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kkarun09-14 02:42 PMRecieved much awaited emails yesterday, "Card Production Ordered" email.

My PD is 03/13/2006, I didn't do anything special like calls to USCIS, emails, inquiries etc. Just waited for my turn.

I wish good luck everyone waiting for GC.

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transpass08-18 12:34 PMWe received the snail mail welcome notice today after receiving the email ADIT stuff last Tuesday (August 10). That makes it five business days. On the notice it says that we should receive our permanent resident card within three weeks. Anybody who actually received it within three weeks?

I received it within a week...

CIS sent welcome notice on 8/2, and they sent the cards on 8/9...

But this was early Aug. Now it may take few days more due to many approvals in the pipeline..When you receive another update (like post decision activity) saying that they mailed decision notice, that usually means they mailed the cards...

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Harivinder09-09 03:35 PMDone

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CADude09-24 09:30 PMDear Mr. XXX,

Pursuant to our conversation today, I am forwarding the reply from the Nebraska Service Center of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) regarding our inquiry into your application for Adjustment of Status (I-485).

Our office initiated an inquiry into your case as a result of your correspondence dated September 12, 2007 sent to Congresswoman Maxine Waters. If you receive or do not receive a notice of action from CIS within the next 30 days please notify our Immigration Caseworker, Blanca Jimenez at ext. 18.

Thank you for contacting the office of Congresswoman Maxine Waters to assist you in this matter.


Blanca Jimenez
Constituent Services Supervisor
Office of Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-35)
323.757.8900 ext. 18
323.757.9506 fax

Good Morning Ms. Jimenez,

I do not show that we have data-entered Mr. XXX�s I-485 yet. The I-485 must be in line to be data-entered because we receipted an I-765 (LIN-07-245-XXXX).

The I485 application is still pending at this office. Although the Department of State Visa Bulletin indicated visas were available for most employment categories USCIS still has to adjudicate every application. NSC has approximately 26,000 I485 applications that may have a visa available and we are reviewing them as expeditiously as possible. This application is in line to be worked but it will take time. Please allow an additional 45 days for NSC to adjudicate the application. If you have not received a notice from NSC after 45 days you may submit another inquiry.

Thank you,

Congressional Liaison
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service
Nebraska Service Center

Respected Ms Waters,

Sub: USCIS inefficiency for Legal Immigration

I send my I-485 AOS application to USCIS and received on July 2nd 2007 at Nebraska Service Center, Lincoln, NE.

It's almost approx 75 days since the application received at USCIS and have not received the Receipt Notice or any notification from USCIS.

I tried to contact Customer Service at USCIS. They don't provided any information. USCIS website updates show they are processing 08/01 or later for AOS application. They are not following the First In First Out(FIFO) order.

I need help of your good to know the status of my I-485 application.

Thank you,


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nkavjs09-25 12:41 PMOk pull your I-140 approval notice.
Go on Beneficiary name.
Along the lines of your name.. shd be a number starting with A number. Thats your Alien number. Its on mine..

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jsb09-21 11:30 AMJSB ! You are just one very optimistic one.. aren't you ? :)

Let me tell you I am as anxious and frustrated as you all "July 2 filers, no action yet" are. But I am thinking about it a bit calmly, rather than thinking of doing something so that I feel that I have done something (i.e. complain, write to congressman, etc.). Expressing my anger by saying they should have done this or that, does not change the situation. I believe USCIS is working, as expected, with the capability/attitude of a government worker, treating our filings (which are so important to us) just another government office paper work. Best is just to wait for another 10 days, and if nothing is heard by then, take action as per procedures.


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gc_check02-21 04:26 PMPlease sing this petition:

http://capwiz.com/aila2/issues/alert/?alertid=8489276&type=TA (http://capwiz.com/aila2/issues/alert/?alertid=8489276&type=TA)

Senate Judiciary Committee to Debate Immigration Reform on March 2!
Urge Committee members to support a realistic, comprehensive solution
On March 2, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to mark up an immigration reform bill. Enter your zip code in the box, and if your Senator is a member of the Committee, send a letter urging him or her to support a realistic, comprehensive solution that includes a path to permanent legal status for the current undocumented population. We need to let our Senators know that the enforcement-only approach endorsed by the House in December will hurt our communities and compromise our economy but will not fix our broken immigration system.
If your Senators are not members of the Judiciary Committee, you can still send a general letter urging them to support comprehensive immigration reform when the debate reaches the Senate floor. Enter your zip code to take action now!

just signed the document and sent.
Also the below link

Admin, Is it possible to have a sepearet tab/page for Pettition and list all of these or similar links, so folks can find them easily and sign.

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H1B-GC10-18 04:51 AMWho is this " Mr. Cannon" ??


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BharatPremi09-24 11:34 PMI have eb3 485 and am working on EB3 EAD. I do not have a h1b

Eb3 485 Filed on July 2007

Got a promotion at the same company in Jan 2009 and applied for Labor n Eb2 for the new position

Still wating for Perm approval in EB2


I do not want to scare you but what you are claiming here i.e. while working on EB3-EAD aceepting promotion for a EB2-level skill can not be accepted by USCIS. You simply can not accept higher skill level based promotion like that. I think you should first sit down with a good lawyer and find out the solution of this already created mess and then think about interfiling.

Based on all info you provided it looks like our cases are not similar. I have already new approved I-140 - EB2 base - approved in year 2006. My 485 is attached to EB3.

