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bayarea0707-22 12:18 AMHere is the response i see in Greg Siskind Blog
Hi Ash - Hard to say. Clearly, the jump in EB-2 numbers this month was meant to try and ensure that the maximum visa numbers get used this fiscal year. If USCIS is still far off from using the numbers, then I could see the dates going current. Then, of course, you have new numbers available for October so the dates may move forward anyway.

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srini197609-23 06:23 PMThe only missing information to give an almost 90% accurate prediction of the visa bulletin movement are
1. Will DOS do spillover every quarter or only once every year?
2. What would be the number of eb2 and eb1 visa demand from ROW?

the answer to question 2 can be obtained by getting the number of pending PERM Eb2 petitions with DOL, if we get the answer to question 1 from DOS then we can predict the visa bulletin with almost 90% + accuracy.

I don’t think DOS will do a quarter spillover. If DOS does not do a quarter spillover then it will disastrous for EB2 India because there will be a either a repeat of August 2008 visa bulletin where they might move the visa bulletin up to 2006 or 2007 and basically they will give a visa to whoever irrespective of PD which means people with 2004 and 2005 might get left behind again while people from 2007 and 2007 might get GC or an even more disastrous situation might be that if DOL releases a ton of pending EB2 ROW perm applications they have been holding up for over an year in June-July-august 2010 time then DOS might not do a spillover at all for Eb2 India.

The key difference compared to last year is Pre-Adjudication and improved communication between DOS and USCIS.
If not all, Recent spate of approvals for EB 2 - I (based on spill over) - in first few weeks of September 2009 is itself a proof of their improved service (& Pre-Adjudication)

Most likely spill over should happen Quarterly. If not I agree with you - they can make everyone current in the last Quarter and approve irrespective of Priority Date. But its least likely to happen this year. But you never know about USCIS.

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Raghunadh Polavarapu07-27 02:53 PMYes it is 1099-INT. "Amway bosses will not inform you..?..unauthorized?"...why don't you check your own braincells. Nobody is boss of anyone. Every business owner receives a proper TAX form with all declarations every year. Neither Murthy/Khanna/ or any corporate law offices are wrong. You should talk to them explicitly before commenting.
Your sorry ass has lot of excuses. Don't open your mouth on things you don't know.

With your attitude, you will not even become millionaire in Zimbabwean dollars.:D:D:D

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vhd99909-04 03:37 PMI am very reluctant to post in this thread. But could not resist.

Few weeks ago, I was watching TV here in US. The monsoon rains arrived late in AP and YSR declares that the rains have come back because he and his party are now in the power.

With a smirk on his face he says that the rain would not come if he had not won the elections.

He also states that the God was happy that he is in the power and blessed all the people with those rains.

I could not believe how these politicians can portray their self image and how those illiterate or hopeless people fall into their traps.

Now, it seems, the same rain is the cause for the brutal death of YSR. I am not sure how to interpret his own words.


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BharatPremi12-14 02:48 PMYes BP, in that case Britain too will be oversubscribed just like IN,CH,MXa and PH.
7% ceiling applies to all the countries not just the ones that happen to be oversubscribed now.

So that interprets to "7% limit for every country" - seems to be "Equality"

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tempgc09-14 03:15 PMPERM applicants in 2005 (7276 of this 40% are Indian and 60% from EB2 ) -> 1750 LCA
1100 LCA => 3850 GC
I got the below numbers from the PERM FDLC site for the applications filed in 2005 and approved in different years of 2005,6,7,8
2005 India 1353 (filed in 2005 and approved in 2005)
2006 India 3888 (filed in 2005 and approved in 2006)
2007 India 60 (filed in 2005 and approved in 2007)
2008 India 10 (filed in 2005 and approved in 2008)

Total 5311
5311 for both EB1-5 : So taking 50% for EB2I - 2655
GC : 2655*2.5 = 6637 ~ 6500 (considering lucky 2008 Aug-Sep approvals, 2009 Sept)


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jchan07-25 10:55 AMIMO, both arguments and are valid as far as speculations are concerned. It all depends on perspective. In this thread, we are focusing on statistics and calculations. I my self did lot of calculations. However, objectively looking at Ron's comments, it appears like his concern and underlying message is what if USCIS won't adjudicate enough numbers and wastes visa numbers as it did lot of times. He is basing his prediction on years of experience. With recent pressure on DOS/USCIS to use visa number, I think, they are making an attempt to use up all numbers and that will definitely bring life to our calculations. But what If they do not do that.....and their 'target' is a low number.

