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sanan05-16 10:05 AMDo a translation in english. I did it my self line by line and have it notorised
My Birth Certificate is in Indian regional language. Is this Birth Certificate valid for 485 or do I need to translate it into English?

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Lalitha04-24 12:47 PMAny idea whether I will be in the lottery system or as it is a conversion,I will get the approval directly?

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chanukya07-14 10:39 AM???? !!!!!!!!



(July 2010 --Bulletin) >> 01OCT05
(August 2010 --Bulletin) >> 01MAR06


EB2 Numbers in waiting as per USCIS list

Oct 2005 >> 905
Nov 2005 >> 1037
Dec 2005 >> 1218
Jan 2006 >> 1139
FEB 2006 >> 1257

Total (A) 5556 + Family Members

As per July Visa bulletin before Oct1 2010, Date will move to Feb April 2006

EB2 Numbers in waiting as per USCIS list

April 2006 >> 1151 (Assuming it will move towards end of April)

Total (B) >> 1151 + Family Members



(July 2010 --Bulletin) >> 22NOV01
(August 2010 --Bulletin) >> 01JAN02

Moved only 1 and half month

EB3 Numbers in waiting as per USCIS list

Oct 2001 >> 143
Nov 2001 >> 311
Dec 2001 >> 389

Total (C) 843 + Family Members

As per July Visa bulletin before Oct1 2010, Date will move to Feb 2002

EB3 Numbers in waiting as per USCIS list

Jan 2002 >> 409
FEB 2002 >> 317 (Assuming it will move towards end of Feb)

Total (D) >> 720 + Family Members

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

Grand Total EB3 waiting before end of Feb2002 >> (C) + (D) = 1563 (843 + 720) + Family Members

Grand Total EB2 Waiting before end of April 2006 >> (A) + (B) = 6707 (5556 + 1151) + Family Members

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___

So, I fail to understand as anybody else, the logic here, why they moved EB2 faster , and why they did not move EB3 ..

As per above Unused EB2 Visas are to the tune 6000 and Unused Visas are to the tune of only 1500, by end of USCIS Fiscal year 2009-2010.

And as per USCIS list there were only total of 1000 EB3 waiters till Dec 2001 (1997 + 1998 + 1999 + 2000 + 2001 )...

Why this special treatment to EB2...

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___

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suriajay1203-21 08:53 AMAs some of you know, I have been working with news media, government leaders, and immigration lawyers over the past year because of the stimulus debacle. As a result, I have developed some strong contacts in government. I will be meeting some congressional immigration staffers in the next few days and I have developed a list of issues to discuss. If you want to post your own issues, feel free to do so in this thread and I will add them to the list. These are the same people who helped get the last stimulus bill changed in our favor, so they do have influence.

PLEASE be brief - bullet points would be good.

Also links to articles to support your concerns are welcome. I will put together a package to hand out at the meeting.

I thought of posting a poll on this thread, but decided it would be better to leave the discussion open ended.

WOW!!.. whats a response.. Keep going..
At the same time, keep trying yourselves also by whatever means possible. Totoro is trying so hard for us, and even if we have five guys like this with such contacts, yet the efforts are not sufficient. We must also help ourselves by our individual efforts like writing to etc.. Lets not put all the 6 pages of ideas in just one basket. Since there is difference between eggs and ideas, duplicate the ideas and put them in other ways also, apart from just here.

Thanks for your efforts.
We all missed one point. Can you please update your profile.
Are Canadians also backlogged in this mess.
And you said "As some of you know...." . Were you try in these lines before too.


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sanju04-06 08:22 PMWake up. Don’t take every word from Ron Hira as word of Gospel. This guy is the biggest thief and preacher of hate. This guy is a partner of IEEE-USA and is the author of Durbin Grassley bill. Ron Hira wants all of us on H-1B out of the country. He represents racist middle-aged engineers here who are scared of competition from younger and dynamic engineers from Asia, Europe and other parts of the world.

And one more thing, what do you mean by “Indian Companies”. All the companies are registered in US. Stop putting imaginary labels to the problem. Don’t fall in the trap of people like Ron Hira as all that they want is that all of us on H-1B to be out of the country. Wake up to the harsh reality and stop ranting. See this thread:

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naidu254305-15 02:20 PMI called Hilda Sollis and Senator Robert Menendez office. Left a voice mail for Robert Menendez secretary. Hilda Solis office asked me which organisation I am with. I told her that I am with IV and requested to pass the message to Hilda Solis for cosponsoring of the 2 bills. Will call few more tomorrow.


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answers_seeker08-03 02:52 PMGot the emails of "card production ordered" for both me and my wife today. A wait of 11 years came to an end.

