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sundarpn01-20 09:47 PMThis is an excellent point. DOS publications claim that PIMS has all the information since 2004. Please mention your approval dates too. There could be a delay pattern pertaining to the approval date.

Anyone with H1B after 2004 has seen any delay???

This forum has provided an incredible amount of information for ignorants like me. Please keep on updating this thread with your experiences and details. Mention your approval dates also.


H1b approval notices are for 3 yrs. So most folks who are going for stamping now will have approval dates much after Jan 2005. So DOS claiming that all cases after 2004 is not correct.

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nk200611-08 08:38 PMI am sorry if I am wrong, but do you think if IV CORE try to hold a meeting with top CIS officials on this issue, wouldn't that be more effective? Many members reported not getting proper response to letters. Who knows whether anyone @CIS has time & willingness to read and act on our letters? Why not take an active approach rather than passive one?

I agree, We still should send the letters though. I will send mine by monday Nov. 10. Meanwhile, if we can do the webfax or email, we may can have more members participate. just my 2 cents!

Thanks for planning to send the letters.

Actually this letter campaign is just one part of the whole exercize. There are other efforts to talk with USCIS officials but to get positive/quick results we need to make enough noise so that officials recognize that it is a problem affecting large number of people. We need to keep on sending letters.

As can be expected its not an easy task to establish a proper channel and talk to officials and make them agree that recent spate of denials are wrong and are not in accordance with AC21 regulations (as someone pointed out AC21 regulations are only guidelines and not rules - so we need to tread a careful path here). To establish this proper channel and also for strong negotiation in our favor - we need to bring attention to this issue. The best way for that is to write to them - of course we might receive some generic replies, its fine - but if we send hundreds of letters with same request/complaint it does will catch their attention and help us in speeding up the other steps that are thought of as part of this campaign.

But first thing is to write - its kind of disappointing to see the number of letters sent (or to be sent). It only takes a few minutes.

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jayZinDC01-26 12:22 PMDoes anyone know how long this process takes (from online app to visa stamped)? I just filled in my app online on wednesday hoping to finish it off on the weekend. Now their site is down for maintenance until monday.

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EB2DEC15200508-13 07:54 AMFill it with both primary and derivative details. Write in small font with a pen. This will avoid different forms for each applicant.

If you take 1st line you want to write two names in it, that would create a confusion.

If I fill up another applicaiton for derivative, I have to fill up the same way as I filled for myself right? then I will go for this option.


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vjkypally10-05 10:43 PMCongrats SOP. You are not unlucky anymore.:)

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vikki7610-22 05:49 PMIsn't it strange, card production ordered mail and Physical card on the same day.
Actually he got his card first and then later in day CPO email came in. Very strange indeed.


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waitforevergc05-09 09:20 PMGuys..cool down..

Let us not give people like 'Hunter' too much weightage.
Ignore trolls.

Posters like Hunter get some sort of sadistic pleasure bashing India and Indians.
Let us ignore them.

And mods, please block such posters like Hunter in future. Such a waste of space.

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l1fraud06-09 08:14 PMTalked to ICE field intelligence they have provided required details, please let us know if anyone in this forum needs further information on how to complain against L1 violations. Please send a private message to this id. Please let us know if you have any other agency which would be interested in L1 violations.


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ca_immigrant12-18 02:59 PMI have AT&T DSL, the 3 to 6 mbps plan...
Took vonage approximately 35 days back...works great....

my usual speed (tested using speedtest dot net) is around 5 MBPS download.

now the vonage setup (as you all might know) order is
1. DSL modem
2. vonage adaptor
3. your computer or router (I have a wireless router)

for the first 30 days (cancellation period) my internet bandwidth was not affect while using vonage...it used to remain around 4 to 5 mbps...
would drop down to 3 mbps when using VPN ..
but using phone (vonage phone) did not affect...

now the story seems to have changed after the cancellation period.... -:)

when I am connected to vpn (to office network) the speed is 4 to 5 mbps...
When I make a call and test the speed during the call my download speed is 0.09 MBPs...

I have started seeing this behaviour in the last 3 to 4 days....

wondering if that has something to do with the fact that the cancellation period is over -;)

anyways, can folks here share thier experience on how the speed is affected when using the phone...(I use speedtest.net to test my speed)

Also, has anyone tried this order to connect to vonage ? (so vonage adaptor does not get priority and take up the bandwidth ?)

1. DSL modem
2. wireless router
3. vonage adaptor...

BTW...love the local calls to back home.... -;)

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ArunAntonio07-09 06:51 PMfrom doing that, what do you think you would achieve by the flowers being delivered at the hospital instead of the USCIS, the point has been made and the Director has acknowledged the effort - That was the end goal and infact the flowers will do more benefit to those in the hospital.

Call the place where you've ordered flowers and ask for a refund if flowers are delivered elsewhere. It should be up to USCIS to recieve and then ship those flowers to the hospitals.


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kcforgc05-09 09:55 PMIf you are offended, I don't give a DAMN!! I know about India very well and has been to India many a times. I know very well about the indian corruption which has no comparison with any country in the developed world. All you have to look at is the suveys from various NGOs that track corruption at various countries in the world and you can see where India ranks relative to US or UK

Hunter dude..this is not the right platform for you to promote your racist agenda. And looking at your attitude I don't give a DAMN SH*** what you think or feel. Go find a job and update your skills. Are you afraid of competition? There is competition in any field you choose not just IT.

