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BharatPremi09-24 04:39 PMI don't get how you are getting the 8008 figure. Based on the 9%, you are right about the cap for any country being 12,600 for all EB categories combined.
Pre-adjudication has nothing to do with country quota. And 'assigning a number' is still based on country quota. With all the pre-adjudication, it is likely that 'assigned numbers' = GC approvals. The 'assigned numbers' concept was a lot more relevant till last year, when they had numbers, but still had to 'process' the applications. Now most applications seem to have been 'pre-processed'(pre-adjudicated)

I do appreciate your work. Just trying to help achieve a more accurate figure.

1) Each (EB1/2/3) - 28.6% WW quota = 40040
2) 5 subscription cataegories under each EB category: I,P,C,M,ROW
3) Assumption - USCIS distributes equal share among these 5 different subscription categories = 40040/5 =8008 in each EB category for a particular subscription category.


EB3 All = 40040 ( 0.286 x 140000)
EB3 ALL = EB3 I + EB3 C + EB3 M + EB3 P + EB3 ROW

Assuming equal share of all of these 5 subscription categories - 40040/5 = 8008 applications to be worked for "Assigning the visa number" not " for granting the visa (IN other words physical greencard order)"

7% + 2% = 9% country specific limit is meant for "Granting the visa - Ordering Physical Green card" out of "Applications which have been assigned a visa number" NOT FOR "Assigning the visa number"

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chandrajp04-20 11:36 AMI applied for EAD on 03/22 online and the service center is Nebraska. My current one expires on 07/07. I applied exactly 3 and 1/2 months before. I checked the USCIS web site, it says one need to apply 6 months before the expiry of current one. I'm little worried as I'm not sure if I can get my EAD in time before 07/07. Any inputs as to what can I do in case if I don't get my EAD in time

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gc_on_demand04-24 02:53 PMThey refer to ads on Sulekha and other similar portals

On another note - consulting companies will workaround by creating multiple companies and applying h1b through various companies

But are n't they proposing 50 % rule.. how can a small desi company afford 50 % US citizen staff ? That is why may be people think consulting companies will not work.

but what I think is it will make them less profitable. Very small body shoppers will go out of business. Med to large indian owner based consulting companies will be less profitable.

Guys with stock investment in indian IT compnies Heads UP !

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santb197501-11 11:21 AMKeep up the good work

I am upto 14 letters signed, sealed and mailed to the President. I am waiting on a few more to come....It took probably an hour over the past week. Guess what...in the process I educated over 20 Americans about our issues. Guys this can have a cascading effect if we talk to people we know and get these letters. We all need to step up and actively talk to all Americans we know and get these letters. They are our support bank when its time for larger fixes and we need Americans to call their Congressman & Senators to help us.

Talk to EVERYONE you know and get a letter signed. It would be great if everyone mentioned the number of letters they have got when they put out posts on this thread. Lets not just talk the talk but WALK the TALK!!!:D


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logiclife06-15 01:13 PMYou or your employer should have a copy of all approved I-797 H1 reciept. Isint the l-94 on there?

Yes. But I travelled to India when I was on one of those I-797s and submitted the I-94 attached at the bottom of that I-797 while travelling out. I had not clue at that time that a copy of this I-94 would be needed.

I have other I-797s with I-94s attached at bottom coz I never travelled while I was on those I-797s.

Anyways, I am not worried. What I dont have, I just dont have it. Cant do anything about it now.

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walking_dude11-19 02:52 PMDitto here. We need to give them specific case# to look into in the next phase of the campaign.

I received the same thing. A canned reply asking to use their phone lines for inquiries. They returned my original envelope as well as my letter :rolleyes:
No responses from anyone else.


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skynet250009-26 01:52 AMCan someone post the link for the 485 data? the original link posted on this thread is not working for me any more. It worked for me yesterday, but doesn't work anymore.


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walking_dude01-11 04:19 PM1. Ball park figure is total of 218,000 visa wasted from previous years. How much of it will go to EBs (and others) will be based on how the recapture gets implemented. If we don't do anything and sit quiet, it may as well be ZERO. Nurses will walk away with the cake

2. President can pass an 'Executive Order' to provide interim relief. So it should be possible. It'll depend on the independent interpretation of the law by the White House, and it won't be based on whatever you read elsewhere.

1. How many unused visa numbers can be re-captured? Out of those re-captured, how many can be applied to EB categories? I know this is difficult to estimate this but if we believe that recapturing unused visas would help the retrogression issue, we ought to have some idea (in hundreds? thousands? more?) as to how many visa numbers can be re-captured and used towards EB categories.

2. Does the President have the authority to implement an administrative relief in this matter, particularly to recapture the unused immigrant visas? Elsewhere I have read that only congress has the authority to do this.

Please provide links/references or analysis to back up the claims.

Disclaimer: This is not to discourage anybody, rather just a healthy skepticism.


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singhsa310-02 04:14 PMI am a july 2nd filer and filed my second application on Aug 15th.
Now that I have got receipts for July 2nd applications, I have put stop payments on the checks on Aug 15th application.
My hope is that my 2nd application will not be processed.
I am seeing people getting multiple #A numbers and delays.

