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srmeka05-16 02:36 PMI just called all the representatives in the list. They took the message and said will pass on to the rep.
The lady in Raul Grijalva's office mentioned they are getting lot of calls about the bills. Thanks.

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spatial01-18 11:40 AMThanks IV core group. Signed up for $20/month. Please continue your efforts.

I am from Chinese community and registered IV just a couple of week ago. There was no email message to me regarding this movement, and some other registerd users may encounter the same situation. You may need to resend them. Only when I opened IV website yesterday did I know this recurring program and current situation. I am assuming IV is the only group who are pushing to get the I-485 relief for high skilled workers with advanced degree. There are MANY MANY Chinese in the same situation but I guess there might not have so many Chinese in IV. IV core group may think of some better way to reach more Chinese or other communities. Basically, we are on the same boat for the same direction. Better to concentrate all resources to reach the same goal. I would suggest IV to setup a seperate Chinese (or Hispanic) contribution page to diverse the culture background of IV members.

Subscription Payment Sent (ID #2PX91085T34540611)
In reference to:S-19881018DS353430X

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chintu2501-16 07:31 PMSee you all at 9.30 PM EST tonight

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jackisback05-13 11:50 AMYes, I did apply EAD renewal thru e-file on 4/26/2010. Rec'd FP for 5/20/2010.
I just went for a walk-in today(05/06/2010) and completed the FP(Code 2).
Waiting for the approval.


What did you enter in Current Immigration Status? Last time I went to India.. I entered on H-1.. then switched job on EAD.. hv never gone out and used AP.. what should I enter?

Is it mandatory to enter last EAD's receipt dates? My attorney filed it last time in 2008.. and I don't hv the receipt for that..



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LONGGCQUE01-31 03:37 PMI will contribute for this financially. Had contributed $100 for 2010 June advocacy days. Will also spread the word.

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mbawa257407-12 07:29 PMGonzales flowers Statement is gone from USCIS website. Probably Press/Legislature asked too many questions that they were forced to withdraw.


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chanduv2302-16 08:49 PMTuesday evening would be a Congressional Reception. After that we would have an IV meeting with members to discuss IV next steps etc. So keep departure flights to be late Tuesday night or after. I would highly recommend being in the Congressional Reception. You will get to meet several staffers and lawmakers here and talk to them.

I wish I were there but, I booked my return on Monday. I am glad that IV is doing this event and wish more people come attend the event.

One thing that I want to suggest is - if such a important event like congressional reception is done on last day of advocacy, most people may not be able to make it because many will want to get home and get back to work on Wednesday. This is just my personal opinion and I may not know the real reasons, I am sure IV core have planned things in the best possible way.

I urge people to attend the congressional reception - this is very important. Lawmakers always want to mingle and socialize with minorities and immigrants because they want to know things first hand which are not covered by mainstream. This reception is a wonderful opportunity to mingle with law makers, industry leaders, and other people who are working for our cause.

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Edison9902-02 02:18 PMeb3retro, very sad to see your post. Hope R2I will bring prosperous in your life....
r2i ing end of Feb 2011. But, will contribute financially though.


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gimme_GC200604-08 09:33 PMEnough is enough. I am ready to sign this.

I have 3 real names. All were working for Cognizant. One had 3 years of exp. Cooked up with 4 years of B.Tech and totalled it as 7 years. Came on L1 as PM and applied in EB1. He got GC in less than 1 year. Other 2 had real 7 years exp and got GC's in 8 months. All were working at Client's place and NOT intra company transfers.

I am not selfish. But I am sure this guy with 3 years exp may one day become a boss for any of us.

This misuse will hurt the genuine cases. Shall we we go serious and complaint? I am ready to sign and submit all the proof.

Actually I have heard of another cognizant case. But that was through a friend's friend chain so I am not sure how reliable it was. But seems like cognizant has been following this practice a lot.

Thats true..if they are getting GC by wrongly claiming to be qualified for EB1 then they should not be spared..

Oh..wait..then what about the ppl who cook up their resumes to come here on H1B..who cook up their resumes during Labor process (for GC) doesnt matter they end up in EB-2 or EB-3.

I am not saying everybody who got GC cooked up facts..My point is its bigger than just EB-1.

If you want to complain then it should be followed for everyone. Lets have a running thread for that, lets make a complaint with all such ppl we know..

