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willwin03-31 11:49 AMCan I begin Cons.Proc.after uscis approved my 140 case?or only when my PD become current?thanks

Ideally, you should have opted for CP at the time of filing your I140 and that way your I140 approval would have been forwarded to NVC and they would have initiated the CP. If you had opted for 485 9on your I140) then changing to CP is a cumbersome process.

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vallabhu11-13 04:41 PMHi Guys do you know how long it is taking CGI Huston TX to send new passport for expired passports, Original passport was done in India.

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The7zen04-16 01:16 PMjust a reminder guys...need all your help to reach this months goal.

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neelu12-13 01:52 PMgot two more who will register by eod

Great, thanx nycgal. Sent emails to three people myself.
Will post responses here!


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EBX-Man05-10 07:19 AMwhy bother show up on IV now? I dont like ppl joining IV just to declare their GC status - no contribution.

Took you a long time to figure it out huh !!!???

Now don't you agree that an Active member on this forum who disagrees with your approach is better than these non active members who silently troll the forum and their first and last post is about receiving GC.

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veda08-08 11:57 AMSeems still there are number of April filers case are pending (Ffiling).
Here and there there are cases approved who filed June also but that is less than 1%. We should not consider them.

I called yesterday - Representative told me that they are working on April 21-25th cases as of yesterday.

God knows when they come to JUNE.

At least they have to take out the bar to file with in 120 days rule.

All rules are make us to feel too much tension which inturn decrease our life expectency. Is that their 'gift' for us for serving this Country?.

I have seen approvals for May filers on IV.
Lots of people have posted about their EAD approvals in the GC thread.

I think TSC have started approving EAD filed in may. So, lets hope for the best. I hope this helps.



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trueguy03-19 10:29 PM-Visa Recapture
-File I-485 irrespective of PD
-Stop counting dependents against quota
-USCIS backlog should be transparent so one can predict his turn.
-Remove Country cap. Its unfair for people born in india to wait decades while other nationals get their visa almost immediately.

Family reunion should be very important. I am separated from my wife for 3 years now because of Jul'2007 fiasco. Sent many letters to Senators, President, vice president but nobody is bothered to look at my case

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GCKarma06-16 04:52 PMIs it a good sign?:confused:

Movement on immigration stalled
Thursday, June 15, 2006, 10:56 AM

by Jason Vance

House Speaker Dennis Hastert is backing away from statements made earlier this week suggesting a plan to hold hearings on the Senate�s version of the immigration reform bill.

According to Congressional Quarterly, Hastert says he'll look at that issue, but the first priority is spreading the leadership's message about the Iraq war. Hastert has said he wants to take a long look at the Senate's legislation before naming House conferees.

There are some big differences the conference committee will have to reconcile. The Senate's bill provides a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants already in the country, and includes a guest-worker program. Neither is included in the House version, which focuses on tightening border security.

The NAFB News Service contributed to this article.


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amitjoey01-18 01:06 PMOne more signed up. Need 894 members. Campaign management buddies, need help.

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buddyinsd08-05 05:47 PMI've been waiting for 8 freakin yrs N I hv my own story yeah yeah...Life as a Prospective Legal Indian/Chinese Immigrant SUX FOR SURE!!!


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santb197504-16 12:32 PMThanks for your support Bharat Premi.

Clicking the mouse for 30 mins after 8 spoons of sugar ..wonder what that does :confused:..Let's see. Each spoon of sugar has about 15 calories. 8 spoons = 120 calories. 60 minutes of walking at a moderate pace burns about 120 - 150 calories. Clicking a mouse uses like 3 fingers and some wrist movements..I should stop now..LOL..Just a way to keep this thread on Top.

Clicking mouse constantly for half an hour after having 8 spoons of sugar.. :)By the way, i got your emails and will work out application form this weekend.. I had a plan to send it last weekend but could not do it.. Sorry for little delay.

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abhijitp09-19 07:06 PMOh.. Great to meet you Libra! Thanks!

I am not sure I met you Libra... please PM me a link to your picture from the rally:)


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jcrajput10-16 02:03 PMI just renew my passport at Houston, TX. It takes about 3 weeks. After so many tries, I was able to speak with CSR and she told me that it will take 3 weeks (this is standard processing time). I have received my new passport along with the old last week.

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jsb04-08 04:05 PMHope you had a nice vacation. :p

Couldn't resist. Please follow the FOIA thread that is in red.
10,000 was collected and 2500$ advance was sent out to USCIS. Now we wait to hear back from them.

Do you honestly think something will come? I doubt. They asked for $10K as a routine without investigating into what is possible. While quoting the cost, they even asked "What is a Priority Date".

PD's are not anywhere in the system. They are nowhere other than filled in ink on I-140, or I-485 applications or receipts. Even there, sometimes they are blank or wrong. They check manually on these dates while approving applications. That's the whole reason that all cutoff date movement is based on pure guess work, and approvals are never in order of PDs.

Do you think they will check each application manually, and count them based on PD's?


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sanju_dba01-26 11:07 PMabove post has lot of spelling mistakes and is misleading too ..texas is bit better but owning is cheaper only if prices are increasing at inflation plus 1 or 2 percent minimum. (and this may not happen for 4-5 years ..once prices start to increase..your calculation becomes applicable)
if your mortgage is 6% and the forecast is that home prices will fall 10%, then your interest rate effectively becomes 16% plus. the only advantage (or disadvantage) in a home is the extra space.
and in current economic situation, the extra space, payments, headache, immobility is more of a headache than quality

Sorry, its fixed now.

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santb197505-15 03:40 PMI called Ruben Hinojosa and left a message, Ciro Rodriguez and talked to Legal Aid, Senator Robert Menendez and left a message, Talked to Allen in Lucille Roybal allard's office and my message will get passed onto Legal Aid.

Guess what?. I tried to call Hilda Solis's office at the number listed on this thread and it went back to Allen again


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smisachu08-04 12:31 PM2008 all over again:mad:

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desigirl02-21 02:31 PMNew letter to all registered members asap. We need to wake up willing but inactive members to get their participation.

Yes. Members have to start realizing that this effort is for our collective benefit, and participate in the event.

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Saralayar04-10 06:04 PMI wont never want to be a US citizen anyways. GC is all required. are you kidding me. why would you want to be a citizen here anyways.
There is a huge amount of $$ you have paid for Social Security and Medicare. You don't need to get back that:confused:??. This is just a part of the benefit...

thomachan7209-02 09:25 AMWhat is the probability that all EB2 I with PD 2004 get cleared this year?
I guess the bulk of waiting list is with PD 2005 and 2006, right? These two years might be the difficult ones to clear? any thoughts?

iambest06-14 11:14 AMLC stuck in DBEC......I submitted my final documents end of May and hoping to get my LC certified end of this month (fingers crossed).


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