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hopefulgc09-03 11:59 AMbsbawa10,
I am here with you, loyal and forever unapproved.

USCIS makes me feel like that pimple faced frail kid from the phys ed who never gets picked first or remotely early for any team sport.:):):)

No luck for me so far. I wonder how many of 2004 EB2s are still waitng me

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JeffDG03-24 02:06 PMSpeaking for myself, I'm not seeing the value.

I see IV right now going off and tilting at windmills that will have little effect. Stuff like the I-485 without current PD for example, will serve to both alleviate the immediate issue of backlog, and make those responsible less likely to actually fix the problem, all while creating a permanent under-class of immigrants who will spend decades waiting for their permanent status.

So...when I see them advocating for things that will make a difference, I might consider contributing at that time.

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kpchal204-09 06:26 PMhi pappu
so is this kind of information only available to donors. i think it might be worth the money if we can get this kind of information for a year ahead so we can plan accordingly. is it a monthly update that we will know ahead of time or is it a quarterly , semi annual or an annual planning activity. please let me know

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tonyHK1201-12 12:42 PMOne of IVs priorities has been to have a uniform skills based system like other developed countries Eg. Canada.
members are welcome to join in that initiative as weel and suggest ideas.
I'm actually preparing a doc for a way to fairly convert people from EB to a points based skills system. This would also eliminate country based quotas as a side effect.
The CIR in 2007 had a similar proposal, but they did not compensate those already in EB queues.


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alien00703-24 02:00 PMAs another member said, please display the list of all members who paid.
Also, to all the registered members in IV, why dont we send an email as a gentle reminder?
The email can also include the list of members who donated/pledged to attend the event. That might motivate others to contribute atleast financially?

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ra08806-14 12:53 PMHastert Deals Blow to Immigration Bill

The Associated Press
Tuesday, June 13, 2006; 7:57 PM

WASHINGTON -- Hopes for a quick compromise on immigration were dealt a blow Tuesday after House Speaker Dennis Hastert said he wanted to take a "long look" at a Senate bill offering possible citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants.

Hastert said hearings on the Senate bill should be held before appointing anyone to a House-Senate committee to negotiate a compromise immigration bill. Later, he said he was unsure what the House's next move would be.

The Immigration Debate
IMG ALT The Washington Post's coverage of the immigration issue, from the politics of revising the nation's immigration laws to the impact of illegal immigration on the U.S.-Mexico border and the Washington region.

"We're going to take a long look at it," Hastert said late Tuesday.


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roseball04-24 12:49 PMLalitha,

If your employer comes under the cap exempt category (non-profit, educational institutions) then your H1 will be approved with immediate effect and you can start working as soon as you receive the approval notice. Otherwise, your H1 will be approved with a start date of Oct 1st. In this case, you cant work until that date.

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yabadaba09-20 11:14 AMman after reading all these stories I am completely bummed out that I couldn't make it. Kudos to all of you who were there and thanks.


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hellomms05-27 02:43 PMAll,

I have created a letter template (linked below), I have a couple questions that I have put in the comments so you guys can provide some input.

I am going to create another template that you can use to fill in your name and other related information (naidu2543 brought up a good point and I am somewhat skeptical on adding the case number. Admins, any input?). I think we should all have hand-written signature (not typed) in that letter.

I am going to provide a fax number and email address, where each one of you can send the signed sheet.

I think there should be a benchmark for the signature, before we can send it out. From the polls, I see 69 people said that they would support the initiative, I think its reasonable to expect at least 65 people will send their signatures, before we can send the letter out.

IV Admins.,

Please review the letter and let us know if you have any input to the questions I have in the letter.

WaitingBoy, I added your case and the link has the updated file.

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indio061709-19 10:38 AMI am starting this thread for people to share some nice sweet memories about the rally.

This Part 1 is basically for "WHO MET WHO"

Most of us in these forums - we talked on phones for a long time and discussed a lot of topics - and we met each other in real at the rally.

I was excited - and I want to share some of my experiences.

Please post some experiences on this thread like mine below

I drove from New York with 5 other dedicated IV members ie tnite, tikka, siraviny, ps57002 and a new member Arun

At the Rally I met Niloufer(needhelp) and Vandana, drona and other volunteers at the registration desk and was nice to meet you all.

Then came paskal and gsc999 who stuck a badge on my shirt "chanduv23" and then I met Shivakanth, Vijay Anand and other folks.

After that I met Macaca - lovable guy, some core members like indio0617, ashish, tamsen.

Then I met pappu. As soon as I greeted him he stood up. I thought he was respecting me. I felt honored. But after a while - he was standing up to anyone who greets him. Then I figured out that was his habit - and no respect or whatever :D:D:D

Then met Abhijeet who was carrying his guiter and then jazzbythebay, janilsal and other folks and Jay and Aman and all core team members

Then I met all the Chinese friends in the NY chapter, Jane, Sophia and it was nice knowing them

I did miss out a few names - but overall I loved this experience of meeting you all the folks


Same here. It was great meeting you all, seeing the faces behind the voices and names. It was an emotional high.

Pappu and me stopped at Union Stn for lunch on the way back after the rally. We were both physically drained and famished. Our jaws dropped when we spotted a desi restaurant there. You all should have seen how we attacked the food !


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eb3retro07-15 04:06 PMwhy dont you enlighten us all here with your english knowledge. i am pretty sure you are one cockroach who grew up in dirty gutter in some part of the world. You are here in IV just to create controversies between the IV members. Trust me, EB2 or EB3, we are smart enough to recognize tunnel rats like you and keep you where you belong - in the it?

We know for sure nothing is going to happen with EB3 unless EB2 also moves. USCIS will never skip EB2 to help EB3. The law does not allow that. So, the interviewee must talk about the topic as a whole not EB2 or EB3 - no one in America knows what those mean.