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snathan03-19 07:12 PMRemove the Country Cap....



dummgelauft03-25 11:24 AMTeddy. The intention of such post is to tell people that they need to look beyond spending time on predictions. Predictions can help people know the extent of the backlog. For some it is a motivating factor because they were in the dark until USCIS started publishing data. People used to think their Greencard is round the corner and had no idea about the backlog. So yes the data and estimations have helped get a clearer picture. And this has benefited our community. IV has worked for several months to get the data from USCIS through its agenda item in the past. Today USCIS is publishing data at regular intervals because IV community had participated in a mass campaign to get FOIA data from USCIS. There is a whole history of advocacy behind the data everyone is using for prediction today and it was advocacy that got things done. However they should not get stuck with it and have a more 360 degree view of the issue. For some predictions are a source of encouragement for advocacy work. People leading predictions can play an important role in giving direction to others and help solve the root cause of the problem.They should be urged use it for the advocacy work as well if possible. For example a good research document can be made to illustrate visually the extent of backlogs and wait times. This document can be then circulated to media and lawmaker offices. Do not look at predictions in isolation. Secondly, the data people are using is still incomplete and has lot of assumptions. I had posted some update on the data in the donor forum early this month based on a recent meeting. So predictions we see on the forums will not be fully correct. People need to use predictions as means rather than consider it as an end.

That is exactly why these are known as PREDICTIONS.

Suggested reading

"A prediction or forecast is a statement about the way things will happen in the future, often but not always based on experience or knowledge. While there is much overlap between prediction and forecast, a prediction may be a statement that some outcome is expected, while a forecast may cover a range of possible outcomes.

Although guaranteed information about the information is in many cases impossible, prediction is necessary to allow plans to be made about possible developments; Howard H. Stevenson writes that prediction in business "... is at least two things: Important and hard."[1]"
Prediction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

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indigokiwi03-27 12:49 PMFor new members:

There might be differing views on how to reach all the affected green card applicants, but no one is disputing the fact that the current delays in the employment based green card system are unacceptable and we need to do something drastic to change it. If you applied in EB3 with a priority date in 2011, you could be looking at over 10 -12 years(?) to get a green card. The delays that could happen at H-1B visa stampings at consulates, including TAL checks and additional administrative processing are a huge headache for many.

Currently, many green card applicants don't seem to know just how bad the situation is. The other day, I met someone who has been in this country for over 10 years, who thought that if you have a Master's degree, you can apply in EB1 and you will get your green card in a year!! True story. The reality is that even if you apply in EB2, you could be looking at 5-6 years and this situation can easily get worse.

The Advocacy Days in Washington D.C. on April 4th and 5th are really important because "2011 is a crucial year to get the fix needed to clear the backlogs and allow for our high skilled immigrants to get the relief needed. We need to capitalize on the opportunity to push for legislation now, as it is unlikely to have any favorable immigration bill to be brought for the next 2-3 years (Primary campaigns, Presidential campaigns will take priority)."

Participating in the Advocacy Days in D.C. is the best thing you can do. If you are within driving distance, this should be even more convenient.

The following are some of the items on the Agenda (someone correct me if anything is missing/incorrect):
-Re-capture of unused visa numbers
-Removing country specific limits
-Not counting dependants in the visa number count
-STEM exemption
-Allowing people to file I-485 and get EAD even when their priority date is not current.

If you cannot participate, you can help by contributing financially ( We have only raised $23,050 and still need to raise $26,950, despite some members contributing hundreds of dollars each. We still need everyone's help to reach our target. There is only one week to go. Reduced funding will mean IV having to scale back Advocacy plans, and since this is our best shot in the next 2 years, we could be losing out on a lot.


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sanan05-16 09:29 AMI am trying to get my part done ASAP. The lawyers are swamped, we all know.
Can I get the medical done for my wife w/o waiting for the lawyer to start the process? It's been long since I got mine done, so I can't recollect

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mpek09-02 12:23 AMFolks --

I got an email from CRIS today -- stating that the Card Production has been Ordered .. YIPEEEEEEE...

I have always visited this site for a lot of reasons ... helped me along the way ... so, thank you all !!!

PD : Dec 04
RD : 23rd Aug 07

Cheers !!



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bfadlia06-27 11:25 AMTo all EB3 members whose PD is current:

Monday is the last day. If you don't get your GC approved, you got to wait for at least 7/8 months before they start moving dates forward. Beginning of each fiscal year, the dates are generally very conservative.

And for ROW EB3, if the bill passes to eliminate country quota, you will be getting your GC in not less than 5 years from now which you could have get it if your f**ing attorney/company would have file it 7 days earlier! Big time screwed! I am one of them!

The good thing is eliminating the country quota is always lumped with doubling the total quota and/or recapturing previous years waste, so hopefully the affect evens itself out.. Eliminating the coutry qouta by itself is a disaster.