Well, we are talking about 'cutoff date move', not actual approved I485's. If USCIS works in full steam, the EB2 backlog will be reduced quickly, which will result in cut off date move; if they don't, the DOS has to move date forward to allow more CP, that will also cause cut off date move. So either way, the horizontal spill over rule will have a huge positive impact on the EB2 dates move

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Legal07-25 02:08 PMA question about the FB spillover: according to your data, there are about 30000 FB visa spillover from last year. But does USCIS have to use up all of them? If the answer is yes, then the September VB will very likely be current. If the USCIS only need to use up the 147000 EB and use whatever portion of the FB spillover, then September VB may not move.

They can waste numbers and come up with excuses. But because of criticism from Ombudsman, Congress, etc it looks like they are trying to shape up. They can adjudicate 30 k petitions are more in 2 months if they are committed to. We could get an idea, if there is a deluge of approvals in the first half of August.


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darslee07-03 10:24 PMI don't know about it. Anyone with details should post summary.

I think it is not relevent for EAD/AP but we can use it when we need it

Once a child turns 21 he/she can no longer be filed with the primary applicant. However, once the I485 is filed with USCIS the child is regarded as "safe" regardless of how long the USCIS takes to ajudicate the I485.

I have that very situation. My son turn 21 in mid-January 2008. The original July brought great relief from years of worrying about whether our PD would become "current" in time. We scrambled to get ready to file 2nd July, only to have everything collapse around us again. :(

Hope the info clarifies the "age out" situation!

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PlainSpeak01-14 12:19 PMWoman period yes. Man period no.

You man or woman or nether?
Ahhhhh lookeee here. Someone has finally got a grip on biology
Whosssssss a good boy whoooose a good boyyy !!!!


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John33307-15 06:40 AMDear Attorney,

A million thanks for this website. I have a unique problem and I humbly request your expert advice on my situation.

I am a physical therapist from India who got 221(g) after H1B interview. 221g tells me to take and pass the physical therapy licensing exam before they could issue the visa. I have Visa Screen certificate from CGFNS, educational equivalency report and approval letter to take NPTE exam(licensing exam) from physical therapy state board of Maryland.

The problem is that, licensing exam is offered only in US mainland and to take the exam they should have given me H1B visa. I even submitted to the consular officer, USCIS memo on H-1B Specialty Occupation Licensure Requirements dated March 21, 2008 regarding 1 year temporary approval, still she gave me 221g.

One more interesting thing is that 3 of my friends who had the H1B interview with the same set of documents and without licence, with other consular officers on same day, was stamped visa without a question on licence.

Kindly advice me if there is any way I shall sucessfully appeal on 221(g) and get the H1B visa stamped. Thank you very much in advance and god bless you. With lots of regards,


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LC200203-19 09:23 PMIf anyone who is stuck in with labor gets oppurtunity must use it. Even people who are jealous are given this oppurtunity will be first to run with that.

Very well said Subst_labor. People like Janak are simply jealous that you had the offer. People like him always will think that you are cheating the system or something like that just because a company offered you a labor substitution. I think that one should not judge such cases, and I am actually happy for all of those who are fortunate enough to receive their green cards sooner because of third factors. Good luck with your Labor subst. I hope the company is OK.



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sumagiri07-23 02:23 PMI did some analysis on numbers used at thread
(post 1 and 60)

Used visa number is 120-130K (until July end including CP allocation for the year). If we assume there are 171k visa for this year (vldrao analysis) we are close to 40K visa pending.