The bigger issue is that not many can speak/write English well and so cannot be sent on TV....unless the interview is on Namaste India or something.

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bitu7201-13 08:14 PMwell red and green u dont have to be so harsh.. a desi is willing to tell and share his success lets listen.. i know its pretty difficult to outsmart the people who have invested thousand of hours .
last 4 yr of study tells me there is money to make , fastest way to make have to make sure its safe..
so i will like the idea of a yahoo group... i have spend almost 4yr * 2 to 3 hrs daily.. didnt make much money at all... but i can honestly tell you there is lot of oppurtunity here.. as long as you can spend time and be patient.. read stockbee blog its a good start.

i like to hear trading strategy from anyone who is doing long as they dont start selling snake oil..


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snathan01-12 06:29 PMThanks for the post, i am interested too, i am not a pattern day trader but a normal trader as of now.

Could you please post how this has affected your tax return filings, do we need to do something extra while filing tax returns if one is a pattern day trader?

Also it suggest that there should be minimum equity balance of 25K, are they referring to the value of stocks...

Yes as you said i too was thinking about it, there is only so much one can earn because in my situation i cannot shift employer, nor does the current one pay me enough or is willing too, so we all must look at alternate sources of income (but take our own risk and decision)....

I started trading with sharebuilder recently.... and they did give me a 50$ coupon to start with...

As pappu said, yes we need to share such info with our fellow folks so that everyone gets benefitted and if we make money we can contribute atleast a small part of it to IV.... (win-win for all).

There is so much information to share....

If you have account in BOA with 25K, you can do 30 trading per month for free. Also I have some good tips for long terms investors like people who are planning to settle here. The plan is to buy the stocks from companies directly and reinvest the dividend. When you are not paying the commission and investing the dividend, you can get very good return in the long run.

If any one interested please let me know...

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vagish04-10 09:30 AMthis whole thread is a nonsense, it belevies that people are not aware of the tricks placed by desi consulting companies. how come people do not take jobs
in foutune 500 companies if they are so good at their skills, why do people go to
desi consulting companies for training, after MS degree every body is asking for
the list of consulting companies( why do they do that ).

there are people who ask is it valid to be without payslips on H1B ( how much
more ignorent can u be ) , bottom line they could not find the project and they want to blame the desi company for not paying them ( trash ).

wake up people.



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Green_Always01-23 10:44 PMChintu, Thank You !!!

U can click on the "Blog : 1" next to my name above this post in my name column

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pappu02-15 10:45 AMFor a full participation, I would recommend a red-eye on Tuesday or at least a flight after 9pm est.

Tuesday evening would be a Congressional Reception. After that we would have an IV meeting with members to discuss IV next steps etc. So keep departure flights to be late Tuesday night or after. I would highly recommend being in the Congressional Reception. You will get to meet several staffers and lawmakers here and talk to them.


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samswas05-03 03:34 PMIt looks like to me that Porters strike again. they have eaten all the Visa's. very few approvals so far. I am worried about next bulletin now. dates can go back now. every EB3 is porting to EB2.

we see the results. they will block EB2 too.
I'm seeing around 10 approvals from yesterday. Most of the approvals seems like coming after hours. Most of the people are saying they got emails after 11:30 PM last night.
All the cases I have seen are from TSC, none from NSC :confused:
Mine is NSC

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acs_7808-20 10:23 AMFiled on May 21st. Finally got email that card production ordered

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susie08-20 11:49 PMMy daughter aged out a couple of years ago due to the fact that my husband's labor was in process and it took about 2 plus years to get approved. Another thing is we have no options at all because our child is severely handicapped and we came here only to participate in a research and never went back as doctors advised her to stay here due to her health issues. We continue to keep her in legal status by applying for B2 visa all the time and which USCIS has been kind enough to grant it to her based on doctor's letters. I hope something is done for the children who have aged out. I even took up our case through Senator's office but nothing happened. It would be really great if IV could do something for the Aged Out Children and parents. I had to leave the job and get into H4 due to her ill health and be her primary care giver.

Kay Ahuja
Contributed to IV

This is just terrible, soemthing must be done and maybe we should all get together , exchange details via pm and try and fight if IV does not/can not/ or is not able to help us

indio061709-20 12:35 PMWow!!! I wish I could have attended this mesmarizing rally experience. Now can you guys come up with more data on who (Rally member) met who (Law makers / Media Persons ) and how those meetings were and what opinions you heard at least verbally. What we could successfully conveyed particularly to law makers etc...

While we need to collate all the lawmaker meetings data, PLEASE DO NOT post any meeting details on the forum. We do not want to make any of the confidential data public.

We shall let you all know how we wish to collect the information.

Thank You.

paskal09-20 09:52 PMIt was great meeting and working with everyone especiallyJay,Aman,Himanshu,Vandana,Prateek,Nilli, Vandana,Mark,Tamsen,Puneet (yes- I am being nice to you inspite of the lawyer jokes u crack at my expense!!!),Anil,Sanjeev,Rajesh,Macacaa(yes I was a bit too hard on you:)but it was all in good spirit) and ofcourse my friend Meenal. I just want to thank a few volunteers who worked on lobby day meetings with me but could not attend the lobby day or the rally day-Fora,Vasu and Payal. We are all so glad the lobby day meetings and the Rally went well. It really shows what we can do when we all get together. Kudos to IV and its members!


hey... for the record i did not crack a single lawyer joke...honestly!!!!!!
on second thoughts i might have wondered if you would sue the city for your parking tickets :p

thank you you for all that work, the car rides, even the tom tom
it was great! hope you got home without anyone else's bags in tow :D


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