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vban200706-14 03:01 PMI totally agree with you guys... We have keep our focust right and keep our fight alive..

CORE please guide us for the next step...

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panky7205-10 09:13 PMI went to my congresswomen's office on may 6th and provided details of my pending 485. Their office called me today that our cases were approved on May 5th and cards have been mailed!! They also told me to contact NSC to get tracking no. I called NSC and and got the USPS tracking no's. No change in status online at USCIS, no email or SMS from USCIS.

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santb197504-16 06:49 PMbut not with a new member :confused:

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mariner555510-06 08:23 AMDon't stress out too much!!! Sleep calmly till dawn and believe me next morning will be more rewarding.
There is one thing which all of us can do and I belive it will be more effective than a rally(And certainly will cost less).
all we need to do is spread the problems we are facing whenever we buy high value goods like cars or homes. tell the dealer / broker / edu instituitions ..I would have closed the deal if I had a green card ..so the next time congress takes up this bill ..there would be more support for increased legal visas ...unfortunately many of us are selfish ,...we just run and buy houses as soon as we get EADs


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andy garcia06-29 02:51 PMThis is taken from: AFM 23.4 Presumption of Lawful Admission and Creation of Record under 8 CFR 101 (http://www.uscis.gov/propub/template.htm?view=document&doc_action=sethitdoc&doc_hit=1&doc_searchcontext=jump&s_context=jump&s_action=newSearch&s_method=applyFilter&s_fieldSearch=nxthomecollectionid|AFM&s_fieldSearch=foliodestination|Chapter 23.5&s_type=all&hash=0-0-0-570)

(5) Procedure for Ordering a Visa Number from the DOS.
Visa numbers are requested by USCIS offices directly from the Visa Control Office of the DOS. The request is only to be made after:

� The applicant has been interviewed and found to be eligible for AOS(or, for cases adjudicated at a service center, simply found to be eligible for AOS); and

� The requestor has verified that the current VB indicates that a visa number is available for the country and classification involved, and that the current bulletin has not been superseded by an advisory from the Visa Control Office.

The DOS has guaranteed to USCIS that so long as the current visa bulletin and any superseding advisories indicate that a number is available, a number will be assigned.

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eager_immi01-19 12:53 PMI agree. We need to do something about the ones taking a free ride!!!!

I really like this idea. Core team should give this a serious thought. As macaca pointed out, it wouldn't make a difference to certain ppl, but should motivate quite a few others.


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tikka05-30 04:55 PMDoes anyone have any idea why the recurring contribution link is down???:confused:

not sure.. but while you are waiting ...

can you please send web faxes to all the states???
we need another 200 faxes to make our target for the day.

thank you

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godspeed04-12 03:37 PMyep, you are right, my bad....
damn the case of manic monday.... the bulletin is'nt helping either
no they aren't the same. geniuses @ CIS named them pretty close but different.

new one is lower case i-765instr.pdf and the older one is upper case I-765instr.pdf

check the revision date at the bottom, they are different. also check the 'where to file' section on page 8.


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akred06-14 01:28 AMYears we have been told priority date establishes your place in the queue.

We have spurned job offers and declined the new PERM process to hold on to the priority dates.

Many are still awaiting labor certifications from the backlog elimination centers. Out comes USCIS and says everyone with a LC can file I140 & I485.

People still waiting for LC with priority dates in 2003-2004 are seeing applicants who have priority dates as late as 2007 but with approved LCs through PERM walk through to I485.

Net result, USCIS is going to be flooded with applicants enough to retrogress the priority dates 3-4 years back as early as september. (Everybody with a LC will be able to file for I485 in July). So applicants with priority dates of 2007 are going to get EAD and GC, while LC backlogged 2003 applicants to have to wait for another 3-4 years before they can even file I485.

Aint fair. Aint fair at all. How can this be. How can rules be changed in the middle of the game.

My advice to you is to beg, borrow, steal or kill but find a way to file for the I485. The benefits of filing for AOS - specially if you have a spouse who cannot work - far outweigh any short term struggle you may have to endure.

