visa numbers. And I was pretty certain that my greencard would be handed to me in a few years.

Then I learnt about IV. And I learnt about the problems.
Then I tried to tell my friends about it at work. And the first reactions were 'Is the situation really that bad'?

So, there is definitely a huge group of people who don't know what retrogression really means, and how screwed they really are.

But again, these are personal examples. Maybe yours (people knowing about retrogression, and still not bothering about contributing/participating in IV) might have led you to a different conclusion.

I respect your opinion ...but I refuse to believe that people are ignorant...

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Michael chertoff01-13 01:00 PMIf wishes were wings, pigs would fly

thank you for your kind words. but why are you looking for PIG. are you not happy with your DOG. still we can be friends.




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whatamidoinghere02-22 04:26 AMLooks like lot of data is available for us to crunch on:

Labor certifications from 2000 to 2006

H1Bs issued from 2002 to 2006

Hopefully using this data we can get some rough prediction on cutoff date movement. I'm going to spend the coming weekend on this.

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GCmuddu_H1BVaddu09-05 11:43 AMShame on YOU, not me, you have just created a new ID just to talk about Andhra CM who is dead. Shame on YOU for hiding your real face while talking caste based crap, no wonder India is still like that. Again stop the bull crap of caste based fighting, useless fellow. You don't want people to see your real face and you are talking crap with a different ID. You are a cheat with double standards.

Shame on you...donga ki donga thodu.( cooperation between thiefs)


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snathan03-29 08:35 PMThank you for your personal opinion. India was doing well when Vajpayee was PM. He is not some management honcho. It is a vision of the person that is more important. Manmohan is a learned man and has provided country with real good service but real power rests with Sonia and her son Rahul.

Hence. Its a question of ideology in the long run and given my background, BJP govt suits me better than Congress. So I prefer Advani over Sonia.

I am not sure what vision Mr.Advani has for India. May be at this age he might have better vision than other people in the same league.

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fide_champ08-17 01:59 PMDue respect Chanduv23 - I believe there are a million and more who've done better and fought tougher battles. I'd think some of them are here on this very forum. I may not have had an opportunity to grow up in India - however, I'm pretty sure - in fact quite certain, the sort of b'wood trash dished out, is nothing representative of Indian culture and ways of life. Most of the stuff encourages ills of American pop culture and feels desperate to the point of being foolish wannabees - and you know what's really sad -- that people from a nation with such incredibly history & culture need the feel to ape ills of American pop culture and the likes. As for Shahrook Khan - the man CAN'T act - unless you think some sort of speech disability, lip-synching songs (sung by folks with actual talent) and running around foolish women in skirts is talent and form art?! I wish the admins would remove the silly post from the forum.

It doesn't matter. The topic is about what the immigration officers are doing to the innocent civilians. In this case it happened to be SRK who everyone knows but it is happening to everybody. Just because his last name spelled as khan, can they interrogate every khan in this world?


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jhaalaa01-13 02:49 PMWhen folks transfer to a new employers using AC21 (where AC21 is otherwise valid) -
0. NOT APPLICABLE: for folks who only use the EAD for the AC21 and do not use H1 transfer.
1. OK: for folks where you work directly for the new H1 transfer sponsor.
2. DIFFICULT: When H1 transfer using AC21 is sought from a sponsor just to meet AC21 criteria, while one works as a consultant.

AC21 Beware - is specially meant for those wishing to seek AC21 from a small consulting company - because finding some big employer who would presently write a job description in the offer letter to match the criteria ("same or similar") that was advertised for the Labor certificate underlying a I-485 petition that has been pending 7 or more years back does not seem very practical.
In general, for folks on H1 or those planning to get one -

A. Folks who work directly for the H1 sponsors are OK.

B. With this memo, meeting 'Employee-Employer relationship' shall become tougher to prove for small and specially third party consulting company employees who work elsewhere and for an unrelated (to what is stated on the LCA petition used for the H1) client.

It does not mean that its all going to be dark for all with no hope.
Just that, keeping all necessary documentation, proof of communication of work, duties, progress, status, performance assessments, time sheets, documented business processes, projects related documentation, client-vendor communication, service agreements, etc shall become very tedious for small consulting businesses.

Best Wishes for all

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mihird10-09 03:56 PMThere is the freedom to change jobs and apply for a new TN each time. There is no 6 year or any sort of time cap - TN can be renewed indefinitely..a TN only costs $50 to renew for each year and can be filed without an attorney by mail. No need to physcially go anywhere.

1. Spouses/Dependents get TD which is as restrictive as H4
2. There is a fixed list of professions and minimum education qualifications that you/your intended employment HAVE to satisfy to qualify for a TN. Experience cannot be used to substitute lack of education..

