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aquarianf06-15 12:09 PMyes you are correct .. but if you have them ( photocopy ) no harm in including .. just to show that u have maintained a legal status through out ..

any help in employment letter please

I have copies of all I-94 and I-797 but still my attorney thinks that it is not necessary to include them. My attorney also not including any w2s/tax transcript/tax returns/pay stubs. She said, her office filed so many 485s without above documents and never had any issue. Their opinion is to supply just what is needed not more not less. But my other friend's lawyer asked w2s and paystub.

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kalyan01-06 09:28 AMI think we should write letter and incorporate such things in our DC campaign.

I am tentattive to the DC campaign. But we should come out with a document or website and have our guys officially sign it and send it to all the parties involved in making such decision.

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senthil106-29 05:10 PMIf rumors are true there is no point in sending I485 application if State dept announces that Visa is not available on July 2nd Morning. If confusion or rumor is cleared then Lawyers can send the application. That stand may be correct. But what if State Dept announces on Wednesday. Then those who are filed on Monday and Tuesday will get EAD and AP. I hope these rumors will not become true

You can sue this firm, if they have really suspended the work on I-485.
How can they react to rumours?

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drona07-10 12:53 PMEasy Saimrathi. I am posting it for people who have just joined us.

Update from english_august
Siva tells me that the flowers are indeed being delivered to the USCIS office. It has created quite a stir.

Of course, we do need to keep the entire campaign in perspective. It is not something that Brian Williams is going to open his evening news with. In fact, he might not cover it at all. After all, when you compare it with the immigration rallies of last year - this is miniscule.

But we did generate quite a bit of media attention with this, we did prove that the skilled, legal immigrant community can take collective action and we did prove that the decisions made by US lawmakers and the beaureaucracies end up hurting real people behind the numbers.

I think all that was worth my 30 dollars.


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trueguy08-21 10:05 AMwe should do something ASAP before they decide upon Oct'2008 VB. Before FY2009 starts, we should make sure they are aware of EB3 problems so they can come up with new rules for new year.

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bayarea0709-12 06:38 PMThis is our last Chance, otherwise be ready to wait untill 2020 to get your Rights.
Please CALL !!!
Please CALL and create awareness among frends and family be sending link for this forum so that they can call Judiciary Commitee.


We have learned that in all probability House Judiciary committee will finishing marking up HR5882 in the next committee meeting. The bill is likely to be brought to the House floor the following week. We have been told that if our bill(s) pass the House, Senate will include the language of the bill(s) in another Senate bill that has majority support. We must admit that the time is shot but its still possible.

We request everyone that starting monday, please call all the members of Judiciary committee. Thanks to the members who have already made phone calls to the lawmaker's office. We request you to please call again to show your support starting Monday.



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sumagiri09-23 09:19 PMIf EB2 row perm hits 10000 apps thats it pd wont move a bit. That will happen as soon as hiring starts again. This will happen any time, if this not happen until sep 2010, then EB2 has a chance. There are about 15000 (approx) EB2 Row apps siiting ducks in Perm centers, if ROW PErm eb2 approvals start flowing then we are just stuck. It all depends on EB2 Row Now. That is the one we need to watch closely.

Any idea how many ROW EB3 pending in PERM?

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bkn9611-17 01:05 PMGood suggestion, I didn't ask about EAD, I will check next time. But I guess evantually EAD would be revoked after I485 is denied. I think H1 is a backup plan if MTR denied and till appeal is decided..

I am sending letter CIS ombudsman shortly.


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SunJoshi12-30 03:52 PMStarting this thread to discuss bills and proposals for 2006. Open for public.

The dabate will help formulate strategies.

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xyz200908-19 10:49 PMIts a no brainer (enter on AP) and you definitely have to talk to attorney

Krithi: Can you please let me know how to go to Adv Parole side. Although we have had them but have never used them before. So I need to guide my wife towards this AP area.

So in order to show or use AP my wife has to go and line up in the visa queue OR she has to go to Permanent Resident/Citizens side and from there they will route to this AP check/processing area. Please advise.

Sorry with my fundamental questions but I have never used my APs till now.

Krithi kindly reply or anybody else who can help with my questions/clarification mentioned above kindly help me.

Thanks a lot
Best Regards,


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breddy200007-01 11:24 AMYes but on Monday morning it is NOT going to be current appantly. So, technically you did not send documents ( if you are getting it out on MONDAY) when they were current.