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NolaIndian3204-15 04:15 PMHas anyone started fundraising yet??. I did not. I need to work on recruiting 6 more people atleast into Team IV. We should have 50 people for the Cal. Event atleast. I need to work on the networking events as well

I have started my fundraising, but that is only because I have all the fundraising ideas in my head.

I will start sending out the Welcome Packages this week. The Welcome Package has a section for Fundraising and will help each Team IV Member reach his/her goal.

The first T Shirt order has also been placed, last week, I believe. I should be receiving this initial order by mail shortly and then I can mail out the T Shirts to those who have signed up thus far.

We need to still concentrate on our recruitment efforts this week and the next.

The Dolphin South End Runners Club has welcomed us for their Aug 17, 2008 event. I am hopeful that we can get a contingent of at least 20-30 Team IVians to walk run that event.


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EB2_Unite09-26 10:12 AMPossibly not. But it has to reach USCIS and I was thinking of getting through the liason process of the senators / congressmen.
If IV can take up this effort, then there is a channel that we can get through. But I dont think it is going to happen, because of the infights. Even if USCIS does'nt react, we can use this process to challenge the intrepretation and show them the mess that they have created. May be that will help


I believe in talking simple and straight. Well, EB3 friends have every right to work for their benefit. Nothing wrong with that. EB2 people should therefore unite and protect their interests too. EB2 group should unite and lobby hard to ensure that the current equation EB1 > EB2 > EB3 is not disturbed. After all, everyone is selfish when the pins are down. EB2 friends, can we be proactive and protect our interests before it is too late? Nothing to get emotional about

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supplychainwalla04-10 01:38 PMThere is no harm in adding this also as the fifth item along with the existing 4 items. :D

Yeah, but the 5th item being demanded is the same as a free trip to the moon with out any flight training. In a logical and sensible world it will not work and will make this forum and organization look like one having no motive or direction with every demand being considered viable, just beacuse it "sounds like a great idea" to a few folks.


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Dhundhun04-22 01:11 PMEAD Renewal (Paber based):
- Sent Mar 27
- Received in AZ Lock box Mar 29
- No Receipt, Check not yet cashed.

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GCGC01-18 09:28 AMPlease keep up the good work
and a big thank you to all core member

I'm a member from chinese community. You guys are doing a great job for all the people

so far contribution $150, will try to make at least $20 each month


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GCNeophyte08-05 11:42 AMAny EB3 approvals at all?

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Lalitha04-24 01:38 PMThanks for the update. My employer is Wipro Technologies and they don't come under non-profit organization.


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pappu09-29 07:46 PMWe are spinning in circles here and it is like reinventing the wheel. This is THE grassroots org �THAT you want to set-up. already set up to achieve exactly that � YES, YES �We want Congress to introduce a bill to reduce backlogs. The core goal of IV is to have a bill that has our provisions. That is exactly what this organization was set up to achieve. You seem to be a newcomer to this struggle. Have you followed IV from 2005 Dec when a buch of members got together on some other forums and watched helplessly as good provisions (that were meant to allievate our troubles) were taken out at the last minute from a bill during debate.
Since then we have tried and tried and frankly have matured enough to understand that the politics of the immigration issue is complex and any standalone bill �just for us- has no chance.

Our provisions have to be clubbed with all the rest of the minor and major groups � that want reform. There is the nurses lobby, the doctors, the illegal lobby, the dream activists, and many other fringe groups, they all want their issues to be addressed. The anti-immigrants are a big opposition to any small relief that comes up in debate. NOW- We have learnt that we need to work with all these groups, form alliances and lobby hard to get a bill that has more support.

