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a_yaja04-10 03:20 PMHi
I am transfering my H1B to a new employer. My wife is on a H4 visa (Current Visa valid till 2008), can I transfer that without attorney? Please help. Thanks in advance .
I changed my job in Sept of 2005. At the time of job change, it did not even occur to me that H4 needs to be changed (still had not till I read your post). Mind you that my wife's H4 was valid till June 2007. We went to India in Nov. 2005 and got our visa stamped at the Chennai consulate without any problem.

But I think you should really consult a lawyer. It might very well have been an oversight on everyone's part.

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jayZinDC05-16 02:19 PMJust spoke to Hinjosa, will be calling the rest in a few. I told her I would like to leave a mesg fr the senator. I told her I live in DC and would like the senator to support Zoe's bills.

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istrategist05-03 02:56 PMSo on 4/23 they sent it back to TSC, and today, May 3, I got an update saying that it is now transferred to a USCIS office.
Any ideas why?

my EAD app was delivered to tx on 3/29, and I got a text on 4/6 saying it was accepted and routed to VSC. A few days later, I got the notice in the mail.

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needhelp!05-15 03:42 PMHi espoir.. Thanks. Please have your friends from that constituency call their office also.

I just called Congressman Cuellar's office. I live in his constituency. They took my name and address. I will call the rest in the evening


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RandyK02-01 09:34 PMEnglish Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sweet_jungle03-19 08:23 PMI had similar situation recently. I tried calling CGI houston several times with the nos. listed on the website and no human would answer. If you are homesick, these nos are perfect to give a call. It would just play you a long Indian Classical music over and over again. My ears were still ringing with the music after the call, you can imagine how many times I had called!

Once I was lucky to get through, but not for much help. If anyone picks ups by chance, they would be rushing you like anything and refer you to consult the website.

It is amazing!

I mailed my passport about 3 weeks back to SFO. Have not yet got it. Anybody done it recently?


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masterji08-02 03:45 PMJust opened a SR this morning. Will now go down through my list:
1. Will file Ombusman
2. Will contact Congressman
3. Will go for Infopass

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Ramba09-25 06:31 PMI don't know if there was a memo. I think AILA communicated this to the lawyers and I read it on Ron Gotcher's forum.

Apparently, the re-interpretation of laws were based on the changes in AC21, something they were ignoring till 2008.

Removal of country quota in EB catagories (if excess visa's available in any catagory, becuse of 7% impossition) was due to AC21 law. This was a result of hard effort by similar group like IV in 1998/99. DOS paid attention to this law only in 2007 (after 7 years). I think some lawyers/AILA brought this to DOS.


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dwl80006-14 08:00 AMAgreed, It is very unfortunate for people stuck in backlogs and I feel your pain... But would you rather have seen USCIS waste over 40000 visas by the end of the year without any PD movement (as reported by some on this forum)? We would have had another thread here blasting the inefficiency and unfairness of USCIS.

Bottomline, I would not like to work in USCIS right now.. They are basically damned if they do, damned if they dont. That said, I do hope that BECs get their act together like USCIS is trying to and get everyones labor cleared by the deadline before the next retrogression hits.

I mean even if some of guys had their PD current, USCIS did not approve the I-485. They said that all the I-485's are preadjudicated but did we see flood of approvals....? NO... To say that 40000 visas will be wasted is wrong. I bet there are 40000 Employment based 485's pending at USCIS right now with PD's before 2005. So why not make PD 2005? This is just a stunt by USCIS to get as many I-485 applications and get money from EAD and AP for 4-5 years... Thats my thought...! Any buyers!!!

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santb197504-15 04:01 PMHas anyone started fundraising yet??. I did not. I need to work on recruiting 6 more people atleast into Team IV. We should have 50 people for the Cal. Event atleast. I need to work on the networking events as well


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sushilup05-28 07:31 PMDid anyone receive EAD by mail, who had CPO 5/14?

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vine9303-18 11:49 AMI booked my tkt and confirm my participation.

Looking for someone to donate air miles for one person.



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tonyHK1201-12 07:07 PMNot probabaly but 100 % confirmed that i have never been a donor.
So that means you know nothing about how IV works, no point in arguing about something you don't know anything about. You can rather spend time on figuring how cows fly.
Its quite strange and selfish that you couldn't even think of sparing $25 for an organization working for immigrants in 4 years. Many of our senior members are in EB3.

Now my questions is why do big companies in USA donate to any party. They do that because they believe that when that party come to power the goverment will be positive towards that specific business.

Nobody is selling anything to you. This is not a political party. If you can't support IV, its only you who is going to be the loser, no one else.

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Sachin_Stock07-14 03:16 PMI have failed to see where IV has been showing discrimination or bias towards Eb2 versus Eb3?

Not taking up a specific Eb-3 cause does not tantamount of neglecting Eb-3. Has IV done something in past 'proactively' for only a certain category of Eb? If not, then how can we accuse IV of ditching Eb3, at the same time?


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Houstonguy05-05 04:22 PMPD is May 15, 2006. Still waiting...Can any one suggest what is the best way to expedite it..

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chanduv2309-20 07:47 PMI've just had an idea... Let's create an Urgent Action Item to send bouquets to Logiclife


followed by a rally so that he reverses his decision :D:D


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letstalklc05-05 02:16 PMHello All,

There are plenty of people facing this problem, so all we need to convey them about this compaign, so that they will add their case here, this way we could increase the head count and make this compaign successfully.

Guys let's pass this to as many people as possible. I am trying my level best.

hopefully we will see more people this weeek.


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WaitingBoy05-27 04:25 PMHi Usirit
How do you know that your case has been moved to Atlanta and is not in Chicago?
Did you get a letter or something.

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sam200602-02 05:47 PM90,000 VISAS

Our contacts in Washington have told us that there is a growing chance of a bill to recapture as many as 90,000 visas. The language of the draft bill that we've seen calls for a full recapture of the unused visas from 2000-04.

EVERYONE should contact their Congressman and let them know just how important this is

The above Email i got from Hammond LLC

tomatocup07-11 09:52 PMDoes the fact that USCIS has returned some visa numbers mean we will see some category current again? For example, EB-1?

radosav08-14 03:40 PMGlory to you o God,
after agonizying 67 days, I see the light at the end of the loong EAD tunnel.
My prayers are answered!


E-filed EAD renewal @ TSC for self and spouse 06/08
FP done 07/08
soft LUD on both: 07/24; 07/25; 07/27
hard LUD on both: 08/14 Card production ordered

10 minutes ago got CPO e-mail as well

EB-3 ROW PD Nov/2005


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