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alwayson03-14 09:34 AMI did my Candian PR through this firm

Very professional. Timely communication.

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logiclife05-10 04:13 PMThere is a lot of debate going on here, about how Canada and Australia have a better immigration system because they are points-based self-petition systems compared to employer-petition system here in US.

I believe the employer-petition system is still the best system to implement for immigration. Its complicated, long and provides breeding ground for exploitation. But that is the ONLY way to ensure that the workforce is not oversupplied with labor and the immigrants who can gather points actually have the ability to get jobs.(look at Canada where Ph.Ds who aced the points sytem are inept in real world and drive taxicabs and blame the Canadian Government).

If I score 100 points out of required 50 or 60 points for Canada, its all meaningless if I am inept and cannot get a job. However, I would contribute to my own well-being and to the workforce and economy if I can find a job and an employer willing to petition, even if I score 25 points out of required 50 or 60.

US has the best immigration system and I believe the employer petition is the best method for adjudication. However, it has its problems in terms of delays due to bureaucratic inefficiencies and inadequate annual quotas. If Australia, France, Germany are going to adopt the Canadian model of points-based system, its not goint to help them or the ones who go there.

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bestia02-16 02:32 PMdear Bestia, I don't recall anyone calling the situation you described racism. I for one said it's human nature's favorism and, like it or not, it does jeopordize diversity, so you will have a hard time convincing US to let go something it wants for the sake of something else just because it's better for you.


I still fail to see how country caps on Employment Based immigration serve the purpose of diversity. Look, people from India/China with H1B visas and pending AOS applications are already here, right? They are here and will be here regardless of whether they get GCs now or after 10 years. Many of them bought houses, have families, American born kids. How making them wait for years is gonna serve the purpose of diversity? You think if an Indian guy will be using AC21/EAD for years, going to finger printing every year, going through secondary security check on airports, in time he is gonna evolve into something less Indian? It's gonna be the same people but with different documents in their pockets.

For diversity purposes there is lottery, and the purpose of that lottery is exactly that - the diversity. Also, if the government wants diversity, they should have immigration program like Canada has. Where people are issued permanent residency BEFORE coming to the country and spending years working for that country.

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gjoe02-15 05:06 AM[QUOTE=hopefulgc;223549]thats bull.... disclosure is not requored.... my dog is a member of six professional canine associations ... does he have to bark it all up.

Are you implying that we are treated like dogs here? If your answer is yes we have a credible case against USCIS. If your answer is no then my friend ( buddy as Indians and pakis say) you have to disclose your associations.



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eyeswe07-21 04:33 PMI think we have met somewhere OR I have seen you somewhere...
Would you like to be financially independent?
Are u from XYZ Engg College in Mumbai

The Amway cheer ...

... There is lot of excitement in this room with X,Y,X, A etc.. and this excitement is going all the way to P, Q, R on the phone.. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Heyyyyyy, Heyyyyyy, Heyyyyyyy " and folks jump around to show the excitement

Needless to say I have been in several Amway bait situations. My room mates were Amway folks and we use to have several meetings at my place -- upline, downline used to be the manthra...

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srkamath07-26 11:24 AMIt appears FB spillover is factored into EB quota in Sep bulletin every year.

The FB spillovers are distributed @ 28.6% to EB1,2,3, just like the 140k base.
Therefore if there are any FB spillovers left EB3 must not be "U".

However, EB3 is completely "U"
Therefore FB numbers have already been factored in the DOS calculations. How exactly? I don't know.

Unused 28.6% FB spill from EB1 will of course spill over into EB2 IN/CH.

vdlrao's estimates of ~30k FB numbers spilling over are for all EBs, there will be at most only ~ 20k FB spillovers into EB2, as EB3 has already consumed its portion.


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lskreddy04-22 06:36 PMCheck your messages Suresh. Thanks.

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bazuka609-25 09:52 AMNixtor, this idea is worth trying. If people who are buyinh house can be exempted from the VB quota, this will free up extra visas and will help those people who will not buy a house.