If you go meet with your lawmakers you will understand that our issue is a miniscule little piece of a bigger issue of Immigration. And different varying and sometimes opposing groups have to be accommodated. The politics of immigration is convulted with different factions of the society wanting different things � Our little issue is straightforward and we enjoy a lot more support for our provisions, unfortunately we were clearly told that we have to be clubbed with these other groups when it comes to seeking a bill for reform. We are being held hostage also by the Hispanic lobbyists, that feel that if smaller bills come up and are passed, there will be no apetite for their bigger issue of legalizing a big core of mostly Hispanic illegal immigrants.

FOR A RECAP- after this administration came into office �Jan 09- We had hopes and were promised that CIR (Comprehensive Immigration Reform) will be taken up, if that fails then smaller bills will be allowed to be taken up. If you have watched the developments carefully �There was never a time and a lot of groups including IV lobbied and lobbied hard to be heard and to get a bill but- the legislative calendar with so much other priorities had no space for any immigration bill this year. After the healthcare bill, Nobody has had any energy for a big controversial bill.

Long story-short is YES, we want a bill (either clubbed with others) or amendments inserted into a bill- But have not been able to get it done.

The reason for this failure is us- IV Members. We have not met our lawmakers in the numbers that are important to make an impact. We have to do it every month- building pressure to get a positive sympathetic response. Now some members (including yours truly) have gone and met our respective lawmakers more than 6-8 times in the last year, but that is again not enough, that is just 20-25 odd members compared to total IV Strength of 40,000members. It has to be an ongoing effort, just like the dream activisits have done, they meet with lawmakers regularly, highlight their frustrations and are open to media �giving interviews and keeping their issue alive in the limelight.

IV has come up with specific recommendations for what we would like to see in a bill/s for our community. IV actively analyses any bill that comes up or has a chance to come up for debate. If you want to get your hands on that document, contact Anu or Pappu and ask for the IV_Advocacy package.

We do have a paid lobbying firm that represent our interests and educates lawmakers. This is not enough, because during debates lawmakers behave as if they do not have highly skilled immigrants in their constituency and so do not have to pay attention. This is mainly IV members fault, since we have not been able to visit lawmakers offices in the numbers that we should. Our members need to show up at lawmakers offices and educate them. Tell them you live in their constituency and represent IV so that when the lobbying firm does their work, they are paying attention and our voices are not ignored or drowned.

Individual members need to be open, honest, and courageous enough to talk to their lawmakers and media about issues we face. Just crying and debating on IV's website does not help. Talk about introducing a bill for us to your lawmakers � not here on IV.

Very Good post.
We salute your efforts in supporting IV, coming to advocacy days in DC this year, monthly contributions, volunteering and going for lawmaker meetings regularly in your state. If each one of us does this, things will be much different for our advocacy efforts.

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santb197504-08 06:56 PMWe really need help and support from IV'ans like you to make this initiative successful. We really need to raise our targeted funds and meet the goals of Team IV for this year.

Thanks santb1975 & NolaIndian for creating this. I am going to ask a friend who ran half marathon last year. I am still contemplating whether I will be able to keep the commitment, since the only exercise I do is walk to and from my car :D

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Carlau02-01 08:49 PMSorry, there is no www.senate.gov web page matching your request

This amendment does not include backlog relief.

go to

click on H.R. 2 which is on 2nd row.
then click on "Amendments" and find SA187
click on text of amendment

The amendment is limited to Page 1121 of the text. It is not the complete text that shows up.

smisachu08-03 10:01 AMThanks a bunch...

Congrads. What was your notice date. My case is similar to yours. Dec 2005 PD with Sep 4th notice date. Hope my case is in the same pile as yours :)

plreddy08-11 02:19 PMNot sure why people who e-filed in May and June are still waiting their approvals while people in July are seeing approvals.

Folks, do you think it has anything to do with the priority date .Can people waiting post their PDs

My etails :
I 765 E-filed May 22
FP done 07/16
PD Mar 06 EB2

e-filed EAD renewal on 5/30/2008 for self and spouse.
Spouse got physical EAD card on 7/31/2008.

I'm still waiting for my EAD approval.

My details :
I-765 E-filed May 30, 2008
FP done 06/26
PD 30-Mar-2006 EB2



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