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amsgc07-04 01:03 PMgc_check,

If I cannot apply within the next one year, do you agree that I will have to spend again on:
- Lawyer fees for form preparation and accounting of changes in laws= $2000
- Medical examinations And Immunization costs = $300 (many docs dont' take insurance, they didn't in my area) * 2 = $600
- Photographs = $25* 2 = $50
- Courrier services, photocopying, printing, long distance calls = $200

So, once again, I am looking at spending: $2850. This money that I/employer spent last month is GONE. Who is responsible now? That's all i wanted to point out. When I said double, I meant spending $2850 twice, and also adjust for inflation. The above costs do not include USCIS filing fee.

To calculate the money that has gone down the drain, just multiply that by say 50000 applicants who will not be able to apply within 1 year. That's well over $100 million. This is not a small amount, one could start a pretty good size company that can effciently go through the backlogs.

>> This is money that has gone down the drain.
None of the FEES has been accepted by USCIS as they even did not accept the petition. So the fees cannot be calculated.

>>So in the end, you may end up spending more than twice the amount of money, and more in application fees.
Yes, the fees gets revised start July 30. But you need NOT pay again and again to extend EAD/AP, if requried. Need to calculate the difference. Also not sure if the Attorney's would charge twice as they have to resubmit the paper with little or no modification.

Money lost will be the amount spent on Medical Examination (In my case $550, as I ended up with a doctor of my choice out side my medical insurance network), So even if my conpany can reimburse, I cannot... Also per my attorney Medical Examination Reports are valid for a year, If we apply within a year, this is also not lost. If someone or his family has to rush back to USA, to file AOS, then the amount spent are waste. Loss of vacation and money.

My point is not to discourage any one, but when we wirte to media, folks will investigate all before they publish to main stream. We need to be fair and should provide the correct information, else we might loose the coverage.

We need to highlight the expenses occured and stress this has caused to many many people.

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vinzen08-18 11:21 PMThis is not "Indian" thread. It is purely a North Indian thread. He is popular only in North of India.

And which part of india are you from?

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breddy200009-04 12:40 PMDont tell me your crap stroy. First do it and then we can talk.

You know the reason why I had to cancel my CC. Its been compromised....
Get a life...Idiot....

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lotsofspace02-13 11:59 AMI agree that quota system is cumbersome. It would've been much easier just to have one bucket. But I fail to see how it is discriminatory when every coutry gets an equal piece of the pie. It is a classic supply and demand issue, but it's not a discrimination. Consider also the fact that GC is a grace not a right. "Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own?"

The problem here not every country gets equal or equitable piece of pie. The probelm is Part of the pie gets thrown out and not given to people in the line because too many of them happen to be from one country.


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anai06-16 11:47 AMThere's two themes in this thread that are interesting.

1. A couple of members advanced the argument that retrogression is good since it weeds out the supposedly undeserving. Here's a startling quote:

...In summary, this retrogression is good in a way....

2. The question of luck.

I would like to share our story, because it touches on both these themes: I have two US graduate degrees; so does my wife. We've paid over 100K in federal income taxes in each of the past several years and I'm now a partner at my firm; the idea that folks are stuck in retrogression because they are undereducated low-cost workers is not realistic. And there are many cases similar to ours (some of which I read about on IV). We are stuck in retrogression because we have no answer to the country-quota bottleneck.

So, sure, retreogression may provide perverse pleasure to a select few greencard holders, but the inconvenience that retrogression causes most of us does not serve a greater Darwinian good.

What of luck? While luck has put us in retrogression, it has favored us in many ways --- we have a great family, a lovely home, and a bunch of good friends. I am sure all of us have seen similar plus sides of luck. But luck is stubborn when it comes to the greencard: when the window opened up last year, many folks with PD 2006 were approved, while many like us with older PD were left waiting. Luck is a strange animal -- it lets you see the map of the world in your handheld, but won't let you travel freely because of retrogression.

There's this story about luck and how one can get around it in some cases. It is not very relevant here, but here's the story: A wise man came to a village and observed a family living in great poverty. All the family had was a cow and a sack of grain. They would work very hard, but their net worth never rose beyond the "cow + sack of grain" level. The wise man, being wise, figured out what's going on. He asked the family to give away the cow and have a party with whatever grain they had. The family initially thought this advice was daft, but eventually complied out of respect for the wise man. The night after they had squandered everything, Brahma could be seen quietly bringing the family another cow and a sack of grain. What the wise man had figured out was that this level of net worth was preordained for that family -- whether they work hard or party. Not a great story to tell your kids to teach them about hard work; but provides an alternate perspective when you're stuck in line.