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Green.Tech09-16 10:18 AMNumbersUSA is calling in full strength to thwart the bill. We need to come out in full strength to make some noise. Please keep calling. We don't want to be checking visa bulletins or tracking receipts 1, 2, 3 years from now.

Please burn those phone lines today! Every call counts!


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morchu04-22 02:39 PMLook around you will see.... not everybody is the same.
I personally know many who had been "working in H1B" for more than 14 years.
Not everybody gives more weightage for their "immigration plan" than some personal and career interests. If you are really truthful to USCIS about your intentions, and you keep doing what you want to do with your career and life, it is in-fact very possible that you will be found without a GC even after 10 years working in USA, if your are from India.

An approved I-140 doesnt make you "automatically" qualified for an I-485. You dont file 485, if you dont "intent" to continue with that specific employment, even after I-140 approval.

7Years???? No..... you can extend your H1 beyond 6 years as many times as you want if you meet some conditions as per AC21. So it is possible for you to be in H1B for 100 years.

10years tax payed???? Yes because of the other reasons I mentioned. Also I know many who are still in que after 14 years paying taxes.

.......... but for
#3) condition "if they have paid the tax continously for 10 years", I wonder how can this
happen unless the foreign student who has worked in US for 10 years. I heard H-1b
workers maximum have 6 years plus 1 year extra for extension total add up to 7 years.
So how can have 10 years tax paid????

3) For #1) condition," If they are legally here for 10 years (With approved I-140 and
waiting for Adjustment of Status without current date)",
I wonder whether only students with years of US working experience (which means
years in full time study plus years of working experience) up to 10 years is counted
towards this legal stay for 10 years.
So how about students who have years of working experience (which means years in full time study plus years of working experience up
to 10 years but
without GC waiting due to lack of employers' file for GC sponsorship due to some
unknown reasons??????
or some foreign students who have stayed in US for 10 years for full time study such
as 4-yr bachelor degree plus 6-yr Ph.D or two Master degree (MS & MBA) or other
degree combinations but they have both social security card and drivers' license as US
ID but without employers' sponsorship due to certain reasons?????

Would you please tell me more details about your idea????? Thanks a lot for your attention and help!!

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EndlessWait01-24 01:26 PMLets just do that..cmon guys ..unity is strength.. the Brits should know that! if not lets remind them..


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hpandey01-24 02:17 PMFlying through Asian Countires is not an option for people residing in East Coast. I am travelling to India in the next week Via Amsterdam. I am told by the consulate that we do not need Transit Visas. My H1B Visa is expired and I am travelling on AP. Did any one hear differently?


then you do not need a transit visa at Amsterdam.

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naidu03-30 10:14 AMHi Teddy,
With the new Scenario, when do u think mine will be current?


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amitjoey07-11 01:31 PM16th most recommended news read:
Can we make it in the first 5?


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gc_on_demand09-16 09:22 AMIf Admins donot make this thread sticky. Help me to bump this thread on top today.

Any one will help me ?

Please call every one.. ask spouse , co-workers and friends to call. This is last chance before election. If we loose we will not get GC for years.

Once we have recapture we can start pushing USCIS to follow FIFO on PD. but to do that first we need numbers.

Lets forget all thread only for today and make call.


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beautifulMind09-23 04:19 PMThey give away 140k per year . Shouldn't we get get GC in the next 2 years because of horizontal spill over??

Total worldwide 233k

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mohican01-15 09:31 AMHi RajuSeattle--

You nailed it man. As i said in my post yesterday what you described so well is exactly what happened and so my explanation of just 140 substitution was not accurate.

Please note the response I got from the attorney of my previous employer (the one who revoked)

This is exactly what I previously explained and what XX verified for you. The I-140 was revoked/withdrawn and the labor certification was substituted. If only the I-140 had been revoked/withdrawn then you would still be portable. However, as XX confirmed, the company used the case to substitute another employee.

Clearly the ex-employer and USCIS are at fault. I have the approved I140 and to date on my uscis portfolio it states that my I140 was approved in Feb 2005. I changed jobs in June 2006.

I am so &^^%$#@ tired, that if this does not work....I am going back. Enough is enough.

Originally Posted by rajuseattle View Post

From your I-485 denial notice and reading some of your posts in this forum it appears that the underlying I-140 petition has been revoked by your previous employer.

I dont think they substitute it for some other employee, their is no such concept as using the approved I-140 of a individual employee to use it for another employee.

Theis is the possibility that they revoked your I-140 and used the underlying approved Labor certification for another employee, or if they have any grudge
or for some other reason revoked your approved I-140.

If you were holding an approved I-140 and changed your job after 180 days of filing your I-485, then you have good chances of winning MTR.

Please consult attorney Murthy or Rajeev Khanna. I heard they are good at handling these type of situations.

Make sure you have the valid job in a similar profession as what your labor states and your are in legal status (H1B) with the current employer.

Technically you can not use EAD until they restore your I-485 petition.

Wish you good luck and hope you will have a successful outcome.
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appas12308-16 07:50 PMncscfollowup.nsc@dhs.gov

aadimanav09-16 10:07 AMCalled most of the people in the list.

Most of the time it was voice mail.

Person from Brad Sherman office mentioned that congressman was supporting the bill.

Person from Robert C. Scott office mentioned that she did know the position but the congressman had supported these kinds of bills in the past.

anilkumar090208-13 02:52 PMI noticed a soft LUD today on my wife's case but no update on mine. Does this mean anything...
PD - Oct 2005 - still waitin.........

That may be good news..not sure though..

3 questions..
Who is the primary applicant ?
Did you create an SR ?
Did you have an Infopass ?


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