No offense meant to you both.:)

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das005-16 08:51 PMLogiclife,

I came to know from my company's attorney that this is my company policy NOT a USCIS policy that i must go back to IL (where Labor was originally opened) and then only my company will file I-485 for me

Oh well!


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Legal07-11 06:37 PMI have mixed opinion about that. Say, hypothetically she attends rally, then everyone is going to think that she is biased towards legal immigrants.
It would be better if people looks at her as a non biased person, her word is more powerful that way.

Its just my opinion.

Projecting her as our champion is a BAD STRATEGY at this point. It's not like she is emotionally very upset about our situation. As a Congresswoman and the chair of Immig subcmt she is investigating irregularities and wrongdoings at the federal govt. She also probably thinks immigrants have been treated unfairly.

We shouldn't make her the target of anti-immigrationists; could hurt her, and hurt us.

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pappu03-23 11:36 AMFYI
Immigration Voice has FREE lawyer conference calls every week. You could take advantage of this and get your questions answered for free from from some top lawyers. You can even discuss the issue and directly ask follow up questions in the call.

If you come for the advocacy day in DC for lawmaker meetings, we will also have a lawyer there. You can ask your questions directly to the lawyer for free.


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chandarc07-16 01:08 PMI am with you Sanhari. I will do the same..

I am writing to the local congressmen, to request USCIS to apply the spillover visas to EB cases with older priority date first (irrespective of it's category or country). I hope this will help, if lot of these local congressmen/women contact USCIS to handle this spillover in a fair manner, allocating to older priority date cases first irrespective of category or country. All EB3 folks please take some time and do the same writing to your congressmen about this issue.

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insearch05-10 08:08 PMStill waiting for some answer.... :(
Can someone help ?


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jonty_1107-11 06:36 PMThis is great..I wonder how powerful she is? They never cared to reply to her July 2nd letter.
hence the timebound letter now.....but USCIS doesnt give a damn...

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little_willy01-18 10:34 PMfor $20/month. Contributed $120 already. I think the information and knowledge i gain here is worth much more than $20/month. Thanks for your efforts. Go IV !!!


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AirWaterandGC05-02 07:26 PMThanks a lot. I am a CA PR so I may go to CA to get my visa stamped for H4. Does my wife need to travel too although she does not need any visa stamping ? Can h4 be denied ? Just being curious. Also change of status should be filed within how many days of quitting the job ?

One other option you can pursue is to just go out of the country (Canada/Mexico) immediately after quiting your job and get H4 stamping and come back on H4....I would advise to talk to a lawyer regarding the first option.....Good luck with your MBA...

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skv06-14 11:03 AMMy earlier case was a horrible story, Non-RIR PD Apr 2001, left the firm before it got approved. :-(

Now I need some luck to get the new one through. :-)

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aarennar11-26 05:11 PMYes, you will need to send the original passport along with the filled in application...Since the passport is expired for over an year, check this out:


When should you apply for the new passport?
i) Apply for reissue of Passport if the final (F) validity is less than one year. For example, if your passport is expiring on 31st Dec. 2008, you can apply for a new passport from 1st Jan. 2008 onwards.
ii) The Passport should be renewed within one year of its expiry. If for any reason you have delayed applying for a new passport beyond one year after expiry of your passport, an affidavit stating the reason for delay sworn before a Notary or a Consular Officer should be submitted along with the application.

:/End Quote

For more info on Consular Services from Houston, goto:

Thank you! That does help. I shall provide an affidavit.

And the link is useful too.

Now a general question : for kids of 5 or 8 year old, the application should have their 'thumb print', right? It does say "thumb print of applicant or legal guardian", but I see no value in signing for them - there's no way to identify the child if I sign there... Or am I missing something why it's better for me to sign? (There's two places for signature/thumb-print : to sign for the application, and also at the 'specimen signature' spot).

dallasking07-31 05:39 PMMY PD is also July 26 2007.
I live in Texas as well.
My case is filed in Chicago based on my employer state which is MO.
If your employer is in Texas your case would have been filed in Chicago.
It is taking longer than 2 months to get approvals.
Hopefully we will get approved soon and get the hard copy before August 17th to file the I-140 and I-485 together.
Good Luck

sweet_jungle04-02 02:46 AMSFO is taking 3 weeks for in person renewal. I gave mine and got date of April 2 (which was 3 weeks away). Probably mail would take few extra days.

I got it in 3.5 weeks. I did it over mail


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