Just imagine, overnight bulletin was revised, what should we do? They did change it,if you know what I mean?

Guys this is a revision to the July Visa Bulletin. Meaning, even if the revision happens on July 29th to the July Visa Bulletin, it holds good for entire july.
This is not August bulletin.

Looks like people have misconception, that if their file goes to USCIS on July 2nd and visa bulletin is revised on July 3rd or later date, then they are safe. It is not so.
If at all if there is a change to the August bulletin it holds good for August and not to July bulletin.

Pls let me know if my understanding is wrong

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jbr03-10 01:21 PMI have been a reader on this site for years and have contributed to many of the fund raising campaigns. I agree with many of the comments on this thread. Brothers and sisters we need to team up and clamour for fair treatment; let us all contribute with dollars and sweat. I assume most of us on this site can afford to contribute a lot more than we have in the past and the potential rewards (fair opportunity to Immigration) are immense.

I have personally been in the US for ten years and believe I have contributed to the society a lot - while being a law abiding tax payer (I wish I could use the word citizen). And my story is not any different from any of yours. Why then we haven't gotten what we deserve at this point, afterall we have earned it by our sweat. The reason is we haven't realized our strength: in numbers, in dollars and in our contribution to the American society. No one is going to listen until we make our plight known to the public at large and to the law makers.

Some thoughts on how to go about doing it. We need a detailed plan with names of volunteers who can contribute their time. The plan should also include a list of key law-makers we are going to contact and how. All of this will cost money - so the first thing to do is support the fund-raising efforts. I also think we need to increase the fund-raising target by a lot; because the stakes are so high.

I apologize if I have wasted anyone's time with a long post. And I thank all of you for caring for one another and by sharing so much info with all the silent readers of this site. I have learned more about immigration from this site than my employer or immigration attroneys could ever share with me.

I will now put my money where my mouth is by making a contribution to Immigration Voice.


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navkap07-10 01:57 AMNow Lets send a DVD for Munnabhai MBBS to Emilo -- atlease once these Soldier get the DVDs they will be thrilled . . .

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ski_dude1209-27 04:47 PMAlso, does anyone remember where the I-485 was mailed? NSC or TSC? From what I remember it was based on what state you lived in when I-485 was filed.

It was NSC for New York residents... Can someone confirm that please.


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wizkid73208-16 12:50 PMlooks like we will be all alone :-)
Saw a picture of the flood victims in Pakistan seeking food, sure you understand :-)
I will wait this week and plead with ombudsman. Are you thinking of anything else for now?

Customer Service rep folks say ..Case is with an officer...Not sure, if that is any indication..All of us have to hope for the best.

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man-woman-and-gc01-13 11:53 AMI sent a hand written letter to the President and CC'd it to CA IV PO BOX. and I feel a lot better after writing it.

I have also sent a personalized hand written letter to the local Congressman. I will set up a meeting once I get a positive response or in the next few weeks, whichever is earlier.



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Raju06-29 07:17 PMWEDNESDAY - Suspended I-140 PPS anticipating huge demand from people
for whom the visa numbers would be available - FACT!!
FRIDAY - Allowed doctors from "any area" - FACT!!

MONDAY - We won't accept any applications?????? ----RUMOUR

they don't add up

This is USCIS bro..
they dont know how to add, that is the reason we are in this mess

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nkalpana02-05 03:13 AMStill waiting... guys please wish me well!!!


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saileshdude09-13 10:39 AMArewethereyet,

In the email that you send to the streamline address, in the subject we have to write it in the format "I-485/MM". THe document says we have to write the month for "MM" but does not say whether the month is priority date month or the month that your PD will be current. What did you write?


chandooo09-09 08:57 PMstill waiting

gc_on_demand04-01 11:37 AMI believe that we will get 14-15K from EB2 ROW, EB1 = 12K (currently) + 6K (Minimum), regular cap I/C 6K. Eb2 row usage is down to 60%.

Total Numbers = 14 + 18 + 6 = 38K.
Now total demand is not just 34K demand data we also have porting and new filings especially from May - Jul 2007. My assumption of porting has been 6K out of which 2K have been approved.

So really its almost an exact match till Jul - Aug 2007. We should wait for the May bulletin thing to come true firts I believe VDLRAO gave a great calculation for that.

Don't forget EB5


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