Again no one has enough data to predict accurately the numbers, but it should be between 15-45K for Aug/Sept. Since EB1 and EB2-ROW was current most of the time, i would guess a large portion of this number should rollover to EB2 India/China.

There is an excellent analysis. Great job !. However , there is a little contradiction in the analysis. There are 171,000 visas (as said in the post) because there is a spill over from FB to EB. This spill over should also go to EB3. In that case EB3 should open up for its 28.6% share. If that happens, again there will be lot of recalculations. Got my point !.

Any way, one thing that we all agree is that EB2 got excellent share this year and has very good chance to become current soon. Being in EB2, that is a good for you & me.

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VivekAhuja09-29 02:07 PMFirst of all for presuming that highly skilled immigrants who are waiting for GC are the only ones who can buy a house. Even 10 illegal aliens can come together and buy a house and share the mortgage.

Then, the economy is in it's cycle, it will pick up without more house buying. The issue is banks not lending to BUSINESSES not mortgages.

Most imporant, the proposal is same as saying "Sell me a GC". Ya, sure, that will pass the House and Senate.

Remember, nothing stops you from buying a house right now!!


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Jerrome05-12 04:29 PMRead my previous posts where I said tamils that doesn't live in the war areas lead life just as other nationalities. Its my fault that I didn't mention it again.

Ofcourse people in yalpanam and triconmole are leading a hard life due to the war. Yes, I was in trincomalee just 3 years ago when they re-opened A9. I'm not talking about tamils in the areas where the war is going on. Who chased the sinhala and muslims from those areas? Its was the LTTE that pretty much ruled those areas till now.

Are you saying tamils are discriminated in Colombo?

What I'm saying is if tamils are discriminated then they would be all over the country.

Read this

My point is the same as following

"FIDH recalls that LTTE has been involved in various attacks on civilians, including recent bomb attacks. FIDH condemns such attacks; however, an indiscriminate and arbitrary reply targeting the whole Tamil community can only further fuel violence and polarization between the different ethnic communities in Sri Lanka."

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vjkypally07-04 09:50 AMJust Digged all 3 links posted by Tikka


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andy garcia02-15 12:27 PMwhen did you check?

I checked 10 min. ago it looks COOL;)

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Legal07-24 07:33 PM

#78 07-07 12:43 PM
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Re: Visa Bulletin answers and other isssues


Hi Ron.

Any predictions for Aug-08 visa bulletine.


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Re: Visa Bulletin answers and other isssues


I suspect there won't be much change from the July bulletin.

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edgarrecto02-12 03:07 PMJust missed.... My PD is EB3 Sep 2001... Not sure what is going to happen because of the latest name check procedure change....

my pd is september 27,2005. i am from thephilippines. i guess eb3 for philippines will be current very very soon

BharatPremi05-11 09:57 PMbuddy,

I'm already in my beloved place and with your contribution and help to Immigration Voice, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for the help.

Remember, you are doing this to potentially ditch India and to change your nationality and are going to take oath

"I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law..............."

My question is, hypothetically if in future if there is a war between USA and India, and hypothetically you become a US citizen, how do you conform to the oath?

Looks like my posting hit the nerve hard, i see it from your response.

I'm cultured enough not to bring your mother and father into the conversation.

Good Luck


It is pretty much proven that in your mental territory you have already ditched India and it is the USA which will take long to grant you a GC and then afterwards citizenship for which you almost represented your beggar like mentality. But that is not my concern and should not be. I have only one question to you and I hope youwould try to answer it with all possible honesty.

Q: What will be your view regarding USA's official policy to consider LTTE a terrorist organisation? ONce you will be come US citizen how will you align yourself with this policy?

santb197502-13 04:16 PMThis is my first post which was not positive. I am backing up :). I am proud to be part of IV. I beleive in this cause.

Buck up :) We all go through it. I never take it personally. I would definitely be happy if more and more members come forward and help, instead of "missing in action" when needed most.

We would be really happy if new members come up and take initiatives (i am now keeping my messages positive :) ) , more active members, more strength.

participation is contigeous, all we need is some self motivators and self starters to kindle the fire.


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