Yes... if you have house closing statement and have been here legally and paid taxes(last X years... you are exempt from VISA cap)

Now that makes sense for a senator looking for a predictable way to solve mortgage crisis


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waitingmygc01-14 12:24 PMFirst, please stop comparing companies in this thread at least because we are diverting from topic.

I am totally convinced with users like jetflyer, kondur_007 and others that �if it goes smooth then next will be EAD, then I-485 approvals�.

At least this is the time to think beyond boundaries (like EB-3, EB-2, working as FT, working with consulting company, states and countries), if not then don�t distract the efforts.

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u.misc01-13 03:01 PMBummer.


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senthil106-15 11:54 PMOutsourcing is bad for not only for US citizens but also for future H1bs and GC aspirants also.
Still all the jobs cannot be outsourced. Also if that would have been the case I would have been out of job. But My salary was increasing steadily and in this tough economy also I was able to get a new job with 20% rise in pay after I lost job . There are many companies in USA who are only hiring USA citizens and discouraging outsourcing. Wherever I was working I discouraged those companies from outsourcing but encouraged them to hire h1bs ,GC holders or US citizens. Many start up companies in California cannot afford to do outsourcing because of tight release schedules.


Please wake up from your dream. No matter how you want it, outsourcing won't go away.

Outsourcing companies will always provide a lower cost to client as long as dollar is valuable than rupee ( or any other developing world currency).

They can do this by one of the following ways.

Use L1s for client site assignments. Some of these maybe illegal. Still they do it. Client is happy, outsourcers are happy.

Let us say everybody complains to ICE about this and L1 visas are unavailable for outsourcers. Their next strategy is to change the ratio of onsite resources to offshore resources. Again they will offer a cheaper solution to client. For executing a project in onsite/offshore model they don't need all these L1 guys here. They just need a few managers and maybe some team leads. They can execute the project with minumum resources onsite. Company and client wins again. The only reason they place so many resources onsite is to charge the client at dollar rate.

If US wants to prevent offshoring they have to ban offshoring explicitly. Doing so will go against the WTO rules.

To summarize, outsourcing cannot be stopped. Salary levels will always go down with time.

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OLDMONK07-24 05:41 PMAgree with few points in your argument though overall it went little overboard. Whisky Line??? Are you implying there are no lines in US? Ever heard about GC Line???????:))))))I havent waited for 5 to 7 yrs in India for anything and not got it. Maximum I waited would be Tirupati temple for 12-14 hrs:)

I am only implying convenience is a big factor in deciding your future and your children future and where would you like to concentrate your energy/passion for the rest of your life.

I wouldnt mind waiting in Tirupathi line or waiting in line at Jai Mata di temple, for that the choice is mine. I am talking about lines which I have to get to or have my bahadur/driver/employee if I am in business do it for me.

Of course it sounds overboard but you wont believe the kind of lines (specially the close times) where state government dispenses alcohol. (new delhi is one of those).

BTW I forgot the Movie Ticket Window line (also the black line by the cycle stand LOL). I am sure I forgot a lot of other lines. The Key is Convenience for me.

Anyway don't take it too literally but I will give you a real example. I could never pay my electric bill for a commerical place even if I wanted to. There is a middle man. If you don't go through these middle men they will hassle you every month. Will come up with something so they can threaten you with a disconnection. Now at a business place and specially in service oriented business you cant fight them. For house electric bills thats not case though.

Same for sales tax guys, excise tax guys, ca's and lawyers. To get my IT clearance even after having every paperwork, commissioner (IAS) tip was Rs. 1000. forget babus and chaprasis.

As for your GC comments that is not the right comparision, as we don't require a GC in India. The closest would be Passport line (3 months to 2 years) and you have to bribe the enquiry man no matter what, and which state. HDFC Draft Line, Visa Line (after 40-100 days wait), Wrong passport picture run get new and go back to line. Not mentioning H1B sponsoring employer line.