If you have filed multiple I485s, pls share your expiences here.

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nk200610-28 12:47 PMFrom IV: IV commends the initiative taken by it's members nk2006, pd_recpaturing, ItsNotfunny and others. As these members have observed, we all know that any one who has filed for AOS/I-485 can potentially be hit with this issue, especially in the current job market situations. If you believe in the old adage prevention is better than cure, this is an action item you have to subscribe to. It will be only a matter of time the number of such denials is going to spike.

In recent weeks there has been a spate of I485 denials by USCIS in the AC21 cases. In most of these cases, the underlying I-140 has been revoked by previous employer. But AC21 regulations and related memo’s require that I485’s should not be denied based on that – provided I485 has been pending for more than 180 days and the applicant has changed to a new job that is same or similar. USCIS has been rejecting cases without even issuing a NOID – again required by AC21 regulations. So USCIS is not following AC21 regulations and related field memo’s for whatever the reasons.

Obviously this will have a very bad impact on us – in addition to tremendous amount of stress it can have very bad economic implications including loss of job. In the current economic conditions we cannot afford to lose the job change flexibility provided by AC21 regulations. IV has started a campaign to fight this.

After a brief campaign to write to Ombudsman, it has been decided to intensify this campaign and write to various officials in USCIS hierarchy. IV core members have been actively involved in coming up with a strategy and are actively supporting this effort. By sending large number of letters we can draw their attention to this issue and resolve as quickly as possible. There are other strategies that are being discussed and will be underway soon to tackle this issue. This is the first and the most important step up on which other steps depend.

I request all the members to start sending the following 4 letters. For your convenience the letters have been completely written including addresses to be sent – all you have to do is download following 4 google documents – add the date, your name and address – and send it to the address provided on each letter.





To reiterate: You have to send 4 letters – these letters can be downloaded at the above URL’s. Edit the document to add current date, name, address etc. and mail it (regular mail). After doing that, please update the poll so we know how many letters are being sent.

To get more background on this issue and see what has been done so far, please see these two threads: http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=22052;

To achieve positive results we need to send these letters in large numbers - please send them today and let everyone else be aware of this effort. Thank you.

Request to core/web site admin: can you please add a link to this thread on the IV main page to get better coverage to this campaign - thanks.


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vinayak200801-02 03:34 AMI dont see any improvement at chennai.I contacted consulate after 7 working days (after interview) and got reply to allow another 4 work days.

Consulate has handed over the passport to VFS on Jan 2nd and VFS has dispatched on the same day.I would be receiving that today.

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GCNeophyte08-13 01:33 PMCongrats.. its bit boring to ready through your story though..

Finally got the CPO emails/texts today morning for both me and my wife.

Came to USA in 1996 on H1. Masters (F1) from 1999-2000.
All GC applications in EB2. Nationality : India.
Applied in Mid 2001 : company (think $15B!!!) went kaput.
Applied in Mid 2003 : I quit in mid-2005 - while labor pending.
Applied Nov 22, 2005 : Approved Aug 11, 2010.

Labor applied via PERM - approved in about 4 months.
I-140 applied soon after - approved in about 4 months.
I-485 applied during the July-August 2007.
Receipt Date: Aug 16, 2007
Notice Date: Oct 1, 2007

Quit in mid-2008 with 485/EAD, sent AC21.
Got RFE in Sep 2008 (missed the 2008 boat).
485 LUD stuck at 10/29/2008 forever until today.

Opened a SR on Aug 5th.
Took an infopass on Aug 6th - all I could get was, "your application is with an
Immigration Officer since Aug 2nd". Nothing else!
Don't know if either had an effect.
Didn't do anything beyond the above two.

I think anything that's helpful for anyone based on dates/apps/process/procedures are all listed above. Now for a bit of something in my mind. No particular theme but general rambling....if you so indulge..please continue. Else Have a good day and happy life. And thanks IV.

It has been a long journey for sure. A lot of my friends who came to
USA in 1996 are now citizens. I have NO regrets at all. I took my own
path. Sometimes I used to think that if I had done the GC process
in 1998/1999 instead of quitting my full time job to do full time masters,
I might've gotten GC sooner. OR what if I had stuck with the 2003 application,
sure, it would've taken longer to get even the Labor cleared but I would
have gotten GC in probably 2007 - and worst case 2008. And heck, I would
have made an additional $150K (since the company got acquired by "as big
as it gets" tech company). OR what if I had chosen a very safe choice out
of masters [believe it or not, I got 12 offers back in 2000 - but then heck,
every body else got 12 offers as well]. OH btw, the full time masters ended
up costing me about $45K in credit card loans. So yeah...no point in contemplating
all the "coulda woulda shoulda"s in life.

As Nike says: Just do it.

I strongly believe it was because of the masters that I got the first 2000/2001 company, I got into the next job - and because of it to the next one and because
of that to the current one - where I am extremely happy and think
will over time come out very well off too.