Hope that was informative...


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langagadu09-29 10:26 PM$700 billion financial bailout plan was thrown out.Now can you guys think any one will buy this idea. (I am EB-3 and stuck in the queue but still think this idea will not fly).

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gomirage06-12 10:30 PMExactly what I had tried to express, you have succinctly put them in numbers. Thank you

Both of you are missing the point. No matter how you spin it, 140,000 people getting GC per is better than reduced quota of say 80,000.

Have you asked yourselves how you would fare if H1B program did not exist. I am not saying that you will not get GC without h1b and EB programs, sure you could go the uggly way, getting married to the fat lady in your apartment building for example.

To sum it up I would take long wait compared to no program or a nobel-prizes only program, any day of the week.



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immique07-17 01:23 AMI don't agree with your arguement. Spillover can happen in any quarter and you don't need to wait until the last quarter for it to happen. with EB1 and EB2 being current, the spillover into EB2 I and C will start from November/December of 2008 itself

Since no one knows how many of pre 2004 EB2/EB3 are pending for India or ROW, it is very difficult to predict where the PD would be at 2008 november. Whoever feels the numbers less suggests EB2 india PD would move forward, whoever feels the numbers are more suggests it will move slower.

But this is what my assumption is USCIS/DOS would start will less number of Visas for starting of year, let us say 900 for EB2(I) on november 08. There is a possibility that EB3 to EB2 conversion, Missed out old PD cases etc would result in getting EB2 going backwards...This would be the case for first 2 to 3 quarters, even if it moves it would in couple of months.Again based on EB3(ROW) demand next year end EB2(I) may or may not move forward fast.
One thing for sure spill over happens only during the last quarter, be it horizontal or vertical.

But this years move would make some people lucky to get GC even if their PD is in 2006. Again this is all my assumptions..

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gjoe02-14 03:27 PMHow many of us who contributed to IV mentioned that in the AOS application form I485. I guess you are supposed to disclose your affiliation to IV, atleast when you are a contributing member. If this is true most of us will automatically disqualify for a GC because we failed to disclose information truthfully

also as i said earlier- someone needs to stand up publicly and be a leader. and one leader is not enough. needs a team. that team must be willing to disclose identity etc publicly, if they are to collect money. in any case a lawsuit is very public and anonymity is not an option. these are the very basis of starting such a project. no one has yet responded to this affirmatively. a lot of yes votes do not mean anything. someone(s) needs to be willing to stick their necks out with time, money, effort and a very public profile.

just my 2c.

BTW I will contribute upto $1000 for this lawsuit initially. I think Law suit is the rightway to go. We should not be afraid to file a lawsuit. We have come halfway around this world to make our careers and life in the USA knowing well that the bodyshoppers will exploit us until we get our GC. We are in a situation were we never even dreamed before that a govt agency like USCIS will also keep our lifes in limbo like the bloodsucking bodyshoppers. Now it is our turn to step up and take the fight. We will not lose anything even if we fail, afterall our lives on this earth is nothing but a fight for our survival and what we believe in.


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Green_Always08-16 03:52 PMBy taking on this subject we are providing good coverage for SRK and talking negative about US Immigraiton we are making them corrupt we should not put pressure on them ( US Immigration ) let them do there duty.

By putting pressure and talking about all these and getting influence from Obama and all is wrong our Indian govt and policies are corrupt and we are pushing these people there now by doing all these things.

Let us look at our future and Jobs over here. Let SRK resolve his headache himself.

Note -- I am not against SRK, I like him and I am fan of him and have seen his movies multiple times and I have full respect to him.

my 2 cents.

jhaalaa01-13 01:21 PMLong 19 page memo - but loud and clear for many scenarios -

USCIS posts Q & A: D&vgnextchannel=68439c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

This memo is an eye opener especially for folks on consulting company assignments and those who are self-sponsored or who want to do their own business. Finding a new H1 sponsor would be extremely difficult as well (AC21 folks beware).

Now getting a new H1 or a transfer or a renewal, may be subject to very stringent scrutiny.

This memo has the potential to throw a lot of small boutique Consulting companies out of business and along with it many of their employees - whether they use H1 or not.

Wish the best for all affected folks.
Pray and hope the GC dream is realized faster for all.

Best Wishes

santiwar12-13 04:56 PMIf i am not mistaken, Barack Obama practiced constituional law prior to becoming a senator of IL, and is regarded as an expert on this subject. Not sure how it fits into our grand scheme of things, just thought I'd throw in this interesting Tid Bit.

Given out present plight,we all seem to be the posterchild of his very engaging book titled "Audacity of HOPE" :-P


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