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frozenfire05-01 03:32 PM1) Applied Date - July 18 2007
2) Audit Date - Oct 2007
3) Audit Reply Date - November 28 2007
4) Category - EB2
5) Center - Atlanta


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imv11605-11 09:57 PMApproved today in the most RESPECTED way for both Primary and Derivative.
--No Porting
--EB2- with qualified credentials: BS Engg;MS USA;
--No substitution

Called USCIS CS and verified information; and CS opened SR

Has been a long wait. Came in 1999 for MS, straight out of college from home country.

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indianabacklog08-14 09:10 AMSorry to hear about your aging out issue. I think there are more out there than anyone realizes.

My son aged out while I was waiting for labor cert clearance too. He is now 22 and has been in the US since was 14.

I hope and pray every day there will be some relief for our families.

Every now and then another case pops up here on immigration voice and I feel it entirely appropriate that this issue is put in with the aims of the group since it is a problem entirely created by the broken employment based immigration process.

Please listen to our voices core group and do not forget us. We are in the same queue as you all whose children benefit as derivative green card applicants, our children are just a little older when they came here and have become forgotten victims.


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amitjoey01-18 02:31 PMGuys, this is the time to show the core group that we are a bunch of people thankful that there is IV to help us fight this fight.
We need to stand united and raise awareness and sign up for the monthly recurring contribution.

I understand that some of you do intend to contribute and have contributed generously in the past,
But here are some mindsets, All of us fall in these 4 mindsets.

1) you probably think "why should I sign up for a monthly recurring contribution program". I am a generous contributor and I contribute almost monthly anyways.
2) I have contributed enough.
3) I will contribute if I feel like, when I see something comming out of this effort.
4) I do not have to contribute.

If you are in category 1).I can tell you, I understand because I have been a generous contributer in the past. But guys, the reason I signed up for a monthly recurring contribution is that it helps IV know that 'X' amount of funds are guaranted every month, this way they can better plan.

Category 2) Contributed enough - Okay why dont just sign up for a minimum amount of $20/month once more. What is enough is not enough.

Category 3) This has been discussed, I do not want to talk about this category of members.

Category 4) Again - No Comments-

Lets show the core team that all of us fall in the first 2 categories.

The last thing we want the core to do is bite their fingers over funds. We do not want the core to get stressed out over funds. They have enough real work to do already.

Inspite of being a serious team player, and a generous contributor it took me two days to sign up for the recurring monthly contribution program, so I give all of the ones that have not set up a monthly recurring contribution benefit of doubt. But this is our last chance, I urge you to be one of the 1000 people we need for this effort.

Need 897 members

good job guys we now need 888 members. So 9 more members stepped up in the last 2 hours. We can do better. Can 100 more members step up in the next 2 hours?

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tikka05-30 04:18 PMup we go...

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eb3_nepa06-12 05:21 PM... the problem however is that the laws and procedures of the land do not care if you are suffering to do things right which makes it an UNFAIR system.

Hold that thought Albaman, the verdict on immigration is not out yet. True the laws do not care if you are suffering but then you have to ask urself 2 questions:

1) B4 IV, how many organizations/Individuals have voiced their plights? If you keep suffering silently, even ur next door neighbour wont know if ur alive or dead.
2) We are not american citizens or even permanent residents. Why will the law and the lawmakers care for us automatically? Forget about vote-banks for a minute. Think about why they will care at all, especially when no one was voicing an increase in Green Cards? Big corps have voiced an increse in H1B's and they got it from time to time.

natrajs09-03 05:54 PMBy grace of Almighty, finally my Inbox received the email from USCIS that I was eagerly waiting for.

Just few minutes back, I received the Email from USCIS for myself, my wife and daughter saying "Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident".

It's a long journey started in August 1997 with landing in Washington Dulles Airport. Got a chance to start the GC process by filing Labor in 2001. The labor approval didn't come until 2007.

In 2004 had to take a transfer to different company which caused me to start the Labor again in Nov 2004. Lost the valuable 3 years of PD date.

Finally the approval for 2nd labor came just right before 2007 July Fiasco. Luckily I had my attorney filed my application on July 2nd itself. And Rest you know the story.

All throughout I was on H1B, on permanent employment and never out of status. Never had any problem with Immigration process except for the GC delay. In any way it was an interesting journey, making new friends, had the chance to live in SFO, LA, New Jersey, Virginia and currently in Maryland.

Many thanks to IV and its members for providing the wonderful platform for sharing and collaborating for common cause.

I wish all the best to all those who are still in queue. Hang in there. Your turn will come.

congrats and Best Wishes

10 years and still waiting

My case is also similar to yours, My 1st labor was filed 2001 March, and I had to switch my employer and the 2nd labor was Sept 2002, Again I had to switch the employer, And finally 3rd labor was filed on June 2004, cleared around Dec 06 from the BEC .

Still waiting for GC with the Valid H1 ( Until Feb 2011)

I am waiting for the magic email.

krishnam7007-11 08:25 PMAwesome! Finally some real proof.:D EOM


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