:-) and I am not saying I am 100% right. You may come from a fortunate/honest town/village where there is still honesty and sincerity or Maybe one didn't face it as someone in their family was a bigwig, meaning every one knew (fiction) Anirudh is son of Income Tax Commissioner or Malaika is daughter of H P Dwivedi who is MP from Rohtak, Haryana. so for those guys it was sir, sir, sir all around.

but when Sachin hits a century or sets a world record.. Mera Bharat Mahaan. (India is great) Right? Sanya anyone? Right?


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poorslumdog05-03 02:00 AMsingala racist won't say jai hind... try to come out of that well


Good try....try something else now..=:)

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prem_goel06-12 01:32 AMGuys, I've heard (and only heard - don't red me now) that Cognizant has its H-1Bs being rejected and I've heard as far as this that some of the people in Cognizant who got green card through EB-1 category have been deported due to investigation after complaints regarding misuse of EB-1 category by these companies.

has anyone else heard the same?


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BharatPremi12-14 02:48 PMYes BP, in that case Britain too will be oversubscribed just like IN,CH,MXa and PH.
7% ceiling applies to all the countries not just the ones that happen to be oversubscribed now.

So that interprets to "7% limit for every country" - seems to be "Equality"

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thomachan7203-27 03:16 PMEven now I cannot understand how this happened:
Lalu P Yadav is taken to jail on some corruption charges and while going he asks his wife who was baking chapathis in a tandoori to sit on the CM chair till he gets back. WOW!! man... that is what is called real democracy.


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srkamath07-23 07:03 PMSource of information ?

From what i inferred from the text of the law,
The 28.6% limits do apply to FB to EB spill overs, as the FB spillover from the prev FY is used to arrive at this year's EB limit.

The 28.6% limit cannot be applied to EB1 to EB2 to EB3 spillovers, because that would not make sense. From what i understood, if there are 10k spilling over from EB1 to EB2, then they all go to EB2 and are not shared 2860 each between Eb2 and Eb3.

Let me know if you agree with the above.

I also realized that, if ever there is a deluge of EB1 applications and it reaches the annual limit of 28.6%+(EB4+EB5)leftovers, then that's it for EB1 ! even if Eb2 orEB3 are undersubscribed!
Ironic isn't it? Strange is the INA.

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GCforever107-31 12:18 AMThanks for providing such a useful tip. I will adopt same with Amway people. Hope I am lucky like you... and get to bang some amway guy's wife

Travind I am not close to the family anymore I made the dude so uncomfortable he stopped calling me. Here are some avoidance techniques, but you need to be ballsy to pull them of and never exceed the limits of decency and you must have a sense of timing and humor to do these. I have used these techniques myself for avoidance
1) Stare at his wife or sister and constantly compliment their looks, cooking, chai etc
2) Make lots of sticky notes with their quotes in the meetings and stick it on their walls
3)Break your pencil or pen at the meeting and loudly say cuss words like "shit that is good"
4) Itch nervously when they approach you in any location they will leave you thinking you have some skin disease.
5) Cough without closing your mouth directly in front of their face
6) Wear ghetto clothes when you go to the usual locations they avoid you like the plague (sorry guys who wear kurta with jeans and leather chappals you are the most obvious target)
7) Borrow cd's, dvd's etc and never return them or their calls they are bound to be nice since even in the worst case they are still trying to sell to you.

There are more things to do but i'm guessing some other people will post their experiences , just one word of caution do not extend your torture because these people are human beings who have been proselytized by their diamonds etc that they dont realize and don't worry they will not learn from you.

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poorslumdog09-04 12:38 PMI'm not a free loader like you....Have contributed and still want to contribute...Its just that I cancelled my CC(the source of funds) that I need to reactivate.

Dont tell me your crap stroy. First do it and then we can talk.

kshitijnt03-30 06:56 AMAgreed but consider the other options. Lalu? Mulayam?? Mayawati???

I will have tears of joy in my eyes if BJP get the majority but I know it will never happen... :(

Laloos performance as railway minister is amazing. He can make a good PM. Anyday better than Rahul baba.

hebbar7705-29 07:18 PMnothing came easy for immigrants here including europeans immigrants in early 1500's! They silenced the people to make their way!, we are standing in line!


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