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TeddyKoochu09-17 01:33 PMYou are right on the point. In fact (I may be overly optimistic here), I would not be surprised at all to see PD of EB2I in 2007 or 2008 in the last quarter (Aug-Sept) and it may even see the magincal "C" in Sept 2010. (Making the dream come true for VDLRAO!!)

(Remember, with preadjudications, there are no more pending EB2-ROW (except for the new adjudications) and EB2 China has been in 2006 for quite some time as well in the past)

I sincerely hope your words come true! It has been a long wait for people who missed Jul 07. Lets hear from the expert VDL Rao.


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franklin02-14 06:51 PMQuestion - where are all the numbers for historical visa allocation coming from?

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h1techSlave12-13 02:59 PMThe Law makers don't want to colonize America.

They already DID colonize America a few centuries back:)


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dixie05-10 05:03 PMeven if labor market tests are the right way to go, there is no justification for the enormous bureacracy involved in the US EB system. Consider the time it takes to clear labor certification .. 4-6 months under PERM.Then why another 4-6 years after that to issue the green card ? If the person has already proven he is in a speciality occupation, why the additional bureacracy, and retrogression in the name of "diversity" ? Current policy just smacks of ambivalence.. immigrants are needed for the economy, yet the rules dont acknowledge their utility by offering a painless path to permanent residency.

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Tito_ortiz03-20 12:41 PMHi, I experienced similar situation. This is what I did:
Upon getting my PR and landing in Canada, I got job offer in the beautiful US. I kept visiting Canada every month, I kept bank account active there, I bought a car in Canada and transferred to the US (that was silly, don't do that) etc just in case I needed to prove certain ties to Canada and it would be transfer car to Canada again if I needed to go back.

Then 1 year passed. I retained my PR just fine. However, when entering Canada, the immigration officer advised that I was going to end up losing my Canadian PR if I start going back and forth. At that point I applied for the Returning Resident permit. I wen to Canadian embassy in Seattle. Lady who attended me was very rude and told me that working in the US was not a valid excuse to stay out of Canada for 2 years. Then I claimed that I wanted to go back to Canada to open business there with my US experience within 2 years. Lady finally said "you guys don't love Canada, you just love the US". From there she signed the Returning Resident Permanent residency paper for 2 years. Now, five years have passed and I guess my Canadian PR status is unknown. I guess I could just return if I wanted. Last week I went there to visit a friend (it was raining like crazy in Vancouver, BC) and I entered the country without any questions. Therefore if you manage to get in, I guess all my PR status would still be valid.
I also have my canadian PR. I know that I have to physically stay in CA for 2 years out of 5 to keep it alive. My question is if I enter just before my fourth year and live only for one year in CA .... what would happen ? At the end of fifth year when my PR card expires, will I have to leave CA ? Or is there any other visa on which I can move to or is there a way to re-apply for PR in the last year itself ?

Basically bcuz of the retregression I want to go to CA but I have seen so many -ve posts about job scene that I am apprehensive. Hence was wondering if I can wait till the fourth year and still this GC mess is not solved would it be possible somehow to stay in CA beyond the fifth year.


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dealsnet09-03 11:22 PMI never thought CHANDUV23 will do dirty politics. A time will come to show the real color of the people. Do not rejoice when some one who is dead. It can happen to anyone. No guarenty we will see the home land again.

If you don't know the difference between Policies and Politics I cannot help it.I'm talking about policies created by Govt in Power
That's all I can say....Good luck

And your ID is revealed _TrueFacts....That's all I can say and which u are very well aware of.

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soljabhai12-14 04:55 PMwell as of now, 15 October 2002 is the Cut-off date for ROW EB3 is not much worse than the cutoff dates for the other oversubscribed countries. (somewhere in 2001). Considering we are on the threshold of 2008

In the hypothetical scenario EB3 ROW won't be much worse. Especially since many (majority) Indian's have transferred to EB2 already.

So I don't understand how would ROW EB3 be much worse off than now.

The only "real losers" will be ROW EB2 which is current. As far as I know they are not constituents/members of IV so we should not worry about them.


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poorslumdog09-04 12:51 PMYou moron coming from the slum region or any other place in Bihar.
You don't know about keralites.
100% Literacy.
Living standard is same like Europe. (no other state have the facilities such as health care and standard of living like Kerala).
It is God's own country.
Visit and see the details.
Even the guys working in Gulf countries knows better than you and making much more than you. Go and see their houses.(multi storied), You are still in an appartment.
Do you ????

Mr.Nair tell me is it Gulf or Gelf. Do you still wear lunky in office or smoke peedi...enda peedi malabar pedi, enda CM EK nayar...he he :D

If its GOD own country...what are you doing there. Are you renting it mr.Nair

by the way how is omana kutty.