At all times, I never compromised on my job. Took the job which offered
me the most challenge and allowed me to learn as much as possible while
working the smartest folks around. That I think was a great benefit - all
along - since that component of life (work) never bothered me. And was never
afraid of taking (apparent) risks either. To me they were calculated risks.
The 2002 company I joined, it was a small startup - I was employee number 20-something and was the only H1-B until we had about 150+ employees.
When I quit it was 450+ folks and was about 750+ when it was acquired.
The company I joined in 2008 (via AC21), was and still is a startup. When
I joined we were 8 employees and still now, remain lean-and-mean but
kicking some serious ass. (if I say so myself..pardon me). :)

The biggest hiccup as I think of it now was that my wife was not able
to work from 2003-2007. But the EAD in mid-2007 finally solved that
problem. Oh, I never hesitated traveling either : travel to Africa (three
countries) one year, and to Europe (three countries) one year and
Asia (two countries other than India) in one year.
Also purchased a home in 2009 (it was very tempting during the
2004-2006 times...but waited out for good).

So yeah...H1-B/EAD/AP are all handicaps - only if you convince yourself so.

A couple of times I had contemplated Canadian PR or really
moving there or to somewhere in Europe (and even Aus PR).
But pursued nothing mostly because I was lazy.

But all along my wife fully supported in everything I (we) did.
Be it change of jobs, other big decisions..what not.
So thankful to god for that.

Just a bit to go back in the way back machine.
Long ago, labor was the bottle-neck. Then 485, then something else.
Things repeat - old is new, new is old...repeat.
There were times when there was no online checking, no sms, no email notifications.
Six year h1-cap was strongly enforced. no concurrent 140/485. No one year extension of h1. No 3 year extenstions of h1 after 140. No 2 year EADs. No AC21. No priority date porting. I can go on....but a lot of stuff happened...happens.

If there is one thing I learned wrt immigration, it is do things ASAP. Never postpone anything at all. As much as possible get first in the queue.

A general piece of advice: Never reject an option you don't have. [this is more to do with folks who say, "I am only in year 1 in h1..I don't know if I need gc..let me see after 2-3 years.." - guess what einstein, it is easy to give up your gc after you get it, then to get it when you desperately need it.]

Good luck and all the best to those who are waiting.
EB2-IC seems in pretty good shape as far as I can tell.
EB3-folks need some serious legislative help - please consider contributing a fraction of what you send for your immigration-lawyers and get something done. support IV.

And finally: Be Happy!



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eyeswe09-25 09:28 AMThank for bringing that up.. I had the same inkling, of course , w/o anything to subtantiate when I first saw these "inventory" figures.. I had also posted couple of times this poser.. esp those who were in the math crunching mode to determine the D-days baed on our PD..

This makes such a huuge difference to the queueu.. I am reminded of a post who said he starts the day happy when he sees such numbers and ends with kicking his dog... Gosh I need a dog!!!!

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bayarea0709-11 08:22 PMCalled Up and Left Voice Mails
Elton Gallegly (R-Calif.)202- 225-5811
Dan Lungren (R-Calif.)202- 225-5716
Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) 202-225-5911
Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.)202- 225-4176

Can anyone Please update the final list of all the supporters and non suppoerters so that we can focus only on Non Supporters as of now.


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gc_check04-01 07:40 AMGuys,

Not sure whether below information is any helpful.

My Priority date is : July 2007
I-140 approval date : March 2009
Processing : Consular

Today i received a mail from NVC to pay immigration processing fee of $794.

Does any ones what is this for ? does it help to know the demand ?

Though you are processing through consular processing, can you please verify if you have any reasons ( Birth country, spouse birth country) etc.. to get charged against a category that is current now. If so, it is business as usual, else not sure.. you just got lucky your case is approved, but again .. with pre-adjudication, etc.. we never know.. Anything requested from USCIS, do respond in time.... On the other hand makes me wonder, if the EB2 dates can really advance that much ???? Significant forward movement based on other thread... Anyway good luck.

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asanghi05-15 01:03 PMI plan to talk to my lawyer today. My past experience is that lawyers don't give all the options themselves. You have to know what options you have and then they will give advice on that.

So if anybody has gone through similar situation, please give your inputs. I am sure many other people can benefit from this information.


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SkilledWorker4GC06-26 06:04 PMI am filing things on my own. I have one question.

Can i only file for AP when dates are current or i could file for AP before a travel?

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vsukumar09-17 08:10 PMGot the CPO ordered email on 09/16/2010, updated to Post Decision Activity on 09/17/2010 for both primary and derivative.

Got FP appointment scheduled in the first week of Sep, but gave it earlier ( last week of august)

No SR, No Infopass.

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mrsr06-15 11:10 AMemployer letter sample pleasseeeeeeeee

mail2me_Ds08-12 02:27 PMMine seems to be few of last applications entered in system during July 07 visa bulletin fiasco(rather fiesta). My Notice date 10/17. I have not seen July filer notice date, later than this...

My notice date is 10/10. It seems cases are approved based on the notice date. My case was transferred from CSC to TSC. You are right that only few cases have Oct notice dates.

Naah11-17 11:37 AMI have sent the 4 letters.


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