This is not a forum for you ANTIs...you low life.

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anurakt01-19 11:21 PMGodbless, I am sure you can get your post 6 years H-1B extension based on the Cornin and new Aytes memo of 12-5-2006. Can you ask your lawyer whether it is possible to file your H-1B extension after 01/26/2007 but BEFORE June 2007 or it must be filed before the expiry of your parolee I-94? Also, you said the Immigration Officer at the POE did not let you use your H visa but the AP. Is it because you showed him both of your H-1B visa and AP? If you did not show the AP, he would probably let you enter with the H-1B visa, right?

Sorry for my knowledge but why would anyone need an AP if he has ample time left on H1 ? Is it a rule that after filing I-485 , you have to have an AP to travel ?


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priderock06-18 10:21 AMI-94s are submitted at the airport when you leave the country. In many cases there are no I-94s coz they have been submitted and no one thought of making copies of them before travelling out of country. I am sure I dont have all the I-94s that I ever used. I submitted them at the airport when I went out and didnt make copies.

I think it must be ok if you dont have all of them. Can anyone advise if that's the case?

My lawyer only asked for copy of latest I94.

She may have copies of some of my I94s in my file from previous H1 filings , but I am sure she does not have all my I94 copies. I guess only the latest I94 is required.

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saimrathi07-10 01:46 PMnot sure, what the flowers will accomplish.. time will tell.. but writing to Senators/Representative may help.. so please do write to the senator/representative in your area...

Hi Guys,

I send a letter to senator Gregg(NH) Last week about July Visa Bulletin reversal by DOS and how its going to affect all individuals who filed their 485 based on original Visa Bulletin published by DOS.

I Just got a call from Senator's office. He is sending a letter to DOS today or tomorrow asking about July Visa Bulletin reversal.
I will post DOS reply as soon as I hear back from senator's office.

Moral of the story is time for action when iron is hot.



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logiclife06-15 12:32 PMDo you have a question, comment, or give info about a previous post.
I don't mind, you just copied my post from another thread (minus the links).

What are you tryiing to say?
His point is to keep documents ready in case you can replace the ones sent by your lawyer (paralegal really does that) whcih is often rife with errors.

Plus its easier to spot errors in your lawyer's work if you have correctly filled forms to compare them with.

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gcgreen08-07 02:01 PMbut why do you think this is an example of the system being gamed?

The IT consulting firm or whatever is willing to hire an experienced employee with more than X years experience for a job requiring more than 5 years experience. As long as this employer does everything by the book, and the prospective employee does everything by the book, what is wrong with this? Note that the prospective employee has still waited for about 5-6 years to get his GC, its not as if they are getting it within a year of applying.

[Note that if the IT firm is taking any money from the prospective employee whatsoever for the labor application, then that is against the labor regulations (at least I think this was part of the new regulations that got rid of labor sub)]

So where is the gaming? Also, assuming that you are saying the employer is taking money and creating artificial jobs then is this thing not a DoL and labor app problem as opposed to a lawsuit problem? I am confused. Please explain.

First let me state that I need people like you to proceed and hence I will be happy to answer the points you rasied to the best of my ability:

We all agree that there is severe backlog. Only way the backlog will alleviate is by increasing visa numbers, which not going to happen any time sooner.
So some people (and I know around 10 of them) what they are doing is the following:
They got the chance to file their 485 last July , which is pending. They are contacting several small desi consulting firms to file for their fresh labor in EB2 category. Once their labor is filled and new I-140 is approved, they plan to attach new I-140 to the original 485 and hence effectively convering to Eb2 category but with priority dates in 2002 and 2003 (because original I-140 had that priority). Worst, they would never join that desi consulting firm...

This how the system is being gamed. If I know 10 such cases, I am sure there must be thousand like that.Now you tell me , isn't that unfair


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shahuja02-05 03:56 PMhello all,

i will really really appreciate your posts..

its been 23rd day..H1B renewal..New Delhi..still waiting for PP..i got no slip ..no warning to wait ..nothing..

But now i think its not stuck due to PIMS..it could be anything ?? some admin processing ? some security check ? some name check ??

How do we differentiate what are our passports held up for..COULD THIS BE CALLED 221(g)..i read in forums..221g can take forever ??


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Saralayar01-05 09:37 PMYes we can consider that too for our argument. 10 years in another country without citizenship is meaningless (most important part of our life is being spent here).

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ashokK10-01 10:58 AMI had called up USCIS and they have transferred the call to second level IO, as my application is 90 days old. They donot find the information yet. (My employer says, they clubbed the applications in one fedex box and sent it. Got the list of FedEx tracking number, one tracking number has 4 pounds, so guessing he would have put my application in it. ) The IO says, I have to take the fedex tracking number printout as proof and send them by postal mail, so that they can track back with their computer systems. Do not know when I will receive RNs. May be I have to maintain another tracking number for this inquiry mail also.

Please post your experiances about calling to USCIS today.

Imigrait11-22 10:25 PMsledge hammer ...... less "hathoda" please.

Punjabi, foreclosure is legal in the US. If necessary, you've gotto go for it. Others on this thread have given good advice. Especially, figure out what the downsides of foreclosure is. Just figure out if it will be difficult to rent in the future if you declare foreclosure. Rest, do what is financially good for you. Hope things work out for you.

newuser11-10 12:25 PMI mailed the letters today


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