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jungalee4311-08 02:57 PMSent e-mails to all the contacts. Immediately received some out-of-office auto replies. Looks like they would be out of office till Nov. 6 or Nov. 10.
Next up, posting message on change.gov


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abracadabra10209-03 09:20 PMThe epitaph,
"No better friend, No worse enemy"
fits YSR nicely.

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god_bless_you10-23 02:33 PMHello everyone.

I was wondering if someone could point me to how exactly labor substitution works.

Before anyone starts jumping down my throat, i am JUST looking for documentation on the full process and I DID try looking on the google.

If someone has any article on labor substitution and how it works please post it on here.

Check Immigration Portal forums Labor certification .. Preapproved LC
Labor substitution Pros Con's etc.. widely discussed there...



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chanduv2306-27 11:36 PMOr maybe just present a piece of toasted bread and the locals will consider this as a good 2x2 of a miracle (...photo). Once the "belt" supports him he needs no further support. Path to citizenship will be through a "divine escalator"... ;)

Wonder if HE would then be allowed to run for president, guess that would require a constitutional change? hmmm... interesting...

What about Mary Magdelene? The Holy Grail is enough proof for her GC??

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shreekhand09-15 11:55 AMvdlrao,

Are you 100% sure that the data for calendar year 2005 includes the traditional labor certifications as well ? I did not see any in the txt file given on the DoL website for FY 2005.

Remember missing those out could mean missing huge numbers, I know several who filed from Jan 01, 2005 to just before PERM came into the picture in late March 2005.

Year, TOT_LBRS, Certified, LBR_INDIA PD_>_10/1/2001
2000 074048 70204 ????? 0
2001 082139 77921 ????? 0
2002 089168 79784 ????? 7873
2003 095299 62912 ????? 25956
2004 098866 43582 ????? 26569
2005 014253 06133 01350 6133
2006 105960 79782 22298 79782
2007 098753 85112 24573 85112
2008 061997 21092 07198 21092
Total 720483 526522 55419 252517


In 2005 there are a total of 01350 labors certified only for India.
In 2006 there are a total of 22298 labors certified only for India.

The other important thing here to note down is there are many outsourcing companies out there filed/filing GCs for their so called managers in EB1 category.

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coopheal02-23 09:37 AMwhatamidoinghere,
what is the source of you information.
Can we maintain a information on such numbers on IV itself so that we have one place to see it.

morchu06-05 12:52 PMIt is very clear that there is absolutely no meaning for "quota" on 485 applicants.
They are allowed to continue to stay in US forever, from the date of their application (assuming the case is good, and eventually will be approved, when visa is available).

So the whole argument about "diversity" or even "controlled immigration" doesn't stand, since the 485 applicants are here permanently "except" for an official "GC card".

The only thing the "quota" does is creating "uncertainty" in the mind of genuine applicants. This causes less spending, less home buying and eventually causing bad for the US economy. This just creates a second layer of "tax-payers" who have extremely high "purchase power", but doesn't utilize their purchase power, due to "uncertainity"

I wonder why the politicians doesn't realize this simple fact yet?

They either shouldn't allow 485's to wait in US (for diversity & controlled immigration claim), or should just remove the quota for 485's, and let them live their lives & utilize their purchase power to help US economy.

mirage04-01 08:15 AMMy opinion is you should allign your thinking with a party which has the least divisive idealogy. Mulayam/Mayawati/Laloo type parties were born for simple reason, 'Caste politics'. Congress has only one agnda 'Communal/Secular', they call themselves secular but they have played the divisive card like none other in India..Congress have ruled in India for longest period than any other party, In UP Congress was the default govt. until late 1980, but the condition of the minorities in those regions will tell you how much they were misused & misguided.
And now , since they took over in 2005 they've been talking about reservations, they alligns with Muslim League in south, they support terrorists like 'Taslamuddin', and ofcourse everybody is aware about their role in Amarnath Land Transfer issue. On the other hand there's a party who worked almost for everybody for 5 years. In those 5 years we saw how India started showing up in US media as emerging business leader, that started happening in 2001-2002...You need to give them their due credit. Now you see the western media, they are all lashing out at Indian govt. with 'Weak govt.' charges...It is upto you to decide what kind of politics you want from your politicians. People argue 'But BJP didn't build the temple when they were in power' and my answer is did you want them to do that ? isn't it good that they did not raise controversial issue and just worked on development. Babri Masjid, Gujarat riots etc. are raised again and again by parties who don't have any agenda, but only one agenda and that is to divide and get get votes....
Let me ask you this. I am a Brahmin and should I hand over future of my children to any other party than BJP? What should I read out of reservations for OBCs?

Are you also saying US does not have blood on their hand of innocent Iraqis? Are you saying no innocent was killed in Gaza or west bank?


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